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  1. 2019 Year End Oldies Countdown

    yes, the one I bought from you! :-)
  2. 2019 Year End Oldies Countdown

    I'm a big fan of "Rewound Radio". You can get it via Tune-In. It's hosted by a former WABC part-timer and died-in-the-wool AM radio guy. Every year he does a countdown of the most voted-for oldies. Everyone can vote for their top 10 favorite oldies via email...once. This year the Raspberries, Eric, and Fotomaker (!) made the list. #2581: Where Have You Been All My Life - Fotomaker #2260: Change of Heart - EC #1735: Let's Pretend - Rasp #1413: Hungry Eyes - EC #876: I Wanna Be With You - Rasp #82: Go All The Way - Rasp (ABM, NGFILA and Overnight Sensation did not make the list....which means they did not get a single vote...not one! Maybe we can do better next year.) Here's the list...in its entirety. Enjoy it while listening to Rewound Radio. You'll enjoy it! https://www.musicradio77.com/2019FreeTop77.html https://rewoundradio.com/ Dave
  3. What’s the connection...?

    If Eric moves into that house, and if the rumors are true about Justin Timberlake looking at another house in town, I'll be surrounded by pop icons! (Keith Richards lives just up the road, in Weston).
  4. What’s the connection...?

    As a Westport'er it would be unfair of me to answer the question, so instead, I'll just gaze out across Long Island Sound and watch the boats battle the current. Dave
  5. Three Cheers For Santa Bernie!!!

    Ugh. For the first time in 20 years I forgot to check out EC.com on Christmas Day. Bernie...how about a repeat posting for the last day of Hanukkah"? (asked the Irish Catholic EC fan)! Dave
  6. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    Ok, maybe that'd be #6 (I really do like it!). I forgot about Keane's Hopes & Fears. That'd be a top 5 for me.
  7. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    1. A Question of Balance, Moody Blues 2. Raspberries 1st (with the scented sticker) 3. In-A-Gada-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly 4. Ram, Paul Mccartney 5. Tonight You're Mine, Eric
  8. Local Radio Charts

    I still get a kick out of seeing old local radio charts and seeing where Raspberries or Eric's music was that week in history. While I don't remember Sunrise getting any airplay in Boston, I guess I was just not listening to the right stations at the right time. Dave
  9. it's a hot one

    My favorite hot summer song...
  10. At The Record Plant

    I'm here, too. Off and on. Dave
  11. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    CSI New Haven! Well done Mr. Bundles! And let's keep those "secret gig" recordings coming, Bernie!
  12. Opening spread

    Nice to see Eric featured in the opening spread of the TV-advertised Soft-Rock hits of the 70’s CD package.
  13. Acoustic cover ABM

    nicely done.
  14. GATW "From The Fire" cover

    Apologies if this has been posted before (I couldn't find it). But I saw this listed in GATW's Wiki page. Might be one of the best covers of the song. Dave
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Yup! We moved here 18 months ago. Minus the high cost of living and maintenance costs of an 1890's New England farmhouse, we could not be happier. Are you around here, too?