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  1. John Miles does ABM

    I've always been a John Miles fan. He had a few low charting songs here in the US (Highfly, Remember Yesterday and Slow Down). He's huge in the UK. His symphonic pop UK hit "Music" blows me away every time I hear it. As does this! Here he is doing ABM late last year with pianist Emily Bear. Both of them nail it!! Dave
  2. Santa Bernie

    Santa Bernie did it again! Easter eggs on Christmas Day! Rasmerry Christmas one and all! Dave
  3. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Santa delivered my PopArt vinyl today. Rasmerry Christmas to me!
  4. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I just got an email that my "package" has shipped from Greensboro, NC. I'm not sure if it's my Vinyl Set (the order #'s didn't match), but I'll keep you posted. Please Mr. Postman, have some Vinyl for me!!
  5. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    i'm out of town til next monday. my mail is being held until then. We'll see if it's there on 18th. fingers crossed.
  6. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I ordered mine last night. At $54 I was going to pass. Couldn't resist at $27. Now I have to remember where I put our record player. Dave
  7. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    According to Omnivore's site, it'll be available "at your local record store" on black Friday. In my town the record store is conveniently located between Blockbuster and FotoMat. Dave
  8. Really nice cover NGFILA

    not bad! not bad, at all! love his light touch on the piano. Dave
  9. Here's a spot I hadn't seen until today. For all of those people who feel 'all by themselves' in the bathroom...this one's for you!
  10. EC and BJ

    The Piano MEN!
  11. 20 Years of EricCarmen.com - Day 8

    And the hits just keep on comin'! Thanks, Bernie.
  12. Puddles The Clown - ABM

    Here he is doing one of my favorite all-time songs...
  13. Puddles The Clown - ABM

    If you haven't seen or heard Puddles, do it! I found this link to an ABM sing-a-long that he made happen. I only wish he sung along.
  14. BIG Raspberries Announcement!

    PRICELESS !!! Unforgettable night. Can't wait!