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  1. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    Just got a new computer and "EricCarmen.com" was always my go to see if I had an internet connection.....I guess it works
  2. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    Hello, is this thing working.....????
  3. The End Of An Era

  4. 20 Years of EricCarmen.com - Day 3

    This was great.... I do miss EC.com?
  5. Prayer request for Muzza.

    Prayers are being sent from Pennsylvania!
  6. I got mine via Amazon and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The disc ranked #19, in the specific genre it was categorized in at the time of my purchase
  7. New Review from The Second Disc!

    Great review!
  8. Autographed "Brand New Year" Contest!

    Thank you, Bernie! Can't wait to get it on display.
  9. The Essential Eric Carmen: Complete Track Listing

    Why isn't "I'm through with love" and "hear it from your lips" on the collection? Label issues maybe ?
  10. "Brand New Year" Free Download

    Eric, the song is awesome and your commentary was fantastic....thank you for making a lonely Christmas morning, special!
  11. I don't come around here too much any more but wanted to say hello to all the newbies and the old heads at Eric Carmen.com! I'm Harry AKA Tiggsherby from the Philadelphia area. With Facebook and other electronic overloads, I'm just too busy to creep around to see what everyone is up to. Here's to hoping the upcoming new releases by Eric are cause for a show or two sometime in the future, and if you're ever in town and want to grab a drink...look me up on Facebook!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rockynrobyn1977 ! *Oct 12*

    Happy Birthday...to my lovely twin!
  13. My sincere apologies.....

    Diane....good luck, my thoughts are with you and I have room here if you ever really need it
  14. Anyone In Tampa Bay Next Week?

    I am headed to Tampa Bay Florida from Wed to Mon of next week with a conference beginning on Thursday evening and ending Sunday afternoon. By any chance is anyone available or close enough to go to the Rays vs Red Sox game on Wednesday evening? I don't have a problem going or doing things alone but company from an EC fan would be fun! Private message me via Facebook if you are available or e-mail me: tiggsherby@yahoo.com. Harry
  15. Eric, Wanna Buy A Grand From Me?

    Awesome Bahoo....