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  1. Amy Winehouse dead

    I read an article in a British newspaper that said, she told some of her friends a year ago that she'll be joining the 27 club.
  2. Miriam...Video...

    Really lovely wee prezzie.
  3. Amy Winehouse dead

    It takes more than therapy. There isn't a therapist in the world who could get a user, whether it be drink or drugs clean. The user has to play their part too along with the belief in their higher power.The higher power, whatever or whoever it may be does the rest. Anyone can be helped if they ask and believe.
  4. Amy Winehouse dead

    Did they all die from the same illness, drug addiction?
  5. McCartney to wed

    She's certainly very pretty.
  6. McCartney to wed

    Some people just never learn.
  7. Eric Carmen: Boardwalk Baby

    Would you rather I said I liked it even when I don't Tony?
  8. Eric Carmen: Boardwalk Baby

    I agree with bahoodore on this one. I've listened to it 4 times and still don't like it. Eric's voice sounded great but the song isn't good at all in my opinion.
  9. Paul McCartney to marry

    I hope his new wife to be inspires him to write some half decent music for a change. The only song worth listening to in recent years is "This Never Happened Before" I used to absolutely LOVE his songs back in the day.
  10. Eric Interviews

    Just realised I have that Raspberries album "Waiting" is on. I've played it but I would prefare the piano solo version. Really beautiful.
  11. Eric Interviews

    I would give almost anything to get a full copy of that tune played exactly the way it was played in the video.
  12. Eric Interviews

    That piece of music he played "Waiting" was absolutely beautiful.
  13. Elizabeth Taylor....R.I.P.

    I'm saying nothing more until I hear what Bubbles has to say at the funeral. Should be an interesting speech.
  14. Elizabeth Taylor....R.I.P.

    Till death us do part, 8 times. Joke or what?.
  15. Elizabeth Taylor....R.I.P.

    And me too missm, but luckily I have a very happy one. I wonder if Bubbles will lead the cortege at the funeral, complete with white glove?