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  1. A few years ago Eric used to participate quite often on what I believe was a Raspberries/EC board (I think this was before Bernie's site went up). The story I got was that someone actually reported him to AOL for using the word "shi*ty" when explaining himself in one of his posts. I think they shut him down...however it was real cool to go into the board and read Eric's replys and his slant on things.

  2. Least favorite Eric song for me is "Haven't We Come Along Way" from the Change of Heart album. This was also released as a single, I have the 45 but don't think it made it on the radio, around here anyway. Sounded too "disco" to me as did "End of the World" which kinda sound like the Bee Gees to me. Was real glad when Tonight You're Mine came out -- it was like night and day comparing this to Change of Heart.

  3. My two cents on Eric's best to worst:

    1. Tonight You're Mine

    2. Eric Carmen (Geffen)

    3. Boats Against the Current

    4. Eric Carmen (Arista)

    5. Winter Dreams (IWBTLY)

    6. Change of Heart

    Could never, never understand why Tonight You're Mine did not generate any interest. He could probably re-release that package today and could get at least one hit single off of it. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!