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  1. Bailout Fails -- Dow Plunges

    Hey, I like that bail out the people plan. At a quarter of a millon I would pay off my mortgage and would still have a bunch left over!!!
  2. The NFL '08 Thread

    By the way, if my comapny would like to relocate me for the money that Brett makes and the other opportunities he has to add to the retirement fund, I'd gladly take them up on it!!
  3. The NFL '08 Thread

    The Packers biggest mistake was not getting a vet to back up Rodgers. What the hell is Thompson thinking having two guys with zero experience as back ups. As for Brett, he is really enjoying his change and it is perhaps something he needed. Still, there is alot of football to go, let's see what happens. Packer fan first, Favre fan second.
  4. This post is not meant to evoke sympathy.....

    Pets are our families and our best friends. I know where you are at. Hang close to the memories of your best friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. My Raspberries Home Away From Home!

    Congrats Tim on your 1,000th hit.
  6. NY Post

    In yesterday's NY Post, veteran rock critic Dan Aqulante (hopefully I spelled that right) reviewed Celine Dion's concert at Madison Square Garden -- in it he states she perfomed "the Bee Gees classic" All By Myself. Geez...you would think this guy would know better. He's been covering music for a long time. What a week. Come on Dan.
  7. The NFL '08 Thread

    Brett can't do it all for the Jets and he is not going to make an 8 game difference. A few more losses and the honeymoon with the the media here will be over. I'm rooting for him but playing for the Jets is not going to be easy. Still wish he was in Green Bay! Go Pack Go. Rodgers does look good!
  8. Don't want to say goodbye

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Cozmik -- I know how how hard it is to lose a pet. They are our best friends. Take care and hold on to the memories.
  9. Bad News....

    I seriously doubt that this incident is going toincrease record sales.
  10. Shea Stadium Area Question

    No, i was in the mezzanine half way up the first base line. Three Phillies in the back were up and drinking and around the sixth inning all hell broke loose leading to their ejections. I seen the action going on in the upper deck later in the game. looks like they sent 100 security up there! Let's Go Mets -- Shea is the home field advantage but let's not have any more of these brawls -- it's scary to be a few rows from one of these, I'm getting too old for this crap. Good thing I didn't have my 14 year old daughter with me.
  11. Bad News....

    Jeez....thank God no one got hurt. My prayers go out to Eric and his family at this time.
  12. Shea Stadium Area Question

    I was at the game Sunday night too -- some big fights in my section. 3 philles fans tried to take on three rows of Mets fans. All 3 were ejected. It got a bit crazy there for awhile.

    Sorry I'm late -- Happy Belated Birthday Tony C. Cheers, Billy

    Sorry I'm late Darlene, Happy Belated Birthday -- I hope you had a great day!
  15. How About One Last Show?

    Play On!
  16. A MUSICAL GAME: Designed to NOT piss you off...

    We got some work to do folks. Thanks for the numbers Marc.
  17. A MUSICAL GAME: Designed to NOT piss you off...

    How many games is Eric out of 5th?

    Happy Bithday Ron! All the best to you. Cheers, Billy
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA ! *Aug 21*

    Best wishes Laura for a Happy Birthday!!! Cheers, Billy
  20. REO Speedwagon/Boston Show

    I'm so glad to hear Boston sounds great -- Tommy Decarlo -- quite a story -- from Home Depot to lead singer. Thank You for the review.
  21. Raspberries in the Studio

    Like you Darlene, I jumped here at work when I saw the title of this out on the home page!! Well, the pictures are cool. Thanks Bernie.
  22. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    Good point Beatnut. I heard over 10,000 attended practice yesterday and Brett unleashed a few 50 yard throws!
  23. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    More importantly, do the Jets have the offensive line to support Brett? A few break downs,some INTs thrown into traffic and the honeymoon is over.
  24. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    I'm a Packer fan, always will be but I'll be keeping a close eye on Brett. I'm still a fan. He said at his press conference "I'm a Packer and always will be"...that was cool. On to the Aaron Rodgers era...let's strap it up and get it on!!!
  25. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    I remember Brett saying that there was a few reasons why he retired back in March and there was one which he didn't want to discuss --- I think there is some type of friction between Brett and some of the higher ups -- Ted Thompson perhaps. Also, I had heard last week that Brett had no interest in playing for the Jets, and suddenly he is there. You don't suppose the Vikings will put together one of those Herschel Walker trades and get Brett?