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  1. Hockey News For Raspberries Fans?

    I heard the "Marlies" would be the team name used if Toronto goes with a second NHL team and the AHL franchise that is there now will probably relocate to another Canadian city close by. My neighbor's son plays with the Marlies!
  2. Let's Pretend You're A Producer

    My apologies for sticking that Queen 70's song in --- didn't realize the songs had to be from the 60's until I re read the post!
  3. Taylor Swift / Def Leppard - Crossroads!

    Thanks Tim
  4. Taylor Swift / Def Leppard - Crossroads!

    Damn - i missed this -- anyone know if there is going to be a replay?
  5. The Top Canadian Albums

    Marvin - Did Bryan Adams "Waking Up the Neighbours" make the top 100? I was glad to see "Reckless" make it.
  6. Let's Pretend You're A Producer

    You're My Best Friend - Queen
  7. family dog passed over last night

    Sorry for your loss -- you are in my thoughts and prayers --- hang on to the great memories.
  8. EC's MySpace

    NICE! Great picture
  9. Help! Missing Cat

    Good news...I'm happy for you!!
  10. Help! Missing Cat

    Glad to hear you have ID on the cat -- alert the neighbors and start the search -- shake the food box at night -- she will show up or someone will call -- I'm hoping you find her quickly -- please keep us posted. I hope she returns quickly.

    Best Wishes Marvin for a Happy Birthday and a healthy up coming year!! Cheers, Billy
  12. Brett Favre

    Hey LC, I hope you are right. you can imagine my surprise when I tuned into WFAN last night to hear some scores only to have this as a number one story -- and having the host of the show saying what I had said above, hey, Brett start concentrating on the Jets and forget Green Bay. maybe he was just setting up his segment of his show to get calls. I don't know much about Jay Glazer, but if this is un true, he has got some explaining to do. And IF, just by chance, it is the other way around, Brett has some explaining to do to Charles Woodson.
  13. Wow...I thought the Hawks were heading in the right direction under Savard. Too bad.
  14. Speaking of Holidays...

    I'll second that -- and drop the puck. The NHL gets going tonight. Does Canada have hockey games going on Thanksgiving Monday? How about the CFL or the OHL? Is Turkey the main meal? Just wondering...Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
  15. Got to hand it to Rachel....keep up the good work.
  16. The NFL '08 Thread

    Despite the pain and the hurts I'd say Aaron Rodgers is doing rather well -- what bothers me is the way the O-line and the D-line gets pushed around on a regular basis. And KGB -- forget it. Show up some time, please. I think the Packers would be 2-3, as they are now, even if Brett was at the helm. I got a feeling we may be looking at 8-8 at best. Go Pack Go
  17. RARE Raspberries Cuts!!!

    I was lucky enough to get that CD. Back then it was huge since the idea of the guys getting back together was a long shot.
  18. The NFL '08 Thread

    Despite taking dumps in hampers, this guy always impressed me in the Packers back field --- he was a bull -- I was kind of disappointment the Pack let him go and kept guys like Herron over him. He did pretty well last year for the Steelers.
  19. So, My Daughter Got In A Cab......

    Hey Pat -- that driver needs a few minutes with Bob Probert. That would straighten his a$$ out.
  20. The NFL '08 Thread

    LC - Don't forget Don Horn on your list of Packers QBs after Bart and before Brett! By the way, I can throw but you don't want me back there -- I'm a lefty and I got almost a decade on Brett!
  21. Bailout Fails -- Dow Plunges

    Hey, I like that bail out the people plan. At a quarter of a millon I would pay off my mortgage and would still have a bunch left over!!!
  22. The NFL '08 Thread

    By the way, if my comapny would like to relocate me for the money that Brett makes and the other opportunities he has to add to the retirement fund, I'd gladly take them up on it!!
  23. The NFL '08 Thread

    The Packers biggest mistake was not getting a vet to back up Rodgers. What the hell is Thompson thinking having two guys with zero experience as back ups. As for Brett, he is really enjoying his change and it is perhaps something he needed. Still, there is alot of football to go, let's see what happens. Packer fan first, Favre fan second.
  24. This post is not meant to evoke sympathy.....

    Pets are our families and our best friends. I know where you are at. Hang close to the memories of your best friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  25. My Raspberries Home Away From Home!

    Congrats Tim on your 1,000th hit.