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    Best Wishes Chris!!!
  2. Hockey Star Passes Away

    Wow...I remember Peter from his Flyers days....and also setting up Brett Hull in St.Louis...this is sad.
  3. Top posters A fans hall of fame

    Pretty good battle going here for second place.

    Happy Birthday Paul -- Cheers!
  5. mini stroke

    Good news Chris

    Happy Birthday Muzza
  7. Mom needs group spiritual power

    Tony -- you and Mom in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. Blackhawks in the Playoffs

    Another BIG win for the Rangers today! This series is far from over but coming back to MSG 2-0 is something I never thought would happen. I figured we'd be coming back 0-2 or 1-1 at best. The Garden should be rocking Monday night!!
  9. Blackhawks in the Playoffs

    Let's Go Rangers
  10. mandy r.i.p.

    Hey Chris, sorry I'm late, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss...hang on to the memories. Best, Billy
  11. 'Fly On the Wall'

    Wow..great play by play Marvin --- thanks so much!
  12. Your SECOND favorite male vocalist

    How could I forget another one of my favorites....Joe Elliott, Def Leppard.
  13. Your SECOND favorite male vocalist

    Bryan Adams Brad Delp Freddie Mercury
  14. Favorite Female Vocalists

    Susanna Hoffs Sarah McLaughlin Belinda Carlisle Pat Benetar
  15. Your Vision vs. Record Company

    Mutt Lange -- I'll second that! Good call.
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILLY ! *March 4*

    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes --- glad to be here and around so many great people!!! Thanks again, I had a great day.
  17. The Geffen Album

    I really like the Geffen album too. I have no problem with the 80's sound. Like Tonight You're Mine, I wish the effort received more air play.
  18. Yeah, Bill Lee is a trip. He was up at the Magic Hat for the weekend and had a tent pitched out in the back of the place. He was sleeping over.
  19. The Can had been pitching, to the best of my knowledge, right up until a year or so ago in places like the Northern League and the Can-Am league. I think teams used to bring him in to pitch a game to attract fans. I'm pretty sure he is also part of a barn storming team that Bill Lee runs up in Vermont. And if you think the Can is out there, talk to Bill Lee sometime. I met him at the Magic Hat Brewery in VT a few years ago -- that was a blast. He signed the baseball "Bill Lee -- Earth 2007"
  20. Did you ever dream you were a rock star?

    Great job Marvin. I too like seeing that Habs flag up there!
  21. Sad News

    Eric, I am sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
  22. Superbowl Commercials

    I like the Bud Clydesdale commercials.
  23. Brett Favre

    Well, well, what have we here? I am hearing reports that Brett shared some inside knowledege with the Detroit coaches on the Packers offense. Not that it helped Detroit any, but if this is true I'm going to lose some respect for one of my all time favorite Packers. Come on Brett...let it go. You're with the Jets now and better keep focused on getting them into the playoffs instead of worring about the Packers. No secret that he dislikes Thompson and McCarthy, I'd say this is a big reason for wanting to play for Minnesota.
  24. Why I love Lew Bundles?

    New Haven Nighthawks -- AHL Hockey -- 1972 - 1993

    Happy belated B-day Bernie.