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  1. Hey, this is great stuff ....thanks for posting

    Happy Belated Birthday Marv -- Hope you had fun!
  3. Prayers needed for Blackhawkpat

    Glad to hear you are back home Pat -- feel better -- Here Come the Hawks.

    Catchy tune, it's on here in CT all the time --- does have a pretty dark side to it, I hear it's about a kid that was an outcast in Nebraska that went on a shooting spree in a clothing store -- subject matter alot like the Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays".
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA ! *August 21*

    Happy belated Birthday Laura --- hope you had a great day! Best for a happy and healthy year.
  6. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy belated B-day Eric ---- hope you had a great day and here's to a happy and healthy year. Best, Billy
  7. Eric Carmen: Boardwalk Baby

    Add "It Should Have Been Me" to that EC album!
  8. Happy Birthday, BlackHawkPat !! * June 18*

    Happy belated birthday Pat -- hope it was a great day for you. Go Hawks!

    Hey Chris -- Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great day!!
  10. Some of Eric's best snarling!

    Real good post....almost forgot how good Eric's voice sounded on this album....no doubt in my mind, the best of his solo albums.
  11. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    You are right LC, how great was it to see Bart Starr at the game. What a class act. My mailman is a Steelers fan and says to me last week "we lead the league with 6 Super bowls"....I had to remind him that the Packers lead with the now 13th "championship"...too many folks think the NFL started in 1967 with SB 1....this guy is my age and I had to remind him that although the Packers have been around a long time, so has the Pittsburgh franchise...told him we did a three-peat in the 60's and won 5 years out of 7 under Vince!! For our Packer fans on the board, you can listen to the celebration tomorrow (Tuesday) from Lambeau on the web at wtmj.com. I'm pretty sure this is going to be televised in Wisconsin.
  12. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    World Champion GREEN BAY PACKERS. Sounds great! Great game, great season!!! The Lombardi Trophy is going home.
  13. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    Hey LC, great post of that Packer Super Bowl vs NE -- what great memories and nice to hear the voice of Jim Irwin, long time Pack announcer. Everybody here enjoy the game, and i'll say it one more time....GO PACK GO!!!!!
  14. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    LC - The Packers will be wearing the home green. They alternate every year, as you said the Colts wore the home blue last year, NFC's turn to wear dark this year.
  15. "On the Beach"

    Great song, great album and a great video. thanks for posting this LC.
  16. OLD Jewish Comedians

    Q: What do you call 52 guys in a room watching the Super Bowl? A: The New York Jets - Adam Sandler, young Jewish Comedian.
  17. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    Somehow I knew that game was not going to be as easy for the Packers as that first drive was -- tough second half but I'll take the result. On to Dallas !! Go Pack Go. Any Bears fans here care to weigh in on the Cutler business? Pretty surprising to hear NFL players and the comments they are "tweeting" --- I don't know a hell of alot about Cutler, but I do know he doesn't miss many games (if any) and I don't think he is the type of guy to bail on a championship game.
  18. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    Go Pack Go -- half hour to Super Bowl. Dominate!
  19. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    LC: In response as to who I think will win Sunday: I will take the Packers winning the Halas trophy, 31-27 and while I'm at it I'll take the Steelers beating the Jets 26-20. I got to tell you, as much as I look forward to Sunday, it is going to be a gut wrenching 3 hours for me -- I'm glad the NFC game goes first -- these games are scary.
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BERNIE !! *Jan 19*

    Best Wishes Bernie for a great birthday and a healthy and happy year. Cheers!
  21. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    I'd like to nominate McCarthy Coach of the Year, Thompson executive of the year and give Capers defensive coach of the year, if there is a such thing. Any team that has 14 guys on IR, 6 of them starters, at least of 2 of them pro bowlers, and get the results out of the roster they get, deserve mentioning. Not only have the Packers shown they have great depth, they have won 4 straight playoff (for them the Giants and Bears games were playoff games). Next week's championship game in Chicago should be a great one --- I can't wait!
  22. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    Go Packers --- they looked great against the number one seed tonight --- Rodgers was awesome -- on to Chicago next Sunday.
  23. 2011 NFL Playoffs

    The Packers nearly gave me a heart attack. Guess you have to be lucky as well as good in these playoffs. They will have to play near perfect next week in Atlanta, that front D line Atlanta features is much better than Philly's -- would like to see the Packers not be so conservative on the D side of the ball -- doing that today almost cost them the game in the 4th quarter. I'm sure Dom Capers will draw up something good for Saturday night.
  24. 2011 NFL Playoffs

  25. sugar bowl

    Great game, kept me up to nearly 1AM!!