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  1. 350,000!!!

    Bernie, here's to the next 350,000. Thanks for all the hard work -- you are truly our Carmen Connection of the 2000's.
  2. Long-awaited CD!

    I'd buy anything that Eric came out with but would prefer something along the lines of Tonight You're Mine or EC (1985 release)--- 12 rockers and 6 slower songs will keep me happy for now. Thanks Eric.
  3. What EC fans listen to?

    The Babys were underrated -- they had some excellent stuff -- John Waite has also put out some good solo releases.
  4. HEY -- I GRADUATED!!!

    Congrats Jim -- that post you made thanking everyone is even funnier than that Terrell Owens touchdown last Sunday --- any football fans on here will know what I mean.
  5. Is the industry open to a new CD?

    With all them gems Eric has in reserve I'm sure he could put out a great new release which could be sold on the net....call it "Songs from the Vault"...most who have heard some of these tunes on the board here seem to agree they sound great.
  6. mp3's

    Craig -- High Cost of Loving is a killer -- I've been lucky enough to hear Running Hot and Young Hearts which are also excellent. Eric's got enough stuff in reserve to release a double album.
  7. Unreleased Raspberries CD

    I got lucky to get my copy of the CD put out by BMG -- I am not a member but a friend of mine is -- he ordered 2 and got 2, sold one to me. Somewhere I had heard, when BMG had made this CD available, it was one per customer. Very shortly after sales were shut down.
  8. Does Eric read the message board?

    A few years ago Eric used to participate quite often on what I believe was a Raspberries/EC board (I think this was before Bernie's site went up). The story I got was that someone actually reported him to AOL for using the word "shi*ty" when explaining himself in one of his posts. I think they shut him down...however it was real cool to go into the board and read Eric's replys and his slant on things.
  9. The Partnership

    Good point Steve about Top Down Summer -- having Jim drumming on there would be huge. What a great summer time single this could be.
  10. Eric live CD?

    Well said Darlene -- I echo everything you said in that last post. Good job.
  11. mp3's

    Tony C -- I think I read where Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was a Carmen/Pitchford effort....pretty good in the same vein as Boats..don't know how it could ever be a single, it's about 7 or 8 minutes long, if I recall correctly.
  12. Commercials and EC songs

    I Think I Found Myself -- Viagra Can you imagine Rafael Palmerio doing his viagra commercial with this as the theme song?
  13. Steveh -- going back to your post on page one -- songs that Eric sounds like Rod Stewart -- how about Take it or Leave It. I'll add one for you: song where Eric reminds me of Billy Joel -- It Hurt's Too Much. Released right around that Joel was hot as hell with the Stranger and 42nd Street.
  14. I admit...I really don't like...

    Least favorite Eric song for me is "Haven't We Come Along Way" from the Change of Heart album. This was also released as a single, I have the 45 but don't think it made it on the radio, around here anyway. Sounded too "disco" to me as did "End of the World" which kinda sound like the Bee Gees to me. Was real glad when Tonight You're Mine came out -- it was like night and day comparing this to Change of Heart.
  15. Best Album 0f 2002

    My favorite CD for this year thus far is "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron". If you seen the movie and liked it, you will love the CD.
  16. Happy Birthday Eric!

    Eric, a very happy birthday and best wishes for a great year to a true gentleman. Cheers!
  17. Thank You, Bernie!

    Bernie, many thanks for your hard work and dedication which goes into this site. For me this is the "Carmen Connection" of the 2000's. Thanks so much!
  18. Who'd be a good duet partner for EC?

    I'd like to see Eric do a duet with Sarah McLachlan.
  19. New Pollstar date

    Hey Lew see ya at a Ravens game some time. I know I won't be seeing you at the Mohegan Sun show this Saturday. Eric is not going to be there and neither will I.
  20. Unreleased Songs

    Craig -- good idea about that album. Outside of "My Heart Stops" and "Reason to Try" I like them all. High Cost of Loving is a killer!
  21. New Pollstar date

    Lew Bundles -- you sell beer ???
  22. Best/Worst Solo Efforts

    My two cents on Eric's best to worst: 1. Tonight You're Mine 2. Eric Carmen (Geffen) 3. Boats Against the Current 4. Eric Carmen (Arista) 5. Winter Dreams (IWBTLY) 6. Change of Heart Could never, never understand why Tonight You're Mine did not generate any interest. He could probably re-release that package today and could get at least one hit single off of it. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!
  23. The End

    Eric, I totally agree with your decision. Thanks for giving us the insight behind it. Looking forward to some new music from you soon!
  24. A Collaboration With Dick Wagner?

    I'd like to see Eric collaborate with Mutt Lange. Mutt jump started Bryan Adams back on to the radio in 92, and Adams did all the writing and music like Eric does. Just a thought -- any opinions?
  25. EC LP Covers

    My vote is for the Tonight You're Mine album cover...hard to believe that was 22 years ago!