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  1. Tonight You're Mine

    Craig, without a doubt, Tonight You're Mine is the finest album Eric has done to date. Too bad the record label didn't support the effort. I remember when the album came out here in 1980 -- I still ask how It Hurts Too Much got next to no airplay??? Someone dropped the ball.
  2. Eric's duets

    Aimee Mann is a great choice! That is one I didn't think of....I like it.
  3. Tonight in New Orleans...

    Marvin: If the Expos were able to hold on to all the players they grew through their farm system, man, what a team they would have. Probably a few championships to their credit. Sad to see they are playing 20 in Puerto Rico this year....bring back Jarry Park!
  4. Eric's duets

    I always though Sarah McLauglin would be a good duet partner for Eric. I always liked Eric/Mandrell version of "As Long as We Got Each Other".....I think that was done in the 1988-89 time frame when Make Me Lose Control was hot ---too bad they couldn't have put that out as a single back then.
  5. Brian May

    Julia -- I think when George Michael did Somebody to Love, it was with Queen, not EJ. I know Michael did Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me with EJ.
  6. Brian May

    I'm a Queen fan myself --- interesting, last Friday I heard on "IMUS in the Morning" that George Michael is joining Brian May and Roger Taylor (no mention of John Deacon) as they reform Queen and will be touring in 2003. No mention either of any new material --- In my opinion, George Michael is one of the few that can sound like Freddy Mercury -- if you have heard the live version of "Somebody to Love" you will see what I mean. Really hope if this is true that John Deacon plays also.
  7. Book?

    Bernie coming through in the clutch. Looking forward to this book!
  8. Please Help!

    Kirk, couldn't agree more -- after Make Me Lose Control if Eric had scored a record deal and had another hit single, this would have been the shot in the arm that was needed. I belive Reason to Try was put out after MMLC and that didn't work out well at all.
  9. Please Help!

    How this song gets on an Eric "Best of" CD is beyond me. Weak at best.
  10. Eric's Hair

    Hey Julia -- If Tonight You're Mine shocked the hell out of you, what did you think about All Through The Night or better yet Hands On You?
  11. New Studio

    Let's hope the construction is finished soon and that recording studio gets alot of action. We need some new music!
  12. Green Monster

    Hey Matt, i'm a die hard Packer fan since the 70's...tell Desmond there is only one place to play..nice field in Detroit, that's about it. Matt Millen? How does he keep his job? Good Luck the rest of the way.
  13. Mojo Nov. 2002

    Sounds great but we don't need that "Manilow style crooner" business! That's not EC.
  14. Change of Heart

    This is my least favorite Eric release. Eric seemed to be really be holding back his voice in many of the tunes --- compare this to his next release Tonight You're Mine and you will see what I mean --- Change of Heart had no power to it. That disco sound had to go!
  15. "Preserved" for the Curious

    I agree Julia, that version of All By Myself was horrible.
  16. Who YA gonna see?

    1. Raspberries 2. Bryan Adams 3. Def Leppard
  17. Eric: the producer

    lets have Eric produce for the Go-Go's. Eric's still got a ton of rockers left in him and those ladies would get the music across.
  18. 350,000!!!

    Hopefully Eric stays clear of Clive. He did him no favors at Arista.
  19. 350,000!!!

    Bernie, here's to the next 350,000. Thanks for all the hard work -- you are truly our Carmen Connection of the 2000's.
  20. Long-awaited CD!

    I'd buy anything that Eric came out with but would prefer something along the lines of Tonight You're Mine or EC (1985 release)--- 12 rockers and 6 slower songs will keep me happy for now. Thanks Eric.
  21. What EC fans listen to?

    The Babys were underrated -- they had some excellent stuff -- John Waite has also put out some good solo releases.
  22. HEY -- I GRADUATED!!!

    Congrats Jim -- that post you made thanking everyone is even funnier than that Terrell Owens touchdown last Sunday --- any football fans on here will know what I mean.
  23. Is the industry open to a new CD?

    With all them gems Eric has in reserve I'm sure he could put out a great new release which could be sold on the net....call it "Songs from the Vault"...most who have heard some of these tunes on the board here seem to agree they sound great.
  24. mp3's

    Craig -- High Cost of Loving is a killer -- I've been lucky enough to hear Running Hot and Young Hearts which are also excellent. Eric's got enough stuff in reserve to release a double album.
  25. Unreleased Raspberries CD

    I got lucky to get my copy of the CD put out by BMG -- I am not a member but a friend of mine is -- he ordered 2 and got 2, sold one to me. Somewhere I had heard, when BMG had made this CD available, it was one per customer. Very shortly after sales were shut down.