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  1. Marathon Man at Amazon.com

    Way to go Bernie!
  2. Rehearsals

    That's an encouraging update!! Thanks Marvin.
  3. Celebs who will be there!

    Tom Schultz of Boston? Why would he be there? Never knew he was a fan.
  4. What is the last CD you bought?

    I have to do some research on wheather or not she was featured in Playboy -- reason why I think so is that I remember reading some where that she wanted to shed the "teeny bopper image" -- hence the switch from "Debbie" to "Deborah".
  5. What is the last CD you bought?

    Wasn't Deborah featured in Playboy last year??

    Hey Bernie -- that is good news if the band considers doing other shows! Even though I can't be in Cleveland on the 26th I am thrilled the reunion is happening --- I'll be pumped even though I'm not there!
  7. Billy Joel weds

    Pretty good -- when she hits 40 he will be in his 70's...better fill that perscription for the viagra.
  8. Eric Carmen Interview Oct. 8, 2004

    Good job jump -- thanks for the info.
  9. Set List

    Any chance of the boys doing Hands On You...just kidding.
  10. Thanx Bernie

    Think back to last year at this time -- who would have thought we would have a book and a reunion concert all in a few months of each other. Thanks Bernie....this is awesome.
  11. A $-Making Opportunity!

    Any chance they might publish a program with picutres for the show? Hopefully if they do they will print up a ton of extras so the fans that can't be there can get them.
  12. Having a Problem Getting Work Done?

    I find myself going to the board alot when I should be working!! This is great.
  13. Great to hear they will be filming and recording the show -- at least fans like myself who want to be there but can't will be able to enjoy! For all of you that are lucky enough to go have a great time!!!
  14. What a great interview -- thanks Marvin for sharing that. Good job!
  15. Who's the oldest and the youngest?

    I check in at 44.
  16. Which Book To Buy? (slightly risque joke)

    That's beautiful...thank you!
  17. John Waite in Bay City, MI

    Babys/Raspberries sounds great to me! Went to see Bryan Adams tuesday night here in Connecticut. Bryan was great as usual. What a talent. I wonder what Eric ever did with that song Bryan and him worked on in 91? (Feels like Forever) Guess I'll find out next week when I read my book!!!

    Got mine today -- the paperback copy comes on vacation to Vermont next week -- the hardcover stays home! Now I have to try and keep away from this gem so I'll have something to read next week on vacation....it's not easy! Great work Bernie and Ken S.

    Check out the headline on today's (Monday)New York Post sports page (back page): WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S (It's in reference to the great weekend Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams had) This had a different meaning to me! Hope you guys had a great time.
  20. Happy Birthday, ERIC!

    Eric -- Best wishes for a happy birthday -- have a great healthy year -- cheers -- Billy
  21. Books Have Started Shipping!

    just the thought of having this book and knowing the great places it comes from (Eric's house and Bernie's house) is a thrill for me. Can't wait! A new song and a book all in the same summer!
  22. A NEW Eric Carmen Song!

    I've listened to NSD about 50 times -- the song gets stronger everytime I listen to it -- this should be released. What a great song --thanks Bernie!
  23. A NEW Eric Carmen Song!

    Hey at this rate we should be seeing the 1,000,000 visitor to the site soon!
  24. Desperate Plea!

    Got mine through Real Player -- put it on a CD --I'm good to go!!
  25. A NEW Eric Carmen Song!

    Wow..great job Bernie -- I really like this song -- imagine if this followed up Make Me Lose Control .... great to hear some new music even if it is from the Eric archives. Would still like to see him release some of those archived songs!! Thanks again Bernie...what a month ...a new book and new music.