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    Best Wishes for a happy and healthy birthday! Have fun. Cheers, Billy
  2. A Review Y'All May Have Missed

    Excellent review. Thanks for putting this up.
  3. pet prayer

    Chris - God Bless you and Rascal.
  4. Blackhawks to play at Wrigley Jan 1

    This is great --- I know what I'll be watching Jan 1 and it won't be the Sugar Bowl. Hockey in Wrigley --- how cool is this!!!
  5. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    As far as Ted Thompson drafting Aaron Rodgers, this was done only because he was the best available athlete on the board at the time. The Packers never thought he would still be available at pick number 24 (maybe it was 23, but it was somewhere around the 20's). At the time they picked Rodgers, Brett was also talking that the coming season may be it for him. He did that alot...I'm thinking Thompson thought he better cover the organization's butt and have someone in the wings in case Brett did follow through on his retirment plans. As far as the discussions with Minnesota, Brett is communicating with Darrell Bevelle (not sure if I spelled that right) who is a former Packer coach now on Minnesota's staff. That was all over ESPN last night.

    Happy Birthday Wally!
  7. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    Totally agree john...good point.
  8. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    I am a bit disappointed in Brett. What did he expect the Packers to do? Not draft a QB? Just release him? He certainly has put the organization in a tough position. For him to come out and say he doesn't feel like he is wanted out in Green Bay, well, that is pretty tough...I have been to GB many time and Brett is up there with Jesus out there. The organization asked him several time to reconsider his tearful press conference back in March. I have no problem with him coming back, but you can't expect the Packers to just roll over and tell Rodgers and Brohm to hit the road. Come on back Brett, if you are sure, and win the job. If I leave my job and they bring in a replacement and then decide 3 months later I want back in, chances are I'm not going to be able to just slide back in to my position.
  9. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    Not to mention a large cap hit the Packers will face if they release him out right. I don't blame the Packers one bit, hey Brett, how about coming to camp and winning the job? We've been going through the retirement business for years now.
  10. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    Great point Laura! Didn't he give that speech to Sterling Sharpe and most recently Javon Walker? If he plays again I hope it's for the Packers and no one else. And if he said he was coming back in April rather than waiting until now there would be no problem. What is the organization supposed to do? Let's see, our leader left, ah, let's just sit around and not move forward, maybe someday he will come back. I don't think so Brett.
  11. A Fan's Confession

    I think Play On was released as a single. I could be wrong. (???) I know Overnight Sensation and Party's Over were singles off of Starting Over.
  12. Bye Bye C.C........

    Santana has pitched his a** off for the Mets -- they have not supported him at all --- he could easily have 10 wins. I'll take him on my team anytime.
  13. Let's Pretend (Slow Version)

    Full marks to Bernie for another great job adding these gems!!
  14. Brett Favre... oh yeah!

    I think Brett enjoys playing with the media. As a Packer fan, the last five years has been is he retiring, is he coming back, back and forth. It gets a bit old...however if he did play again I don't want him in any other uniform -- I consider him a Packer for life. I'm thinking though, better to go out on top rather than coming back like Reggie White did with Carolina.

    I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday Chris -- all the best for a great year.
  16. Prayers for my niece

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  17. Who Wants To Update Wikipedia?

    Good one Bernie
  18. Penguins going to the Stanley Cup Finals

    Congrats to the Wings -- Hockeytown is going wild. Anyone see where Barry Melrose called Tiger Woods "Tiger Wuss" for the Tiger's comments on hockey?
  19. Another Stellar Review...I Think!

    What the hell was that??
  20. Hey Ted! My Habs vs Your Flyers!

    Is there any sport better than playoff hockey? I Could not leave that game last night, stayed up until 12:45 even though 6 AM comes darn quick....I could not leave the TV....you got it Julie -- intense! Can't wait for game 6 tomorrow night. Congrats to the Penguins and Wings fans -- you guys must be going wild -- this is awesome and I'm a Rangers fan.
  21. Bryan Adams

    I believe Bryan penned a tune with Eric called "Feels like Forever" in the early 90's. Anyone know anything about this tune and where it is or heard it? Or am I mistaken? Bryan is similar to Eric where he writes much of his lyrics and music and both their music from 20 years ago sounds just as good today. I'm thinking "Tonight You're Mine" and "Reckless".
  22. "Eric Rarity II"-?

    First time I've viewed this one -- thanks for adding it.
  23. Penguins going to the Stanley Cup Finals

    Prediction: Detroit in 5.
  24. Penguins going to the Stanley Cup Finals

    I'm a Rangers fan, but pulling for the Pens to take it all. Good bunch of players -- talented and fun to watch. Good Luck in the finals.
  25. Shea Stadium/Raspberries!!

    Shea a toliet bowl? That's OK -- it's our toilet bowl! Many good memories at Shea!