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  1. HBO's Divorce: GATW

    Cool! 👍🏻
  2. Jesus All The Way

    That was awesome 👏 😎
  3. Very cool. 👍🏻
  4. 'Epic' EC Interview - Pop Art Live

    Love the interview and the reviews. Thanks Bernie.
  5. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Sweet Jesus....got my CDs and picture this - 85 and sunny, the lawn is done, steak on the grill, tiki lights are lit, and a 12 pack of Sam Summer on ice and Raspberries Pop Art live blasting - talk about waking up the neighbors - best live set for me since 77 and Frampton - awesome, awesome, awesome - so good! Thank You so so much for putting this out, I am totally pumped! Wow!!! Guys, we only live once, please do it again. Ok, I got to go calm down. Thanks again.
  6. Eric'c B-day card

    Happy Birthday Eric. Here's to good health and happiness. All best! Cheers!
  7. Pick 10

    Interesting....for me, out with Last Dance and I Don't Know What I Want and insert Nobody Knows and Crusin Music.
  8. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy belated b-day EC - best wishes for happiness and health - Cheers! Best, Billy
  9. Pia Toscado on "American Idol"

    Pia did a nice job on All By Myself. And she does a beautiful job on the Anthem. And she's hot. 3 for 3.

    Real late with this ....but thanks people!!!
  11. "Go All the Way" Remix

    Pretty cool.
  12. Never Say Die!

    Great song. Thanks for putting this back up!
  13. IWBWY from HBO's "Vinyl"

    Nice try here but doesn't deliver the punch Raspberries version does. Kinda like Raspberries light.
  14. Happy Birthday AnneNR!!

    Happy Birthday Anne! Cheers! Billy