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  1. Only if you're desperate

    Epic disaster. Iā€™d need a 12 pack. šŸ˜
  2. It Hurts Too Much TopPop

    Wow...nice! šŸ‘šŸ»
  3. HBO's Divorce: GATW

    Cool! šŸ‘šŸ»
  4. Jesus All The Way

    That was awesome šŸ‘ šŸ˜Ž
  5. Very cool. šŸ‘šŸ»
  6. 'Epic' EC Interview - Pop Art Live

    Love the interview and the reviews. Thanks Bernie.
  7. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Sweet Jesus....got my CDs and picture this - 85 and sunny, the lawn is done, steak on the grill, tiki lights are lit, and a 12 pack of Sam Summer on ice and Raspberries Pop Art live blasting - talk about waking up the neighbors - best live set for me since 77 and Frampton - awesome, awesome, awesome - so good! Thank You so so much for putting this out, I am totally pumped! Wow!!! Guys, we only live once, please do it again. Ok, I got to go calm down. Thanks again.
  8. Eric'c B-day card

    Happy Birthday Eric. Here's to good health and happiness. All best! Cheers!
  9. Pick 10

    Interesting....for me, out with Last Dance and I Don't Know What I Want and insert Nobody Knows and Crusin Music.
  10. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy belated b-day EC - best wishes for happiness and health - Cheers! Best, Billy
  11. Pia Toscado on "American Idol"

    Pia did a nice job on All By Myself. And she does a beautiful job on the Anthem. And she's hot. 3 for 3.

    Real late with this ....but thanks people!!!
  13. "Go All the Way" Remix

    Pretty cool.
  14. Never Say Die!

    Great song. Thanks for putting this back up!