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    Change of Heart (You read this correct)

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  1. Top ten Eric solo songs

    Here's my Top-10 reprinted, uh, I mean, copied from AllMusic.com: All Time Favourite Eric Carmen Songs (0/100) "Change of Heart" "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" "Haven't We Come a Long Way" "Isn't It Romantic" "Foolin' Myself" "My Girl" "She Did It" "End Of the World" "Hey Deanie" "Living Without Your Love"

    As much as I love most of the Raspberries catalog (and, believe me, I do) a time where I couldn't listen to the "Change of Heart" album (along with other assorted gems) again just simply isn't fathomable to me. At all. Just sayin'
  3. Challenge II (final one)

    This'll be an interesting one as I only own two Beach Boys CDs and three Beatles CDs. Wish me luck here!! - Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys) - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Beach Boys) - California Girls (beach Boys) - Help Me, Rhonda (Beach Boys) - Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys) - I Wanna Be With You (Raspberries) - Let's Pretend (Raspberries) - Nobody Knows (Raspberries) - Last Dance (Raspberries) - Cruisin' Music (Raspberries) - She Loves You (Beatles) - Tell Me Why (Beatles) - I'm Just Happy To Dance With You (Beatles) - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Beatles) - Nowhere Man (Beatles)
  4. Challenge

    OK, I'll bite here: - I Wanna Be With You (Raspberries) - Let's Pretend (Raspberries) - Silly Love Songs (Wings) - Listen To What The Man Said (Wings) - Take It Away (Paul McCartney) - My Love (Paul McCartney) - Change Of Heart (Eric Carmen) - Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (Eric Carmen) - Mama Can't Buy You Love (Elton John) - Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting (Elton John) ... how's that?
  5. Hey Everybody! Got the new Kyle Vincent CD, "Whatever It Takes" in the mail yesterday and it's terrific!! In reading the credits both Wally & Jim play on several cuts: "Bubblegum Baby" and "Osaka (Maido!)" and Jim also plays on the song "Whatever It Takes" as well. There's also a photo of the three of them included for your viewing pleasure (the same pic that was posted some time ago). Maybe I'm biased because KV is a friend but, I have to say, this is a GREAT album! It's like a classic 70's pop album with lots of catchy melodies and treats to notice if you listen in headphones! Anyways, just wanted to bring it to everybody's attention because I'm considerate like that! https://www.kylevincent.com/shop Cheers, Everybody! JS
  6. Some info on Wally’s Tattoo

    Kirk, You figured it correct. Kiss never recorded a version of it.
  7. Some info on Wally’s Tattoo

    Some fun (and useless) trivia for your reading pleasure here: I'm a major Kiss fan and have been collecting bootlegs of them for decades now. In the early days of Kiss bootleg tape trading (early/mid 80's - maybe early for me, don't really know) the Tattoo song "Give It To Ya Easy" appeared on a lot of Kiss bootlegs as an unreleased song from 1973/74! It wasn't until many years later that the true identity of the track was revealed. Had me fooled for quite a few years!
  8. Three Cheers For Santa Bernie!!!

    One of the many, many things I look forward to every Christmas Eve/Christmas Day is the goodies Mister S. Bernie, his bad-a$$ self, leaves for all of his fellow EC devotees and this year is certainly no exception!! "Feels Like Forever" rules. Period. I never heard this gem until yesterday and it was a highlight of my day. Raising a bottle of Great Lakes Christmas Ale in your honour, good sir! Cheers!!
  9. Bonfanti/Smalley Charity Record

    Donnie isn't actually from Cleveland but from Pittsburg, PA. However, Donnie has always been considered an "honorary Clevelander" by many of us as he's played here tons of times thru the years and "Ah Leah!" and "Love Is Like a Rock" still get lots of airplay on our Classic Rock stations. It also didn't hurt that Donnie was also managed by Mike Belkin who also managed one of Cleveland's native sons, Michael Stanley.
  10. Eric coming to Midland, MI??

    Midland rules! "On The Rocks" was my fave album from the past year and from what I've heard from the new album it'll be my fave of this year as well!
  11. I love just about everything Our Hero has put out but this has always been my fave of all his album. Solid from front to back, there's not a song that I skip nor anything I ever get tired of listening to. I might have to bust this out now and give it a spin while trying to figure out if this is the first online post I've ever written where I used the word "Nor".....
  12. You cannot listen to this version...

    Twenty-Five seconds in and I'm trying to decide what the best part of the video is. Is it: 1. The coughing she does before the song starts 2. The pained expression on her face as she *ahem* sings 3. The voice that only one with no ears can truly love But, hey, gotta give her an "A" for effort. Either that or the guts to post it, you decide.... PS: Made it 30 seconds before I had to shut it off. A little pain never hurt anybody but you gotta draw the line somewhere......
  13. "The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated". Alive and well, just always tied up by what the late, great Prince referred to as "this thing called life". It's nice to be missed, by the way! Cheers to you all!!
  14. Top Down Summer (2018)

    The smile on my face while groovin' to these gems is a mile wide right now....
  15. Only if you're desperate

    I haven't decided which was worse: - His wig - His studded wristbands - His "Nerd" glasses - His water buffalo bellowing voice - His water buffalo bellowing voice with that accent - His water buffalo bellowing voice with that accent cracking or..... - The 0:40 to 0:44 mark when he caresses his own chest Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue........