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    Happy Birthday young fella! - Don Krider and Eric Krider
  2. Condolences to popdude [John Borack]...

    My deepest sympathy, John. Don Krider
  3. Bryson Group live 2008 videos

    There's a neat fan-created video for Raspberries' "Play On" (the original 1974 version of the Scott McCarl-Eric Carmen written classic) with Scott's left-handed bass and John Lennon-ish lead vocal, Wally Bryson's great driving lead guitar, Michael McBride's powerful drums, Eric Carmen's perfect rhythm guitar and the best pop harmonies in rock at: The Beatles' fan who created that did a great job matching the lyrics to various still photos. Hopefully someone will post the band's live 1975 (aired March and August of that year in syndication) "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" appearance performing that tune on YouTube one day - Scott was such an incredible performer, "shy yet confident," like one magazine said back in the day. At least the live performance of "Overnight Sensation" on Kirshner has been partially saved (the live footage begins a short time into the posting) by someone in a video at (the guys are just too cool in that video). Don Krider

    Happy Birthday, buddy! Don Krider
  5. Midnight Special NGFILA

    Okay, anybody know anything about this video from YouTube - Raspberries drummer Mike McBride playing drums with Caspar Giles McCloud on a song called "Why Oh Why?" at (very Merseybeat sounding - the lead singer apparently was in the Broadway production of Bealtemania according to one site - but I'm especially curious as to Mike McBride's involvement and when this was filmed). Don Krider
  6. Midnight Special NGFILA

    Always nice to see blonde-haired Michael McBride from Raspberries' "Starting Over" album pounding the drums, too. He was just too cool!

    Happy Birthday, Chris! Don
  8. Bryson Group live 2008 videos

    How about Raspberries Wally Bryson on the dual neck lead guitar and Dave Smalley on bass (great close-ups of Dave) with The Secret singing one of my favorite Kinks songs, "Tired Of Waiting": - man, Eric Robertson was one very talented lead singer. What a rockin' performance! Don
  9. Nice catch, Jay. The band also has a web page at
  10. Bryson Group live 2008 videos

    Someone created a couple of more Fotomaker videos the other day on YouTube. Fotomaker's "Just For You" (probably the band's most Raspberries-ish tune): and Fotomaker's "Two Way Street": Don Krider
  11. I've seen short versions of this on YouTube, but someone just added the full video version of "Go All the Way" from November of 1973 (airdate) from "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" at If there was a video definition of the word "cool," this would be it! Don Krider
  12. Rather nice shot of Jim and Eric at the Hard Rock Cafe Raspberries' memorabilia donation on April 4, 2009, from the GettyImages wire service: Don Krider
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MJ !! *March 8*

    Happy Birthday, MJ! Don
  14. "I Wanna Be With You" 45 on "Target" label?

    In Bernie's "discography" section of this web site at , there are photos of the 45rpm of "I Wanna Be With You" on both the orange and the target-design labels from Capitol Records.
  15. Cheap Trick, Poison & Def Leppard