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  1. I have a similar 'alert' with some of the big concert promoters that only pertains to Eric Carmen...and they send me announcements for just about anything and everything!
  2. Love Is All That Matters cover

    Johnny Mathis is an acquired taste, also LOL!
  3. From 1980...she reminds me of a female Johnny Mathis- a soft voice with a fast vibrato:
  4. It's a LIATM fest this evening...
  5. Solo Projects

    The hunt is half the fun. After I discovered Raspberries in the summer of '72, I started to look into what they had been doing before that. A local record store told me he could get a Cyrus Erie single for me. I was super excited. When I went to pick it up, he hands me a home-made cassette with the songs I wanted. When I asked him where the record was, he told me the person didn't want to part with it, so the home-made cassette was all he had. I bought it, but had mixed emotions. After all, it was the first "discovery" I made regarding pre-Raspberries stuff- pretty cool at the time!
  6. This guy has covered 'berries tunes before:
  7. The Rock Stops Here...

    A great addition to any EC fan's collection! Really catchy tune.
  8. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    PTSDATBECCB- That's quite an acronym, Susie! No need to thank me; it's a labor of love (for better or worse)! As they say in Hollywood, any press is good press...or something like that. It keeps Raspberries and Eric relevant and promotes a little dialog.
  9. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    "King of the Covers"...hmmmm, I must have missed that one. Doing all I can to make sure SOMETHING is going on around here. I catch a flicker of hope when an Eric rumor flares up from time to time (like maybe he's getting ready to hit the road), but the embers haven't been hot enough to really get the chatter going. Glad you've found enough time to horse around, Susie. One in enough for us!
  10. Another GATW cover

    Out Loud- Rockin' for food:
  11. Radio station gig Halloween '90:
  12. From the 80's- XKAPE:
  13. Metal hair band cover GATW

    Susie, I think it was Christmas '79 when Santa put a copy of Rock and Roll High School in my wife's stocking. I think the neighbors probably thought we were crazy blasting that out of the stereo on Christmas morning that year!
  14. Metal hair band cover GATW

    Yeah, they covered the chord changes pretty well- sometimes the metal bands try to turn any song into a '3-chord' wonder LOL!
  15. Merry Christmas

    Ok, carry on
  16. Merry Christmas

    Tammy, does Canada celebrate Christmas in January? Thanks for the pictures!
  17. Neil Diamond

    That's sad news, although when I saw Neil's name on your post, Matthew...I just figured he died- you're EricCarmen.com's Angel of Death LOL! Just kidding, Matt- thanks for reporting the latest.
  18. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!!

    Happy Birthday "Pharaoh" Bernie
  19. Smile

  20. Smile

  21. HBO's Divorce: GATW

    Were you watching and discovered this, or were you tipped off .
  22. This guy is channeling Michael and Jim- and doing a pretty good job of it:
  23. Last Dance

    Unbelievable great video from '73- guessing Don Kirshner's Rock Concert:
  24. Brand New Year: Video 2017-2018 Version

    Love your message of hope for 2018...beautiful!
  25. After all the discussions we had with Eric on religion...