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  1. American Bandstand - 1978

    Nice! Thanks for 'soxing' it to us!
  2. Rare Photo of the (Ahem) Week?

    I be one of the handful...thanks for all you do!
  3. Long window of brilliance

    He was pretty good in movies, also- very talented guy!
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday to my favorite artist! You wrote the soundtrack to my life!! Have a great day, Eric
  5. Top Down Summer (2018)

    This is so great! Tommy Allen has the touch!!
  6. Eric's solo rankings

    Oh no! I didn't feel like re-typing everything so I copy and pasted your listings and readjusted the asterisks where necessary, and I didn't catch that. "Lost In The Shuffle" is the first song I ever panned of Eric's, so it looks like I'm at 75% for my favorite album! I guess statistics are never going to tell the whole story.
  7. Eric's solo rankings

    Very interesting approach, Bernie! You actually put Tonight You're Mine in a tie with Boats- should have been 88% (7 out of 8). I would agree that you can not equate quantity with quality, but, using your parameters, my list would look like: TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE (6 out of 8) 75% * It Hurts Too Much Lost In The Shuffle * All For Love * Tonight You're Mine * Sleep With Me * Inside Story * Foolin' Myself You Need Some Lovin' ERIC CARMEN (GEFFEN) (8 out of 10) 80% * I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips * I'm Through With Love *American As Apple Pie Living Without Your Love *Come Back To My Love * She Remembered *You Took Me All The Way * Maybe My Baby Spotlight * The Way We Used To Be ERIC CARMEN (ARISTA) (8 out of 10) 80% * Sunrise * That's Rock'n Roll * Never Gonna Fall In Love Again * All By Myself * Last Night * My Girl Great Expectations * Everything * No Hard Feelings On Broadway BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT (7 out of 8) 88% * Boats Against The Current * Marathon Man * Nowhere To Hide Take It Or Leave It * Love Is All That Matters * She Did It * I Think I Found Myself * Run Away CHANGE OF HEART (7 out of 9) 78% * Desperate Fools Overture Haven't We Come A Long Way *End Of The World * Heaven Can Wait Baby I Need Your Lovin' * Change Of Heart * Hey Deanie * Someday * Desperate Fools WINTER DREAMS (8 out of 11) 73% * I Was Born To Love You * Someone That You Loved Before Everytime I Make Love To You *Cartoon World * Almost Paradise * Top Down Summer Isn't It Romantic I Could Really Love You *Caroline, No * I Wanna Take Forever Tonight * Walk Away Renee We are pretty close on our lists and in our taste for Eric's music, Bernie! If I go by this method, Boats ends up in a tie for #1, which would not be surprising because it is a great collection of songs. But, other factors (such as accessibility, poppiness (is that a word?), production) still drop it down my list. I never liked the aural exciter used on the original album, and I thought a few of the arrangements were a little sparse for too much of the song.
  8. Eric's solo rankings

    As far as "Winter Dreams", I had it at #5 just because the 4 albums ahead of it could not be ranked any lower! But, I think Eric's writing process at that stage of his life suited his targeted audience quite well. I would have bought it for just the 2 opening songs. Ok, who am I kidding, I would have bought it no matter what was on it. I think it was a strong effort.
  9. Eric's solo rankings

    James, you are so right. So often an artists first album after he goes solo contains his best stuff. Eric had extra time between Raspberries break up and his first solo album to write songs. In addition, sometimes an artist has a few tunes rat packed away that either weren't suitable for the band or he was saving them for another reason. Remember, if Raspberries had not split up, 'All By Myself' might have been on the next Raspberries album! Same scenario for the Geffen album. Eric had extra time to write between Arista and signing with Geffen. And you know how I feel about the Geffen album
  10. Eric's solo rankings

    James, Geffen had 6 songs that I really dig. "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" is good pop! "I'm Through With Love" is one of Eric's best ballads, ever. "American As Apple Pie" is not only a perfect pop song, the arrangement is one of his best, ever. Try listening to that one sitting down- I never can- I always get up and start dancing! Side 2 is all Eric compositions. Starting with "She Remembered", another favorite of mine (and Eric). "You Took Me All The Way" struck all the right chords for me. I was dying for 'son of GATW' and Eric delivered! Finally, "The Way We Used To Be", another of Eric's best ballads, ever. How could I possibly rate this album any lower!?!
  11. Eric's solo rankings

    BTW, just because I don't rate "Boats" at the top of my list doesn't mean I don't think it's a great album. I get it, I really do. Some of the songs on that album Eric considers his best. They are highly personal and very emotional. I think Eric is at his best when his Pop sensibilities are in overdrive, and not too much of the "Boats" album could be defined by Eric's own description of a pop song- a 3 minute diddy with a catchy melody and soaring chorus with a great middle eight tying it all together (I'm paraphrasing). I guess this is where my opinion differs from some others.
  12. The Rubinoos w/Jim Bonfanti

    Now, that is a GREAT weekend!
  13. Eric's solo rankings

    Tonight You're Mine is still getting a lot of love...
  14. Eric's solo rankings

    Bernie, in all fairness, it would be Tonight You're Mine at #1, and everything else at #2, but that wouldn't be playing fair. BTW, where's your list
  15. ...it might sound like this:
  16. Eric's solo rankings

    That too...I was referring to the media moguls that tanked the album.
  17. Eric's solo rankings

    Eric wrote pages on what happened to 'Tonight You're Mine' on the message board. Politics and power at their ugly worst!
  18. Eric's solo rankings

    So good to see some familiar faces around here again
  19. Eric's solo rankings

    Other than Matt, Tonight You're Mine is the consensus #1 solo album. Imagine how well it would have done if Arista had put some effort into promotion.
  20. Eric's solo rankings

    Change of Heart has some great songs on it...I think it's the 'Discoesque' production that keeps it floundering at the bottom of most people's lists.
  21. Eric's solo rankings

    It's a great 8 songs, for sure. I think Eric and Arista were pretty much done with each other at this point. Arista wasn't really promoting Eric, so why waste more time creating tunes that were not going to be heard! 5 of the songs on that album are so good I would have been happy with just those...Tonight You're Mine, It Hurts Too Much, All For Love, Sleep With Me, Foolin' Myself.
  22. Eric's solo rankings

    That's ok, Dave- my order changes every time I make this list!
  23. Eric's solo rankings

    I'll play... 6. Change of Heart 5. Winter Dreams 4. Boats Against the Current 3. Arista self-titled 2. Geffen self-titled 1. Tonight You're Mine
  24. Sissel + Richard Rodgers..

    HA! Thankfully, there was no video in the 50's and 60's. However, there is a reel to reel tape somewhere with a few tunes on it...
  25. Sissel + Richard Rodgers..

    James, I have always loved this song. In fact, when I was a taking organ lessons as a kid, I learned the entire musical 'Carousel'. Good stuff!!