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  1. From a demo recording session with his buddy Andy Cahan...got $2000?
  2. Straight Time lyric sheet

    The price for the lyric sheet is dropping like a bomb...started out at 2K, then it was $900; today when I looked it was $500- maybe if you wait long enough he'll pay you to take it off his hands
  3. Eric: If You Had One Question To Ask US...

    It has been a few years since I read (re-read) this thread...still brings back all the emotion and laughs...oh, and Bernie- I may have to reminder you of this quote the next time you're thinking about shutting down the message board
  4. Two Words: Rollerskating Girls

    I wonder how (or if) this one is different from the roller skating video I posted years ago? Always fun to watch...
  5. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thanks ME!
  6. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Tease! No wonder you've been stocking up on pictures
  7. Straight Time lyric sheet

    When I emailed Andy Cahan twenty years ago about getting copies of these demos, he said he would be selling off the lyric sheets he had from that session. Here we are twenty years later, and he's still offering them!
  8. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Oh Bernie...will this be a reprint or Volume 2?
  9. Straight Time lyric sheet

    Here's the set list from that recording session in '93: 1. HOW CAN YOU TELL 2. QUIET TRAIN 3. NOW I'M ALONE 4. YOUR LAST CHANCE 5. SO LITTLE TIME 6. I NEED YOUR LOVIN' 7. MORNING 8. CARTOON WORLD 9. ALL THINGS MUST END 10.STRAIGHT TIME 11.CINDY A couple of these I have not yet heard...how about you, Bernie?
  10. Applebee's 2 for $20

    I think I saw somewhere that Ira is going off his diet because of this commercial
  11. Happy Birthday Susie b

    Sorry to hear about NipNTuck...Happy Birthday to Lou
  12. Ask Eric, Forums and Members...Oh My!

    Thanks for cleaning house, B! Probably long overdue, but will be worth it when completed.
  13. And, from the vault comes another Eric interview with Dick Clark:
  14. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    As was pointed out in the latest interview with Jim, all these reviewers, regardless of who they are or where they are from, are absolutely digging the Raspberries '04 live cd. Several have mentioned "best live cd of 2017"!
  15. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    The hits just keep on coming!
  16. 'Epic' EC Interview - Pop Art Live

    Great interview! You know, you read all these interviews with Eric, and sometimes you've read or heard 98% of it before, but then a gem or something new pops up, and it's so cool for a long time fan! Bravo!!
  17. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    Bernie, any idea how sales are doing for the new release? This many gushing reviews surely have driven sales!
  18. Eric Items For Sale

    If Don no longer has his copy, there is this one on ebay...no affiliation with the seller: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eric-Carmen-Marathon-Man-biography-/222624291140?hash=item33d5711944:g:JCcAAOSwcgZZk40s
  19. Wow!

    I have heard this before, but, never SEEN this before- Eric performing ABM at the Yamaha song festival in 1979 backed by an orchestra:
  20. Moderator Kirk!!!

    It was the best of times; it was the worst of times...
  21. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thanks, Tim- good to see you're still around- how's that 8-track collection coming along
  22. Wow!

    That must have been a very exciting time to be a fan of Eric's in Japan!
  23. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thank you, James! While I can't encourage harems, pardons seem to be pretty popular at the moment;)
  24. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thanks! My trigger finger is gettin' itchy, Susie- go ahead, make me lose control:--)