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  1. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Just saw a 90 minute set in Chicago from a recent tour of the U.S. Couple of observations: Todd Rundgren can still sing and rock! He gets a lot of music out of a four piece band. I'm a top 40 kind of guy, but only recognized about 3 songs in the entire set- and one was a cover of 'Do Ya'! Where was "Hello, It's Me", or "We Gotta Get You A Woman" and a few others I was waiting for? Anyway, good concert none the less...
  2. ELO

    I heard them live at The Forum in the mid 70's...for some reason they never get into the 'power pop' discussion...I give you:
  3. Maria, by Blondie

    Great tune!
  4. Todd Rundgren Utopia

  5. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Can you say 'Diva' LOL!
  6. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Alrighty then, that explains that! I was waiting for I Saw The Light, as well as a few more, but I guess he still has the same attitude. I thought maybe he didn't play that song for fear there would be a Raspberries fan in the audience LOL!
  7. Please, James!!!

    James, you'll have to find something that rhymes with 'Andie May'...
  8. Please, James!!!

    Clara must have a crystal ball- brilliant! Indeed, my burnt offering is just a place holder while we await the pontification of JAMES! Carry on...
  9. Please, James!!!

    By all means...can't wait for the resulting laugh!
  10. Please, James!!!

    It is really simple to do big Lew Iambic pentameter is for you
  11. Little Steven Weighs In

    Take that, HOF!
  12. Wings across America

    Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake...just saw a 1980 concert of Paul McCartney and Wings. 2 hours of vintage Paul. I know Paul hasn't been his best for a few years now, but, those of you who have seen him in concert before- what is your opinion of 1980's era Paul?
  13. Wings across America

    It was on AXS tv, and I thought the info guide had it as being 1980. But I think it's the '76 tour that LC is talking about. Was he better with Wings, or solo?
  14. Wings across America

    I have a confession to make (not a James-like confession)...I have never understood the meaning of a "." as a reply. If one is good, is two better? ..
  15. I´m in that...

    It has been rumored that a ship containing White Castle Burgers as cargo does not need the lift system the Panama Canal locks provide...
  16. Walter Murphy "Just A Love Song"

    Wow! Really good song, Matt!! Thanks for posting
  17. I´m in that...

    Lew, I feel like the guy in the art gallery that's looking at some modern impressionist painting, listening to the person next to me extol the virtues of the painting in all it's glory- and then asks me what I think. My reply, "They look like flowers"...
  18. I´m in that...

    Roses are red White Castles are not Too much information Is not so hot!
  19. The Fox Oldies

    I know the feeling. When "Brand New Year" was in record stores on Record Store Day a few years ago I got the same feeling of excitement as I did when it was 1972 and I was waiting for the next Raspberries record to be released!
  20. This guy does the tastiest covers of Eric's songs:
  21. The Boxer

    Good to see you revived this one, LC. I only have one thing to add:
  22. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thanks LC! As Craig intimated- we have almost as many chiefs as Indians posting at the moment LOL!
  23. I’ve been waiting...

    Even more amazing that Eric wrote this when he was 12 years old!
  24. Eric on Merv

    Yes, I'd seen this before, but these guys must have the masters- really good quality!
  25. Lew, I haven't had much luck getting a music file into a post here, so I sent you FB pm with the file attached...enjoy!