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  1. More To Come

    You won't be disappointed!
  2. No, not Desperate Fools, but we haven't had a cover for awhile- you've been warned:
  3. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    And here's the man himself- obviously pleased with the showcase!
  4. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    So cool!
  5. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    Dave, that is correct. Janey's husband, Bruce Gaitsch (sp?) also played guitar on that album.
  6. More To Come

    Nice job reviewing the cd's!
  7. John Miles does ABM

    Nice find!
  8. BB King's Closing.....

    I'm sure you had the same sinking feeling I did when I passed by the HOB on Sunset when they were tearing it down...hang onto those memories!!
  9. BATC cover

    I thought it was interesting to hear someone sing it with a falsetto in the higher range, rather than like Eric- a true tenor- belting it out. Still prefer Eric's style of singing as long as he can keep it up!
  10. BATC cover

    Short but sweet:
  11. Luis has enough Eric covers to put together an entire album! As usual, tastefully done:
  12. This could become a regular feature- I'm rather enjoying these:
  13. This looks legit to me...Eric has some interesting autographed material out there!
  14. DWTSG cover

    Such a great song:
  15. Far from perfect, this piano play along emphasizes the beauty and complexity of this song- lot of black keys on this one! Love the arpeggios!!
  16. An even better version showed up today:
  17. Lynyrd Skynyrd mentions Razzies

    I wonder if they do a song by Raspberries?
  18. Eric autographed "Starting Over"

    Yep, this is always my "desert island" pick for music- there crowning achievement- should have been huge!
  19. She Did It - Inspirational

    Craig, way cool! Wikipedia has it covered, also: The song was inspired by the 1977 Eric Carmen hit, "She Did It," because of the 'did-its' in the song. Carmen was touring with Hall & Oates at the time "Did It in a Minute" became a hit. "She Did It" itself had been inspired by the 'did-its' in the Beach Boys' tune, "Do It Again." I do remember Eric saying he was inspired by Brian Wilson when he wrote "She Did It".
  20. This guy has covered Eric several times- he does a stellar job on Eric's ballads- tough to cover this one, especially in light of the 'real deal' we were recently treated to...
  21. More To Come

    Sounds like every day is Christmas at Matt's house!
  22. Scott McCarl "Play On" (1997)

    That's one great cd- I think it's been in regular rotation for a lot of Raspberries fans for a couple of decades now.
  23. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    Interesting observations, James. I, too, was left wondering why Dave made this deviation from the melody. It is apparent from listening to him do his other songs that he wasn't having any vocal difficulties reaching the notes...whatever the reason, by the time they reached L.A., Dave was performing the song like it is on the record- except, it had a lot more power live!
  24. Eric's Tweets

    Eric's profile shows his last log in back in 2014- unless he's checking in without logging on, in which case who would know? It is good to see his tweets here; we're still in the loop...
  25. Van Morrison Segway...

    Anne, you had me going there for a moment