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  1. Attention-All EC.COM Ladies

    Lew, James wants to know if you have an extra grass skirt...
  2. Attention-All EC.COM Ladies

    I'm not so sure Lew still has it...it's been 5 hours and the only response is a bromance
  3. Susie, I'm going a little off topic here, but my wife and I have been watching Mr. Ed reruns lately (don't laugh too hard) and I kept thinking one of the actresses looked familiar...and then it hit me- she looks a little like you:
  4. Great Moments in EC.com History #6

    Oh, the fun we had!
  5. Great Moments in EC.com History #4

    Another classic, for sure. Eric is such a great storyteller. And, just in case something ever happened to the website, I saved all of Eric's posts. You never know when somebody might want to write a (another?) book...
  6. LC- thanks...

    This is the first morning in a long time where it has taken me more than 30 seconds to catch up on EC.com forum posts. Since Bernie made me a moderator, it's felt a little like the party police in a morgue. Thanks for bringing some life back to the joint!
  7. Foolin' Myself

    I think it that comment was probably similar to his comment about "You Too Me All The Way". He said if he'd never written GATW it would have been a fine song, but, it was too much of a rip-off for him to get excited about after doing GATW. I'm betting his comment about "Foolin' Myself" is in a similar vein because of ABM...JMHO.
  8. The End Of An Era

    Craig, I know you're one of the die-hards and one of the few that are still regulars here, but I've got to tell you something- you need to look in the "C" section to find new stuff from Eric! LOL!!
  9. The End Of An Era

    Bernie, LC brings up a good point...if you are not dissuaded to close the message board from this outpouring of affection, would it be possible to archive it?
  10. Foolin' Myself

    I've always said it's better than ABM, even though it owes inspiration to that song. Might be heresy, but that's MHO.
  11. The End Of An Era

    Well, this is certainly a sad day, although I've been mourning the decline of the EC.com message board for awhile now. This site has given us everything Bernie mentioned and more; nothing could exceed the interaction we had with Eric and his music- the opportunity to hear his stories, learn about his music, and know more about the man who has given so many of us the soundtrack of our lives. It's no secret that Eric is my musical hero. When I found this website I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I'd found a home for all things Eric. So much so that this website has been my home page ever since. EC.com gave more than this fan could ever have hoped for. When the reunion concerts were happening and I was approaching the band for a picture, Eric yells out, "Kirk"! I went from fan to being on a first-name basis with my music idol. This is something that never would have happened if not for EC.com. And that's just one example of how this website changed my life So, although this decision saddens my heart, it is with gratitude that I thank Bernie for all of his efforts over the past 20 years. What a ride it has been. Just one more thing, Bernie- can we go out with a bang and have the biggest Santa Bernie ever? That would put an exclamation point on it! As I've always said to you, "Thanks for all you do." Make that 'heart felt' thanks! Kirk
  12. Island music

    Cover of Let's Pretend:
  13. Interesting to see the lyrics not used- Eric probably was going through the process of figuring out the perfect lyrics- such as we were privy to witness in the "Boats Blog". Nice find!
  14. Island music

    That is good stuff! Never heard of the guy before this...
  15. My New CD: "Radio Paradise (Forever 18)

    Congrats, Pat! Well done!!
  16. Island music

    Anne, I don't think that's too uncommon with these "one man bands", where one guy records everything by himself and then combines the tracks...
  17. The Choir in November

    There was some buzz on the different Raspberries FB pages...sounds like it was a grand reunion!
  18. American Top 40 March 19, 1988

    Thanks for posting these, Matt!
  19. American Top 40 February 1988

    Good story on the Rachmaninoff connection!
  20. American Top 40 October 1977

    The dollar signs were $$$$$$$$$ piling up on this one! Good find, Matt.
  21. American Top 40 February 1976

    It's fun to hear this stuff when Eric was just starting out solo- thanks, Matt!
  22. American Top 40 June 1976

    Good 'ol Kasey Kasem- good to hear his voice again- nice find, Matt!
  23. "American Top 40" October 1972

    Good find, Matt! Love the story of the lady that fainted because of the scented sticker!!
  24. A couple of familiar faces celebrating their anniversaries together: