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  1. David Cassidy dies

    I never watched the Partridge family, but only recently did I know that David and Shirley were the only ones performing. He was a great talent.
  2. That's Rock and Roll cover

    And he was late at that! Too funny!!
  3. Old Rockers never die! Love the name of the group- The Cripples...
  4. Close your eyes and be still...well, close your eyes at least:
  5. Tonight cover

    Interesting interpretation:
  6. Tonight cover

    His name (or at least his Youtube name) is TRESILLO BONGO . This version does remind one of the acoustic version of I Wanna Be With You that the 'berries did...
  7. Eric interview

    From the upcoming movie "Live at the Agora", Eric on Hank LoConti:
  8. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Donzi, I don't know how old you are, but when Eric's single of Brand New Year came out on Record Store Day a few years ago, I relished the chance to hunt it down. Sure, it was a 20 minute drive to Ventura, but it reminded me of earlier times when Raspberries or Eric would have a new release coming out. The search for a copy, the excitement of finding one, spinning it on the turntable for the first time; it was a flashback moment for sure! Good to see it will be available online after Black Friday, but I'll probably do the same thing for "PAL" as I did for "BNY":)
  9. Genius At Work

    You hear all of these different layers in the song, and it sounds amazing...Eric hears them in his head, and turns them into brilliance!
  10. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    All these great reviews beg the question...how are sales of Pop Art Live, and has it passed Live On Sunset Strip?
  11. Eric interview

    Some links to follow for more info: Agora Movie Productions, LLC Facebook: LiveAtTheAgoraMovie Twitter: @AgoraMovie Twitter: @JayPatrikBoland Email: jay.boland@liveattheagora.com
  12. Hello from UK

    Angie, did you know Eric composes his songs on the piano? Therapy, for sure!
  13. Nice article , other than title

    This writer clearly "gets it"! Eric tweeted his delight with the review Raspberries will NOT be forgotten...
  14. 'Hungry Eyes' Girl

    Britt, any idea where the Raspberries master tapes are located? Capitol lost them a long time ago... Nice first post!
  15. Eric's Tweets

    Sad news, indeed. Prayers to Eric and his family.
  16. Say No To Radio Edit

    I thought of another one- Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter Group- a lot of fun stuff going on in the middle that doesn't make the radio edit!
  17. Say No To Radio Edit

    My pick would have been Wildfire, also...the intro and outro MUST be played!
  18. Raspberries Remix

    Pretty good job on this remix of IWBWY:
  19. Raspberries Remix

    Coming from the guy who mixed the "Best live album of 2017"!
  20. Fine job, Naeko!
  21. Cleveland Indians lose

    Wow! I was hoping to see Dodgers and Indians in the World Series...
  22. From a demo recording session with his buddy Andy Cahan...got $2000?
  23. Straight Time lyric sheet

    and dropping...now $100.