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  1. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    So, I assume you made it and they didn't have to turn the plane around!
  2. Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

    Sorry, buddy- I've been offline for several hours also- hope you're doing o.k.
  3. Your one stop Eric photo center

    Can you download any of those pictures? I only saw a print option.
  4. Bass master

    No, not the fish...this guy is covering a bunch of Raspberries tunes on his bass:
  5. Love Is All That Matters:
  6. Someday soft cover

    Love the way she's sitting in the chair emulating Eric's cover photo...
  7. Studio vs. Live versions..

    Wow! This is the Linda Ronstadt I remember. When I saw her at the Universal Amphitheater in the early 70's, Andrew Gold and his band opened the show- then Linda comes out for her set and Andrew Gold and his band are now Linda's band- what a show!
  8. Vintage Bread

    Love David Gates songs! Used to hear him on 'Adult Contemporary' radio stations in the 70's.
  9. Savannah Guthrie

    Good find, Matt!
  10. From a restaurant far away...
  11. This guy's on a roll:
  12. Kiss This...

    Haha- cute!
  13. Dead Skunk found in the ...

    James, while I am flattered (not to be confused with flatulence), I'm afraid you'll have to find another chronicler. I wouldn't last 5 minutes at sea. And now, for the Ode(r) to James:
  14. Klaatu Cover

    Yep- I've been posting his Raspberries work for quite some time- he never fails to impress.