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  1. Don Ienner

    From Eric: Somewhere along the way, Clive aquired a new head of promotion who might just be the greatest promotion man of all time. His name was Don Ienner. (Yep, Jimmy's little brother). Where Jimmy was all smiling, charming warmth, Donnie was screaming at the top of his lungs, threatening, cursing and scary. But boy was he effective. Without divulging the (ahem) ways that record companies get their top artists played, let's just say that you might be able to find some parallels in "waste management" if you catch my drift. Well, Arista was bouncing along and Clive was making a whole lotta money and then we reached the age of mergers and aquisitions. And big German powerhouse BMG bought Arista. Everything went well, for a while, but then Don Ienner left to go and head Columbia (now Sony) Records. Arista faltered a bit and the Germans OUSTED CLIVE FROM HIS OWN LABEL! Yep, they brought in L.A. Reid to head up Arista and forced Clive out. The industry was stunned.... From Marathon Man: "Europe was a helluva lot of fun. I was the lead singer in a Cleveland band called Jynx and also did sound for Rainbow Canyon. Raspberries had just finished recording their second album and Eric asked me to do sound for their tour. Jimmy Ienner's brother Donnie came with us and acted as tour manager. We flew into Paris, switched planes and arrived in Nice, France. We drove to Cannes, checked into the hotel and went directly to the venue for the MIDEM (International Music Market) Festival where Raspberries played in front of 2,500 people. We had a girl assigned to us from EMI named Heidi Esser. Victor Benedetto, who ran CAM-U.S.A. (Raspberries' music publisher), met us there. More from Eric: Having said all this, I must tell you that, to this day, I LOVE Jimmy Ienner, and I give him ALL the credit for recognizing what the Raspberries could become in their very raw, juvenile state. And Donnie Ienner, who was probably fifteen years old when we began working with Jimmy, is probably, single-handedly responsible for all those Raspberries records' success. Donnie turned out to be the best promotion man in the history of the music business. I met some pretty incredible promo guys on my way up, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could hold a candle to Donnie. He was the best of the best. There will probably never be anyone ever again with that kind of power. ec Eric on Make Me Lose Control: When it came time to do the background vocals I pushed my way back into the session. I helped choose the vocalists (among them, Mark Hudson and Kip Lennon) and worked with them trying to get the sound and pronunciation I wanted. Jimmy was very upset and accused me of "usurping his session." There's a lot more to the story, but it wasn't the most fun I've ever had in a recording studio. It became a VERY expensive single (at least $60,000 as I recall, the kind of money you can never recoup). Thank God (and/ or Donnie Ienner) it went to number #3. At least I saw some publishing and airplay royalties. ec Pat, that ought to get you started...
  2. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

    23 skidoo (sometimes 23 skiddoo) is an American slang phrase popularized during the early 20th century. It generally refers to leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave. (from Wikipedia)
  3. Happy Birthday, James!!!!! 2021

    Roses are red The harem is dead James at sixty two is twenty three skidoo...
  4. Eric Doppleganger

    He's more a cross between Mick, Keith, and Eric...
  5. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Tommy Allen mixed this album, and there are a few tweaks here and there in the vocals. I have an unedited version of a few of the songs, and my favorite song probably wouldn't have made the live album if not for a critical tweak.
  6. Exploring Classical Music...

    Darlene, you may have been gone for awhile, but you certainly made up for it with that post! Brilliant!! The Dar-lene-Lama has been missed;)
  7. Exploring Classical Music...

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I play it.
  8. Exploring Classical Music...

    Guess I should have included an example- from Percy Faith's movie theme album- which I have owned since the 60's:
  9. 21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

    One of those is the B man...
  10. Great Film Scores

    I don't know if he's recognized in his own time as much as he deserves, but John Williams has done some wonderful film scores.
  11. Exploring Classical Music...

    I'm fond of Miklos Rozsa- especially some of his movie soundtracks, particularly the theme song from King of Kings...
  12. Guy tries to tackle Steve Lukather's solo from You Need Some Lovin':
  13. Raspberries in Texas!

    The discography section of the website has the lyrics to every song You can access it from the main page under the 'music' header.