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  1. Drum cove IDKWIW

    Not bad- hard to follow two of the best drummers from Raspberries:
  2. Eric's solo rankings

    Sounds like he's trying to channel Elvis...
  3. Eric's solo rankings

    I think it would have been easier using Einstein's theory of relativity Nice list, Craig.
  4. Raspberries 5th studio album

    A suggestion on The Raspberries FB page made me add a hit single to the cover- thanks, Paul (also a member here)!
  5. Don't get excited- I have no news about this. But, in one of those 'I can't sleep' moments I decided to do an album cover for what could have been their 5th album. I have little to no graphic art skills on the computer but that didn't stop me from putting this together. Anybody else want to give it a try?
  6. Lemons to Lemonade

    Where did you come up with the girl? I asked Ken if she was someone near and dear to him...nope.
  7. Lemons to Lemonade

    James, there is a cd option- I bought one- here's the link: Buy on CD: http://ken-sharp.com/backseat/index.html
  8. Lemons to Lemonade

    Ken Sharp, author, writer, songwriter, musician extraordinaire and all around nice guy, has just released his new album. Hear this song on youtube. Scroll down the youtube link for ordering info... youtu.be/9krRBOJcGKI
  9. John McCain dies

    He wanted to do right by America. I think he did, for the most part. Kind of a shame the last part of his life was occupied with the Trump feud.
  10. Eric Sells Music Catalog

    Well, I'm sure Eric will be enjoying the rest of his life in high style, now
  11. From 'The Video Show' '74

    Yeah, I know you used part of this for your intro on the reunion tour- sans cheesy color effects- what I did like was the intro and outro by the shows host. Usually, by the time something makes it to youtube they get edited out.
  12. Eric Sells Music Catalog

    Eric fought so hard to get back the rights to his songs. That's a bit of a surprise. I wonder how that affects royalties and such? Any commentary, B?
  13. I 'liked' this on FB, and I like it here!
  14. Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd) dies

    Yeah, but what if they were a bad person