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  1. Al Chan sing TONIGHT in Japan

    Yes, that worked! Great job on this tough song to cover- Al Chan is one of the few who can do it justice- thanks, Naeko!
  2. Al Chan sing TONIGHT in Japan

    Although I couldn't open this (unverified source 'widget.js') I've heard Al sing this before- always does a great job!
  3. After all the discussions we had with Eric on religion...
  4. IWBWY cover

    Larry has done several Eric covers...really like this one:
  5. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I noticed the bonus tracks are credited from the New Year's Eve show in Cleveland, yet I can't find "IDKWIW" on the Dec. 31st set list. I wonder if it was played on Dec. 31 and just left off the set list, or was the track taken from another show later in the reunion? Bernie??
  6. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    Got mine today. Heavy vinyl. Great liner notes and photos. A new Raspberries album...somebody pinch me!
  7. So thankful to see 3 of the reunion shows! Thanks for the memories!!
  8. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    When I pre-ordered the 2 cd set from Omnivore last time, I got it much later than other people who ordered from online retailers, so when I saw one on Ebay I snagged it- the day before record store day (this was after I had called around to local record stores).
  9. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    I did not have any luck locally, so I ended up buying online. One record store gave false hope- ends up they had the 2 cd version, not the 3 lp's...
  10. David Cassidy dies

    I never watched the Partridge family, but only recently did I know that David and Shirley were the only ones performing. He was a great talent.
  11. That's Rock and Roll cover

    And he was late at that! Too funny!!
  12. Might As Well cover

    Nicely done!
  13. Tonight cover

    His name (or at least his Youtube name) is TRESILLO BONGO . This version does remind one of the acoustic version of I Wanna Be With You that the 'berries did...
  14. Tonight cover

    Interesting interpretation:
  15. Old Rockers never die! Love the name of the group- The Cripples...