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  1. Salma Hayek is All By Herself, Too!

    That was great! I knew she could act...didn't know she could sing- did you see the look on Jimmy's face- he was surprised!
  2. Recording "Tonight You're Mine"

    Here you go, ladies...
  3. Sunrise cover

    Don't hear this covered very 2 languages, no less:
  4. Ultimate Classic Rock ranking

    Regarding "Overnight Sensation" radio airplay, it did get some airplay. If you were still listening to AM radio, you probably didn't hear it. As Raspberries switched gears on "Starting Over", airplay also switched to FM. I heard "Overnight Sensation" played on KMET, an FM giant in the L.A. market. Previously, they had not played any Raspberries tunes. I'm sure Capitol's promotion was waning by this point, also...
  5. Bernie- did you loan this guy your copy of Orchestra 88?
  6. Not perfect- the piano could use some tuning; the vocals are a little off at times- but, it's the first Eric song that I can remember that comes via China:
  7. Eric's Tweets

    Nice 'add' to the website- thanks!!
  8. NGFILA pet project

    I like the way he breaks to pet the kitty and keeps on playing...
  9. Love the cat on the lap:
  10. Orchestra 88 project

    Who's Kurt
  11. 20 years of

    This website was the reason I first bought a computer in 1997! I couldn't believe my favorite artist had a website, let alone so many other fans!!
  12. Happy women's day

    James for president!
  13. Ebay Auction 2017

    If this is the person I think it is...he was the manager of the band and has several of these in his possession. It's not the first auction for one of these.
  14. David Cassidy has Dementia

    Yeah, he also fell off the stage...
  15. Eric’s last log-in on was in 2014, but it’s been All For Love, and I’m glad he and Amy found each other! Their happiness makes me smile when I see pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Carmen:--)