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  1. If you don't mind

    a little twang, this is a really good song:
  2. "Not Secure"

    Done deal, Bernie! Glad to cover that expense for this year. And, who wouldn't want a gold record from Eric! Wow!!
  3. "Not Secure"

    Well, if you don't want to have a garage sale, I'll still cover it for this year. Worry about next year when it gets here. What's the best way to get it to you Bernie?
  4. "Not Secure"

    Is that annually, or a one-time fee? I'll cover it if it's a one-time fee.
  5. Rick Springfield..

    I was there...
  6. Raspberries Side 3! Record club ad and review of Side 3:
  7. #1 in Milwaukee

    Local record store sales chart for Let's Pretend:
  8. Got a cryptic note from Lewisa…

    Oh dear...
  9. Any way to enlarge this?

    I couldn't save it enlarged, but you can enlarge it to read it...just hit 'control' and the '+' sign a few times and it becomes larger.
  10. Packing up mom’s house…

    It's a big process, especially when you have depression-era parents. My sister and I spent several years (part time) cleaning everything out- we didn't want to gloss over any family treasures. Funny story- my sister and I agonized about throwing anything away. Finally, after much deliberation, we took the first item out to the trash can. Just as we were getting ready to drop it in, the phone rings! The phone had been disconnected for months!! My sister rushes to answer it and there is nobody there. Just dead air. No dial tone, nothing. We looked at each other in amazement, had a good chuckle, and started the journey that you're about to embark on. Good luck with it, Lew. It can be cathartic, also.
  11. GATW cover

    I haven't posted one of these for awhile- please listen to the end
  12. For those of you live where it rains, this is something different:RASPBERRIES ERIC CARMEN 42" UMBRELLA **ONLY ONE MADE** power pop rock | eBay
  13. The American Beetles…

  14. Anybody know “The Scruffs”?

    How did these guys not make it: