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    Tonight You're Mine
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    Starting Over
  1. Eric on "Change of Heart": "One of the things I find most satisfying, when I listen to "The Essential..." is that, with the exception of "Change Of Heart", there isn't a single song I would arrange differently if I went into the studio to record it today. The arrangement on "Change Of Heart" places it firmly in 1978. That's the only arrangement I would re-work if I had the chance. It was the one time in my recording career that I gave in to "the trend." The demo version on this website gives you a better idea of where that song should have gone."
  2. The chatter on FB is that Kay and Wally have the Starting Over master tapes and are in the process of 'baking' them. This is right from Kay's lips. I believe these are the only Raspberries masters known at this time, and this was just recently publicized.
  3. This record always seems to have a diverse cross-section of opinions...
  4. These guys were..

    One of those songs that transports me to a certain time and place in my life...
  5. How Eric Spends His Days Forum

    Some interesting discussion mixed with trite banter...it bugs me when somebody claims to be an 'expert' on an a particular artist and it's obvious they're anything but- which would be fine if they kept their opinion to themselves...
  6. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    I'm working all weekend and can't really say I'm all here (easy Lew), but here's five off the top of my head: 1: Raspberries- Starting Over 2: Eric Carmen- Tonight You're Mine 3. Eric Carmen- Geffen Since I only have 2 left... 4. Beatles- have to be some kind of Greatest Hits with only 2 selections left 5. Beach Boys- same situation...some kind of Greatest Hits package
  7. I missed this one the first time around... Favorites: Side Three, Eric Carmen (Arista) Less than Favorites: Fresh, Tonight You're Mine
  8. Eric coming to Midland, MI??

    I saw that Eric mentioned he had an imposter posing as him- too bad about the false alarm!
  9. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Oh good, he's not alone- naturally.
  10. It was featured on one of my wife's soup opera's back in the day. Can't recall which one at the moment...
  11. It all sounds so familiar, and I want to like the reviewer, but the cringe factor was too high. He has Big Star on a pedestal that Raspberries should be occupying.
  12. Craig, what you have to remember when reading stuff like this is each person there is trying to be memorable- like record reviewers- needing to criticize lest they be seen as fans and not the cool people they need to believe they are. Besides, all these threads are locked, so it doesn't do any good to rebut them, but I'm sure it feels good!
  13. Gold Star

    Of course we'd all love to see Wendy come back, just not in Lew's posts. She made that abundantly clear to me.