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    Starting Over
  1. LC, just to tie these 2 threads together, Eric once said that "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys and "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles were the epitome of both groups. 'Nuff said!
  2. Great list! I might add "Overnight Sensation", Eric's "Good Vibrations"...
  3. Ten Commandments(ec.com style)

    13. Any commandment by James is just a suggestion- everyone knows you can't have more than 10 commandments!
  4. Cinderella Ballroom

    I can just picture the photographer telling them don't look at the camera- look cool...
  5. Nets/Orlando Game...All By Myself Played

    Doesn't really sound like a song you'd pick to entertain fans at a high energy game...unless they played it as a player was thrown out of the game
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Nice work, Naeko- Happy Birthday, Bernie!
  7. This one goes out to Bernie...

    James, good to know this was B-fore...
  8. This one goes out to Bernie...

    Everyone here is aware of the Tonight/Ecstasy controversy. One day Tonight is your favorite, the next day it's Ecstasy. I do the same thing with Someday/Hey Deanie. Another pairing is All For Love/Sleep With Me. Who can chose?
  9. of Boats Against The Current:
  10. My Most Amazing DJ gig...

    That was hard to look at LOL!
  11. Eagles' Sweet 16 (IMHO)

    James, I think the Eagles prided themselves on their ability to sound just like the records in concert...
  12. Demo pick 'em

    Before the days of the internet, some of us spent a lot of time and money trading with other fans and sometimes vendors. It is easier now with electronic media, but you're still going to have to dig to get results. Bernie has posted many a demo at Christmas time over the years and they are usually the BEST quality!
  13. Demo pick 'em

    I asked Eric about this- when the songs are released in foreign languages they register them with the native tongue titles.
  14. Demo pick 'em

    I see it came out way too small. I'll try again...