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  1. LC, I was glad Arista had an L.A. office in Hollywood during this era. I went from hanging out at Capitol records during Raspberries to visiting Arista's office during Eric's solo career. Info was not easy to come by, even at Arista! The wait for "Boats" seemed like forever...
  2. Enthusiastic rendition:
  3. This guy is covering Shaun Cassidy covering Eric's That's Rock and Roll:
  4. ABM cover

    This one is kind of special- it starts out Eric and ends up Celine- the lead singer is pretty good:
  5. Happy Birthday Mary Ellen!

    Happy Birthday, M.E.
  6. Raspberries comics

    Check out today's "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip- it has a Raspberries reference!
  7. Mike Connors - R.I.P.

    Used to watch it faithfully- don't think I missed an episode!
  8. The good, bad, and ugly

    Makes me miss the Ramones:o
  9. The dichotomy..

    James...good taste in music, and other things, too.
  10. The good, bad, and ugly

    Some of these really bad versions make you wonder if they are purposely doing a parody or if they are just that bad. I think you have to have talent to do Raspberries this injustice; I don't think anybody could be this bad without trying!
  11. This is the bad and the ugly:
  12. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!!!

    B-man, have a GREAT Birthday- thanks for all you do! Kirk
  13. While I almost never post covers of "ABM" and Hungry Eyes", I do like it when people cover the lesser known songs that Eric has done. She gives this song kind of a lounge feel, but it's not bad...
  14. From the Philippines with love:
  15. Don Lane NGFILA

    Yeah, check out my comment at the top of this thread!