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    Starting Over
  1. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    BTW, in case it isn’t apparent, my reference to an A tune means a hit single- the A side of a 45.
  2. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    If I’m being totally honest, only Tonight and Ecstacy get an A rating from this album. Wally’s Last Dance is a really good tune, but not my favorite of his. Dave has some of his best writing on this album, but they’re still not A tunes. On The Beach and I’m A Rocker are solid efforts by Eric, but neither of these make it in my top 10 or maybe even top 20 Eric compositions. No matter how many times I shuffle the deck on this one, it still comes up my least favorite, which still makes it a great album, however!
  3. Ranking Razzies with Pete Pardo

    James, you have the same order as Pete. Mine: 1. Starting Over 2. Fresh 3. Raspberries 4. Side 3
  4. Wind Machine

  5. “Rare and Scratchy” Podcast

    That was a good listen. Did you notice they used the back up singer version of Boats?
  6. Use of the Comma...

    Lew, saving the world, one comma at a time.
  7. Round Table Discussion In Heaven

    Thanks for the 2020 update- that was a fun read.
  8. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    I think I'd put Do Ya' at the top of my list...
  9. Site dissects middle of the road pop...

    There was an ‘easy listening’ or ‘adult contemporary’ fm station in L.A. called KNX radio during the 70’s that would fit this category of music. Probably had my car radio tuned to it 90% of the time. It would still be my station of choice had they not gone off the air decades ago. I’m sure the subscription radio stations have a channel like this but I don’t belong to any. Eric would still be well represented with his classical background and songs from Winter Dreams could be just the ticket for AOR (adult orient radio). Brand New Year should have been a shining star on AOR.
  10. Podcast featuring EC...

    Good catch, Craig!
  11. Eric Carmen’s vocal range...

    Lew, you sleuth out the most interesting stuff...
  12. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    LC, it was before the spaceship tour- I probably have a ticket stub somewhere...
  13. Podcast featuring EC...

    That sounds like it's fairly recent- Eric's speaking voice- maybe in the last 5 years or so.
  14. EC comments on his Essential CD...

    Sometimes I'm reading these Eric stories and thinking it all sounds so familiar, and then a little nugget or gem pops out of Eric's mouth that's totally new!