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  1. Raspberries Remix

    Coming from the guy who mixed the "Best live album of 2017"!
  2. Raspberries Remix

    Pretty good job on this remix of IWBWY:
  3. Cleveland Indians lose

    Wow! I was hoping to see Dodgers and Indians in the World Series...
  4. Straight Time lyric sheet

    and dropping...now $100.
  5. Tom Petty dies at 66

    That same 'morbid fact' applies to auto makers, also...Sunbeam Tigers went up in price substantially right after Carroll Shelby passed away.
  6. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    That was a schlocking review! The guy is obviously a fan; I think he probably fell into the trap the most 'critics' fall into- he digs ICR, but he can't write a totally positive review of the double album or he looks like too big of a fan and not enough of a rock writer and critic. So he bashes ICR to keep up his cred. Where's Reid to defend his song?!?
  7. Tom Petty dies at 66

    Really? Wasn't that long ago I saw him do the Super Bowl half-time show...too young!
  8. Eric Carmen Primer

    What can I say, it was a slow day around here...
  9. Everything you wanted to know about Eric...how did he know about the penguin?
  10. Record Sleeve

    Yeah, I thought it had an odd look as well- for more than one reason- interesting that it is a real record label, though...
  11. Record Sleeve

    Ha! Good detective work, Bernie. I thought somebody was having a little fun with an EPIC label record sleeve! I wonder if the seller has any idea about the connection...
  12. Record Sleeve

    Can somebody with better eyes or computer skills tell if this is a real record sleeve? Eric Records? Eric Oldies? British demo pressing of Overnight Sensation...
  13. Straight Time lyric sheet

    Re-listed at $150...
  14. Old Road Case

    Great story, B! Somebody mentioned the case I posted above was where Wally parked his amp...