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  1. Raspberries Don Kirschner Info

    This thread was current and not closed, so I helped them out a little (pending moderator approval).
  2. Raspberries Don Kirschner Info

    No help here...pc challenged Somebody give them a copy of Marathon Man- all the answers are there!
  3. Frankie Valli

    I know the post 70's song- it kept Eric from becoming #1 on the Billboard chart! I could name a couple of them from 64-70. The pre-64 hit would be a guess at this point...
  4. Eric Interview by Jon Tiven

    Wow! Never seen that one before, either- Eric mentions some things that aren't touched on in other interviews- great find, Lew!!
  5. Cool Discussion...GATW vs. IWBWY

    I'll take No Hard Feelings in this comparo. Loved the GATW intro at the fade out...
  6. Disgusting Romantic

    His stories of the music biz were legendary! Those were the days indeed!!
  7. Raspberries...Where’s Eric?

    Patrick Beckers was with you guys at Eric's house, right? Maybe even someone else (Ron Sutton?). Pretty sure about Patrick, though...
  8. Cool Discussion...GATW vs. IWBWY

    How about All For Love and Sleep With Me? All For Love is a slight favorite tonight...might be different tomorrow.
  9. Raspberries...Where’s Eric?

    LC, Lew was asking about the 'almost' Raspberries reunion in '98 that included Wally, Dave, Jim, and Scott at the Odeon; he's looking for a copy of this concert.
  10. Raspberries...Where’s Eric?

    Lew, here's a thread devoted to that '98 concert at the Odeon...
  11. Raspberries...Where’s Eric?

    I also remember my buddy from the Netherlands, Patrick Beckers, was at this show.
  12. Compliment to LC’s Cover Art Topic

    You could spend some time on there- have to check it out later...
  13. Raspberries...Where’s Eric?

    I've heard some songs from this concert. I'm pretty sure Bernie was there. While it was great to have some of the 'berries get together, I seem to remember Scott struggling a bit to hit the high notes in Eric's songs. Not really surprising, I remember Eric struggling to hit those notes at times, also!
  14. This topic could be a lot like trying to pick your favorite Raspberries and Eric solo songs and albums- the listing can change almost daily- I'm too lazy to change mine at the moment LOL! Good job, LC!
  15. Good Review of Fresh

    It seems as if no reviewer can like an entire album- it's just not cool- but half way through this last paragraph he finally relents and gives our boys the praise they deserve: Super Seventies RockSite!: Album Review: Starting Over Raspberries Lyrics Raspberries Videos Eric Carmen Mugshots In fact, such a move may be to their benefit in more ways than one. I haven't seen any other reviews yet, but it's hard to believe the critics will sit still for an album as overly derivative as this. The fact that it's simply fun to do songs like this should not be ignored, and by fooling around with other, related styles, I think Raspberries could better put across this side of their intent. If what they are trying to do can be accepted as valid in the first place, maybe then people will listen closely enough to realize that Raspberries songs are, beyond any stylistic considerations, really quite superior by any criteria of pop songwriting, and that this album is every bit as enjoyable as the classic Beatles albums. Maybe they didn't invent the style, but their work within it has been pretty nearly equal to that of the Masters. And being as good as the Beatles is, when you think about it, quite an accomplishment. - Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, 11/72. P.s.- click the links on the right side of the column for more- they work!