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  1. My New CD: "Radio Paradise (Forever 18)

    Congrats, Pat! Well done!!
  2. Island music

    Anne, I don't think that's too uncommon with these "one man bands", where one guy records everything by himself and then combines the tracks...
  3. Island music

    Cover of Let's Pretend:
  4. The Choir in November

    There was some buzz on the different Raspberries FB pages...sounds like it was a grand reunion!
  5. American Top 40 June 1976

    I wanted to give him a chance before he got the ax- thanks, B!
  6. American Top 40 June 1976

    Hello- could you kindly explain what your post has to say about this thread?
  7. American Top 40 March 19, 1988

    Thanks for posting these, Matt!
  8. American Top 40 February 1988

    Good story on the Rachmaninoff connection!
  9. American Top 40 October 1977

    The dollar signs were $$$$$$$$$ piling up on this one! Good find, Matt.
  10. American Top 40 February 1976

    It's fun to hear this stuff when Eric was just starting out solo- thanks, Matt!
  11. American Top 40 June 1976

    Good 'ol Kasey Kasem- good to hear his voice again- nice find, Matt!
  12. "American Top 40" October 1972

    Good find, Matt! Love the story of the lady that fainted because of the scented sticker!!
  13. A couple of familiar faces celebrating their anniversaries together:
  14. John Wicks (The Records) dies

    Here he is with Scott McCarl, John Borack, and yours truly...from a few years ago.
  15. The Choir in November

    BeatleJay, good to see you're still alive and posting! How's the business doo-ing?