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  1. Raspberries 50th Anniversary

    Awesome! Can't believe so many years have passed since that first night in Cleveland.
  2. Why did Eric quit Twitter?

    Possibly he quit Twitter before Twitter quit him.
  3. We're Ba-a-a-ack!

    Thanks Big Tech! You bunch of pompous, oppressive nitwits inspired the re-opening of the EC message board. ( I hope I didn't break any new message board rules already)
  4. AM/FM Trivia

    If you'd like to participate, pick only ONE question from the group of 6. (first come, first serve) You will receive 1 point for a correct answer. If someone has answered a question with an answer that you feel might be incorrect, you may make another (different) guess. Of course, only one participate will score 1 point for that question. Each quiz will be posted for at least 3 days before another quiz is posted. I will keep the running score for each player. Note, that I am using a music Trivia Game published in 1985. The answers that are on those cards are official. Please do not use the internet to research answers. The honor system will be used. Quiz #1: 1. The Cha-Cha-Cha was the 15th top 40 hit within 3 years for which Philadelphia singer in 1962? 2. Prove It All Night was a top 40 hit in 1978 for whom? 3. What Have They Done To The ________ was a 1965 top 30 hit single by The Searchers. 4. Love Is Here And Now You're ________ was a #1 hit by the Supremes in 1967. 5. Memories was a 1969 top 40 single taken from whose first TV special? 6. Playin' It Cool was a 1964 hit by Timothy B. Schmit, formerly of what major rock band?
  5. AM/FM Trivia

    Quiz #4: 1. What group had a #1 hit with Who Can It Be Now? 2. In 1971 Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian) was a #1 hit for the Raiders. Who had a top 20 hit with that song first in 1968? 3. What group had a 1966 top 10 hit with It Ain't Me Babe? 4. Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin both had top 40 hits in 1965 and 1967 with what song? 5. Helen Reddy had a 1974 #1 hit with Angie Baby. Alan ______ was the writer of this song , who also had a #1 hit of his own in 1977. 6. Peter Chriss was the drummer for what famous band founded in the early 70's? Deadilne is 9.00 PM EST Monday 9/7
  6. AM/FM Trivia

    After Quiz 3, the standings are: Batman 2 Susie 2 James 1 Lew 1 Anne 1 Vinnie 1 Kirk 1 Matthew 1
  7. Lighthouse "I'd Be So Happy"

    I always liked this song.
  8. AM/FM Trivia

    Matthew....please only answer one question. Someone who has not yet answered can steal this answer if you think it's correct. Or you can submit one of your own.
  9. AM/FM Trivia

    Quiz #2: 1. I Just Want To ________ was a top 10 hit for Rare Earth in 1971. 2. In Your ________ was a 1980 top 20 hit by REO Speedwagon. 3. Lumpy ________ was the title of a 1967 album by the Mothers Of Invention. 4. Frankie was the girl , and what was the boy's name in Elvis Presley's 1966 hit? 5. Moon Shadow was a top 40 hit by whom in 1971? 6. Love My Way was an early 80's hit by what UK group? Deadilne is midnight EST Wednesday.
  10. AM/FM Trivia

    The Standings after Question #2: Susie 2 Batman 1 James 1 Lew 1 Anne 1 Answers were: 1. Eddie Hodges 2. The Bobby Fuller Four 3. 1965 4. Flamingos 5. Carole King 6. Elton John
  11. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    Yes, I actually made an error in saying the last 3 songs do nothing for me, because I do like Goodbye. I am pretty lukewarm on Razor Face too. If Razor Face was switched with Holiday Inn and had Goodbye tacked at the end. that would be SOME album side.
  12. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    LC..I have a friend who loves Madman. What I like, I like a lot off this album. I'm lukewarm on Indian Sunset and I know it's a song that most like a lot more than I do. The last three songs from the album do nothing for me. I don't have the numerical ratings with me right now, but I'm guessing that Caribou was probably on the border of becoming a B- rating. "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" is probably in Top 3 favorite songs. What hurts The Fox for me is that it just doesn't have any WOW songs. Seeing that both Sleeping & The One are the bottom two on the C+ group tells me that they may both have been close to at least dropping to average C's.
  13. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    James likes Blue Moves a lot more than I do. And I admittedly like some of those 80's albums more than most fans. I was also surprised that Made In England ended up Honky Chateau. I guess I like it more than I thought.
  14. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    Yes...thank you. Must of had another album in mind. Correction made.
  15. Elton John Top 10 Albums

    Well.....I got very scientific and invented a rating system for myself. Since last posting in this thread, I listened to EVERY song on EVERY studio album, and applied my rating. I rated albums as they were originally released without bonus cuts. Even though they are posted as a Letter Grade, not all same grades are alike, which allows me to rank them in order. So here are MY rankings of all the Elton John studio albums. A+ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road A+ Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player A+ Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy A Made In England A- Honky Chateau A- Elton John B+ Tumblweed Connection B Madman Across The Water B Peach Tree Road B- Too Low For Zero B- Breaking Hearts B- Jump Up B- The Big Picture B- Songs From The West Coast B- Single Man B- 21 at 33 C+ Caribou C+ Wonderful Crazy Night C+ The One C+ Sleeping With The Past C Ice On Fire C The Diving Board C Empty Sky C Leather Jackets C Blue Moves C The Fox C- Rock Of The Westies C- Reg Strikes Back D+ Captain And The Kid F Victim Of Love
  16. AM/FM Trivia

    Yes, a time limit will be imposed. I will extend quiz #2 for three more days (since that was what I posted originally). After that, each quiz will be valid for 5 days. Each Round will consist of 21 quizzes. Who will be the winner of Round 1?
  17. A Quick "Tonight You’re Mine" Endorsement

    Mostly agree with these, though I'm one of those in the camp of liking American As Apple Pie a lot! The Way We Used To Be might be my favorite EC song. Where I seem to be pretty different is that She Remembered never hooked me like everyone else, including Eric.
  18. AM/FM Trivia

    Yes....it seems the rules need to be re-read. Only getting credit for one answer. The Standings after Question #1: Batman 1 James 1 Lew 1 Susie 1 ** Please only answer ONE question and if your'e not participating, wait until the next quiz is posted before commenting on the previous one.
  19. AM/FM Trivia

    Anne....which question is your official guess?
  20. AM/FM Trivia

    You will only get credit for ONE question. If you answer more than one, you are helping someone else out. You answered #5 first, so you get one point for that. You are correct in which questions were answered, and yes #3 is Rain
  21. AM/FM Trivia

    Quiz #2: 1. I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door was #12 in 1961 by what 14 year old boy? 2. I Fought The Law was a 1966 top 10 hit for what group? 3. I Love You, Yes I Do was a Merseybeats top 40 hit in what year? 4. I Only Have Eyes For You quickly became a standard after being introduced in 1959 by what group? 5. Hard Rock Cafe made the top 30 in 1977 form whom? 6. Friends from the film of the same name, was a 1971 top 40 hit for whom?
  22. AM/FM Trivia

    James, Lew, Batman, Susie all get a point. Susie answered #6, and #4 is GONE.
  23. Your Favorite Duets

    Crusin' was a good cover.
  24. Your Favorite Duets

    Some good one's Anne
  25. Time’s 100 most influential People if the 20th Century

    Ever since James made his appearance on "The Best Of Billy Joel" list, he can't seem to stay off of them.