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  1. Was watching an episode of The Voice tonight, and here was a young girl duo on the show that sang All By Myself. As they started singing, I didn't give much thought about how inappropriate it would be for a couple of young teen girls to sing "and making love was just for fun" until they sang "and breaking hearts was just for fun". I guess this song is in such demand to be sung, they will change the lyrics to do so.
  2. Great comments on Scott McCarl CD

    I must say that I don't like Rose Colored Glasses either.
  3. BATC Japanese cover

    Very nice!
  4. This was kinda fun

    That was enjoyable.
  5. Hungry Eyes dissection

    After posting above about the first time hearing Hungry Eyes, I realized that my memory failed me. It wasn't Hungry Eyes I heard on the softball field. It was "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" from the Geffen album. I knew my memories weren't adding up because I remember seeing something on TV that alerted me to Eric having a song in Dirty Dancing. I remember now that I was actually on my way to the store to buy the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack when I heard it on the car radio for the first time.
  6. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I often think back to those days (pre-internet) when there was really no way of knowing what was going on with Eric's career. I only became the big fan in 1982. By then his last album was two years old and two more long years of checking the "C" bins every time I walked into the record stores passed before the Geffen album. And then another three years before Hungry Eyes. Three years is an eternity when you have no info, no status whatsoever on what is going on with Eric. Maybe that's why I value this website SO much. It opened up a completely other world of information and musical treasures which was such a shift in what I had previously available to me. And I'm still learning new things all the time by coming here.
  7. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I remember the first time I heard Hungry Eyes. The softball team was having a practice in preparation of an upcoming tournament. Someone had brought a radio and as I was on the field. I could barely hear this song playing that I swore sounded like Eric. This was at a time when I had no idea what had happened to him. He seemed to have disappeared. A few days later, the song came on my car radio and at the end, they confirmed it was a new single by Eric Carmen. I immediately went to the record store, excited by the prospects of finding a new album. But there was none. Every few days, I would return to the store, but still no album. Finally I found out it was from this new Dirty Dancing movie. I'll never forget how excited I was when I heard that song the first time.
  8. Looks Like They Found Some New Fans On This Forum

    Maybe some of them will find this site.
  9. Double Fantasy

    This might sound odd but I think Pat Benatar would nail it.
  10. Eddie Money dies at 70

    Liked his first four albums a lot. Let's Be Lovers is a very good song.
  11. Fess up, Bernie...

    I'll hear none of this "closing the board" talk.
  12. A well respected rock critic grades the Berries Lps...

    Not respected by me.
  13. Vintage Bread

    Loved watching this. Bread is one of those groups that takes me back to when I was just discovering music, and was listening to The Best Of Bread a lot.
  14. 70's Music

    From 1970's Classic Music Facebook Page