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    The Way We Used To Be
  1. Maria, by Blondie

    Loved it when it came out. Could have sworn I posted it here at one point.
  2. Craig, Birthday Boy

    Thank you! It's always good to still be kickin' for another year.
  3. Drummer Hal Blaine dies

    A legend.
  4. Wings across America

    Better with Wings, in my opinion. But very good solo too. Love Wings Over America. I own a few of his concerts on DVD, and I saw him in 2012. It was a great show.
  5. The Fox Oldies

    Today is Flashback Countdown Day at the FoxOldies.com and they are counting down the Top 50 from the Week of March 6, 1976. At #2 that week is All By Myself. It's amazing how I still get a rush hearing Eric songs on the radio. Can't wait until the get to #2.
  6. Moderator Kirk!!!

    I hear Oprah..."Your'e a moderator, and YOU'RE a moderator, and YOU'RE a moderator...."
  7. I'm Through With Love cover

    Great voice.
  8. The Fox Oldies

    So the main page of Fox Oldies has a Chat window. They just played Love Is Like Oxygen by Sweet. I wanted to type "Wankers!" in the chat box but resisted. lol

    I have to make a copy of this for my own reference.
  10. Cheap Trick...last night and many nights...

    Coincidentally, I was talking to a good friend of mine last night about concerts we have seen. We ranked our top 3 and our bottom 3. He saw Cheap Trick back in the early 80's and put them in his bottom 3. (They were with Kansas) They just recently played in Bethlehem PA and I was seriously thinking of going to see them.
  11. Jeopardy/Ken Jennings

    That's cool.
  12. The Fox Oldies

    It's Two's Day at the Fox Oldies. They just played Go All The Way & Overnight Sensation
  13. Teddy Does Eric

    It's alright. A little over the top for my liking.
  14. The Fox Oldies

    An 11 Week stay in the Top 100 for a song that peaks in the Top 20 is a little short. Once songs start to decline, they usually do so pretty rapidly and it's not that unusual for them to disappear in 3 or 4 weeks, but a 1 week decline from the Top 20 to being totally out of the Top 100 is indeed rare.
  15. The Fox Oldies

    Here is the Billboard Hot 100 Chart run of 'I Wanna Be With You": Chart Week Chart Position November 25, 1972 77 December 2, 1972 45 December 9, 1972 37 December 16, 1972 32 December 23, 1972 31 December 30, 1972 28 January 6, 1973 23 January 13, 1973 20 January 20, 1973 17 January 27, 1973 16 February 3, 1973 31