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  1. Tim Conway

    I can't think of anyone that made me laugh more.
  2. Paul Gilbert does "My Girl"

    Love it.

  4. Ides talking "Vehicle" on Antenna TV

    Find it interesting that Peterik didn't take on the glam rock look until much later in his career. 1st pic front and center with the Ides, 2nd pic with Survivor (2nd from left), and 3rd pic after Survivor as he is beginning World Stage.
  5. Ides talking "Vehicle" on Antenna TV

    No. Still alive and performing as far as I know. He also wrote some of the hits for .38 Special
  6. Peggy March "I Will Follow Him" interview

    I enjoyed the interview.
  7. Ides talking "Vehicle" on Antenna TV

    I read Jim Peterik's book and would recommend it. I was a big Survivor fan before I realized he was in Ides Of March.
  8. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    I once saw an interview with him in which he basically said "I was never sure what the big fuss was/is over Alone Again." He didn't say he didn't like it, but he definitely seems to think it's just average. Hmmm. It's one of my favorites of all time.
  9. Put your dukes up...

    Is it possible that Lew went down faster than Marvis Frazier did against Mike Tyson?
  10. Put your dukes up...

    So why DON'T you think that the Raspberries belong in the HOF?
  11. Put your dukes up...

    Before the subject of whether someone/something belongs on ANY "Top" list or Hall Of Fame, the criteria of what establishes that list has to be established. The R&R HOF certainly doesn't use sales or popularity as the driving measuring stick because there any many, many artists in there that are virtually unknown to the masses. Each year there are artists inducted that leave most scratching their heads. So it appears that the "the influence and significance of the artists' contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll" weighs heavily in who is considered I. You say that you won't argue based on other artists that have already been inducted, but you really can't exclude that because that in it's very self established criteria. Just as in baseball, there is no set statistical criteria, but if every pitcher in the HOF had x amount of wins, and x amount of strikeouts, and then pitcher John Doe comes along and exceeds them in every category, doesn't that demonstrate the argument that they established the criteria by whoever has already been elected in? The same goes for the R&R HOF. Beyond the stated criteria, they are establishing and building onto that by the other artists that they are inducting. There have been many examples on this web site where artists have named Raspberries as being influential to them. And some of these are themselves in the Hall. Raspberries were unique in their time, and were influential to other artists. Their contributions lead to the development and perpetuation of Power Pop.

    Not to appear aLEWf, but it seems you guys have become ungLEWed. Like jack in One fLEW Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  13. Maria, by Blondie

    Loved it when it came out. Could have sworn I posted it here at one point.
  14. Craig, Birthday Boy

    Thank you! It's always good to still be kickin' for another year.
  15. Drummer Hal Blaine dies

    A legend.