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  1. Vintage Bread

    Loved watching this. Bread is one of those groups that takes me back to when I was just discovering music, and was listening to The Best Of Bread a lot.
  2. 70's Music

    From 1970's Classic Music Facebook Page
  3. Raspberries at Fairfield University...Jan 31, 1975

    I could have sworn that Eric has testified that even though he had started All By Myself while with the Raspberries, he didn't finish it until he was on his own.
  4. "Make Me Lose Control" A Cappella

    Barry Gibb & Eric Carmen. Not too shabby in the song writing department.
  5. Jeff Lynne's ELO

    Got to see ELO on Thursday in Pittsburgh. Absolutely fabulous show. Musicianship is great and of course the songs are terrific too. Like a reviewer said, Jeff Lynne is about a 1 on the charisma scale, but trust me, you don't care.
  6. Guess who shows up at #23

    Good List. I will never understand the appeal to Big Star.
  7. Is this a new release?

    It says that there are 3 left which means they already have it in stock. The Aug 8th date is probably a re-stock date. I agree that it sounds like Eric's first album.
  8. Starting Over... A New Album Collection

    Gotta love a guy who has Blue Oyster Cult & Partridge Family on the list. Two thumbs up.
  9. Hmmm....if you don't LC, I will. I really can't remember if it was on the Starting Over LP.
  10. That wasn't an error. The intro to Go All The Way is supposed to be heard to signify the "Hit Record" being played on the radio.
  11. Another great ERIC forum...Why no output from Eric?

    Some real conclusion jumping going on in that thread.
  12. Some interesting comments in this Raspberries topic...

    It does feel good. Very therapeutic.
  13. Some interesting comments in this Raspberries topic...

    "I know they are the local boys and all, but compared to the above mentioned bands (Badfinger, Big Star) who I fully agree should have been bigger--deserved to be much bigger--the Raspberries ended up just about where they should have been IMO. Plus, I never cared much for Eric's singing at all, that was a major turn-off to me." Badfinger: should have been bigger. Big Star: Not my cup of tea. Don't see the big deal. Raspberries: best of the bunch and should have been much bigger. I understand that's it a matter of opinion but what can you say to someone that doesn't like Eric's singing? or someone that thinks Jennifer Aniston is ugly? or someone that doesn't like ice cream or pizza? I can't connect with or identify with that.
  14. Some interesting comments in this Raspberries topic...

    So I feel the need to respond to/rebut some of the comments. "That sort of music was somewhat out of fashion in 1973, and let's face it, the Raspberries weren't exactly brimming over with personality or original ideas. I remember them being mostly regarded in their time as sort of silly." Yes...out of fashion which was the point. They were trying to bring it back into fashion. As Eric has said, Raspberries were one of the first "Alternative" bands. If you wanted an alternative to all the stuff that was in fashion (Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.), there was Raspberries. Not original ideas?? I have never heard another band like them. They were VERY original which is why many give them credit for the founders of Power Pop. Were they regarded as silly? I am sure they were by some of those Tull, Zeppelin, and Floyd fans. There will always be the crowd that cares more about the image than the music. They have to like the cool bands because.....they're cool. I liked Zeppelin. I liked Uriah Heep. And when I discovered the Raspberries, I liked them too. I never cared about image or how cool or uncool it was to like them. I cared solely about the music.