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  1. 20 Years of - Day 6

    Indeed a great version, though I might be in the minority in saying that I'm not too keen on the false ending.
  2. 20 Years of - Day 3

    Took off of work so I could get tickets online for this event. Minutes after they went on sale, all I could grab were two standing room only tickets, but I was glad I did. Wonderful night! Loved the interview and performances. Specifically remember Eric talking about Desperate Fools and how the record execs don't "have an artistic bone in there bodies".
  3. 20 Years of - Day 1

    This song has become a favorite of mine. So appreciative of the hard work that was put into this.
  4. So I was watching the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony and I couldn't help but wonder..... IF our Raspberries ever got in, would they bury the hatchet one more time to perform at their induction? What do you think?
  5. Eric In Concert

    A few more of the May dates are: 5/11 Hilton High School, Hilton NY 5/12 Capital Music Hall, Wheeling WV 5/14 Alderwood High School, Seattle WA 5/15 Washougal High School, Portland OR 5/18 Stardust Ballroom, Russells Point OH 5/19 Xaviera University, Chicago IL 5/20 Zion High School, Chicago IL 5/23 Holy Cross Seminary, Toloedo OH 5/28 Cheney Tech 5/29 Barre High School, Barre MA 6/1 The Gables, Margate NJ 6/2 West Gate High School, Scranton PA 6/4 The Stone Balloon, Newark DE 6/7 The Tea Store, Sharon PA
  6. Eric In Concert

    Do you have an idea of approx. when the tour started and ended?
  7. Solo Projects

    I agree....This Cd was a great buy.
  8. Happy Birthday dianed! :)

    Happy Birthday!
  9. This is Music?

    It's not like there's no talent. There is plenty of it. All you have to do is watch an episode of The Voice to see that there is vocal talent galore. And there are plenty of great musicians. The problem is that there is no one writing good music for them to perform. Even the songs that are decent suffer from terrible arrangement and production.
  10. Cubs & Indians

    Wonder if Eric is going to any of the games.
  11. Jimi, why did heaven call your name?

    I had a friend, that for years told me how good Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger album was. He finally played it for me one night and I surprisingly liked it. That weekend I went to the record store to buy a copy for myself. They didn't have any copies of that one in the store, but they had just released Vital Signs and I decided to take a chance and buy it instead. I absolutely wore that album out over the next several months. Still one of my favorites. That was Jimi's first with Survivor and I bought, and enjoyed the next two also. Definitely a voice that is missed.
  12. Happy Birthday to Darlene and Tony!

    Happy Birthday Darlene!! You too Tony.
  13. As I read this thread, I found it interesting what Brian Mac mentions about what Casey Kasem said about Let's Pretend's movement on the chart. So, I decided to research this and.....yes indeed....very unusual. It did started to decline after peaking at #35 and dropped from the Top 40. Then it rebounded and got to #35 again. Then suddenly, two weeks later it was completely gone from the Top 100. Unusual indeed. Let's Pretend Date Position March 24, 1973 86 March 31, 1973 76 April 7, 1973 66 April 14, 1973 57 April 21, 1973 51 April 28, 1973 47 May 5, 1973 42 May 12, 1973 40 May 19, 1973 39 May 26, 1973 38 June 2, 1973 35 June 9, 1973 40 June 16, 1973 41 June 23, 1973 36 June 30, 1973 35 July 7, 1973 57
  14. Eric Countdown

    June 12, 1976 - Fourth week in the Top 40 for Never Gonna Fall In Love Again. Casey tells of Eric's signing with Arista.
  15. Eric Countdown

    March 27. 1976 - All By Myself drops to #4 after spending 3 weeks at #2. It was blocked by Love Machine-The Miracles on the first week of March, and then December 1963 (Oh What A Night)-Four Seasons the next two weeks. But as Eric drops down 2 spots, Casey tells the story of a woman that was overcome by the Scratch n Sniff sticker that appeared on Raspberries first album.