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  1. Eagles, song rankings

    Another tough one. I'm going to have to give this some consideration. But I can tell you that Best Of My Love will head the list.
  2. Top 30 Artists

    What the heck. I decided to list what I consider my Top 30 favorites artist. These are the artists that I still listen to faithfully. There are many more that I like, that on any other given day may have made the list. But today...these are Top 30. 1. Beatles 2. Elton John 3. ELO 4. Billy Joel 5. Eagles 6. Paul McCartney/Wings 7. The Moody Blues 8. The Guess Who 9. America 10. UFO 11. Eric Carmen 12. Raspberries 13. Survivor 14. Foreigner 15. Barry Manilow 16. Journey 17. REO Speedwagon 18. Hall & Oates 19. Styx 20. Partridge Family 21. Chicago 22. Collective Soul 23. John Waite 24. Bread 25. Bob Seger 26. The Clarks 27. Led Zeppelin 28. Badfinger 29. Alice Cooper 30. Toto Honorable Mention: Poco, Ricky Nelson, Glen Campbell, Bee Gees, Icehouse, Steely Dan, Uriah Heep, Cheap Trick...and the list goes on
  3. Billy Joel's Best

    RIVER OF DREAMS is a pretty darn good album, which tells you what I think of Billy Joel. Not a bad one among the bunch. His Live SONGS IN THE ATTIC completely energizes the included songs in the same way that Frampton Comes Alive energized the studio recording of Peter Frampton. The difference is that it relies less on the energy from the crowd, and more on the actual performance. To me. "Honesty" is the perfect song. Ranks in my Top 10 all time. The song is great, the performance is greater. "You're My Home" is another under-rated classic. He just has SO many great songs. I'll try to do a list of my top ranked songs, but it will super hard.
  4. The Boss—Springsteen favorites

    Springsteen has many die hard fans. Though I do like him, and have most of his albums, I always thought he was one of the most over-rated artists ever. (Shhh...don't tell Marvin I said that) I seem to like when other artists do his songs more than I like when he does them. I do love Hungry Heart. Great pop song! Tunnel Of Love was definitely a fine album. I need to make a more concerted effort to dive in to everything.
  5. Ranking The Studio Albums: The Eagles

    Heart Of The Matter=Great....The One You Love=Great great....Best Of My Love= Great great great!
  6. David Gray

    I'm a big fan of this guy. Love love love Babylon, which is what started my pursuit of his other music. Surely not everyone's cup of tea, but I see him as a modern day Dylan.
  7. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    U.S. Singles released from Out Of The Blue: Reached #13 (Flipside: Mister Kingdom) Reached #17 (Flipside: Fire On High) Reached #35 (Flipside: One Summer Dream) Reached #75 (Flipside: The Whale) Wild West Hero was released in the UK, but I can't find any information that Across The Border was ever released as a single.
  8. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Just like "TIME", which I love, I seem to like "SECRET MESSAGES" more than most. I understand that this was a departure of the strings used in earlier records, but in effort to make an impact commercially at the time, there was a heavier concentration on electronics. 1. Secret Messages (B+) Good lead off track, and typical ELO of this period 2. Loser Gone Wild (C+) Quirky song, but I kinda like it 3. Bluebird (B+) Like the melody, the beat, and how they change things up. Just misses out on A grade. 4. Take Me On And On (C-) 5. Time After Time (C-) 6. Four Little Diamonds (A) I can't keep still. Rockin' number that I like a lot. 7. Stranger (B) Very solid track 8. Danger Ahead (A-) Another upbeat song that I like 9. Letter From Spain (C-) Doesn't do much for me and I almost gave it a D 10. Train Of Gold (C) I don't dislike it...totally average 11. Rock & Roll Is King (A) Hit from album and closes out the Hat Trick of good rockin numbers Would have been nice if these two songs, which were cut from the Double Album original, would have been saved to replace one of the C- cuts. A version of "Endless Lies" appeared on their next album "BALANCE OF POWER". I think "Buildings Have Eyes" should have made the cut.
  9. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    You know what James...I am the sort of the same way. BUT what I usually do is save these bonus tracks (if there are enough of them) and then make my own Extra's CD of my favorites.
  10. Podcast featuring EC...

    This also at 13:22 mark- https://podbay.fm/podcast/1372511062/e/1573221644
  11. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    Secret Messages was supposed to be a double album but was shortened to just a single record. This is the original track listing. You can actually assemble this if you have the additional tracks as bonus tracks from others albums. Side One 1. "Secret Messages" 2. "Loser Gone Wild" 3. "Bluebird" 4. "Take Me On and On" Side Two 1. "Stranger" 2. "No Way Out" 3. "Beatles Forever" 4. "Letter From Spain" 5. "Danger Ahead" Side Three 1. "Four Little Diamonds" 3. "Endless Lies" 4. "Buildings Have Eyes" 5. "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" Side Four 1. "Mandalay" 5:20 2. "Time After Time" 3:56 3. "After All" 0:41 4. "Hello My Old Friend" 8:37
  12. Sirius Top 700 of the 70's

    Over the 4th Of July weekend, Sirius XM radio played their "listener rated" Top 700 songs from the decade of the 70's. How did Eric & the Berries do? 291. Brook Benton - Rainy Night in Georgia (1970) 290. Eric Carmen - All By Myself (1976) 289. Little river band - Lonesome Loser (1979) 200. Chicago - Beginnings (1971) 199. Raspberries - Go All the Way (1972) 198. Rod Stewart - Tonight’s the Night (gonna be alright) (1976) Not bad at all.
  13. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    My ranking of ELO albums: (1 thru 7 get various levels of A ratings) 1. Out Of The Blue 2. Time 3. Discovery 4. A New World Record 5. Zoom 6. Secret Messages 7. Face The Music 8. No Answer 9. On The Third Day 10. Eldorado 11. Balance Of Power 12. ELO 2
  14. ELO, ELO, ELO...

    "When I Was A Boy" from 2015's ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE & "Mr. Blue Sky" from the aforementioned OUT OF THE BLUE.
  15. Comments from purchasers of Essential...

    LOL...a very in-depth review by the guy who rated it 2 Stars.