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  1. Gilbert O´....

    Never heard this before. Love it!
  2. An absolute favorite

    Always been one of my favorites. And for those that remember the story about how I fell in love with music, and the big box of 45's. this was one of the first that I played.
  3. Kenny Rogers dies

    Kenny was so hot for from 1977 to 1983. By the early 80's, it seemed you couldn't have the radio on for more than 20 minutes without hearing one of his songs. Was never a fan of "Lucille", but I did like many of his ballads.
  4. Al De Lory, producer, arranger...

    James, I'll have to start posting right below your "intelligent" posts. By default, I'll get the credit.
  5. Eric Carmen vs Burton Cummings

    I'm not sure how I missed this thread the original time around. I'm a very big Guess Who/Burton fan. Had tickets to see them in NY in 2001, but it got canceled due to 9/11. Caught them the next year in Syracuse, NY. I must say that I didn't have high expectations going into the show having not heard Burton in a while, but he actually blew me away. Thought the show was terrific. I have been lucky to see 3 of my favorite artists past their prime (Raspberries, The Guess Who, ELO) and all three were GREAT!
  6. The Berry Mash

    Yep....Great Stuff !! Hearing that again made me reminiscent of the time of my life when I was just discovering this band. Traveling around to used record stores, and buying their first three albums. Finding Eric's solo LP's in Cut-Out bins.....and then finally finding a brand new, still wrapped copy of Staring Over in a record store in Lancaster. Those were the days.
  7. Vicious Rumor...

    Thank You Marlene.
  8. Vicious Rumor...

    Vicious Rumor sounds like a cool song title. Anyhow....thanks for the birthday wishes.
  9. Shaun Cassidy-Live

    I agree that David was a great talent. Though I really can't say that I disliked what I've heard from Shaun, it just never inspired me enough to seek out any more.
  10. Shaun Cassidy-Live

    I've never listened to any of Shaun's albums. Maybe I'll give one or two a try.
  11. Did Eric "inspire" Hall & Oates?

    For what its worth, Casey Kasem told the story during the American Top 40 Countdown.
  12. Weekly Albums Sales

    Thanks Lew. I scoured the internet too and couldn't come up with much. In particular for this debate, I was hoping to find how many sales 52nd Street had during the week it was #1 versus how many sales Breakfast In America had during the weeks it was #1.
  13. Weekly Albums Sales

    Thanks Lew. I'm still amazed sometimes what you find floating around out there on the world wide web.. Sometimes also surprised what CAN'T be found.
  14. Weekly Albums Sales

    I was driving with my son today and we got on the subject of popular albums when I was growing up. This led him to asking me the trivia question..."Can you name the Top Selling Albums (in the U.S.) for every year throughout the 70's. I did pretty good until I got to 1979. I couldn't get it until he gave me a hint. The answer was 52nd Street-Billy Joel. (He was using his phone for the info). Later that evening I asked a friend the same question. He also couldn't come up with the correct answer for 1979. When I told him what it what it was, he refused to believe it. He found the weekly album charts which showed 52nd Street only being #1 for one week in 1979. He named a few other albums which he thinks must have outsold 52nd Street that year. (Ex. Breakfast In America-Supertramp) I was wondering if anyone knows where I might find a weekly breakdown of unit sales numbers per week. I'd like to know how many albums of 52nd Street sold that week when it was #1.
  15. Great 7 page Message board about Berries

    We had this Russ Meyer 'limiter' that was really violent. We use to call it 'Oscar Meyer'. We had tried it on a few pieces and sections in other songs, but with so-so success. Well, I had Wally Bryson lay down some distorted riffs. It was a raunchy '16-Bar' intro that sounded like an opening to one of the British Hard Rock bands songs. It was really hard and edgy. I ran it through the 'limiter', and it pulsed exactly at the right time. Hmm...sounds like someone trying to say that Wally made up the intro right there and then.