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  1. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    I actually like this one better than the first one, but if we were still living in the 45 rpm record days, I wouldn't be spending any money on either of these. As a side note: I think I could have produced better videos than these and I don't know anything about making a music video.
  2. Eric's solo rankings

    Well without posting every song, after summing things up I also divided that by possible points. After dropping the decimal point, here is how rankings turned out: 6. Winter Dreams (33) 5. Tonight Your Mine (38) 4. EC Geffen (43) 3. Eric Carmen (47) 2. Change Of Heart (48) 1. Boats Against The Current (53) So, I have always been aware that I liked COH more than most. There are no songs I skip, and I pretty much like everything to varying degrees on it. It also has Desperate Fools which I gave a 3 rating. Then there is TYM which seems to have more of a "love it" or "not so much" theme with me. Except for Winter Dreams, every other album has more 3's than Change Of Heart. But they also have more negative songs. I might do this again later and give each song more consideration, as I admit I went through this pretty quickly.
  3. Eric's solo rankings

    Breaking it down as Bernie did, when I have time I will take the same approach, but I will attempt to take it a step further. For the starred songs, I will rate it a 1, 2 or 3. 1=a song I contemplated not starring but decided to, 2= what most songs will get, and 3=a completely outstanding song. I will also rate the unstarred songs a -1, -2, -3. where -1=a song that contemplated starring but decided not to, -2= what most unstarred songs will probably get, and -3= a completely terrible song in my eyes and one that I will skip EVERY time. We'll see if the sums of these do a good job at a complete album rating.
  4. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

    Boy am I glad I saw Paul before this song was included in his setlist.
  5. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    Couldn't have said it better Bernie.
  6. Rare Photo of the (Ahem) Week?

    I actually can't and don't want to imagine not having this site.
  7. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Tommy Allen does it again. Loved Never Say Die and now these two.
  8. She Did It - Inspirational

    Was just listening to a program running at www.thefoxoldies.com called "1982 American Music Chronological" . Starts over again Saturday morning at 8 am. Was informed that while Eric was touring with Hall & Oates, they were inspired to write the song "Did It In A Minute." from hearing Eric perform "She Did It". I had never heard that before. Very cool.
  9. History

    Today In Rock History April 10, 2018 On this date in 1972, Cleveland, Ohio power pop masters The Raspberries released their debut, self-titled album. The band’s sound harnessed the spirit and pop sensibilities of bands like The Beatles, The Hollies and The Small Faces and was filled with powerful guitar riffs, harmonies plus the expressive vocals of singer Eric Carmen. The original pressing of the album came with an adhesive, title sticker affixed to the cover that, when scratched, gave off the aroma of fresh raspberries. Two singles were released from this fine album: “Don’t Want to Say Goodbye” which charted in the lower reaches of Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart and the power-pop classic, “Go All the Way” which climbed as high as No. 5 and became a regular part of most radio playlists throughout the summer of 1972. Sadly, none of the band’s four albums charted particularly highly; this debut album only made it as high as No. 51 but is widely regarded as an essential, integral power-pop classic. The Raspberries parted ways in 1975 at which time Eric Carmen launched a successful career as a solo artist. Many artists have cited The Raspberries and their hook-filled pop songs as a major songwriting influence including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Axl Rose. —www.cltampa.com
  10. Moody Blues player dies

    I'm a big Moodies fan. An acquired taste, I know. Sorry to see Ray go. He was a loved character of the band.
  11. Santa Bernie

    Makes me feel like a kid again when I wake up Christmas morning in anticipation of what presents are going to be waiting for me from Bernie.
  12. David Cassidy dies

    The Partridge Family was really one of the first groups that I fell in love with. I didn't care how uncool it was. I didn't care that they were a made for TV group. All I cared about was the music, and they were quality pop songs that in most cases were sung by Cassidy to perfection. Great voice. Good comdedic actor too. Blood Brothers played in Heshey way back when and I really regret that I couldn't see it.
  13. Eric's Tweets

    Lost my mother last year. Life just is never quite the same when you lose a good mother.
  14. Say No To Radio Edit

    I think I see a home made compilation disc in my future.
  15. Say No To Radio Edit

    The original 45 release of Night Moves by Bob Seger was also a criminal edit. Thankfully, you hardly ever hear anything but the album version on classic rock radio stations anymore.