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  1. "Not Secure"

    I'm in for contributing to the cost.
  2. Got a cryptic note from Lewisa…

    There's such a thing as TOO savage.
  3. It never rains in Southern California

    I owned an album ( I think I still have it) by the Billion Dollar Babies, which was the Alice Cooper group minus Alice. I haven't listened in 30 years, but I remember not liking it very much.
  4. It never rains in Southern California

    That is pretty good reading, though the fact that Elected made his list made my head spin like Linda Blair.
  5. It never rains in Southern California

    "Love It To Death" & "Killer" are are still among my favorite albums.
  6. It never rains in Southern California

    A story about the song "It Never Rains In Southern California".... It was 1973. I was 11 years old. I was invited to a birthday party of a friend who was a bit older. Like most birthday parties, there were games to be played. One of these games required standing over a soda bottle, and attempting to drop clothes pins into the bottle. There was a stack of 45 RPM records that were to be given away as prizes. There were exactly as many 45's as there were kids participating in the game. The first one to get a clothes pin in the bottle would get his/her choice of a 45 from the pile. Before the game started, I looked through the prize 45's and noticed that most of them were to my liking, but the one I wanted the most was "It Never Rains In So. California". Now there was one 45, and ONLY one 45 that I absolutely didn't want...."Elected" by Alice Cooper. I hated the song. (even though I was actually an Alice Cooper fan) So the game commences, and one by one the kids would get a clothes pin in the bottle and choose a 45. Each time that happened, I wished that they wouldn't choose Albert Hammond. Finally it came down to two kids left to get a pin in the bottle... me and some girl I didn't know. The two 45's left to choose from were...yes you guessed it...."It Never Rains In Southern California" & 'Elected". I was getting REAL close to getting that clothes pin in, but couldn't quite do it. Finally Unknown Girl gets her pin in the bottle. She picks up the two 45's and looks at them for a while and finally chooses "It Never Rains In Southern California", which leaves the unclaimed "ELECTED" for me. I still hate the song.
  7. AM/FM Trivia

    #2: 1. From what 1973 Wings LP did the Top 10 hit Jet come? 2. I Don't Want To See You Again was a 1964 hit by what duo? 3. According to Hall & Oates in 1981, where was "Your Kiss" going to be put? 4. Which Beatles hit from 1964 begins "I've got every reason on earth to be mad"? 5. What Canadian group recorded a 1976 LP entitles 2112? 6. What 50's singer "sounded sad upon the radio" and "moved a million hearts in mono" according to Dexy's Midnight Runners hit Come On Eileen?
  8. AM/FM Trivia

    Standings After Game 1: Batman 1 Doreen 1 James 1 Lew Bundles 1 Matthew C. Clark 1
  9. AM/FM Trivia

    The Dangling Conversation was a 1966 top 25 single for Simon & Garfunkel.

    Sorry to hear of your dad's passing, and certainly sorry for his unnecessary suffering. I saw my mom go through the same thing. There is no reason a human being should suffer in a situation like that.
  11. AM/FM Trivia

    The Transistor Radio is playing.
  12. 10 awesome psychological facts about love…

    It means you need to cut down on the dosage of whatever drug you're doping them up with.
  13. Eric starts to get “abused” at 19:00 mark…

    Yeah, we get it. You hate ballads. You're REAL men.
  14. Best unknown gem

    The Clarks started in the mid-80's writing & recording songs that were a mixture new wave/punk/pop/rock. By their fourth album, the pop/rock sound became more dominant. One of their early local hits is a song called "Cigarette". I've seen this band twice, and this song is quite an experience to see performed live in front of the local crowd. I wish this video captured more of the experience:
  15. Best unknown gem

    Several years ago, this band was doing a concert in Pittsburgh that they were advertising during Pirates games. I was impressed by the small samples of songs that were being played during the commercials...very catchy. Around that same time, they appeared on David Letterman and I liked what I heard so I started to purchase their albums. I guess a good place to start would be their Best Of album, but quite a few of their other ones are good. You can buy directly from their website: The Clarks Online - The Official Site of The Clarks Here are some LIVE clips: "Shimmy Low" was one of those songs I first heard during the concert advertisment "Hey You" was written the evening of September 11th after Scott watched all the TV coverage and felt the need to put something down on paper. "Born Too Late" has very lyrics.