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    Music (duh!), Baseball, Football, Golf, Cooking, Eating
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    Boats Against The Current
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    The Way We Used To Be

    Very informative and helpful.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Happy Birthday Bernie!
  3. Demo pick 'em

    The ultimate list would not only include all songs written by Eric, but also which ones are actually available along with the quality.
  4. My Most Amazing DJ gig...

    Same reaction as Cardinal Francis
  5. My Interview With Eric...Part 3

    "Turn at the Right" almost rhymes...ironic because this thread took a left turn.
  6. Pick 10

    I'm pretty sure that even if I listed my next 10 favorite, I'm A Rocker wouldn't make the list BUT I must say that when I left the live show (can't remember if it was Cleveland or NYC) that I did think it was my favorite performance of the night.
  7. My Interview With Eric...Part 3

    Classic !

    I would LOVE to hear I Want Aunt Bea To Moo & Overbite Sensation.
  9. Pick 10

    An almost impossible task: 10. If You Change Your Mind 9. Ecstasy 8. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 7. Go All The Way 6. Starting Over 5. Tonight 4. I Wanna Be With You 3. Overnight Sensation 2. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine 1. Let's Pretend
  10. I think that half the reason I watched this show was to hear the theme song. There was also a closing song that was used occasionally that I loved. It always seemed to bring a tear to my eye. I don't know if this constitutes a Happy-Feel-Good-Song for most, but it did/does for me.
  11. Isn't it fascinating how many fans discovered the Raspberries several years after they were no longer together?
  12. Demo pick 'em

    I love love love Cindy In The Wind but I'm STILL not going to pick it as my favorite. I pick "Temporary Hero". My least favorite "All Things Must End"
  13. She Remembered

    There are those songs in the EC catalog that seem to be universally ranked at the top of any list comprising of Eric's all time best. I will see, Boats Against The Current, All By Myself, The Way We Used To Be, Fooling Myself, Desperate Fools... BUT there is one song and ONLY one song that I have seen many list as one of their favorites that I just don't get. She Remembered. Even Eric himself has said this is one of his favorites. I feel guilty for not liking it more than I do. What am I missing? I really like the Geffen album and I have often wondered where I would rank it if I liked She Remembered as much as many others on here do. Eric has many Grade A songs, but these others I mentioned are A++ songs in my mind. But those A++ songs are spread around on his albums. If She Remembered was an A++ for me, then the Geffen album might be the only one that would contain TWO A++ songs. If I were given the task of picking three songs from the Geffen album to be released as singles, I would have chosen American As Apple Pie, The Way We Used To Be, and Through With Love. I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips would be a fourth single if required.
  14. Marvin not pulling any punches on his thoughts of the Geffen & Winter Dreams albums. lol

    If someone tampers with Lew's brakes, it'll be like an Agatha Christie mystery.