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    The Way We Used To Be
  1. Eric quoted in Mccartney concert review...

    What year is this referencing?
  2. RIP John Karlen

    I loved Dark Shadows. When heard the news that they were making a new movie several years ago, I was very excited. But I thought the movie was terrible. I still hold out hope of another remake that does it justice.
  3. Att: Lew, and other...

    It looks like a composite of our lists would look like: Figure In A Landscape When You Were Mine Bad English Ignition Temple Bar Rover's Return Rough And Tumble Union Jacks Broken Heart Backlash Head First The Babys No Brakes On The Edge Mask Of Smiles
  4. Att: Lew, and other...

    Let me revise this. I used a list that I already had of where I recorded things that I made a playlist from. I really shouldn't have listed The Hard Way & DowntownJourney because a lot of this was already on Figure In A Landscape. So in fairness Figure In A Landscape should be much higher on my list...like #3.
  5. Att: Lew, and other...

    Ha ha. Isn't it interesting that your least favorite Baby's album happens to be my favorite. It's really hard when you make recommendations knowing how different tastes are.
  6. Att: Lew, and other...

    So this is my list. I didn't realize that when I would make this, that the Baby's albums would bottom the list. I guess, at least for my tastes, that what I like by The Babys, I like a lot. But I don't like as many deep album cuts on their albums. 1. Bad English - Bad English 2. Ignition - John Waite 3. Rover's Return - John Waite 4. When You Were Mine - John Waite 5. Backlash - Bad English 6. Temple Bar - John Waite 7. Rough And Tumble - John Waite 8. The Babys - The Babys 9. Figure In A Landscape 10. No Brakes - John Waite 11. Mask Of Smiles - John Waite 12. Downtown Journey - John Waite 13. The Hard Way - John Waite 14. Head First - The Babys 15. On The Edge - The Babys 16. Union Jacks - The Babys 17. Broken Heart - The Babys
  7. Att: Lew, and other...

    I have everything by him. I will make a list.
  8. MilkAdMan.com

    That IS cool! I didn't realize that there were so many.
  9. Bernie...

    I've never quite been able to determine if it sounds like Eric singing "The Painter". Doesn't really sound like him, but there are some moments of the song where it could be.
  10. Raspberries Overview by USA Today

    That was a good article.
  11. Wally’s Reference page ....

    Couldn't help but notice that.
  12. Three Cheers For Santa Bernie!!!

    Yes, it has become a Christmas tradition for me. One of the first things I do when I wake up Christmas morning is to log on and see what Santa Bernie has left under the tree. Thanks S.B.
  13. UFO

    I LOVE UFO! They are my favorite hard rock band. Have everything they ever made which is a lot. They never made an impact in the U.S.
  14. Read the 21st post/page 3 in this forum topic...

    It was a great show.
  15. The Innocents