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  1. Hello from Estonia

    Thank you for sharing, Kateriina, and a hundred welcomes to you! Your post is very heartfelt and appreciated. So much evil in this world--and it's seemingly inexplicable. This beautiful video needs to be seen the world over. I love and appreciate the music of Arvo Part. This boy has a gorgeous voice and a great talent. Thank you so very much for sharing. The beauty of the music and the message surely will open many hearts, and I hope, many eyes. Darlene
  2. The Magician (Bill Bixby) on DVD!

    Thanks, Matt! I LOVED Bill Bixby, and I always will. Will watch for this! -- Dar
  3. Happy Birthday dianed!

  4. Happy Birthday dianed!

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANED! I just e-mailed Diane a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but was going to start a thread for her here. THANKS A MILLION, TIM, for doing it! Diane, I wish you the HAPPIEST birthday in the world, and may every one of your birthday dreams come true, because you are indeed the SWEETEST lady and the very truest friend anyone could ever be lucky enough to have. Diane, we are all so much richer for having you for a friend. Love you to pieces and hope this year gives you a beautiful new home, continued great health and all of your wishes come true! Love, Dar
  5. R.I.P. Ernie Banks

    So sad, pretender. So sorry for his loss. Indeed he was a class act and a great man. He will always be remembered. RIP Ernie. --Dar
  6. NFL, my boycott..

    These are really great posts! Society isn't evolving for the better, and the NFL is a true mirror of what's going on in the world at large. Considering that Bill Clinton openly admitted using drugs and the current president went through college in a drug-induced haze, and we're talking about hard-core cocaine here, not just pot, alleged past drug use is not any reason at all to deny Rush Limbaugh ownership of an NFL team. That just doesn't wash. What would they be afraid of--that he would convince the players to use drugs?! How ridiculous, considering the behavior of the players in general. No, it doesn't wash. They denied him because he is a Conservative. He's a squeaky-clean Mormon. That may be a reason, also. It's more than just individual or even collective behavior that really rots here, it's the "mentality" of the entire NFL. And this New England Patriots cheating scandal is just the latest debacle. We didn't even watch the superbowl. We had no interest, as my husband says, "in watching cheaters who shouldn't even be there to play in the big game." That they were allowed to play and not disqualified is a symptom of the NFL's lack of morality. I was sad that the Seahawks lost. So was Herman. At least they BELONGED there. The Patriots didn't. The NFL is just one more place where boorish, crass and violent behavior is rewarded and honesty is scoffed, even laughed, at. A boycott is a great idea. --Dar
  7. It's amazing to me that the one guy who never wrote love songs wrote one of the most heart-rending, "you broke my heart" songs ever-- Robbie Robertson of "The Band." Robertson could have chosen from several of the guys to sing this but I think choosing Rick Danko was the best thing he could ever have done. Rick just wails it out so expressively and their vocal duet (Danko and Robertson) is just perfect. Not to mention Garth Hudson's absolutely heartfelt sax solo. No wonder Bob Dylan loved this band! I ADORE this song and posted it on facebook. Anyone else love it as much as I do? Enjoy! --Love, Dar
  8. Hooked On Dr. Hook

    I LOVE this, Matt! Thanks for posting it, Ira! I ADORE "Sharing the Night Together" and just loved Dr. Hook always. I thought they were a great band! You're right--if you don't like their songs, you're not alive! --Love, Dar

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ELLEN! Wishing you every blessing on your special day. Larisa's birthday post is a beautiful and loving tribute. Such a pretty girl you are! Sending love and good wishes today and throughout the year! --Love, Dar
  10. What Art Do You Like?

  11. What Art Do You Like?

    I love paintings of the Italian Renaissance and also some of the Flemish painters, especially Brueghel. I don't like Mannerists paintings much. Mar, I always LOVED Degas, especially his ballerinas, because I took ballet when I was 5 and his paintings always fascinated me. My very favorite painter in the whole world is Turner (Joseph Mallord William Turner). His paintings just knock me out, whether oils or watercolors. His use of and insight into/way of looking at color separates his paintings from all others in my estimation. He was virtuosic in depicting the effect of light on color so his paintings seem absolutely alive. I adore his paintings of Venice and his use of color and light in painting boats, especially those in storms, makes them almost alarmingly lifelike. Yes, Turner is my man. --Dar
  12. Barry Manilow,

    Barry had a gift for melody too. He and Eric both recorded for Arista at the same time. I remember going to Avery Fisher Hall In New York City to the Arista Birthday Party Concert, because Eric was on the lineup, but he didn't appear. Instead Gil Scott Heron and the Midnight Band came on in his place. I remember talking to Clive Davis who said Eric made it and was somewhere in the hall but his equipment didn't. I was so disappointed. Barry was the last act of that show. I did get to see Linda Lewis (This Time I'll be Sweeter, one of my favorite favorite songs) and my dearly beloved Melissa Manchester (Midnight Blue). I got to go to the after-party with Barry's bass player and chat with Melissa, which was really cool. I remember taking pictures and when my camera was out of film, Melissa said "I'll get you some." She said a couple of words to someone and another film cartridge magically appeared. I just loved her, and still do. Obviously Barry and Eric knew each other and I'm sure they were very aware of each other's music. Both were classically trained, which might account for some similarities/common influences. They probably influenced each other to the degree they were contemporaries. I still wish Eric had appeared that show. --D
  13. Herm has always just loved her--she fascinates him. I think she's an amazing singer and a beauty to boot. And she has the attitude! What's not to love about Stevie?
  14. Love you, Tunesy!