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  1. I´m Through with..........LEW?

    This is funny. And it's GREAT that you guys are here! I didn't know we were back!
  2. Even in a Cello Solo

    i just came upon this post, LC. What a gorgeous recording! Thank you so much for sharing! LOVE it! --Dar
  3. R.I.P Kholvn

    I just saw this and am so saddened to hear. He was such a great member here and a great friend. Rest well, dear friend Kholvn. We will never forget you. With love, Dar
  4. The End Of An Era

    When my school system was encouraging teachers to learn how to do all their routine tasks on the computer and introducing computer software for grades and grade books, I resisted. My husband decided it was time to connect to the internet, but I didn't want any part of it. In an effort to convince me, he carted me off to the public library and began a demonstration. I wasn't one bit enthusiastic. In desperation, he typed "Eric Carmen" in the search bar and UP popped "Raspbernie"'s website, EricCarmen.com. All these years, adoring Raspberries and Eric music in isolation, I had no idea there was a whole website dedicated to it. Several hours later, I was still happily entranced at the computer, and when Herman said "Let's go home," my reply was "How quickly can we get connected to the internet?" I was a brand new member of EC.com in short order, and in rock and roll Heaven! I still thought "Raspbernie" was some guy probably out in California and was absolutely bowled over when standing in line to see Eric's first performance onstage after 16 years, to meet Bernie and Ken Sharp in line in New Brunswick and find out that "Raspbernie" had only lived a few miles from me all this time. Having harbored and dream and absolute belief that Raspberries would reunite, even when everyone laughed at me and said "Yeah, right!" , I watched in amazement as the membership and events on this website grew and it evolved and became the engine by which "the dream" became reality. Late night chats with Eric and Jim and so many EC.com friends were amazing events. Becoming connected to those who knew and recognized the "magic" of the music was an honor and a privilege, not to mention becoming friends with Bernie and truly getting to know Eric and the guys, and finally being able to TELL them how much their music meant to us all these years and THANK them for being the sountrack of our lives. This labor of love is unique--there will never be another like it--and I thank "Raspbernie" from the bottom of my heart for helping us all live the dream. The community forum may fade, but the music that bound us all together will remain forever, and the experiences and love shared here will remain forever inscribed in our hearts. As our beautiful Susie Bouvier said, "If the reunion can happen, then Hall of Fame will too," and she's right. She suggested a "homecoming" of our members and friends before the forum fades into history. I think that would be a fitting tribute to this labor of love. Thank you, "Raspbernie," for this magnificent gift. Because of you, we are no longer islands, but will be connected forever. With much love, Dar
  5. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! Wishing you a birthday and year as joyful and exciting as your music has made us feel. Thanks for all the music, love and friendship which has made our lives oh so much richer for knowing you. All the best of love, success and happiness to you, my very special friend! --Love, Dar
  6. Happy Birthday, Eric Carmen!!!!!!!!

    Way to go, Susie!!!! BEAUTIFUL cake for our star! I posted on Kirk's thread but wanted to post also on Susie's: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC !!! Your music has inspired some of the very best moments of my life and has been there for me through everything. It's been my "sunlight on the other side of the clouds" and my abject and complete rejouissance in ecstatic moments. Through your music, you've always been there for me, so I wish all of YOUR dreams and wishes come true today and forever... with the deepest gratitude and love. <3 (sideways heart) --Dar
  7. Eric'c B-day card

    Bernie, I asked a question about the cd set. I will preorder that and I know the vinyl set coming out in November will have 2 additional songs on it, but my question is: What is the DOWNLOAD Amazon says the vinyl set will have that the cd set doesn't? And what form will it take? Amazon did not explain. I asked the question in what I thought was this thread, but, silly me, it seems to have ended up somewhere else, and I'm not sure where!
  8. Eric'c B-day card

    Bernie, just one question. There's the 2 cd set coming out August 18 and the 3 record vinyl set coming out November 24. I know the 2 additional songs on the vinyl set, BUT it says the vinyl set "comes with a download." It comes with a download of WHAT? And what form will that take? It wasn't clear at all what Amazon meant by that. Can you clear it up? Thanks!
  9. Eric'c B-day card

    After all, I still wear my mustard seed necklaces!
  10. Eric'c B-day card

    Hey Bern! I WILL! And I am well. And don't forget to bring Larry Bogush, (if he's not working today. haha) Ah, for those days! But somebody said "the more things change the more they stay the same...." so I always hold out hope for a time warp! After all, we got one after 32 years, once, didn't we?! Love to you! :)--D
  11. Eric'c B-day card

    Facebook and Twitter may be "the 'in' thing of the moment" but the real "heart" of EC and Raspberries fandom is right here, having started with the impossible dream of one man--"Raspbernie"-- to bring Raspberries back together. And he DID that! No Facebook or Twitter facsimile can ever claim that amazing feat. And those were indeed "Glory Days"! And they'll never go away for me, because I've locked them securely right here in my heart. But things don't last forever--not even PEOPLE last forever. So "life," (albeit not as GOOD) goes on, whenever we have to face the loss of people or things or even "change." All that said, THIS PLACE will never lose its magic for me. So... while I sent you a message on FB (and I don't know how to use Twitter and am not interested in even trying...) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC!!!! Wishing you love, joy, success, peace and all your birthday dreams come true (because "dreams are forever and some things you never forget." Some fabulous musical genius once wrote that and it's been my signature line ever since! ) And thank you for being the soundtrack of my life and validating Bernie's labor of love and all of our dreams by bringing the magic back, that "one brief moment that was our Camelot," in 2004. We will ALWAYS love you and love that music that is no other definition but MAGIC. With love, Dar
  12. Hello from Estonia

    Thank you for sharing, Kateriina, and a hundred welcomes to you! Your post is very heartfelt and appreciated. So much evil in this world--and it's seemingly inexplicable. This beautiful video needs to be seen the world over. I love and appreciate the music of Arvo Part. This boy has a gorgeous voice and a great talent. Thank you so very much for sharing. The beauty of the music and the message surely will open many hearts, and I hope, many eyes. Darlene
  13. The Magician (Bill Bixby) on DVD!

    Thanks, Matt! I LOVED Bill Bixby, and I always will. Will watch for this! -- Dar
  14. Happy Birthday dianed!