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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Thanks, Naeko! Bernie
  2. And of course, the greatest addendum to this story was my brother came with me to see Raspberries play at B.B. King's. After the show, we went backstage, and my brother had something he wanted Eric to sign for him. It was THE ACTUAL LP he was playing in his room when I heard "Go All The Way" for the first time. We related the story to Eric, who then signed my brother's LP: "To Jim, If not for your impeccable taste in music... Eric" Bernie
  3. This one goes out to Bernie...

    "Someday" is so great! I especially love when the full band kicks in after Eric's vocal/piano only intro. And how Eric's voice does a little squeak when he sings, "Some DAAAAAAY." And the Beach Boys-style backing vocals. And the bridge. And the "diddits." And the sentiment. Every guy has thought this about a girl who leaves him. As for whoever that girl was that broke Eric's heart. Well, guess what? He's cool. So there. Bernie
  4. Cinderella Ballroom

    Every Raspberries fan has seen the full-color poster that came with Starting Over. Here, for the first time is a scan of the actual full color slide used to make the poster. It was taken by photographer Richard DiLello: "I was living in Rockland County, New York in a small town called Suffern. I had previously shot two album covers for Badfinger and was doing a lot of work for Capitol Records. I had this lovely little cottage on 17 acres and we shot the Starting Over album cover there. We had lunch, played ping pong, and then I stood them against a tree and shot a few rolls of film. They were nice kids—very cooperative, and very photogenic. It was a relaxing and pleasurable shoot. My book, The Longest Cocktail Party, about my days at Apple Records working for the Beatles had just been published and I remember that Eric asked me some questions about what it was like working with them." After Starting Over came out to nearly universal acclaim, Eric, Wally, plus new Raspberries members Michael McBride and Scott McCarl, embarked on a string of live performances coast-to-coast. This ULTRA RARE live poster advertised a gig the boys played in Appleton, Wisconsin on December 28, 1974. The local joint Raspberries blew the roof off that night was the Cinderella Ballroom in Appleton. Opening act was progressive rock band Circus. Lead singer Bernie Millar was often compared to Mick Jagger for showmanship and stage presence. That night, Raspberries performed a selection of hits along with most of the tunes from their new LP. No live recordings of 'Berries Cinderella Ballroom show are known to exist, but this live recording of a GREAT Scott McCarl power pop classic gives you some idea on what the crowd heard that night: RASPBERRIES - CRY
  5. Happy New Year!

    No, this wasn't some master scheme to get everyone to start posting again. Frankly, that came as a bit of a surprise. I had every intention of closing the Message Board because I truly believed that it had fulfilled its purpose. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words, for your unending support and for your enthusiastic participation. Long live the EricCarmen.com Community. Happy New Year. Bernie
  6. "Fresh" Photo Session

    This week we take a look at some RARE outtakes from Capitol Records for the front and back cover artwork for Raspberries second album, Fresh. "The white suits was something that Eric and I started in the beginning," explained Jim Bonfanti in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man. "A place in Cleveland made the suits, a regular suit tailor. "I didn't have any problem with it. That was what we were about. We talked about wearing suits and that's the kind of band we were. I can't say that I hated them. I didn't care for the shoes we had to wear, though. "I don't think our teenybopper image came from our suits. I think it was the way that we were promoted, the way we were marketed. Not because we wore suits. I don't think that Capitol promoted our albums enough. Singles whet the appetite, but unless someone goes out and buys the album to hear what the rest of the band is about, you don't get the complete picture. "At that time, if you were considered a lightweight band you were played on AM radio. That was okay, but we really thought there should have been more promotion on our albums so people could hear the other side of the band. But I don't think it was the fact that we wore suits." Bernie
  7. Here's one for Bernie

    I have seen that one, Kirk! Bernie

    Haha. Bernie
  9. Sometime in 1979, Raspberries bassist Dave Smalley and Raspberries lead guitarist Wally Bryson teamed up with singer Eric Robertson and drummer Frank Musara to form The Secret. The band received a lot of radio and press publicity locally—all of it firmly in support of band. A special guest was in the audience one night when The Secret started their set at Peabody's, a small club in Cleveland. The gig ended with the first "almost" Raspberries reunion as Eric joined his former bandmates in a rousing 45-minute jam that included a couple of choice Raspberries hits. "Year! Eric jumped up one time," recalled Wally. "I was pumped to see him as I hadn't seen him in a while. We did 'Should I Wait' and 'Tonight.'" Personally, I love the second photo (which has never before been published) in the series above. The exuberant expression of joy on Eric's face says it all. Bernie
  10. Listen...do you want to hear The Secret?

    Not that I'm aware of, Larry. Today, everyone has a smart phone in their pocket that can capture anything anytime you want. Back then, you needed to smuggle a cassette recorder into a show to record it. If somebody did, I'm not aware of it. Bernie
  11. Pop Heaven—and Nobody Knows!

    If I remember correctly, you got a link to the "Hangin' With" performances when you bought the deluxe CD/DVD package. Bernie
  12. I've had enough! Every post of his needed to be "moderated" and this morning he had the nerve to insult members who have been here for years. Everyone who has supported this website for the past eight years shouldn't have to put up with that. Therefore, he is no longer a Member. The Moderators are in the process of cleaning up the board and removing all of his posts. Please bear with us while we get things back in order. So, with that—let's get back to talking about the music! Bernie
  13. This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone

    I agree with you Marlene. It's hard to believe that someone can completely vanish with all of the search tools on the internet these days. Wish there was some way to find out. Bernie
  14. Ovation Balladeer

    Check out this set of unpublished photographs of Eric playing a vintage acoustic Ovation Balladeer at the Record Plant in New York City while recording a tune for Raspberries Side 3 album. I have the exact same guitar, but I wonder who ended up with his. Unlike Wally who kept all of his original guitars, Eric didn't keep any. Imagine how many musical memories that great acoustic guitar could tell! We all know that Joan Jett has Eric's famous white Gibson Melody Maker, but I've always wondered who ended up with the black model—identical to the white one except for its color? If anyone ever sees it hanging on the wall of a guitar shop, do me a favor and let me know. I'd love to have one of Eric's guitars! Bernie
  15. The End Of An Era

    When I started this website two decades ago, I was just looking to bring other Eric Carmen fans (like myself) together under one roof. Guess what? It worked. Almost 3 million hits later, EricCarmen.com not only brought the fans together, we helped bring a band together. The original Raspberries played their last gig in November 1973. They reunited on November 26, 2004—and the rest is history. Sadly, the other thing that will be history, is this website's forum. It served its purpose, for sure. And over the years was the source of many heartfelt laughs, spirited arguments, indelible memories and long-lasting friendships. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...those are the places we visit daily. Not website message boards. So we'll be turning out the lights and locking up. On January 1, 2019, there'll be a streamlined EricCarmen.com—with content people look for on websites these days: biographical info, links to music, maybe an interview or two. But the EC.com Community here has served its purpose. So, pat yourself on your back. You deserve it. Here's to everyone who visited, participated, helped make something "They said would never happen"...happen. My thanks to all of you. Bernie
  16. Disneyland

    In December 1972, Raspberries performed a little known short set of tunes at Anaheim's Disneyland. I wish I had a photo of the boys in the Disneyland bandstand, but the pic of another band performing there in 1972 should give you some idea of what it might have looked like. The show was noteworthy for another reason, Eric had a sore throat and therefore didn't sing any of the songs for this series of shows. So twice a day, Dave and Wally traded lead vocals during the band's set. And although we don't have any photos of the band performing, we do have an ULTRA-RARE audience recording. So, check out this never-before-heard rendition of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven!" ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN - RASPBERRIES LIVE AT DISNEYLAND Bernie
  17. Top Down Summer (2018)

    Can I keep a secret, or what? http://www.ericcarmen.com/music-topdownsummer.html Bernie
  18. NEWSBREAKER! Obama Supports Lew!

    February 5, 2009 -- Associated Press [AP] The internet is abuzz with this photo of President Barack Obama taken this morning during his daily jog around the south lawn of the White House. When pressed by reporters if the t-shirt he was wearing was sending a political message to the British government, until now one of our staunchest allies, President Obama in a terse statement replied, "I think the t-shirt speaks for itself." A CNN anchor reported hearing President Obama—surrounded by a group of secret service agents—mutter, "Wankers!" under his breath as he began his run.
  19. The Cyrus Erie

    This week, we're stepping into our "Wayback Machine" and setting a course for 1968. The first photo is a studio portrait of Cyrus Erie circa that year. Pictured clockwise (from left) are Bob McBride, Marty Murphy, Eric Carmen, Michael McBride and Wally Bryson. The second photo shows the Cyrus Erie band van—nothing like travelling from gig to gig in style, eh? This van was probably used to tote the band's equipment to their most notable performance: opening for The Who at Musicarnival in Cleveland on July 14, 1968. The third photo shows the band on stage at that historic concert. Pictured are Marty Murphy (on guitar), Wally Bryson (also on guitar), Eric (on drums!), Bob McBride (on bass) and brother Michael McBride (in mid-leap on lead vocals.) Bernie
  20. This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone

    Looks like we purged the site of most of BBum's nonsense, but I did find this old thread, which attempts to explain some of it. Bernie
  21. This might just work

  22. Foolin' Myself

    This rare and unpublished photo of Eric was taken in Tokyo when he traveled to that country in November 1979 to perform as a special guest of the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. Eric received such an outpouring of fan support that he returned the next year to give a series of sold-out performances in support of his Tonight You're Mine album. Earlier that year, Eric was invited by the country of Japan to enter the prestigious Song Festival. Each invited artist is requested to submit a new composition in the contest, and Eric chose a tune he just completed writing titled "Foolin' Myself." The winner of the Festival that year was a song named "Sitting On The Edge of the Ocean," written by Ronnie Scott & Steve Wolfe. It was performed at the competition by Bonnie Tyler. Eric's song was performed by a singer named Paul Nicholas. In 1976, he embarked on a short-lived but high profile pop career, with three Top 20 hits in the UK Singles Chart: "Reggae Like It Used To Be," "Dancing With The Captain" and "Grandma's Party." "Heaven on the 7th Floor" hit #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 List. While I'm sure Paul did a fine job with Eric's stirring ballad from Tonight You're Mine, I can't help but wonder how much better Eric might have done had he been able to perform the song himself. Eric's song made it to the Finals, but didn't win a prize. I'm guessing that part of the rules of the competition are that songwriters enter songs and other singers sing them. Crazy when you consider that Eric was actually there in the Arena that night to perform his own set of songs. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2011! Bernie
  23. This month, we're celebrating 20 years of EricCarmen.com! There will be something new posted each and every day for the next 20 days! ERIC CARMEN - BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (UNRELEASED) Today's goodie? "Devil." 'Nuff said. Bernie
  24. Bernie...Let me take over

  25. BeatleBum

    It was soo long ago, that I can't remember what he did to earn his notoriety! Bernie