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  1. The Eric Carmen Story

    I'm flying to Los Angeles for a couple of days at the end of this week, so I'll take my trusty laptop and try and bang out another few chapters in the ongoing "Eric Carmen Story." For those of you following along, I should be able to get pretty close to finishing this thing if my battery holds up --Bernie

    Not sure what you're alLEWding to. Bernie

  4. Wally/Jim/Kyle Vincent

    Matt is correct! Jim told me this was going down a couple of days before it happened. Can’t wait to hear what they collaborated on. If you’ve seen any of the recent clips of Wally playing, you know he’s back in top form! I was a big KV fan starting with his GREAT Hollywood LP, and had the pleasure of sneaking him backstage to meet Eric after one of the Raspberries reunion gigs. Bernie
  5. The Eric Carmen Story

    If you remember, LC, the original “biography” was an ongoing feature of the website where I was posting a page or two on the life of Eric Carmen every now and then at the website. Time does, indeed, fly! Bernie
  6. Eric Carmen/Paul Stanley’s Song inspiration

    PS: Always loved Ace's double strum on some of those chords on the riff—almost off beat, but oddly not. Kewl. Bernie
  7. Eric Carmen/Paul Stanley’s Song inspiration

    Gene and Paul were in the audience at Carnegie Hall. Paul visited Eric backstage at one of the L.A. reunion gigs. Bernie
  8. ELO

    Saw them in 2016 at Radio City Music Hall. Absolutely incredible! This year Jeff's touring with George Harrison's son as his opening act. Can't go wrong. Bernie
  9. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    See, he can do it! But only if he feels like it! Bernie The slide guitar player killing it, BTW!
  10. Tommy James new song

    Sounds like a track from the '80s! Bernie
  11. Maria, by Blondie

    Tight. Bernie
  12. Todd Rundgren Utopia

    Todd is immensely talented, but for some reason does not want to play any of his songs that everyone wants to hear. I was lucky to have seen him in the '70s (he was INCREDIBLE!), but when you see him now you have to put up with things like an unlistenable reggae version of "Hello, It's Me," which I was subjected to at a show a decade or so ago. Haven't had any interest in seeing him live since. Bernie
  13. The End Of An Era

    When I started this website two decades ago, I was just looking to bring other Eric Carmen fans (like myself) together under one roof. Guess what? It worked. Almost 3 million hits later, EricCarmen.com not only brought the fans together, we helped bring a band together. The original Raspberries played their last gig in November 1973. They reunited on November 26, 2004—and the rest is history. Sadly, the other thing that will be history, is this website's forum. It served its purpose, for sure. And over the years was the source of many heartfelt laughs, spirited arguments, indelible memories and long-lasting friendships. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...those are the places we visit daily. Not website message boards. So we'll be turning out the lights and locking up. On January 1, 2019, there'll be a streamlined EricCarmen.com—with content people look for on websites these days: biographical info, links to music, maybe an interview or two. But the EC.com Community here has served its purpose. So, pat yourself on your back. You deserve it. Here's to everyone who visited, participated, helped make something "They said would never happen"...happen. My thanks to all of you. Bernie
  14. Little Steven Weighs In

    Hopefully, there are enough passionate (and influential) people like Stevie Van Zandt to help get them in. Bernie
  15. Eric on Merv

    Great appearance! Bernie
  16. I'm Through With Love cover

    One of my favorite EC ballads. Passionate. He feels it, so we do, too. Great job! Bernie
  17. I’ve been waiting...

    First song he ever wrote, according to Eric. Kinda like the Beatles reprising "One After 909" (quite possibly Lennon and McCartney's first song written together) for "Let It Be." Bernie
  18. The Choir

    Ladies and gentlemen...the Choir, circa 1965-66! From left to right: Dave Burke, Dave Smalley, Jim Bonfanti, Danny Klawon & Wally Bryson. Bernie
  19. Peter Tork dies...

    Sad. Induct them already. They deserve it. Bernie
  20. Cheap Trick...last night and many nights...

    Lew, You summed it up nicely. I love Cheap Trick! Saw them many times with Bun E. and they always rocked! Saw them with Dax...and just so-so He's just not as in the pocket like Bun E. And as far as Rick's playing, last year's Rock Hall induction is a perfect example. What the hell is he doing? Is he drunk? Or just sloppy? Or both? Sheesh. Bernie
  21. Valentines Greeting, From James

    Hahaha to every poem! Bernie
  22. Good Girls

    Same thing (unfortunately) happened to a guy driving BEHIND me a few years ago. Not sure what song he was listening to, but I saw him checking out a girl jogging by when I looked into my rear view mirror (while I was stopped at a red light)...seconds before his car crashed into the back of mine! Bernie
  23. Eric's "Magic Piano"

    In January 2000, I was searching for Eric Carmen rarities on eBay when a very interesting autograph caught my eye. It was a vintage 1917 Steinway grand piano. The listing noted that the piano was signed by "famous musician Eric Carmen." I immediately picked up the phone and dialed Eric, who checked out the auction item and then returned my call with a very surprising story. Turns out this very Steinway was the piano Eric wrote just about every one of his songs from his early Raspberries days through his first couple of solo albums. "Let's Pretend." "I Can Remember." "All By Myself." "Go All The Way." Eric called it his "magic piano." I recall Eric saying on a local radio station in the early '70s that at one point the only piece of furniture he had in his apartment was a piano. This piano. He sold the piano when he moved to Los Angeles and signed it for the new owner. How it ended up in a Chicago piano dealer's eBay auction is anybody's guess. The auction closed with the reserve unmet at $15,100, so it's whereabouts are currently unknown. And yes, in case you were wondering, Eric did place a bid.