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  1. Eric: If You Had One Question To Ask US...

    Found this more-than-10-year-old thread while I was cleaning up things and thought it deserved a bump. Long-time EC.com Members answer Eric's question: "Why do think the Berries have endured?" Great reading then, great reading now... Bernie
  2. Pardon The Dust...

    Susie, Some animated vintage emoticons back in action: Bernie
  3. Pardon The Dust...

    Mary Ellen, One of the features on the new Forum is high-res images for Profile Pics. I've been taking the liberty of upgrading people's pics as necessary. When the resolution is too low the picture looks smudgy and out-of-focus. I picked a cool Cyrus Eric portrait of Eric for you, so it's not random at all. I was thinking about what you might like. But feel free to change yours if you don't like the one I chose, but it needs to be big enough to look great with the better resolution. Bernie
  4. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Let’s just say that a lot has happened since the first edition went to press. Bernie
  5. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Bumping this 10-year-old thread because...well... Bernie
  6. Straight Time lyric sheet

    Here's a pic from Andy's website showing Eric, Andy Cahan and John Wesley Harding, who co-wrote "Cartoon World" with Eric. "Morning Has Broken Me," another tune co-written by Eric and Harding (#7 on Kirk's list) was sung by Harding on the Cahan demo cut that day. Bernie
  7. Straight Time lyric sheet

    Haven't heard a few of those songs myself. Weird that some leaked while others didn't. I believe Eric set up this recording session to lay down a bunch of demos strictly for publishing reasons. None were meant to be released. I spoke to Andy a decade ago. Interesting guy, but I think his valuation on this piece is a wee bit high. It looks like a fax with hand-written notation on top of it, so is it even hand-written? It's an unknown song. If you had the original handwritten lyrics from "All By Myself" you might be talking big bucks. But I know Eric has those, and much more in a file in his house. I saw them. Bernie
  8. ABM: "Wheeler Dealers"

    P.S. For those wondering...it's cheaper to re-record a song than two use the original artist recording. That's why they did it here. Bernie
  9. Applebee's 2 for $20

    None of that food looks appealing to me. Bernie
  10. Bachelor In (Almost) Paradise

    Apparently the've been using it for several seasons. Here's the latest series opening. Bernie
  11. Applebee's 2 for $20

    Good catch. Here it is! Bernie
  12. Ask Eric, Forums and Members...Oh My!

    One more change, I'm eliminating the separate Forum for YouTube videos (Come Around And See Me) and will be moving all of that content into their respective remaining folders: Go All The Way (Raspberries and Raspberries-related videos) That's Rock 'N' Roll (Eric Carmen and Eric Carmen-related videos) Cruising' Music (All other videos) Think that'll work nicely. But I will need some time to move everything over. Bernie
  13. American Bandstand interview 1988

    Love seeing these old clips newly transferred. Wish they posted the entire performance! Bernie
  14. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    England may have had Badfinger, but we had The Raspberries. The Raspberries – Pop Art Live (CD) by John B. Moore Up there with Big Star and The Hollies in terms of their lasting influence and simply how tragically underrated each band ultimately was, in 2004, The Raspberries treated a hometown Cleveland audience to a remarkable reunion show to open the local House of Blues. The show, captured in this two-CD set from Omnivore, prompted a short tour the following year. “Pop Art Live,” captures the power pop pioneers – led by Eric Carmen – playing their first live show together in three decades. You’d to go back to The Beach Boys to find a group that can match their sublime harmonies; that trademark sound is slathered all over these songs. There are a handful of covers mixed throughout this 28-song collection that get the full Raspberries’ treatment, like The Who’s “I Can’t Explain,” and The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride,” but it’s their own material where the brilliance of the band, from those aforementioned harmonies to the strong lyrics and even stronger pop hooks, where the group is really able to show off; and they’ve thrown in all of the favorites here including “Overnight Sensation,” “Let’s Pretend” and their biggest hit “Let’s Go All the Way” (a song that has found new life thanks to its inclusion on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack). The show, and this CD set, is everything that is great about this band. They even managed to live up to their early 1970s clean cut image; at one point early in the show Carmen addresses the audience: “Darn nice to see you all here tonight and I must say it’s kind of nice for us to be here tonight.” Indeed. —NeuFutur Magazine, September 6, 2017