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  1. Bay City Rollers member dies

    Sad news... Bernie
  2. Marathon Man book

    Ken and I talked about updating the book with up-to-date chapters and new photos, but wonder whether there is enough demand for it now. Bernie
  3. Raspberries "Refreshed"

    Matt, Too bad. Because it was independently released, there probably isn't a label supporting the release digitally. Bernie
  4. Let's Pretend cover

    OK. 😳 Bernie
  5. Overnight Sensation book

    I think Ken Sharp just reprinted this. Shoot him an email (sharpk@aol.com) if interested. Bernie
  6. Marathon Man book

  7. Raspberries "Refreshed"

    There are some solid songs on that CD, Matt. Bernie
  8. All said & done

    Good job! Now sit back and enjoy 'em! Bernie
  9. Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band 2000

    I saw about 5 of those shows. Each night, Ringo gave a special spotlight to one of the All-Starrs to do a song that they wanted to play that may not have been a big hit on the radio. Eric did "Boats" when it was his turn and received pretty big applause each time he performed it. Bernie
  10. Paul McCartney "Memory Almost Full"

    Paul had a couple of new tracks from his upcoming album released yesterday. Not instantly great to me...maybe I'll warm up to them after a few listens. Bernie
  11. Songwriters Hall Of Fame?

    Good question. He should be. Bernie
  12. Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of Oliver

    I like "Light The Way." Bernie
  13. Anthony Bourdain dead

    Tragic. Bernie
  14. The Choir in November

    Would be there, if not for my stepdaughter's wedding... Bernie
  15. Only if you're desperate

    Would sound better with 8 or 9 beers in me. Bernie