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  1. BB King's Closing.....

    Passed by the other day. Sad. Bernie
  2. She Did It - Inspirational

  3. All For Love cover

    One of my absolute favorites! A Top 10 EC tune for me. Luis sorta loses steam on the last chorus when the song really soars! Oh well. Good try. Bernie
  4. She Did It play along

    I like it! Bernie
  5. BATC cover

    My favorite...solid job. Bernie
  6. Eric autographed "Starting Over"

    Great inscription! Looks authentic to me, too, Kirk! Bernie
  7. Lynyrd Skynyrd mentions Razzies

    He says, "If you don't know, that was a song by the Raspberries." So maybe the joke is "raspberries and cream?" 🤔 Bernie
  8. DWTSG cover

    So amazing that people from other countries and cultures love and admire music that we love and admire. Really awesome. Bernie
  9. It Hurts Too Much cover

    Solid. You have to applaud anyone who loves Eric enough to cover one of his tunes, right? Bernie
  10. Scott McCarl "Play On" (1997)

    One of my favorites! I darn near melted it from so many spins on my CD player in '97! Bernie
  11. More To Come

    Dave Smalley's solo CD is very good! The rest aren't too bad either. Bernie
  12. Fotomaker Collection (Rhino) (1995)

    A great band! Saw them live in '78 at a small club in New Jersey. Bernie
  13. Glider 1977 album

    Would have been better had they let Scott take the lead on some tunes. The songs are good, but the singer is not. Bernie
  14. It Hurts Too Much TopPop

    Holy moly! Wow!!! That is amazing! Love it when something completely new shows up! Stellar! Bernie
  15. John Mahoney dies

    I worked with him twice. Once on a milk mustache print ad with the cast of "Frasier" and on a TV campaign for MassMutual insurance. Nice guy. Talented actor. RIP. Bernie