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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!

    Thanks, Naeko! Bernie
  2. And of course, the greatest addendum to this story was my brother came with me to see Raspberries play at B.B. King's. After the show, we went backstage, and my brother had something he wanted Eric to sign for him. It was THE ACTUAL LP he was playing in his room when I heard "Go All The Way" for the first time. We related the story to Eric, who then signed my brother's LP: "To Jim, If not for your impeccable taste in music... Eric" Bernie
  3. This one goes out to Bernie...

    "Someday" is so great! I especially love when the full band kicks in after Eric's vocal/piano only intro. And how Eric's voice does a little squeak when he sings, "Some DAAAAAAY." And the Beach Boys-style backing vocals. And the bridge. And the "diddits." And the sentiment. Every guy has thought this about a girl who leaves him. As for whoever that girl was that broke Eric's heart. Well, guess what? He's cool. So there. Bernie
  4. Here's one for Bernie

    I have seen that one, Kirk! Bernie

    Haha. Bernie
  6. Listen...do you want to hear The Secret?

    Not that I'm aware of, Larry. Today, everyone has a smart phone in their pocket that can capture anything anytime you want. Back then, you needed to smuggle a cassette recorder into a show to record it. If somebody did, I'm not aware of it. Bernie
  7. Pop Heaven—and Nobody Knows!

    If I remember correctly, you got a link to the "Hangin' With" performances when you bought the deluxe CD/DVD package. Bernie
  8. This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone

    I agree with you Marlene. It's hard to believe that someone can completely vanish with all of the search tools on the internet these days. Wish there was some way to find out. Bernie
  9. This is now a Beatlebum-FREE Zone

    Looks like we purged the site of most of BBum's nonsense, but I did find this old thread, which attempts to explain some of it. Bernie
  10. This might just work

  11. Happy New Year!

    No, this wasn't some master scheme to get everyone to start posting again. Frankly, that came as a bit of a surprise. I had every intention of closing the Message Board because I truly believed that it had fulfilled its purpose. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words, for your unending support and for your enthusiastic participation. Long live the EricCarmen.com Community. Happy New Year. Bernie
  12. Bernie...Let me take over

  13. BeatleBum

    It was soo long ago, that I can't remember what he did to earn his notoriety! Bernie
  14. LC...

  15. Eric's Unrelease song LOVE AT LAST cover

    Beautiful! Bernie