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  1. We’ll, that’s awfully kind of you, Kirk! Maybe I can send you a prize for your donation? I have a “Dirty Dancing” gold record directly from Eric that comes with an autographed COA from the boss himself. Let me know if you’d like that. I’ll send you a private message with how to send the cash.


  2. $250 today. $200 each year. Seems on top of what I already pay for the hosting, they'd figure out some way to cover that since all websites should have it today. As Steve Martin famously said in The Jerk, "Ahhh. It's a profit deal!"


  3. So, I did some investigating, and  it will cost $250 to make EricCarmen.com "secure." That will get rid of that annoying "Not secure" notice everyone gets when they visit the site. Pretty steep, if you ask me. A couple of years ago, all of the major internet providers, search engines and web browsers decided that websites needed to be "secure." The only way to get "secure" is to purchase an SSL certification.