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  1. The Nightbird interview

    I have that on LP! Bernie
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody

    Haha. Right.
  3. Similar artists to Raspberries

    Hey! Pezband's not on their list, but it would certainly be on mine as well! Bernie
  4. Similar artists to Raspberries

    Haha! I don't "dislike them. I just don't see why the press fawns over them so much versus Raspberries!
  5. If the Main Street Electrical Parade

    Haha. Nailed the description, Kirk! Bernie
  6. My goodness, where have I been! Sooooooo good. Bernie
  7. Bohemian Rhapsody

  8. Bohemian Rhapsody

    If you skip past the disco stuff (and there's a lot of it), you can find some Freddie solo gems. IMHO, his two best ("I Was Born To Love You" and "Made In Heaven") were re-recorded by Queen on their post-Freddie posthumous album Bernie
  9. Anybody know this guy...

    Just listened to a bunch of his songs on YouTube. Meh.
  10. Translator needed

    Sounds like the "Disney movie theme" version.
  11. Similar artists to Raspberries

    I like all of these: Badfinger Big Star Cheap Trick The Move Shoes The Plimsouls Artful Dodger Bay City Rollers Candy Dwight Twilley Flamin' Groovies Jellyfish Marshall Crenshaw Queen Stories The Babys The Hudson Brothers Todd Rundgren Sweet I never heard of these: Hello The Jook The Poppees Hojas The Hollywood Stars
  12. I wonder...

  13. History of this picture?

    Sorry, but fan fiction belongs in a different thread than the general “Raspberries” forum. I’m sure you understand why. Bernie PS: I moved it to “Everything,” if that makes you feel better.
  14. LewsLetter-May 2021 edition...

    “Lewsletter.” Hehe.
  15. Great in-depth Raspberries tutorial...

    In the comments section, the author of the article admits, “I did not know that much about them till I started writing this.” I believe him! Bernie
  16. Heartfelt BATC cover

    I'll bet he's singing those lyrics without knowing what he's actually singing. Still, gotta respect the effort. And the passion. The Japanese love Eric Carmen's music. And ain't that something? Bernie
  17. Almost Famous Soundtrack Reissued As Massive 103-Song Box Set Across five CDs and seven LPs, the deluxe reissue marks the first all of the film's music will be released together in one package May 21, 2021 | 9:54am ET Cameron Crowe’s rock masterpiece, Almost Famous, celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Keeping the festivities going into 2021, UMe is reissuing the film’s seminal soundtrack as a massive new box set. Available on July 9th across five CDs and seven 180-gram black LPs, the deluxe reissue marks the first all of the music featured in the film will be released together in one package. The expanded tracklist includes songs by Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Who, and Fleetwood Mac, alongside all of the material created for the film’s fictional rock group, Stillwater, which was written by Crowe, Nancy Wilson, and Peter Frampton. Also included numerous dialogue tracks form the film, Nancy Wilson’s original score, and even Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, newly mixed with the cast members singing alongside the song as featured in the film. The box set also contains a number of collectibles, including William Miller’s Rolling Stone cover story on the band, a 40-page photo book, backstage passes, Lester Bang’s Creem business card, replica ticket stubs, and more. Along with the 13-disc box set, UMe is issuing two six-LP editions—one on black vinyl, the other with colored vinyl discs; a five-CD super deluxe set including 102 tracks, 36 of them previously unreleased songs; a separate 12-inch vinyl EP with all six of Stillwater’s songs; a Record Store Day exclusive with the seven original demos of the Stillwater songs, five performed by Wilson the other two by Frampton; a two-LP vinyl version of the original soundtrack album; and a two-CD deluxe edition of the original soundtrack. Pre-orders for all the various configurations are ongoing here. That’s not all though; on July 13th, 2021, Paramount Home Entertainment will release Almost Famous for the first time on 4K Ultra HD, as well as on limited-edition Blu-ray. The re-release includes both the original theatrical cut (plus access to a digital copy) and the Bootleg cut (aka “Untitled”), along with new bonus content offering a “backstage pass” into the creative process through a new interview with Crowe, extended scenes, rock-school sessions, a look at the casting and costumes, and more. “We are extremely proud to revisit Almost Famous a very special bounty of goodness,” said Crowe in a statement. “For the first time, we’ve created a deluxe soundtrack that features nearly every song from the film, along with Nancy Wilson’s wonderfully evocative score. We’re also thrilled to finally preserve both versions of the film, along with a collection of rare new bonus features, on these beautiful new 4K and Blu-ray releases as part of Paramount Presents. Long live physical media!” Below, listen to the bonus Stillwater track “Love Comes and Goes”, plus check out an unboxing video and scan through the entire tracklist. Almost Famous 20th Anniversary Box Set Tracklist: CD 1 01. The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) – Alvin & The Chipmunks 02. The Oogum Boogum Song – Brenton Wood 03. America – Simon & Garfunkel 04. “One Day You’ll Be Cool” 05. Amazing Journey / Sparks (Almost Famous Version) – The Who * 06. Search And Destroy – Iggy & The Stooges 07. “Rock N’ Roll It’s Over” 08. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference – Todd Rundgren 09. “Don’t Take Drugs” 10. Teacher (U.S. Version) – Jethro Tull 11. “We Are Band Aids” 12. Roundabout – Yes 13. “Incendiary” 14. I’ve Seen All Good People: a. Your Move, b. All Good People – Yes 15. Feel Flows – The Beach Boys 16. “This Is Penny Lane” 17. River – Joni Mitchell 18. “Piggyback Ride (San Diego)” 19. Fever Dog – Stillwater CD 2 01. Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart 02. Small Time Blues (Acoustic) – The Hyatt Singers 03. Something In The Air – Stillwater * 04. Easy To Slip – Little Feat 05. “Rolling Stone Magazine” 06. Go All The Way – The Raspberries 07. Mr. Farmer – The Seeds 08. One Way Out (Live) – The Allman Brothers Band 09. “Don’t Forget The Rules” 10. Albert Flasher (Live) – The Guess Who 11. Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd 12. “Just Make Us Look Cool” 13. Love Thing – Stillwater 14. That’s The Way – Led Zeppelin 15. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – Neil Young & Crazy Horse 16. Future Games – Fleetwood Mac 17. Burn – Deep Purple 18. You Had To Be There – Stillwater 19. “I Am A Golden God” 20. Dear Jill – Blodwyn Pig 21. Tiny Dancer (Almost Famous Version) – Elton John, Stillwater & Cast * CD 3 01. Looking At You – MC5 02. Reeling In The Years (Live) – Steely Dan * 03. Lucky Trumble – Nancy Wilson 04. Untitled – Jeff Bebe * 05. I’m Waiting For The Man (Live) – David Bowie 06. “Your Mom Kind Of Freaked Me Out” 07. “Please Welcome Stillwater!” 08. Love Comes And Goes – Stillwater 09. “You Gotta Take What You Can, When You Can” 10. The Wind – Cat Stevens 11. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience 12. Slip Away – Clarence Carter 13. Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin 14. Wishing Well – Free 15. “Cover Of The Rolling Stone” 16. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters – Elton John 17. Colour My World – Jefferson High School Band 18. My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder 19. Cortez The Killer (Live) – Neil Young * 20. “You Made Friends With Them” 21. The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin 22. “We All Know What You Did To Him” 23. Bron-Yr-Aur – Led Zeppelin 24. “What Do You Love About Music?” 25. Tangerine – Led Zeppelin CD4 STILLWATER 01. Fever Dog 02. Love Thing 03. You Had To Be There 04. Hour Of Need 05. Chance Upon You 06. Love Comes And Goes STILLWATER DEMOS 07. Love Comes And Goes (Early Version) * 08. Fever Dog * 09. Love Thing * 10. Chance Upon You * 11. Love Comes And Goes * 12. Hour Of Need * 13. You Had To Be There * STILLWATER BACKSTAGE JAMS 14. That’s The Way (Acoustic) – Larry Fellows & Ed Valencourt * 15. Down By The River (Acoustic) – Larry Fellows & Ed Valencourt * 16. Fever Dog (Acoustic) – Stillwater * CD5 ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE 01. Prefunction * 02. Cabin By The River * 03. Lucky Trumble 04. Dapple Tree * 05. Cabin In The Air * 06. Dear Peggy * 07. Bye Bye Now * ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE OUTTAKES* 08. Cabin (Outtake 1) 09. Moody 10. Morocco 11. Aurora 12. Mood Swing 13. The Teenager 14. Borealis 15. Strummy 16. Tiny Dancer Intro 17. Mando Swagger 18. Cabin (Outtake 2) 19. Love Stomp 20. Function 21. Aaron’s Real Room * = Previously unreleased
  18. Guilty Pleasure...

    A bit ABBAesque, no? Bernie
  19. Fans review Quadraphonic ERIC CARMEN 1st CD...

    I had my quad "Eric Carmen" LP transferred to CD several years ago. It's interesting to hear some of the expanded mixes, but there's not really a dramatic sonic improvement. More interesting is Raspberries "DWSG," from a Capitol quad sampler LP. That one seems to have been done with the intent to promote quadrophonic sound, so the separation is more dramatic. Especially with the background harmonies. I played that one for Jim Bonfanti once and he was blown away by it. Bernie
  20. Haha. Not bad.
  21. Sebastian Stan

    Yeah, he has a starring role in the Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And he's playing Tommy Lee in the new Pamela Anderson biopic. Oh, and he's belting out "Hungry Eyes" in an Instagram post that's garnered over 2 million views. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIg9N43p_lT/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Bernie
  22. Stanley Turrentine "All By Myself"

    Brilliant musicianship on this one. Bernie
  23. EC mentioned at game...2005

    I have some pictures from this event of Eric in a Cleveland Indians uniform! Bernie
  24. WOW- ITWL- Top Pop

    Kirk, That's one of the known TV performances and is listed in the Eric Carmen: Marathon Man Appendix. BUT...it is an incredible copy as it has been uploaded by TopPop's official YouTube channel. Excellent find! Wish we could get every Raspberries/EC solo video in such pristine quality! Bernie
  25. Hungry Eyes HD

    Not sure how this is "remastered." Maybe just sent through a sharpening app? Anyway, not an upgrade. Bernie