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  1. Who's On First?

    "A high-profile (April 1974) performance at Whisky A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, featured a surprise guest appearance onstage by one of the band's musical idols—Who drummer Keith Moon. "'We were playing "Go All The Way" and I heard someone bang on my back floor tom,' recalls Michael McBride. 'I turned around and it was Keith Moon. He put his scarf around my neck and wanted to play my drums. So I said, "Here you go!"' "'Keith Moon was wearing a scarf,' recalls (Raspberries roadie) Kevin Dugan. 'He took his scarf off, put it around Michael's neck while McBride was playing and literally pulled him off the drums. Now, McBride was one of those guys that you didn't fuck with. He was a badass motherfucker. When I was younger, I saw three greasers jump him after a gig at a church and he kicked their asses—all three of them. So, Keith Moon pulled him off the drums and Mike was about to jump on him when I shouted, "No. No. No. It's Keith Moon, man. Keith Moon!" The band was happier than a pig in shit that Keith Moon was sitting in with them. We hung out after the show, but he was pretty incoherent—I mean, he was Moon. He was fucked up.'" —Eric Carmen: Marathon Man Great photo, no doubt, but hahahahaha! The BEST story...EVER! The group, with sit-in drummer Keith Moon, treated the audience to a rip-roaring version of the classic Free tune, "All Right Now," which Raspberries used to play on stages all across Ohio before they became a national sensation. You can see Kevin Dugan (Dugie) hanging onto the snare drum right under Keith Moon—praying the Who drummer wasn't gonna send Mike's kit flying all over the stage in stereotypical fashion! Bernie
  2. Who's On First?

    Here's something nobody has ever seen. Raspberries at the Whisky the night Keith Moon jumped up to join them. Sorry for the big-ass EricCarmen.com logo watermark...but 99% of the stuff I shared with you on this website from my personal collection is out there without credit, so gotta take the good with the bad. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and do things differently. Until then...enjoy! Bernie
  3. Sometime in 1979, Raspberries bassist Dave Smalley and Raspberries lead guitarist Wally Bryson teamed up with singer Eric Robertson and drummer Frank Musara to form The Secret. The band received a lot of radio and press publicity locally—all of it firmly in support of band. A special guest was in the audience one night when The Secret started their set at Peabody's, a small club in Cleveland. The gig ended with the first "almost" Raspberries reunion as Eric joined his former bandmates in a rousing 45-minute jam that included a couple of choice Raspberries hits. "Year! Eric jumped up one time," recalled Wally. "I was pumped to see him as I hadn't seen him in a while. We did 'Should I Wait' and 'Tonight.'" Personally, I love the second photo (which has never before been published) in the series above. The exuberant expression of joy on Eric's face says it all. Bernie
  4. Eric's "Magic Piano"

    In January 2000, I was searching for Eric Carmen rarities on eBay when a very interesting autograph caught my eye. It was a vintage 1917 Steinway grand piano. The listing noted that the piano was signed by "famous musician Eric Carmen." I immediately picked up the phone and dialed Eric, who checked out the auction item and then returned my call with a very surprising story. Turns out this very Steinway was the piano Eric wrote just about every one of his songs from his early Raspberries days through his first couple of solo albums. "Let's Pretend." "I Can Remember." "All By Myself." "Go All The Way." Eric called it his "magic piano." I recall Eric saying on a local radio station in the early '70s that at one point the only piece of furniture he had in his apartment was a piano. This piano. He sold the piano when he moved to Los Angeles and signed it for the new owner. How it ended up in a Chicago piano dealer's eBay auction is anybody's guess. The auction closed with the reserve unmet at $15,100, so it's whereabouts are currently unknown. And yes, in case you were wondering, Eric did place a bid.
  5. March 15, 1968

    This amazing Cleveland Plain Dealer news clipping from Cyrus Erie manager Don Ladanyi's mother's scrapbook pinpoints the exact day that Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson played on stage together for the first time—March 15, 1968 at the Chesterland Hullabaloo. A really remarkable bit of information! Wow! Bernie
  6. Arista Anniversary Video

    He really doesn't look like that now. Must be the lighting. Bernie
  7. Foolin' Myself

    This rare and unpublished photo of Eric was taken in Tokyo when he traveled to that country in November 1979 to perform as a special guest of the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. Eric received such an outpouring of fan support that he returned the next year to give a series of sold-out performances in support of his Tonight You're Mine album. Earlier that year, Eric was invited by the country of Japan to enter the prestigious Song Festival. Each invited artist is requested to submit a new composition in the contest, and Eric chose a tune he just completed writing titled "Foolin' Myself." The winner of the Festival that year was a song named "Sitting On The Edge of the Ocean," written by Ronnie Scott & Steve Wolfe. It was performed at the competition by Bonnie Tyler. Eric's song was performed by a singer named Paul Nicholas. In 1976, he embarked on a short-lived but high profile pop career, with three Top 20 hits in the UK Singles Chart: "Reggae Like It Used To Be," "Dancing With The Captain" and "Grandma's Party." "Heaven on the 7th Floor" hit #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 List. While I'm sure Paul did a fine job with Eric's stirring ballad from Tonight You're Mine, I can't help but wonder how much better Eric might have done had he been able to perform the song himself. Eric's song made it to the Finals, but didn't win a prize. I'm guessing that part of the rules of the competition are that songwriters enter songs and other singers sing them. Crazy when you consider that Eric was actually there in the Arena that night to perform his own set of songs. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2011! Bernie
  8. Hey Momof2setsoftwins

    Michelle, Check out Jim's bass drum. Bernie
  9. Best Bubblegum..

  10. Best Bubblegum..

  11. Best Bubblegum..

  12. Mccartney 3...Tracks #1 and 2

    Paul has too many "yes" men in his life who aren't honest with him. He is maybe the greatest living singer/songwriter in the world. The fact that the media kissed his ass royalty over McCartney III is not gonna help. Bernie
  13. 5 interview audio snippets from EC...

    Lew, Best not to cut and paste something that doesn't work. Saves me the trouble of having to clean it up. Bernie PS: The link doesn't work either.
  14. Mccartney 3...Tracks #1 and 2

    Paul has thrown away dozens of songs better than most of the songs on this album (except maybe "When Winter Comes," which was written in the early '90s.) Here's one of his best unreleased gems: Bernie
  15. Eric and Raspberries 1971

    Wow! Great story, Michelle (and welcome to EricCarmen.com)! Do you have any pictures? Bernie
  16. The Carpenters on THE DATING GAME

    I wonder if both Carpenters got "lucky" that night? Bernie
  17. Mccartney 3...Tracks #1 and 2

    Listened to it once. Will probably not spin it again in its entirety. A couple of noteworthy tracks. And I'm a HUGE Paul fan. Bernie
  18. How did I miss this?

    Good tune. Great guitars! Bernie
  19. New Girl

  20. Hey Momof2setsoftwins

    You just gave away everybody's age! Welcome to EricCarmen.com! Bernie
  21. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    Opening today at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, is a special exhibit: "Stay Tuned: Rock on TV." Featured in the exhibit is something every Raspberries fan will be excited to see. The plaque reads: Jim Bonfanti of the Raspberries Bass Drum Ludwig Gift of Jim Bonfanti and Family Jim Bonfanti used this drum during the Raspberries' December 21, 1973 appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Congrats, Jim! What an honor! Bernie
  22. Anybody else notice?

  23. Anybody else notice?

    It's ver-r-r-r-r-y close! I may have to come up with a prize! Bernie
  24. I've had enough! Every post of his needed to be "moderated" and this morning he had the nerve to insult members who have been here for years. Everyone who has supported this website for the past eight years shouldn't have to put up with that. Therefore, he is no longer a Member. The Moderators are in the process of cleaning up the board and removing all of his posts. Please bear with us while we get things back in order. So, with that—let's get back to talking about the music! Bernie