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  1. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    Too long to wait for a song with no hook whatsoever. Bernie
  2. Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

  3. Aretha dies

    Sad news. A true legend. There will never be another Aretha. Bernie
  4. American Bandstand - 1978

    Here are a couple of RARE photos of Eric's appearance on American Bandstand on December 16, 1978. Eric was interviewed by host Dick Clark and sang "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" and "Change of Heart." Bernie
  5. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    August 11th is Eric's Birthday...so Happy Birthday, Boss! Hard to believe that EricCarmen.com is still chugging away 21 years after it started. We've logged in an incredible 2.8 million visitors over those two decades. Thanks for letting us share the remakes of "Top Down Summer" and "I Could Really Love You," Eric. Just in time...as there's still a whole month of Summer left! All good thoughts to you on your special day! Bernie
  6. Long window of brilliance

    "Hell Yeah" was my favorite track from 12 Songs. Bernie
  7. Eric's solo rankings

    Oops. I mistakenly starred "Lost In The Shuffle," which is not one of my faves. I corrected it. Bernie
  8. Eric's solo rankings

    I decided to try a more scientific poll. I don't think I'd actually change the order of my list (I just love some of the songs so much, that quantity doesn't always beat quality), but the results were interesting: BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT (7 out of 8) 88% * Boats Against The Current * Marathon Man * Nowhere To Hide Take It Or Leave It * Love Is All That Matters * She Did It * I Think I Found Myself * Run Away ERIC CARMEN (ARISTA) (8 out of 10) 80% * Sunrise * That's Rock'n Roll * Never Gonna Fall In Love Again * All By Myself * Last Night * My Girl Great Expectations * Everything * No Hard Feelings On Broadway TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE (6 out of 8) 75% * It Hurts Too Much Lost In The Shuffle * All For Love * Tonight You're Mine * Sleep With Me * Inside Story * Foolin' Myself You Need Some Lovin' CHANGE OF HEART (6 out of 9) 67% * Desperate Fools Overture Haven't We Come A Long Way End Of The World * Heaven Can Wait Baby I Need Your Lovin' * Change Of Heart * Hey Deanie * Someday * Desperate Fools WINTER DREAMS (6 out of 11) 54% * I Was Born To Love You * Someone That You Loved Before Everytime I Make Love To You Cartoon World * Almost Paradise * Top Down Summer Isn't It Romantic I Could Really Love You Caroline, No * I Wanna Take Forever Tonight * Walk Away Renee ERIC CARMEN (GEFFEN) (5 out of 10) 50% * I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips * I'm Through With Love American As Apple Pie Living Without Your Love Come Back To My Love * She Remembered You Took Me All The Way * Maybe My Baby Spotlight * The Way We Used To Be I know a lot of people will object to me not starring some of the fan favorites like "Cartoon World," "Isn't It Romantic" or "American As Apple Pie," but those tunes never made my Top EC songs list. Bernie
  9. Eric's solo rankings

    Teresa and I had company this weekend. Now, that the dust has settled, here's my list: 6. Winter Dreams 5. Change of Heart 4. Eric Carmen (Geffen) 3. Eric Carmen (Arista) 2. Tonight You’re Mine 1. Boats Against the Current Bernie
  10. Sad songs of all time

    Grohl! 😎 Bernie
  11. Eric's solo rankings

    Kirk, ”Boats” at #4?!? 🤨 Bernie
  12. Raspberries "Best" (1976)

    Great story, Matt! I’d also love to hear Alice doing ‘Berries! Bernie
  13. Eve Plumb was obviously a fan!

    Very awesome, indeed! Bernie
  14. If Don Ho and Tiny Tim covered GATW...

    I’ll pass. Bernie
  15. Bay City Rollers member dies

    Sad news... Bernie
  16. Marathon Man book

    Ken and I talked about updating the book with up-to-date chapters and new photos, but wonder whether there is enough demand for it now. Bernie
  17. Raspberries "Refreshed"

    Matt, Too bad. Because it was independently released, there probably isn't a label supporting the release digitally. Bernie
  18. Let's Pretend cover

    OK. 😳 Bernie
  19. Overnight Sensation book

    I think Ken Sharp just reprinted this. Shoot him an email (sharpk@aol.com) if interested. Bernie
  20. Marathon Man book

  21. Raspberries "Refreshed"

    There are some solid songs on that CD, Matt. Bernie
  22. All said & done

    Good job! Now sit back and enjoy 'em! Bernie
  23. Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band 2000

    I saw about 5 of those shows. Each night, Ringo gave a special spotlight to one of the All-Starrs to do a song that they wanted to play that may not have been a big hit on the radio. Eric did "Boats" when it was his turn and received pretty big applause each time he performed it. Bernie
  24. Paul McCartney "Memory Almost Full"

    Paul had a couple of new tracks from his upcoming album released yesterday. Not instantly great to me...maybe I'll warm up to them after a few listens. Bernie
  25. Songwriters Hall Of Fame?

    Good question. He should be. Bernie