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  1. Stephen King's a Fan

    In a Playboy interview in 1980, when discussing the song "Getting Better," Lennon admitted to abusing his ex-wife Cynthia Lennon, seemingly without much thought. "(The song) is a diary form of writing. All that 'I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved' was me. I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically… any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn’t express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women…” Still like the John Lennon's music? My point is that you can appreciate books, music and art without needing to stand 100% behind the politics, actions or thoughts of the person whose work you admire. That's all. I thought it was cool that Stephen King liked Raspberries. If anything, his tweet brought the band to thousands of people who may not have known about the band or forgot just how good they were. 'Nuff said. Bernie
  2. 21 Most Hated Bands of All Time...

    Well, I definitely don't "hate" KISS! Bernie
  3. Always cool to see musicians show their admiration for Eric's music. Bernie
  4. Doreen, I set it up so anyone can be a "Supporter" by donating anything from a penny to a million dollars. Either donation (or anything in between) gives you access to the "Ecstasy" section of the website. Bernie
  5. Take your best shot

    Wow! That dude can play! Bernie
  6. I Saw a Raspberries Home Movie Film by Jim Bonfanti

    I transferred Jim's home movies and edited the video for the expanded "Live on Sunset Strip" Deluxe Gift Set. It's still available for sale and includes a bunch of other great videos and rare recordings. http://www.raspberriesband.com/store.shtml Not sure why YouTube is allowed to openly steal videos and let people watch them for free. Seems like that should be against the law. Bernie

    Lew's got it. Bernie
  8. Stephen King's a Fan

    Everything doesn't have to be about politics. Bernie
  9. Raspberries in Texas!

    This RARE unpublished photo shows Scott McCarl and Eric Carmen on stage at a Raspberries concert on February 3, 1974 at Liberty Hall in Houston, Texas. "I Don't Know What I Want?" Wait... yes I do. I want a Time Machine so I can go back and watch these young kids kicking up a storm from coast-to-coast in support of their just-released (and critically acclaimed) Starting Over LP. LP? It's that big plastic thing you stuck in that spinning thing with the needle on it that made music! Listen to them rock: RASPBERRIES — DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT (LIVE) The last 1:30 of that track is so effing spine-tingling, I just can't contain my enthusiasm! Holy sh@t! Wake up, baby! It's Monday morning, EricCarmen.com style! Bernie
  10. We're Ba-a-a-ack!

    Hello. I was reading an article earlier this week about the uproar over Big Tech's control over user content. The author wondered if the answer was a return to the simpler days of Message Boards and Forums. So, I thought... hey, we had one of those. So, let's try an experiment. Who's in?
  11. NGFILA cover

    Hmmm. Think he’s just singing to the album. So, maybe you only hear Eric instead of him. Or maybe I’m wrong? In which case, he sounds just like Eric.
  12. I have the soundcheck, which I filmed, and the show itself. I’ll see if I can post something in the “Ecstacy” section of the message board, with apologies to non-supporters who can’t access that area of EC.com.
  13. NGFILA cover

    Not sure how well he's singing because Eric's vocal track is still in the mix.
  14. Eastside Band

    I'm sure they have no idea what they're singing about when they sing some of Eric's finest (and most poetic) lyrics: "Prisoner of illusion Sentence is suspended Loneliness is ended Love has set me free"
  15. Eastside Band

    Cool. Plus, I dig their rehearsal space. 👍 Bernie
  16. A lot of crazy sites out there...

    Uhhh... maybe we should leave the crazy ones out there and off of EricCarmen.com...
  17. We're Ba-a-a-ack!

    Doreen, I just emailed you a new password for your original account.
  18. Sonny Fox R.I.P.

    One of my heroes growing up. RIP, Sonny! Bernie
  19. Already covered in Eric Carmen: Marathon Man, page 7.
  20. GATW interpretation:

    Nice try. Bernie
  21. Arista Anniversary Video

    Thanks, Susie. I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to moving this thread to “Cartoon World!” Bernie
  22. My Thanks To You :-)

    By the way, I just wanted to thank everyone who has been coming here for the past 10 years along with those of you who have only been here the past 10 days. I wonder how many websites in cyberspace ever get enough traction to celebrate 1 million hits? Yet, here we are...over the 2 million hit mark! Amazing. It's a testament to you guys, and your indefatigable spirit to keep coming back. Sure, it's easy when things are happening, like concerts, new releases, and special announcements. But what makes this thing click and whirl each and every day isn't about that. It's about when things are slow. When there is no new news. When you just come back to...well, just come back. We're all part of a family here. We pat each other on the back when someone we hardly know finds themselves with good fortune. Likewise, we give each other a shoulder to cry on when they hit hard times. All of you are so damned important to me, that I just wanted you to know that. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart <3
  23. Wally Redux

    Thought I'd share the rest of Wally's Capitol Records portrait photos. Enjoy! Bernie
  24. Cinderella Ballroom

    Every Raspberries fan has seen the full-color poster that came with Starting Over. Here, for the first time is a scan of the actual full color slide used to make the poster. It was taken by photographer Richard DiLello: "I was living in Rockland County, New York in a small town called Suffern. I had previously shot two album covers for Badfinger and was doing a lot of work for Capitol Records. I had this lovely little cottage on 17 acres and we shot the Starting Over album cover there. We had lunch, played ping pong, and then I stood them against a tree and shot a few rolls of film. They were nice kids—very cooperative, and very photogenic. It was a relaxing and pleasurable shoot. My book, The Longest Cocktail Party, about my days at Apple Records working for the Beatles had just been published and I remember that Eric asked me some questions about what it was like working with them." After Starting Over came out to nearly universal acclaim, Eric, Wally, plus new Raspberries members Michael McBride and Scott McCarl, embarked on a string of live performances coast-to-coast. This ULTRA RARE live poster advertised a gig the boys played in Appleton, Wisconsin on December 28, 1974. The local joint Raspberries blew the roof off that night was the Cinderella Ballroom in Appleton. Opening act was progressive rock band Circus. Lead singer Bernie Millar was often compared to Mick Jagger for showmanship and stage presence. That night, Raspberries performed a selection of hits along with most of the tunes from their new LP. No live recordings of 'Berries Cinderella Ballroom show are known to exist, but this live recording of a GREAT Scott McCarl power pop classic gives you some idea on what the crowd heard that night: RASPBERRIES - CRY