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  1. Ringo’s All Starr Tour book…

    Thanks for the info! Now I don’t have to track down a copy. Bernie
  2. Ringo’s All Starr Tour book…

    Do you have a copy of the book? I don’t, but asking because this article lists Eric’s name https://www.juliensauctions.com/ShopCatalog?id=171 “The nearly 50 members includes Rod Argent, Randy Bachman, Gregg Bissonette, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Timmy Cappello, Eric Carmen, Paul Carrack, Felix Cavaliere, Burton Cummings, Rick Derringer, Sheila E., Dave Edmunds, John Entwistle, Mark Farner, Peter Frampton, Graham Gouldman, Warren Ham, Colin Hay, Rodger Hodgson, Ian Hunter, Howard Jones, Simon Kirke, Greg Lake, Steve Lukather, Richard Marx, Richard Page, Wally Palmar, Mark Rivera, Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Timothy B Schmit, Billy Squier, Zak Starkey, Hamish Stuart, John Waite, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright and more.” Or is there another book? Bernie
  3. Is this a picture of EC?

    The photo pictures Ringo and Paul Santo, who has worked with him, Eric and Aerosmith. Bernie
  4. Billy Hinsche does Eric

    Eric’s spoken to me about that a couple times, Kirk. So, it’s a real possibility for sure. Bernie
  5. Lifetime East-coaster myself, and I never heard of that dessert either. But I did (and still do) love “That Girl”! ”Oh, Donald!” Bernie
  6. Billy Hinsche does Eric

    Curious that this guy seemed so plugged into Eric's career for so long, name-dropping Dugie, etc., and he never came up once in all the years I've been chronicling Eric's career. So-so performance, but great interview. Bernie
  7. Weekend At Bernie's 5-0

    On August 11, 2007, "Weekend at Bernie's" held its fifth EricCarmen.com fan gathering. Good friends, great conversation, a perfectly grilled hamburger, and backyard karaoke from one of the world's greatest singer/songwriters. Ahhh... good times! Back in those early social media days, I set up a simple webcam to share the event with fans all around the world. It took a photo every 15 seconds and created a record of one helluva SPECTACULAR time! So, for those of you who were there: savor the memory. For those who couldn't make it: we present a selection of photos documenting what was the party of all parties! Bernie PS: The theme was luau ("Weekend at Bernie's 5-0" ... "Hawaii 5-0" ... get it?), so people didn't naturally show up wearing Hawaiian shirts. The grass skirt, I'm not so sure. Oh, and August 11 was a certain someone's birthday, so there was cake (Thanks, JuliaD!)
  8. Weekend At Bernie's 5-0

    Yes. I hosted a fan party at my house for a few years. In 2007, we had some very special surprise guests—along with some really surprised fans! Eric and Jim dropped by, met fans and posed for photos. It was Eric's birthday, so we celebrated together. To cap the night off we convinced Eric to take a turn at the karaoke machine. He chose "Almost Paradise (in the style of Eric Carmen)" from the menu saying, "I think I can handle that." I remember wondering if the neighbors were thinking, "Hey, that guy sounds petty good!" Bernie
  9. Weekend At Bernie's 5-0

    Ahhh...there you go! Bernie
  10. WAB CAM...

    Turns out the file is super tiny! A limitation of the technology back then, I guess. Not sure it'll be as rewarding to re-watch now in that micro size, so perhaps the memories would be best left alone. Bernie
  11. WAB CAM...

    Haha. Perhaps. Let me look into it. Bernie
  12. Hungry Eyes In The Sky

    Ick. Bernie
  13. Message Board Back Up

    Good question. Need to look into it.
  14. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Yes on both counts. Barb on the dance floor. Rich on keyboards (and incredibly high lead vocals)! Bernie
  15. At VFW Hall in Willoughby, Ohio with Rich Spina and Billy Sullivan.
  16. GATW by Robbie Rist

    Not sure if Kirk ever posted this one, but I was just heard it myself. Raw, stripped down and damned fine if you ask me. Not to mention he's singing it in Eric's original key. Wow! Oh yeah, and he was Oliver in "The Brady Bunch." Bernie
  17. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Kirk, You can download it here: https://vimeo.com/564574611 Bernie
  18. Message Board Back Up

    Nah, it was just me who was being punished!
  19. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    I'll post it in "Ecstasy" later with a download link. The audio is out of sync, so will fix that as well. Bernie
  20. Groovy to the...

    Yes, of course! Bernie
  21. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Billy has created a library of backing tracks, so he can sound like a small group of musicians when performing solo gigs. He is super talented!
  22. Groovy to the...

    Passed by that landmark many times over the years.
  23. Anybody have this book?

    Looks like a print to order book. Never heard of it or the authors. Bernie
  24. I can find nothing

    Here's Henry Stadler with Jim Bonfanti sitting in on drums! Bernie
  25. I Saw The Light cover wow!

    Well done! A tour de force! One man on all instruments and vocals! Bernie