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  1. Chart Trivia

    I don't know that answer, but that sounds like a pretty good guess to me! Bernie

    James, I wanted to rewrite Eric Carmen: Marathon Man just to include a lot of the stuff he *didn't* tell Ken and I when we originally interviewed him for the book! Bernie

    100%, Kirk. I'm sure I've told this story before. I was a big Eric Carmen fan. One day I heard some music that sounded good to my ear coming from my brother's bedroom. I opened the door and asked, "WHO is THAT?" To which he replied, "You idiot! This is the band that Eric Carmen was in before he went solo!" It was Raspberries' first album, and I immediately went out to find all four LPs and they became instant favorites of mine. Spring ahead several decades. I invite my brother to one of Raspberries' reunion shows at B.B. King's in NYC. I introduce my brother to Eric backstage. I tell Eric the story. My brother says, "Here is that exact album I was playing in my room when Bernie heard Raspberries for the first time. Can you sign it for me?" Eric grabs a sharpie and writes, "To Jim, if not for your impeccable taste in music, none of this would have happened. Eric Carmen." Bernie

    Eric had a major presence on the website when Members were here in force—before, during and after Raspberries' historic reunion shows. The folks who visited here daily during the website's heyday literally fueled the reunion! You can search for and read through the incredible number of posts (2,270!) Eric made on this Message Board. He gave fans an unprecedented one-on-one interaction that made for the best of times here at EricCarmen.com! He has a new calling on Twitter. Like it. Hate it. I don't think he feels compelled to relive his days as a rock star anymore. But thankfully, with the EC.com search function, you can re-read his take on just about every facet of his career. And that ain't too bad! Bernie
  5. Bernie, Pleeeeze...

    Susie, Your pandemic wish has been granted! Let the games begin! Bernie
  6. Coronavirus Claims Arrows singer Alan Merrill

    Wasn't familiar with the original. Interesting that Joan basically borrowed the entire vibe and arrangement from this version. Bernie
  7. Fountains Of Wayne singer dies

    There must have been complications, as everything I read says those that succumb to the virus had other issues that contributed to their death. He was so talented! What an incredibly sad way to go. Downright unfair to be a footnote in this despicable pandemic! RIP, Adam! Bernie

    There were reasons. Bernie
  9. I Wanna Be With You bagpipes

    Hahaha! Thought it was pretty good myself! Bernie

    EC solo.
  11. Autographs 11/75

    Sweet! Bernie
  12. Best cover of GATW ever!

    Genius x 10! Bernie
  13. The Berry Mash

    For all of the new members here, something I put together back in 2006. Every Raspberries song title sung in chronological order in three and a half minutes: RASPBERRIES - THE BERRY MASH Bernie
  14. Raspberries on The Simpsons?

    Ever wonder what that would look like? Or how 'bout you? What would you look like if you were on The Simpsons. Well, you can stop guessing. Head on over to SIMPSONSMOVIE.COM and build a Simpsons Avatar of yourself, or someone you know :-) Send them to me and I'll post them! Bernie
  15. Raspberries on The Simpsons?

    Kirk, I found the images and added them to the first page of this thread! Bernie
  16. One of my favorites. Such a beautiful melody and lyric. Bernie
  17. Please Let Me Come Back Home by Raspberries

    You guys need to consult your copies of Eric Carmen: Marathon Man more frequently. ERIC: “We recorded ‘Please Let Me Come Back Home’ and ‘Oh Tonight,’ in a little local studio in 1970. I asked the engineer if he knew what tape delay was. He said, ‘No.’ So I realized, ‘Okay. We’re not gonna get that, but I still need to have an Elvis-y sound. How am I gonna do that?’ I thought about it for a minute and said, ‘All right, let’s try this.’ I found a plywood board somewhere and set up one mike aimed at the board—very close to it, maybe six inches away—and then I stood facing the board as well, about three feet away from it and put another mike in front of me. I said, ‘When I sing, I want you to tape both of these mikes, so you’re getting it coming right from my mouth and then there’s a little delay as it bounces off that board and into the second mike. It worked and the engineer was looking at me like, ‘Oh my God! What genius!’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, that was pretty cool.’" Bernie
  18. I'm A Rocker from Saigon

    Groovy. FYI: http://www.letoan.com/Tami/TamiBio_English.htm Bernie
  19. 1977 - Eric releases his Boats Against The Current album, which includes the song "She Did it," cleverly written to incorporate Beach Boys "didits" into the lyrics of a song. That Fall, Eric tours the U.S. in support of the Boats LP playing cuts off of the new album including the aforementioned "She Did It." At some of the venues, he shares the bill with Hall & Oates. 1982 - Hall & Oates release a new single titled, "Did It In A Minute," cleverly written to incorporate Beach Boys "didits" into the lyrics of a song. Hmmm…what do you think? Bernie
  20. Who's On First?

    "A high-profile (April 1974) performance at Whisky A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, featured a surprise guest appearance onstage by one of the band's musical idols—Who drummer Keith Moon. "'We were playing "Go All The Way" and I heard someone bang on my back floor tom,' recalls Michael McBride. 'I turned around and it was Keith Moon. He put his scarf around my neck and wanted to play my drums. So I said, "Here you go!"' "'Keith Moon was wearing a scarf,' recalls (Raspberries roadie) Kevin Dugan. 'He took his scarf off, put it around Michael's neck while McBride was playing and literally pulled him off the drums. Now, McBride was one of those guys that you didn't fuck with. He was a badass motherfucker. When I was younger, I saw three greasers jump him after a gig at a church and he kicked their asses—all three of them. So, Keith Moon pulled him off the drums and Mike was about to jump on him when I shouted, "No. No. No. It's Keith Moon, man. Keith Moon!" The band was happier than a pig in shit that Keith Moon was sitting in with them. We hung out after the show, but he was pretty incoherent—I mean, he was Moon. He was fucked up.'" —Eric Carmen: Marathon Man Great photo, no doubt, but hahahahaha! The BEST story...EVER! The group, with sit-in drummer Keith Moon, treated the audience to a rip-roaring version of the classic Free tune, "All Right Now," which Raspberries used to play on stages all across Ohio before they became a national sensation. You can see Kevin Dugan (Dugie) hanging onto the snare drum right under Keith Moon—praying the Who drummer wasn't gonna send Mike's kit flying all over the stage in stereotypical fashion! Bernie
  21. Condolences

    Indeed, a very sad day. Here's as pic I took of the bevloved pup. Bernie PS: Thanks, Susie, for initiating this thread.
  22. Latest Eric interview

    Loved it! Bernie
  23. Not sure if these reviews have been posted here...

    Kirk, I added the author's name. Bernie
  24. Mccartney Best of Lp list

    Let's put it this way...I haven't listened to it since it came out. 'Nuff said. But I spun "Ram" and "Band on the Run" just last week! Bernie