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  1. Who Wrote These Hits…

    #7 is Paul Anna.
  2. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

  3. AM/FM Trivia

    Robin and Maurice probably both wished they were Barry's twin! Bernie
  4. Deep Tracks - Eric Carmen

    As incredible as "Fooling' Myself" from the Tonight You're Mine album is, Eric's original piano demo is even better. Raw and powerful in a way that the polished version isn't. What a great bit of poetry set to music. Enjoy! ERIC CARMEN - FOOLIN' MYSELF (DEMO) Bernie
  5. Nina Blackwood, or...(warning,

    Nina Blackwood’s voice today sounds like fingernails on a blackboard! Can’t blame her for wanting to make a buck, but geez, I can’t turn the radio dial fast enough when I hear her voice!
  6. Great middle 8's

    The bridge in "Nights on Broadway" is a completely different song! Bernie
  7. One song wonder group

    Bit of an odd tune. FYI: This guy wrote "Young Girl" for Gary Puckett and "Travelin' Man" for Ricky Nelson. Bernie
  8. 1 x 1 =2

    I like that unreleased Beatles tune! Bernie
  9. Tonight acoustic cover

  10. Reigning Sound Get The Message

  11. DKRC 1-12-74 good copy

    Yes. This is from '73. They also played "Go All The Way" on their 1974 appearance, but didn't open with it. Bernie
  12. Happy Together -50 Anniversary Tour

    I've seen a lot of these bands in oldies shows through the years. A bit too depressing for me now. Hard to get past all of the people using walkers up and down the aisles! Bernie
  13. Are these things available here?

    Haha! I actually have a couple of those shirts in my closet. Not what you would call "big sellers." Guess even in its heyday, EricCarmen.com wasn't that vital for fan's lives for them to want to wear it! Bernie
  14. DKRC 1-12-74 good copy

    Yes, that's definitely a good copy, Kirk! BTW...Wally's guitar tone simply RIPS in this live version of GATW! Bernie
  15. Early Raspberries?

    Performances by The Quick and Cyrus Erie on "Upbeat" are lost and have never been seen (or heard) since their original broadcast. Bernie
  16. Are these things available here?

    It was print to order, Lew. And now that you've brought it to my attention, it's closed. Bernie
  17. All By Myself-Throughout it’s media usages…

    Lots of new information in that article! I certainly was not aware of the many of the foreign language uses of ABM. Excellent find, Lew! Bernie
  18. ABM mashup

  19. Are these things available here?

    Haha. Yeah, like 20 years ago! Not sure why this page is still up. Guess I should just shut that down. Bernie
  20. Ultimate ABM Cover?

    Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Tom Jones… and Casper!
  21. Hungry (for fries) Eyes?

    Good conceptual use of the song. Like it. Bernie
  22. Some Advice

    If you’re creating a post or responding to one and feel the need to address a specific Member by name, think twice. Make your point, advance the discussion but please refrain from criticizing others. Some Members have been here for over a decade. Others have been here for over a week. Let’s work together to make a Community where everyone feels welcome. Thanks. Bernie
  23. Message Board Back Up

    Malware was detected at the EricCarmen.com Forum, which took a few days to clean up. Such a major pain in the butt. Anyway, we're back. Miss us? Bernie
  24. Album reviews

    James, ”Cruisin’ Music” was played live back in the day and on the reunion tour. It was as epic as you can imagine! Bernie
  25. “Johnny” Williams - Lost in Space

    You never think about how complicated it is to play these instantly memorable theme songs. But…wow! Amazing! Bernie