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  1. Mick Rain-Pezband drummer-R.I.P

    I loved this band back in the day. Saw them perform live once and they were, indeed, the real deal. Mimi had a distinctly Lennonesque voice.
  2. What are we doing here

    As for sexual content, I admit some posts make me squirm, too. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is a “rock and roll” message board. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll,” remember? Back when all of our lives were majorly impacted by music, any issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine had more sexual content and filthy language than the average high school boy’s locker room. So, how to balance that out in 2021, when a word, a picture or a simple thought or expression that is contrary to one’s own sends people’s blood pressure skyrocketing? How do you do it? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know. I try to police this site with a soft touch. But maybe I’ve been miscalculating. Maybe I was right to close the board when I did. Maybe it’s best to have everyone go back to being mad about something else than EricCarmen.com — or maybe the reason we all came here in the first place is key. Wasn’t our love for a certain artist’s music the emotional magnet that pulled us all together? If not, then maybe this whole thing has been a failed experiment.
  3. What are we doing here

    Jim L, I apologize if my comments about “walkers at concerts” offended you. It was not my intention. My comment was about aging, not handicaps. Again, my apologies. Bernie
  4. Return of Old Timers

    There. Fixed it.
  5. Mick Rain-Pezband drummer-R.I.P

    Great band! Sad news...
  6. Don Everly dies

    I saw the Everly Brothers perform at a Simon and Garfunkel concert in Atlantic City in 2003. RIP, Don!
  7. Dear Support Group…

    Wine works for me, but on a recent flight I was taken by surprise when they announced, "No alcohol." I think the airlines are worried about the number of unruly passengers post-Covid and don't want the hassle of having to duct-tape 'em to their seats! Bernie
  8. 90s, top 10 songs?

    I can do without the REM, Susie, but I'm a big fan of Concrete Blonde and the Gin Blossoms. Have a few songs from both on our backyard patio mix. Here's another favorite from Concrete Blonde:
  9. Inside Story

    I've always liked one. There's an attempt to get a GATW vibe on the electric guitar opening riff, but it's a little thin sounding. No offense to whoever played it (Davey Johnstone, maybe), but IMO Wally could of knocked it out of the park. Bernie
  10. Lost In the Shuffle

    I never have and still do not like this one. Bernie
  11. COH cover

  12. Mystery tune

    Never heard this before. As far as I know there were no unreleased Raspberries tracks. Scott McCarl mentioned an unreleased song from the Starting Over era to Ken Sharp once in an interview, but it was just a tune the guys were working on. It was never recorded. My guess is because Raspberries never really hit it big, their studio time was limited. There was never any time to do something they were not going to release. In fact, Raspberries usually arrived in NYC prepared with practice tapes that they'd play for Jimmy Ienner to pick the tracks for the LP. And those were the only songs they recorded. I have purchased several acetates of Raspberries discs over the past couple of decades. Some were certainly interesting, but nothing unreleased. Bernie

    Sorry... it was, indeed, the 30th!
  14. Fresh insert

    Yes, probably went out to someone from Capitol back in the day. The LP is missing the tell-tale cut-out hole punch, however. Bernie

    Good call, Lew. But if we’re talking on stage appearances, he performed with Ringo Starr’s All-Starr band’s 25th anniversary show a couple of years ago. Bernie
  16. Fresh insert

    I have one of those and believe it was part of the Fresh press kit. It never came with the LP. Bernie
  17. Szabo Szabo do

    Szabo Szabo don't.
  18. Szabo Szabo do

    I couldn't get through more than 15 seconds of it.
  19. 90s, top 10 songs?

    That's a pretty good list, Craig. My highlights from your list highlighted above. Bernie
  20. Songs That Killed Career

  21. Are these things available here?

    None of that money goes to the band, Lew. Best to buy from here: http://www.raspberriesband.com/store.shtml Bernie
  22. Ringo/With EC and AllStarrs on Letterman…

    Great performance—on the same stage as the Beatles! Bernie
  23. Markie Post dies

    The internet says she was 70! Man, we are ALL getting older! RIP, Markie. Bernie
  24. EC Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA Part.1

    Nice to see "Wild Wild Heart" on the set list. It's one of my favorite unreleased EC tunes! Bernie
  25. From THE SMILEY SMILE message board…

    Eric did, in fact, tell me the story about getting Brian to come to the studio. I don't know anything about whether he sang, is in the mix or was cut out of the mix. But I believe that they did convince him to come down. Eric was recording at Brother Studios, and he told me they used that fact to help twist Brian's arm—who didn't want to come—by saying, "C'mon! We're at YOUR studio!" I believe that if Brian was actually on the recording, Eric would have given him a credit in the liner notes, which he didn't. Only Bruce Johnston's name is mentioned. So, my guess is he was in the studio but for some reason or another decided not to sing. Bernie