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  1. Family Affair

    How can this not melt Eric’s heart?!? Bernie
  2. Great vocal performances

    Here's another one by Concrete Blonde—Johnette showing off her pipes. Will Lee taking over bass duties on this one. Bernie
  3. Great vocal performances

    "Joey" is such a great song! Surprised you hadn't heard it, Larry. Not too many female bass players—bad on the calluses, ya' know. Bernie
  4. EC picture

    Lemme help you out, Lew. Bernie
  5. Great vocal performances

    While we're isolating GREAT vocal performances... Bernie
  6. Great vocal performances

    McCartney was IN-CRED-I-BLE at his peak! Not too shabby the rest of the time. Bernie
  7. Raspberries Tribute Album

    "Cruisin' Music" by The Rubinoos was pretty much an A+. Bernie

    There are way more than four because a lot of Beatles songs do not have drums. I think you're asking "Ringo Starr played on every Beatle song WITH DRUMS except for 4." Lew's got a couple of them. Session drummer Andy White played drums on their first big hit "Love Me Do." Bernie
  9. Foolin' Myself cover

    Talented dude. And Eric Carmen superfan! Everything he does is full of love, respect and passion. Bernie
  10. Pete Hewlett/Eric Carmen

    The Euclid Beach Band album was a pretty great record. Produced by Eric with some great songs, including Eric's "I Need You." Pete Hewlett had an incredible voice. Listen to him sing this power-poppy tune! Bernie
  11. TR&R cover

    That was enjoyable! Bernie
  12. Complete Raspberries Lyrics Site...

    Ummm, yeah...Lew! What's the deal sending people to another site for lyrics? Bernie
  13. Louise Mandrell sings Eric

    I’ve looked for that clip, Lew, but could never find it.

    Larry, Eric seemed genuinely stunned when I presented him with these facts. Either he's really forgotten (likely); he's a really good actor (possibly); or all of this is coincidence (how can that be possible?) Bernie

    Eric has told this story so many times over the years that even HE thinks it's true. But it is FAKE NEWS! In 1967, when Cyrus Erie released their first single on Epid Records, Eric chose the name "Raspberry Music Co." for his publishing rights. In 1969, when The Quick released their first single on Epic Records, Eric chose the name "Magic Raspberries Music Co." for his publishing rights. In the early '70s, Eric was asked in many interviews how he came up with name, "Raspberries," and he said the band was having trouble coming up with a name. His story goes that there was a character in the Little Rascals named Froggy who would always say, "Awww, Raspberries!" So when he suggested a name for the band that everyone hated he said in exasperation, "Awww, Raspberries!" And everyone said, why not? I did a little digging and discovered that the tractor company, Bucyrus-Erie that inspired the name Cyrus Erie was located on...drum roll, please...RASPBERRY STREET in Erie, PA! But when I told Eric about Bucyrus Erie's address, he told me that he had no idea they were located on Raspberry Street. And told me the Little Rascals story was what he remembered. My theory is that once Raspberries hit big, Eric needed a story on how the band came up with their name, and the tractor company story was not a particularly good one—so he concocted the Little Rascals one. So, I'm calling the Little Rascals story what it is..."FAKE NEWS!" Bernie
  16. Louise Mandrell sings Eric

    Matt, I love the chemistry between Louise and Eric in that clip I discovered and premiered here at EricCarmen.com! I gotta believe there weren't too many people who ever saw it as it only aired once on her TV show (that didn't really have big ratings). I found it on an old VHS tape sent to members of her fan club in '88. Bernie
  17. Eric: How Bad Have You Got It?

    Ahhhh, the good ol' days of scoring a 9! Sadly, I'm a 4 now, too. Bernie
  18. How much is enough?

    For the record, there's A LOT of fake news on this thread. Coming from someone who really knows, btw. Bernie
  19. Favorite Bridges: Eric's & Others

    Super spectacular, Kyle! You're a talented dude! Bernie
  20. ABM isolation orchestra

    Awesome job! Bernie
  21. You need some Steve Luthaker

    Some really fine guitar playing right there! Bernie
  22. 45 RPM GATW

    Well, that's rather GREAT!!! Interesting that they need two lead singers to handle Eric's vocals. Their lead guitar play has Wally's parts down pat. And that drummer is awesome! Bernie
  23. Nice lead guitar in “Osaka.” Bernie
  24. Brain Teaser