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  1. Concert Question

    Julie-- My experience with the NO CAMERA rules at concerts is that it varies with the performers. If you can get a camera past the checkpoint search by hiding it then you're halfway home. Most security people won't hassle you if you discreetly take a photo or two without making a nuisance of yourself. Unfortunately, cameras like yours (with a long telephoto lens) are exactly the kind of cameras they look for and frown upon. The thought, I guess, is that you might be a pro and will sell the photos to some magazine or something. Most concertgoers seem to be able to do anything they want with those little disposable cameras or mini digitals. The pictures are certainly not good enough to sell. Good luck! And if you get any photos we'd love to see 'em! --Bernie PS: I've never seen security confiscate a camera. The few times that I've been "busted" resulted in me giving up my film and refraining from taking any more shots. If you are lucky enough to take some pictures, hide each roll of film as you expose it so that you can tell them that the only film you have is the roll in the camera
  2. What EC fans listen to?

    IMO, "So You Are A Star" was the best John Lennon tune John Lennon never wrote. If that makes any sense whatsoever --Bernie
  3. 7/26 - FleetBoston Pavilion

    Here's the show info from the FleetBoston web site: "A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute to the Beatles" returns to FleetBoston Pavilion on Friday, July 26th, 2002 for its second outing. The show, whose inaugural edition was hailed by the Boston Herald as a "highly entertaining show" and "a rousing success," returns with the same formula that created magic the first time around. Half of the show the group will play their own solo hits and the other half is comprised of all Beatles hits. This years line-up sees the return of the master of ceremonies Alan Parsons, engineer on the Beatles classic albums Abbey Road and Let it Be, and a solo artist whose hits include" Eye in the Sky" and "Games People Play." Jack Bruce, a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame member, legendary bass player for Cream, and a key innovator in rock music, joins Alan. Eric Carmen, whose hits "All by Myself" and "Almost Paradise (Love Theme from Footloose)" are among the most played songs in US pop history. Christopher Cross, Oscar and Grammy winning songwriter whose hits include "Sailing" and "Arthur's Theme." And Mark Farner, songwriter and lead singer of Grand Funk Railroad, a seminal rock group who sold out Shea Stadium faster than the Beatles. These great musicians, together with a veteran backing band comprised of Godfrey Townsend, John Beck and Steve Murphy, play the entire concert together as one supergroup. The Mercury News noted of the format: "How many cover bands are there where every member has gold records on the wall?" The answer is not many. The first half of the show the group plays their own solo hits. Collectively this "band" has sold over one hundred million albums and has played in front of millions of fans. The second half of the show they play classic hits from the entire Beatles catalogue. --Bernie
  4. 6/16 - Blaisdell Arena

    WOW! Two great reviews. Thanks, guys! If Hawaii is any indication than these individual concert forums are going to work out just fine. Let's see if we can get at least one review for each of the venues. Did either of you guys take any photos? I'd love to get a couple of them on-line. I'm looking for this show to really rock once everyone gets into the groove. A lot of the band members don't tour regularly enough for their voices to be in perfect shape for the first show or two. Eric's voice became so amazing on the Ringo All-Starr tour a couple of years ago that by the time the tour hit the East coast he was nailing every note! Thanks again for the GREAT reviews! --Bernie
  5. 6/15 - Maui Arts Amphitheater

    Chet-- Many thanks for the review! Eric told me that the first two shows in Hawaii were going to be VERY loose. Apparently they only had a couple of days to rehearse. Thanks again! --Bernie
  6. 6/15 - Maui Arts Amphitheater

    Steve-- I'm still waiting to hear from Chris in Hawaii who had floor seats near the stage. I'll post his review as soon as I get it! --Bernie
  7. Fan Tribute

    Howard, Sounds like fun. --Bernie
  8. 7/24 - Keswick Theatre

    Howard-- Speaking about that ASK ERIC...did you get a chance to compare the drum in "Cartoon World" to both "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour" to determine exactly which one Eric sampled? --Bernie
  9. 6/15 - Maui Arts Amphitheater

    Not to mention the first photo of Eric and the boys on the Abbey Road tour during rehearsals in Hawaii...check it out right here ! --Bernie
  10. 6/16 - Blaisdell Arena

    First photo of Eric and the boys on the Abbey Road tour during rehearsals in Hawaii...check it out right here ! --Bernie
  11. Eric On Tour 2002!

    Hey, cool! Even *I* didn't know about that. --Bernie
  12. Eric On Tour 2002!

    Darlene-- Just go to the main MESSAGE BOARD. You can click on the word MESSAGES above. Then simply go to the "A Walk Down Abbey Road" Message Board. --Bernie
  13. 7/08 - Pershing Auditorium

    Julie-- We should know more about where Eric is on stage, songs played, etc. after this weekend's Hawaii shows. Sounds like you got GREAT seats! --Bernie
  14. Preserved: Who are the Cover Artists?

    Marvin-- Kyle actually recorded his excellent version of "On The Beach" with Rubinoos popmeister Tommy Dunbar for the PRESERVED CD, but they didn't finish it in time for it to be included on the CD. --Bernie
  15. 6/15 - Maui Arts Amphitheater

    Just found this online for all of you lucky fans in Hawaii: "A Walk Down Abbey Road" rock 'n' roll concert with Christopher Cross, Todd Rundgren, Alan Parsons, Jack Bruce, Mark Farner and Eric Carmen, 7 p.m. Saturday (gates open at 5:30 p.m.), A&B Amphitheater, Maui Arts & Cultural Center; $35 reserved general and $45 limited premiere table seating; also an after-concert reception to meet the musicians, a benefit for Mana'o Radio, 10 p.m. Saturday, Schaefer International Gallery, Maui Arts & Cultural Center; $50. (808) 242-7469.
  16. 7/25 - Westbury Music Fair

    I have tickets for this show. Hope to see you all there!
  17. 7/24 - Keswick Theatre

    I have tickets for this show. Hope to see you all there!
  18. CD Sound Quality -- Eric's 1st?

    Billy K.-- You definitely need to check out the Japanese CDs. If you go hunting for 'em on eBay look for the later reissues. The most recent CDs were 20-bit remasters and are really AMAZING. I'm still stinging over the fact that some of Eric's solo and Raspberries LPs have been released 3!!! times in japan while most of them have yet to surface once here in the States. What an outrage! --Bernie
  19. Preserved: Who are the Cover Artists?

    Unfortunately, there are not a lot of highlights on the PRESERVED CD ... IMHO, the Rubinoos cover is the clear winner. But then again, the Rubinoos are a GREAT band in their own right. (FYI, that is Ken Sharp on the CD. I never thought his voice sounded feminine. Think: Nick Gilder, and you'd be closer to my take on Ken's voice.) --Bernie PS: I happen to like quite a few of Nick Gilder's album tracks. "Hot Child In The City" doesn't even come close to the power-pop splendor of a number of his toe-tapping gems. A pretty good songwriter with plenty of catchy groovin' guitar licks.
  20. Tour Dates for Eric

    Patience, Leonard...patience. --Bernie PS: As Steve said, you guys are getting this info FAST!!! Sometimes even faster then the venues (believe it or not). Eric has told me that he'll play the Hawaii dates and all July dates. That's what I'm going by. A lot of the venues have info from before Eric was brought into the tour. Hopefully they'll change those listings as the shows get closer and closer. One caveat ... thangs can change. The schedule is jam-packed. I can't guarantee Eric will be at every show listed. But there's a good enough chance that he will, which is why I've already locked up tickets for anything within driving distance of my home! --Bernie
  21. Eric Carmen is the BEST EVER!

    Go Eric, indeed! --Bernie PS: Heloo in Australia!
  22. Message Board Fun

    Okay...here's how to do it. Click on MY PROFILE above. Then click on VIEW/UPDATE PROFILE on the next page that comes up. Then scroll down to where you can select a picture. I'll be adding more Eric/Raspberries pictures in the near future but there's a nice selection to get you started! --Bernie
  23. Eric Goes Hawaiian

    Hey all-- Eric just gave me a bit of cool information. He'll be meeting up with Todd Rundgren, Mark Farner, Christopher Cross, Jack Bruce and Alan Parsons for rehearsals in Hawaii next week where he'll join the band for the first two shows of the tour. His plans still call for him to rejoin the tour in Denver on July 4th, but if he squeezes in any more gigs before that I'll certainly let you know! Aloha. --Bernie
  24. Eric On Tour 2002!

    EricH-- I try to put up the most current tour information I have as soon as I have it so that visitors of EricCarmen.com can be first in line for tickets to get as close as possible to the stage so that Eric can hear us scream and clap really, really LOUD for him! Most of the info I get is gleaned from multiple sources. Until verified, some of the listings are subject to change. --Bernie
  25. New CD?

    Foolin'-- Check out last month's ASK ERIC column for Eric's answer on when we can expect some new music! --Bernie