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  1. "Not Secure"

    So, I did some investigating, and it will cost $250 to make EricCarmen.com "secure." That will get rid of that annoying "Not secure" notice everyone gets when they visit the site. Pretty steep, if you ask me. A couple of years ago, all of the major internet providers, search engines and web browsers decided that websites needed to be "secure." The only way to get "secure" is to purchase an SSL certification. Hmmm. Bernie
  2. If you don't mind

    I dig it. Country is the new rock. Bernie
  3. "Not Secure"

    James, Kirk covered this expense…many thanks for your kindness! Let me look into what’s going on with PayPal! Bernie
  4. "Not Secure"

    We’ll, that’s awfully kind of you, Kirk! Maybe I can send you a prize for your donation? I have a “Dirty Dancing” gold record directly from Eric that comes with an autographed COA from the boss himself. Let me know if you’d like that. I’ll send you a private message with how to send the cash. Bernie
  5. "Not Secure"

    The EricCarmen.com Garage Sale used to pay for all of the costs associated with keeping website and Message Board up and running. But there are so few of us here now, that I fear that the effort would be a bust. Bernie
  6. "Not Secure"

  7. "Not Secure"

    $250 today. $200 each year. Seems on top of what I already pay for the hosting, they'd figure out some way to cover that since all websites should have it today. As Steve Martin famously said in The Jerk, "Ahhh. It's a profit deal!" Bernie
  8. Packing up mom’s house…

    Not fun. I had to do the same thing a couple of years ago, Lew. After everything was sorted out, there were a dozen or so boxes with her stuff left. I remember saying, that's it? Eight plus decades of a life crammed into a few boxes. It was sobering to say the least. Bernie
  9. Any way to enlarge this?

  10. Record Club of America presents:

    Groovy! Bernie
  11. Rolling Stone "Top 500 Songs" & NO Razzies

    Want a laugh? Check out their "Top 10." Bernie
  12. GATW cover

  13. I just heard that the walk-in music at Brian Wilson's concerts this summer features a cool surprise. Here's the track list: 1) Beach Baby - First Class 2) My World Fell Down - Sagittarius 3) I Live For the Sun - The Sunrays 4) Sunshine Girl - The Parade 5) Pale and Precious - Dukes of Stratosphere 6) Another Day Like Today - The Flame 7) New Yorks A Lonely Town - The Tradewinds 8) Cruisin' Music - Raspberries 9) Why Does Such A Pretty Girl Sing Such Sad Songs - Roy Wood 10) Baby, Baby It's You - The Group 11) See My Baby Jive - Roy Wood 12) Australia - Kinks 13) Humble Daisy - XTC 14) Standing In That Line - Sleeping Giant 15) Dear Brian - Chris Rainbow 16) Guess I'm Dumb - Glen Campbell 17) Wouldn't It Be Nice - Frida 18) Malibu U - Harper's Bizarre 19) California Home - Marc Eric 20) Thru Spray Colored Glasses - Dino, Desi, & Billy 21) Yellow Balloon - The Yellow Balloon Back a number of years ago when I worked with Britney Spears (before she was barefoot, smoking and pregnant—not necessarily in that order :-) she invited me to bring our daughter to one of her shows. I did and Cheryl got to meet her backstage. That was certainly a highlight for her. But the highlight for me was that they actually played "Tonight" in her "walk-in" music. I couldn't believe it! I'm not sure if Britney was a fan or if it was selected by some cool guy who programmed her pre-show music. Needless to say, I did get a kick out of all of those teenage girls in the audience getting to hear Raspberries that night! Bernie
  14. Norm MacDonald dies at 61

    Man, was he funny! RIP, Norm!
  15. The American Beetles…

    What is God's name is THIS?!?
  16. Michael Jackson performed in an EC song?

    Michael's voice is unmistakable at the end of this tune. Eric has a bunch of gold records from this version on his wall. Bernie

    My sincere condolences, Doreen. Bernie
  18. TR&R cover

    Has a "grab a six-pack" vibe. Bernie
  19. All By Myself reminiscent to…

    Never heard THAT one before! The only similarity I hear is that they're both done on piano. Bernie
  20. Article from Buckeyebeat…

    "I'll Hold Out My Hand" was never pressed. And I don't believe Oliver ever performed "Light The Way" on television. Bernie
  21. Starting Over mystery

    I think I may have had one, too. Bernie
  22. Best unknown gem

    Yup. He looks just like the pic on the album cover. But watch him play from 2:38 on! Dude could play! Bernie
  23. Best unknown gem

    Lots of great tracks on that album, Vinnie. Absolutely LOVE the double-tracked guitars at the end of this one—from 2:28 through the fade-out! He was quite a great player! Not as good as Mick. But really great! Bernie