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  1. Message Board Back Up

    Malware was detected at the EricCarmen.com Forum, which took a few days to clean up. Such a major pain in the butt. Anyway, we're back. Miss us? Bernie
  2. Message Board Back Up

    Good question. Need to look into it.
  3. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Yes on both counts. Barb on the dance floor. Rich on keyboards (and incredibly high lead vocals)! Bernie
  4. At VFW Hall in Willoughby, Ohio with Rich Spina and Billy Sullivan.
  5. GATW by Robbie Rist

    Not sure if Kirk ever posted this one, but I was just heard it myself. Raw, stripped down and damned fine if you ask me. Not to mention he's singing it in Eric's original key. Wow! Oh yeah, and he was Oliver in "The Brady Bunch." Bernie
  6. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Kirk, You can download it here: https://vimeo.com/564574611 Bernie
  7. Message Board Back Up

    Nah, it was just me who was being punished!
  8. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    I'll post it in "Ecstasy" later with a download link. The audio is out of sync, so will fix that as well. Bernie
  9. Groovy to the...

    Yes, of course! Bernie
  10. Go All The Way...with Jim Bonfanti!

    Billy has created a library of backing tracks, so he can sound like a small group of musicians when performing solo gigs. He is super talented!
  11. Hungry (for fries) Eyes?

    Good conceptual use of the song. Like it. Bernie
  12. Groovy to the...

    Passed by that landmark many times over the years.
  13. Anybody have this book?

    Looks like a print to order book. Never heard of it or the authors. Bernie
  14. I can find nothing

    Here's Henry Stadler with Jim Bonfanti sitting in on drums! Bernie
  15. I Saw The Light cover wow!

    Well done! A tour de force! One man on all instruments and vocals! Bernie
  16. The Nightbird interview

    I have that on LP! Bernie
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody

    Haha. Right.
  18. Similar artists to Raspberries

    Hey! Pezband's not on their list, but it would certainly be on mine as well! Bernie
  19. Similar artists to Raspberries

    Haha! I don't "dislike them. I just don't see why the press fawns over them so much versus Raspberries!
  20. If the Main Street Electrical Parade

    Haha. Nailed the description, Kirk! Bernie
  21. My goodness, where have I been! Sooooooo good. Bernie
  22. Bohemian Rhapsody

  23. Bohemian Rhapsody

    If you skip past the disco stuff (and there's a lot of it), you can find some Freddie solo gems. IMHO, his two best ("I Was Born To Love You" and "Made In Heaven") were re-recorded by Queen on their post-Freddie posthumous album Bernie
  24. Anybody know this guy...

    Just listened to a bunch of his songs on YouTube. Meh.
  25. Translator needed

    Sounds like the "Disney movie theme" version.