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  1. Raspberries Tribute Live in Japan

    Pretty impressive. Would love to see it! Bernie
  2. Pretty good synopsis...

    Roundhill currently owns Eric's catalog. Nice pic. Taken at Clive's house. Bernie
  3. Everybody's A Star

    I thought he was gonna sing the "Type 2 Diabetes" commercial jingle. He actually did a good job with that. Bernie
  4. Music Box ABM

    Very soothing... Bernie
  5. Dave consistently wrote some really good tunes. Here's a GREAT one from "Raspberries: Refreshed." Bernie
  6. Interesting topic and response...

    "If You Change Your Mind" is a GREAT one—and would be my pick for a Raspberries tune. But I guess I'd have to go with "Boats," if EC solo was in the mix. Bernie
  7. Go All The Way’s Historical Status?

    The promo 45 had mono/stereo versions. Bernie
  8. Ginger Baker dies

    Being one of the two guys in the rhythm section of a 3-piece band when the guitar player takes a solo is no easy task! Listen to any live Cream recording to see how incredible Baker and Bruce play in those situations! Just incomparable! Bernie
  9. Why was All By Myself such a big hit...?

    Yep. No secret. A theme that everyone can relate to. With a memorable melody sung memorably. Bernie
  10. Eric's opinion of Badfinger

    That EC quote might be from “Marathon Man,” but I’d need to check to confirm. Bernie
  11. Fess up, Bernie...

    Internet Message Boards are dead. While I applaud everyone's valiant efforts to keep this one going, it will probably be gone, too. That's just the way it is. https://medium.com/web-design-web-developer-magazine/internet-forums-are-generally-speaking-long-dead-dont-do-them-85031404fd6d Bernie
  12. Gotta respect

    An A for effort. Bernie
  13. Did this really happen?

    Trust me...never happened. This guy's off by a decade. Perhaps he attended "An Evening With Eric Carmen" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Bernie
  14. Your one stop Eric photo center

    95% of the pictures were images that I first uploaded here at EC.com—but there are at least two photos that I have never seen before. Bernie
  15. Eddie Money dies at 70

    Sad news. Bernie