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  1. Grumpy Cat dies

    A gold star to Larry for firing on all cylinders to keep this Message Board alive! Going the extra mile to add his thoughts to a Grumpy Cat post, of all things! Kudos, LC! Bernie
  2. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    He was so brilliant back then! Brilliant still, of course, but back then?!? Hoo boy! Bernie
  3. Raspberries Trading Cards

    The cards were Ken Sharp’s idea, and they did turn out VERY cool ( if I do say so myself)! Bernie
  4. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    And the maestro. Bernie
  5. I Can Hardly Believe...

    A great song! And a tough one for Eric to sing, which is probably why they cut it from their sets. Always loved how he could effortlessly go from that soft, sweet ballad voice to that rough and tumble loud scream. Just amazing! Bernie
  6. GATW "From The Fire" cover

    Solid. Bernie
  7. I saw that tweet by Eric on the Spotify fake artists. Real interesting (and disturbing) revelation. Seems the crooked music industry is just as crooked as ever. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bernie
  8. Tim Conway

    One of the greats! Bernie
  9. Paul Gilbert does "My Girl"

    Cool. Bernie
  10. "Midnight Special" 1975

    Obviously, the old guys running the TV networks thought those hideous effects were “hip” and “cool.” Bernie
  11. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Always loved "Alone Again Naturally." Bernie
  12. Rumor Mill

    True! A reunion (of sorts) did, indeed, take place! It was an AMAZING show! Bernie
  13. Susie, I was going to post something about this but you beat me to it! Actually, the guitar at the Met is one of Joan's touring guitars (different control knobs, one pickup) that she made while safeguarding Eric's original. I've read for over a decade that she has the original is a "safe," but I've never seen a recent picture of it. Hope she actually still has it. Bernie PS: Cool to see Eric's name in the description!