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  1. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    Still a big thing or two brewing...maybe Santa will offer up a clue. Bernie
  2. Change Of Heart Promo Poster

    Yep. Love seeing photo outtakes. And this poster is the only place to see this one. Bernie
  3. LC- thanks...

    Sometimes I would go literally 2-3 weeks between checking in on my OWN website and still not see a single post! So, yeah...thanks, LC! Bernie
  4. The End Of An Era

    Thanks, guys! I 'm surprised some of you still remember your passwords! Bernie
  5. Foolin' Myself

    GREAT song! Bernie
  6. The End Of An Era

    When I started this website two decades ago, I was just looking to bring other Eric Carmen fans (like myself) together under one roof. Guess what? It worked. Almost 3 million hits later, EricCarmen.com not only brought the fans together, we helped bring a band together. The original Raspberries played their last gig in November 1973. They reunited on November 26, 2004—and the rest is history. Sadly, the other thing that will be history, is this website's forum. It served its purpose, for sure. And over the years was the source of many heartfelt laughs, spirited arguments, indelible memories and long-lasting friendships. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...those are the places we visit daily. Not website message boards. So we'll be turning out the lights and locking up. On January 1, 2019, there'll be a streamlined EricCarmen.com—with content people look for on websites these days: biographical info, links to music, maybe an interview or two. But the EC.com Community here has served its purpose. So, pat yourself on your back. You deserve it. Here's to everyone who visited, participated, helped make something "They said would never happen"...happen. My thanks to all of you. Bernie
  7. Ecstacy guitar cover

    Not close enough. Bernie
  8. Raspberries on METV Music

    Cool! Bernie
  9. Island music

    He really knows his way around a power pop tune. Here he is fronting Enuff Z'Nuff a zillion years ago. Berni
  10. Hit Record lyric sheet at the Rock n Roll HOF

    Super cool! Bernie
  11. Marathon Man book

    There was a songbook in the works a decade or so ago, but fell by the wayside. So, no plans that I know of. But I do agree that it is an awesome idea! Bernie
  12. Island music

    Donnie Vie is supremely talented! He is the lead singer and primary songwriter from the great power pop group Enuff Z'Nuff! Not sure what this cover of "Let's Pretend" is from. I know I saw him do it live on occasion back in the early '90s. Anyhoo... don't judge him by this muddy attempt. Donnie has a new album out and it's excellent! Check out the track above. Bernie
  13. Raspberries on Sirius Beatles Channel

    Very cool! Bernie
  14. The Choir in November

    Looks like it was a GREAT time! Love seeing old friends! Bernie
  15. AT 40 July 1970 till January 1995

    A music time machine! Bernie