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  1. Raspberries - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

    I believe they would. Bernie
  2. Michele, No vintage videos for those songs exist, but a few of the band's reunion concerts were filmed for possible release and they did do "I Saw The Light." So, maybe one day for that one! "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" was not played during the reunion tour, so that one doesn't exist anywhere. Bernie
  3. GATW Ukele cover

    Haha. Not bad actually. Bernie
  4. Pop Art Live interview

    Good interview. Bernie
  5. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Was there video shot at the show for a DVD... Hmmm?!? Bernie
  6. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    I think this is the definitive LIVE recording of this band. And like everyone said, it just nails the excitement I felt in the audience and actually sounds better than the memory I have it in my head. While I would have preferred the original set list, Eric did tweak the song order a little. His logic was that when reviewers put the disc on, they'd be more apt to keep listening if the show started at full tilt and roared on from there. SO far, every review has been stellar, so he might have had good instincts there. The running order on the LP version will have a few additional tweaks, due to the limitations of how much fits on each side of a record. Bernie
  7. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Haha. Gord. Wonder how he’s doing? Bernie
  8. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    “Overnight Sensation” sounds mind-blowingly great! Bernie (Mind blown)
  9. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    Here's another surprise. Of course, as the band honed their act and continued to play more shows their voices and chops just got better and better. But on this first glorious night, their first appearance together in three decades, the band member who sang most flawlessly was Dave Smalley. Every single one of his songs is sung with precision. I know Dave was writing his tunes for his more limited vocal range, but when you get the live CD you'll see. He nails each and everyone of his songs and his voice sounds exactly like it did when they were first recorded. Amazing, Dave! Bernie
  10. Raspberries - Pop Art Live

    "Starting Over" from the new live CD is a standout GREAT track! Absolutely magical to hear Wally and Eric harmonizing on that one for the first time since the band broke up. Really had to hold back tears at the show and hearing it on the CD is a goosebump moment for sure! Bernie
  11. I Remember

    Ha. I didn't last that long... Bernie
  12. I Remember

    Kirk, I think his last tune was closer sounding to Eric and the boys than this one. Don't hear anything remotely similar here. Bernie
  13. Happy Birthday Kazumi

    Wish I knew what happened to Kazumi. She just disappeared years ago. Vanished without a trace! Bernie
  14. Foreign Language Versions of EC Songs?

    One of my favorite covers, Naeko! Bernie
  15. By popular demand...

    One of my Top 5 Eric Carmen ballads! Great rendition! Bravo, Naeko! Bernie