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  1. looked For the Choir and Found The Secret

    The Secret was pretty good. And always fun to see Wally rocking a beard. Bernie
  2. Boats Against the Current... at 40?

    LC, Not sure why some of those pictures are blank. Need to look into where they went. Thanks for reposting the link. Bernie
  3. Happy Valentines Day

    That's a new photo to me. Where'd you get it?!? Bernie
  4. 20 years of ericcarmen.com

  5. Paul McCartney "Dance Tonight" video

    Good news. We never have to hear the name "Chingy" again. Bernie
  6. ABM cover

    Not bad. Bernie
  7. BIG GUITAR SOLO! Bernie
  8. Al Jarreau dies

    Saw him live a few years ago. BIG talent. Bernie
  9. Wonder if Eric's attorneys are aware of this product? Bernie
  10. Raspberries comics

    Ha! Nice find, Kirk! Bernie
  11. Joan Jett Talks Eric's Guitar

    Susie, That's one of Joan's copies of Eric's guitar. The original had two humbucker pickups and a different configuration of knobs. Here's an early live video of Joan playing Eric's guitar. And a video of Eric playing that same guitar for comparison. Bernie
  12. The good, bad, and ugly

  13. "Sunrise" video, Larisa´s..

    Nice job on the video! Bernie
  14. Hungry Eyes female banjo

    Looks like the original video went private. Um. Until it goes public, I guess, there's this. Bernie
  15. Mary Tyler Moore - R.I.P.

    Such a great talent! Bernie