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  1. "American Top 40" October 1972

    Cool, Matt! I always wondered if that story was a fabrication of Capitol Records' publicity department? Bernie
  2. My High School Rock Band Made The Times Today!

    Haha! Just a website refresh! Thanks for reminding me. I had fun playing in that high school band! Bernie
  3. Happy Anniversary times two!

  4. Marty Balin dies at 76

    He had a great voice! RIP, Marty Balin! Bernie
  5. John Wicks (The Records) dies

    "Starry Eyes" is a tremendous song! RIP, John Wicks. Bernie
  6. Geoff Emerick dies at 72

    Agee. One of the men “behind” the Beatles’ success. Bernie
  7. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    The video director was like: "Hey, Steve. Get into another outfit and we'll shoot the same video for the second single as the one we shot for the first." Bernie
  8. Steve Perry "No Erasin'"

    For everyone excited about Steve Perry’s return to music, I’m sorry to report that his second single is worse than the first. Maybe he should have thought of reuniting with Neal Schon instead of going it alone. Or found better songwriters to collaborate with. Bernie
  9. Drum cove IDKWIW

    Hmmm. Bernie
  10. Prayers for Gene Cornish (Rascals)

    Yes! Bernie
  11. Lemons to Lemonade

    Proud to have been asked to design the cover for Ken’s latest Bernie
  12. From 'The Video Show' '74

    As you might expect, all of the clips used in the pre-concert video were properly licensed. Bernie
  13. John McCain dies

    A great, highly-principled public servant. RIP, sir! Bernie
  14. From 'The Video Show' '74

    Nice quality on this classic Raspberries promo film mucked up by cheesy color effects! Bernie
  15. Eric Sells Music Catalog

    We’re all working toward the same goal, Kirk. Work for most of your life and hope that there’s enough accumulated to enjoy the rest of your life. Bernie