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  1. Eric also played it on his solo Rock Hall show. And a bunch of times on the Ringo All-Starr Tour. Bernie
  2. NGFILA- night club version...

    Not bad. Bernie
  3. Eric and Hiroyuki Izuta

    Great! And love the old photo, too. Bernie
  4. Nobody Knows live Germany

    Kirk, I used Jim’s original reel-to-reel master tape (along with his home movies and memorabilia) for the “Live on Sunset Strip” bonus video. Bernie
  5. He did it

    When I made that CD box set of covers of Eric's songs sung by other performers for him as a birthday present years ago, I included every cover that I could find—most on vinyl or cassette tapes. Now, with the internet (and so many home recording artists) that set would be 200 CDs! Bernie
  6. Eric Carmen Japan Tour Anniversary Live 2019

    Would love to have seen that! Bernie
  7. Nobody Knows live Germany

    Armed Forces Radio Network. Bernie
  8. Is Eric still thinking about dates?...

    I was really looking forward to that event. No clue what happened. Bernie
  9. Acoustic cover ABM

    Very unique. Very emotional. Bernie
  10. Eric Carmen Japan Tour Anniversary Live 2019

    Well, that will be one special performance!!! Bernie
  11. Check out this commentary from QUORA

    Nope. All new to me! Bernie
  12. Another Moderator Larry!!!

    Yes. Welcome to the club, Larry! Bernie
  13. How good did Eric sound?

    Loved it! Bernie
  14. Lost 1976 "All By Myself" promo vid?

    Wish I could get my hands on the rest of that video. I wrote to the original poster but never got a reply. Bernie
  15. Not bad. Don't think I've ever heard this one before! Bernie