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  1. "Lyndhurst" Compressor

    Sounds pretty sweet, Billy. The guy doing the demo is getting some really great tone out of it. Looks like it's made by Bogner. I've been playing through one for a few years. Paul Sidoti hooked me up with his guy back when he was using them with Taylor Swift. I love the vintage Marshall-y ness of it. I've not found a better amp to remind me of what my Les Paul used to sound like when I was pushing air from a 100-watt Super Lead with 4x12 cabinets back in the day. Marshall hasn't made a good amp since the '70s. But this Bogner comes pretty close. Bernie
  2. Happy 13th anniversary of the Raspberries reunion

    Great times! Would have never thought it would have been possible...until it happened! Feel so fortunate to have seen so many shows. Bernie
  3. David Cassidy dies

    Terribly sad. One of my favorite singers. Really underrated because of the teenybopper thing. But, what a voice! RIP, David. Bernie
  4. Pop Art Live on Vinyl!

    My understanding is that these "Record Store Day" events (and special releases) are meant to support your local record shop, most of which have unfortunately closed for good. So, you should actually pop over and give them some love (and money) or soon they'll all be gone. Bernie
  5. Racy Go All The Way cover

    Not sure about the cover song, but the video has some merit. 😳 Bernie
  6. Tonight cover

    I like it. Bernie
  7. Might As Well cover

    Played and sung with passion! Love it! Bernie
  8. That's Rock and Roll cover

    Ha. Love it! Especially when the lead singer motions for the dude in the middle to change the lyrics page. His only job (as far as I can tell) seems to be to flip the page. Bernie
  9. Genius At Work

  10. Q&A With Eric: Pop Art Live

    Q&A ERIC CARMEN ON JOHN LENNON, RASPBERRIES GETTING BACK TOGETHER, FAVORITE COVERS, AND MORE By Darren Paltrowitz Having charted for the first time exactly 45 years ago in 1972, few artists have experienced a lengthy musical career like Eric Carmen. In the early 1970s, Carmen was the lead singer and principal songwriter of the Raspberries, who first hit it big with “Go All The Way.” More chart hits—including “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye,” “I Wanna Be With You,” “Let’s Pretend,” and “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)” — would follow before the Ohio-based group disbanded in 1975. 1976 brought the launch of Carmen’s solo career, and his first single “All By Myself” peaked at number two in the United States and number 12 in the United Kingdom. Massive success followed Carmen into the 1980s as he charted plenty more singles. 1987 was a major year for Carmen as his contribution to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, “Hungry Eyes,” went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Just a few years prior, his composition for the Footloose soundtrack, “Almost Paradise,” was also a radio staple around the world. Along the way, songs written by Carmen have been recorded by many key artists, including Celine Dion, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Frankie Valli, Diana Ross, Victoria Justice, and Eric Benét. In 2017, the catalog of Eric Carmen remains high in demand as new generations of music listeners have discovered his work. The Almost Famous soundtrack prominently featured “Go All The Way” in 2000. The same song was recorded by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs for their 2009 Under The Covers, Vol. 2 album, The Killers for the 2012 film Dark Shadows, and appears in the 2014 blockbuster film Guardians Of The Galaxy. Meanwhile, a 2004 reunion concert of the Raspberries, as recorded at the House Of Blues in Cleveland, is finally getting a proper release through Omnivore Recordings on August 18th. A 2-CD set, Pop Art Live finds founding members Carmen, Wally Bryson, David Smalley and Jim Bonfanti in top form. Pop Art Live also includes liner notes from filmmaker Cameron Crowe, Bernie Hogya, and Ken Sharp. Eric Carmen answered some Q&A for the Inquisitr about his past, present and future. The popularity of the Raspberries’ catalog increased substantially in the 1990s and 2000s, when the band wasn’t active. When did you first realize that your work with the Raspberries was influential to key artists? Eric Carmen: In 1974, when the band was recording our fourth album Starting Over at The Record Plant in New York, John Lennon was in the studio next to us producing, Harry Nilsson’s Pussycats album. John frequently would come by and stick his head in the door, while we were mixing and he later told me that he was “absolutely blown away by ‘Overnight Sensation'” and jokingly said that he and Ringo [Starr] were going to “do promotion.” That was certainly an amazing moment. Later on when Bruce Springsteen told me that while he was writing The River, all he listened to was Woody Guthrie and the Raspberries’ Greatest Hits, I began to realize our music was having an impact on some really great artists. Do you have a favorite Raspberries cover version? Not the Motley Crue version of “Tonight,” I would assume? Carmen: I enjoyed The Killers’ take on “Go All The Way” that appeared in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. For you, is there a favorite Raspberries song to perform live? Carmen: I enjoy them all. The band sounds very tight on "Pop Art Live." How much rehearsal was needed before performing this reunion concert in 2004? Carmen: We rehearsed on and off for about three months. Sometimes one or two of the band members weren’t available, so I would work with Paul Sidoti, Jennifer Lee, and Billy Sullivan on background vocals and string and horn parts. What was the impetus to reunite in 2004? Was it simply someone from House Of Blues reaching out? Carmen: Yes! The booker for the House Of Blues’ grand opening wanted to do something really special for Cleveland. His wife suggested, “Why don’t try to get the Raspberries to reunite?” He called Jim Bonfanti and Jim called me and we said, “If not now, when?” How did this working relationship with Omnivore Recordings come about? Carmen: I met Brad Rosenberger years ago when he was with Warner/Chappell Music Publishing. I was recording in L.A. in late 2013 with The Wondermints and Jeff Foskett and Ken Sharp brought Brad to the recording session. Brad had been sending me new Omnivore releases for years! I thought they were doing a wonderful job for their artists, so when this project came up, I thought Omnivore would be the perfect home for the recordings. Notably your voice has held up very well throughout your career. Do you do a lot of vocal warm-up? Or do a lot to take care of yourself? Carmen: I’ve never done any vocal warm ups, ever. As a matter of fact, I learned to sing playing three sets a night in smoky clubs. As luck would have it, my voice is best when it’s kind of blown out. "Pop Art Live" aside, what is coming up for you in your career? Do you have plans for any solo recordings? Carmen: I’ve been considering the possibility of performing again and I wouldn’t rule out making a new record. Is there something you wish more people knew about Eric Carmen? Carmen: I’m a very private person. If you want to know more about who I am, just listen to my music. Finally, Eric, any last words for the kids? Carmen: Dream big! —The Inquisitr, June 14, 2017 __________ Just found this one, so posting it. Enjoy! Bernie
  11. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    Raspberries Pop Art Live Omnivore Recordings I’m not sure why it took 13 years to release this, a but curious about that but anyway, on 11/26/04 the original Raspberries: Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, David Smalley an Jim Bonfanti took the stage at Cleveland’s (their hometown) House of Blues for the first time in 30 plus years. Of course all of the hits and then some are laid out here. It opens with “I Wanna Be With You” and ends with “Go All the Way” and in between you get to hear “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record),” “Tonight,” “Let’s Pretend” Some other faves include the country-ish “Should I Wait” and the rockin’ “Ecstasy.” In addition to those we’re treated to covers of the Beatles and the Who plus one of my favorite songs by another Cleveland band The Choir, “It’s Cold Outside” (Stiv Bators did an excellent cover of this tune as well). There’s nothing on here that you wouldn’t expect really. A classic band getting back together 30 years later to play their songs for a hometown crowd. The sound is excellent and the band sounds great (exquisite harmonies). A few different folks offer up liner notes one being Cameron Crowe who states that as a 15 year old kind he wormed his way into reviewing the Raspberries debut and it changed his life. Good to see that through the years the band isn’t just seen as some goofy 70’s pop band but as real players who wrote great songs and could compete with anybody at the time. The two disc 28-songs set is pretty damn terrific and aside from the cover art (who’s idea was that?!), this is a great package all the way around. —DaggerZine, October 17, 2017
  12. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    That last line of the review... Bernie
  13. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    The Raspberries Pop Art Live (Omnivore Recordings) Apparently, one’s enjoyment of this album—document of a 2004 reunion gig—is largely dependent on how closely one listens. On the surface, it’s flawlessly played and sung, and spine-tingling in its evocation of the band’s early ’70s heyday. Others, however, have carped about the post-production fixes (Autotune etc.) applied to the recording. Still, Pop Art Live is a lot of fun, and I’m grateful it exists. If one thinks of it as a studio album, a good case can be made that it’s superior to any of the Raspberries’ original albums. (The cover artwork sucks royally, though.) —MusScribe, October 7, 2017
  14. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    The Raspberries Pop Art Live (2 discs) Omnivore OVCD-229 Of course, some bands never change at all, and that can be okay too. 1970s power-pop heroes the Raspberries never changed, in significant part, because they broke up 40 years ago. Frontman Eric Carmen went on to a successful solo career, and that was that. Until 2005, when the four founding members of the band got together for a brief reunion tour, which opened at Cleveland’s House of Blues. That concert is captured on this recording, which is tons of fun. Carmen’s voice isn’t in the greatest shape, but the group’s harmonies are as tight as ever and the overall sound is very good. The Raspberries’ many fans will welcome this release into any library’s pop collection. —CD HotList, October 2, 2017
  15. Pop Art Live: Reviews

    Noteworthy Recent Albums ENCORE On the evening of the day after Thanksgiving 2004, the four original members of Raspberries, the band best known for its top-five paean to teenage hormones “Go All the Way,” inaugurated Cleveland’s House of Blues with their first concert in over 30 years. Had they phoned it in, the event might’ve sunk beneath the waters of Lethe. Instead, they played, sang, and interacted with the crowd as if they might never get the chance again. With Pop Art Live (Omnivore), that show finally takes hard-copy shape. But its hooks, harmonies, and inspired Beatles covers notwithstanding, the event feels somewhat anti-climactic, if only because similar versions of 19 of the 28 tracks have long been available on Live on Sunset Strip (Rykodisc’s document of an October 2005 Raspberries show). Will Pop Art’s superiority (more songs, fewer and smoother edits) end up kicking Sunset Strip to the curb? Probably. But that a competition even exists undercuts the fun. —A.O. —World Magazine, September 16, 2017