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  1. Does anybody know this band?

    Never heard of them but I like it. I don't really hear Raspberries...but plenty of Lennon and Badfinger. Maybe with a hint of Klaatu? Which is weird because Klaatu's first album came out a year AFTER this was released. Maybe Klaatu was influenced by Sleepy Hollow? Bernie
  2. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    I was asked to share these tour dates with the Forum for anyone interested: 2020 U.S. Tour Dates: Sunday, April 12, City Winery, Washington DC Monday, April 13, City Winery, Philadelphia, PA Wednesday, April 15, City Winery, New York, NY Thursday, April 16, City Winery, Boston, MA Sunday, April 19, City Winery, Chicago, IL Monday, April 20, City Winery, Nashville, TN Wednesday, April 22, City Winery, Atlanta, GA Friday, April 24, Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA Sunday, April 26, The Mint, Los Angeles, CA http://www.gilbertosullivan.co.uk/ Bernie
  3. Set List???

    No Stones songs were played on the reunion tour. But Raspberries certainly played ‘em before they hit it big. Bernie
  4. For our musicians amongst us...

    Now, isn't that cool? Bernie
  5. Nice drum cover GATW

    He's drumming, but who is playing on the rest of the song? Bernie
  6. More accolades for Mccartney...

    Count me out—and I'm a HUGE McCartney lover. I listened to it once, and have no desire to hear it again. Bernie
  7. Today article about our boy...

    There was a time in this country when every opinion was respected even if it differed from your own. I also applaud Eric for standing up for what he believes in. Bernie
  8. Pre Raspberries History Class

    Solid sources for his info. Bernie
  9. Eric’s CD appearances(most complete list ever?)

    “Rock Stops” was on Cool. I never made physical copies of anything I first posted here except for a small number of personal copies distributed to friends. I had plans to make CDs of “Never Say Die” but never did. All of the artwork for those EC.com promos were designed by me. Bernie
  10. Eric’s CD appearances(most complete list ever?)

    "Boardwalk Baby," along with a handful of others in the list were only available here at EC.com and were never pressed or officially released. Bernie
  11. The said it would never happen. They were wrong. Fifteen years ago today, Eric Carmen, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti blew the roof off of the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio with an unforgettable performance that was a dream come true for Raspberries fans all around the world. John Lennon once said, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." Thanks for dreaming with me. And helping make everything happen. Bernie
  12. See if you can find our boy on this list...

    MOJO's a pretty respected British music magazine, but even I wouldn't characterize "All By Myself" as an "Epic Rock Track!" Bernie
  13. Best Female Guitarists...

    That's actually a pretty spot on list! Bernie
  14. Heineken ABM Commercial

    Yep. That's a new one. Bernie
  15. Where the hell do these quotes come from?

    Weird. These quotes seem to be from a romance book where one of the characters is named "Eric Carmen," no relation to OUR Eric Carmen: TAKE ME WITH YOU Melyssa Winchester "Numbers. They’re significant. In my life each one meaning more than the one before it. Seven years. Two thousand, five hundred and fifty five days. That’s how long it’s been since I learned I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Five years. One thousand, seven hundred and twenty days. How long I’ve been in therapy because of it. One chance meeting. All it took for my world to be turned upside down and for me to learn that even in the worst human being, there’s a story to tell and sometimes, the cover to that story can be misleading. I’m Eric Carmen. She’s Amelia Evans and this is our story. The perfect storm." Bernie