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  1. Paul McCartney "Memory Almost Full"

    Paul had a couple of new tracks from his upcoming album released yesterday. Not instantly great to me...maybe I'll warm up to them after a few listens. Bernie
  2. Songwriters Hall Of Fame?

    Good question. He should be. Bernie
  3. Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of Oliver

    I like "Light The Way." Bernie
  4. Anthony Bourdain dead

    Tragic. Bernie
  5. The Choir in November

    Would be there, if not for my stepdaughter's wedding... Bernie
  6. Only if you're desperate

    Would sound better with 8 or 9 beers in me. Bernie
  7. John Miles does ABM

    Cool. Really nice to hear the guitar and piano solo recreated. Lovingly (and awesomely) done rendition! Bernie
  8. Janey Clewer "Only Time Will Tell"

    Naeko has the answers! πŸ‘ Bernie
  9. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    So...Annie's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 😜 Bernie
  10. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    I forget who made all of those little raspberry pins at the first reunion show, but I do remember Jim stuck one on his bass drum. And it’s still there! Bernie
  11. Boxer "By The Seat Of Our Pants"

    Some great music, for sure, Matt. And just before Paul Sidoti went on to fame and fortune with Taylor Swift! Bernie
  12. Raspberries in Rock Hall

    Opening today at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, is a special exhibit: "Stay Tuned: Rock on TV." Featured in the exhibit is something every Raspberries fan will be excited to see. The plaque reads: Jim Bonfanti of the Raspberries Bass Drum Ludwig Gift of Jim Bonfanti and Family Jim Bonfanti used this drum during the Raspberries' December 21, 1973 appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. Congrats, Jim! What an honor! Bernie
  13. BB King's Closing.....

    Passed by the other day. Sad. Bernie
  14. She Did It - Inspirational

  15. All For Love cover

    One of my absolute favorites! A Top 10 EC tune for me. Luis sorta loses steam on the last chorus when the song really soars! Oh well. Good try. Bernie