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    Anyone lucky enough to be posting when Eric was on every night has to count their blessings! He was open to answering any and all questions and his stories were legendary! Bernie
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    Have you noticed that a lot of the older posters drifting back here ?...Whether it’s Eric’s twitter activity or our members doggedness, I see a lot of postings by former members...I want to personally give Bernie a big thanks for keeping this thing alive and giving it another chance... Personally, I learned a lot more EC/Berries stuff in the past year than I had in a long time...
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    Nice fist bump from fellow Cleveland rocker Joe Walsh! Bernie
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    100%, Kirk. I'm sure I've told this story before. I was a big Eric Carmen fan. One day I heard some music that sounded good to my ear coming from my brother's bedroom. I opened the door and asked, "WHO is THAT?" To which he replied, "You idiot! This is the band that Eric Carmen was in before he went solo!" It was Raspberries' first album, and I immediately went out to find all four LPs and they became instant favorites of mine. Spring ahead several decades. I invite my brother to one of Raspberries' reunion shows at B.B. King's in NYC. I introduce my brother to Eric backstage. I tell Eric the story. My brother says, "Here is that exact album I was playing in my room when Bernie heard Raspberries for the first time. Can you sign it for me?" Eric grabs a sharpie and writes, "To Jim, if not for your impeccable taste in music, none of this would have happened. Eric Carmen." Bernie
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    Thank you to Bernie and our small band of EC.com loyalists who kept the home fires burning while the prodigals were exploring the world.
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    The said it would never happen. They were wrong. Fifteen years ago today, Eric Carmen, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti blew the roof off of the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio with an unforgettable performance that was a dream come true for Raspberries fans all around the world. John Lennon once said, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." Thanks for dreaming with me. And helping make everything happen. Bernie
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    This amazing Cleveland Plain Dealer news clipping from Cyrus Erie manager Don Ladanyi's mother's scrapbook pinpoints the exact day that Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson played on stage together for the first time—March 15, 1968 at the Chesterland Hullabaloo. A really remarkable bit of information! Wow! Bernie
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    Vinnie put up an interesting thread called "A Simple Question": Which catalog would you keep if you could have only one—Raspberries or Eric solo? I made a comment that Eric's output as a solo artist has been disappointing. James responded with this comment: "For me the lack of production between 1985 and today is a little confusing. But I´m not a music artist, and I´m for sure not Eric Carmen. They say creativity comes in quick spurts sometimes, sometimes longer "spurts"....and for people like Neil Diamond, the creativity never dies down. But not knowing Eric´s situation, his reasoning, etc, I try not to judge on this front, though sometimes I want to slap him and say PUT OUT SOME MUSIC, IT´S WHAT YOU DO!! : ) ....but that´s just me being ignorantly judgmental, and fan selfish." This topic is worthy of more discussion, but I didn't want to hijack Vinnie's thread. So let's chew on it a little bit—not in a way that criticizes, but in a way that analyzes. So... a few cents from me: James, I'm with you—the lack of production between 1985 and today is indeed confusing. And, as you imply with your all-caps note, frustrating. If any of us had that kind of production at our jobs, we wouldn't last too long! The Beatles put out more than 15 albums in nine years (U.S. releases). Bruce Springsteen has made 19 studio albums. Neil Young has issued nearly 40 and Paul McCartney more than 40, including Wings (but not Beatles). And my old friend John Stewart recorded upwards of 50 albums! (That includes his Kingston Trio work in the early 1960s all the way to 2008, when he died shortly after finishing a beautiful album called The Day the River Sang—the point being that you can't use "age" as a reason to slow down.) Eric was prolific with Raspberries, leading the charge in recording four albums from 1972 through 1974. Obviously, with other songwriters in the band, he had help. But still, on the four 'berries albums, he wrote or co-wrote 26 tunes in three years. After the breakup, Eric's output tapered off, but he did release five albums in 10 years (1975-1984). During that span, he wrote or co-wrote 40 songs—not quite the pace of his Raspberries days, but not bad. After 1985, he released one studio album, 1998's Winter Dreams (nine originals or co-writes, plus two covers). Yes, there were odds and ends, too. He released a couple of singles ("Hungry Eyes" and "Make Me Lose Control") in 1988-89, and we've enjoyed seeing a number of compilations, including The Essential, with one new song. And we've had two outstanding Raspberries live albums the past couple of decades. Plus, as we know from Bernie's Christmas offerings and various posts here, there are a number of unreleased EC songs floating in space. Heck, fans would have gobbled up anything Eric put out—a record of unreleased songs and rarities would have been most welcome. The trio of "Cindy in the Wind," "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea," and "Wild Wild Heart" alone would have made a nice foundation. But... the record shows Eric's catalog of studio albums over the past 35 years to be one release. I've had conversations about it with a few board members, and people are curious (not in a mean way) as to why Eric stopped writing. The reasons I've heard discussed or that I've speculated myself include: 1) He didn't need to write anymore after "All By Myself" became a royalty smash. When you're not "hungry," you lose some motivation. (The Springsteen and Neil Young examples, though, dampen that speculation. They keep making music because it's their art.) Bottom line: Maybe it was time to enjoy life and get out of the rat race. How many people would work if they didn't have to? 2) Or, maybe it's a matter of inspiration. You have to be inspired to create, or you're just mailing it in. If that's the case, it's actually good that Eric didn't "force" songs out there, just to do them. Get out while you're still playing at high level—like Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Andrew Luck in football. 3) Maybe Eric was tired of the music business, of pouring his art—and heart—into the creation of "new product" (as the marketing types see it)... only to be disappointed by under-promotion and lack of sales. I tend to think it's all of the above. And to drill deeper on #3: Eric has spoken honestly about the making of Boats Against the Current. As time goes on, I'm thinking the Boats experience was so draining, so hard, that it turned Eric off to music-making. Well-documented production hassles involving the erstwhile Gus Dudgeon, the budget, and the long delay had Eric feeling spent. At that point in time, 1977, he was coming off the great expectations of his smash solo debut. Boats turned out to be anything but clear sailing. After Boats, Eric pulled together a far less personal album, Change of Heart, and then rallied to get Tonight You're Mine out. But then he had to deal with a split from Arista. He landed at Geffen, where John Kalodner had him do some things he'd rather not have done (like, "Go home and rewrite 'Go All the Way'"). I don't think Eric loved the Geffen experience; not coincidentally, he took a few years off after that. He burst back onto the scene with Dirty Dancing, but that turned out to be a blip. In the 2000s, I had high hopes that the great Raspberries reunion would spark a new studio recording. At the time, I figured, "These old friends are having a ball playing their old songs.... They've gotta be writing some new things." But I was wrong. So, here we are in 2020. I'm thankful for what Eric did record during his music career, and the impact he made as leader of Raspberries—the architects of power pop. But I wonder how his output could essentially dry up—and I wonder what might have been if he'd felt inspired to write at least a couple of additional albums since 1985. Like James said, I'm not criticizing and I don't want to be "ignorantly judgmental" (good way to put it), because I don't know the inner workings. I'm just saying... when you love an artist's style and music, you just want more of it.
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    The Eric Carmen Band played "Go All The Way" at just about every show they played in 1975-1976. Eric also performed it at his "An Evening with Eric Carmen" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 2000. As well as on every show he played with Ringo's All-Starr Band that same year. Here's a prime example. Enjoy! ERIC CARMEN - THE BOTTOM LINE 4/3/76 - GO ALL THE WAY Bernie
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    Have to check on statute of limitations...
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    Even Bernie is posting more I like the vibe lately...
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    Just a reminder of how wickedly talented Scott McCarl was...here's a track—written, performed and sung by Scott—that was on the audition tape he sent to Eric to land him a job in Raspberries in 1973. The kid from Omaha, Nebraska had it. Scott also sent the tape to Todd Rundgren (among others), whose publisher rejected him saying "he sounds too much like John Lennon." Good thing Eric was looking for exactly that when he heard the tape! SCOTT McCARL - I HOPE - DEMO Bernie
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    Eric Carmen Birthday Live Part.2 Eric Carmen Birthday Live by Hiroyuki Izuta Date : Aug.18, 2019Place:Crawfish Akasaka Staring : Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之 (Vo/Pf) & M's Company   Maito(Eg/Key) Maru(Ag/Eg/Cho) Mai (Cho) Junya.K(Ba) Makoto.K(Ds) SET LIST ●First Stage 01. Sunrise 02. Overnight Sensaition(Hit Record) 03. Starting Over 04. All By Myself 05. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 06. That's Rock'n Roll 07. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 08. Go All The Way ●Second Stage 09. Love Is All That Matters (Izuta solo) 10. Almost Paradise (Izuta & Mai duet) 11. She Did It 12. Boat Against The Current 13. Marathon Man 14. Let’s Pretend 15. Tonight You’re Mine ●Third Stage 16. Desperate Fools Overture (Izuta & Maito) 17. Haven't We Come a Long Way 18. End of The World 19. Heaven Can Wait 20. Baby I Need Your Lovin 21. Change of Heart 22. Someday ●Encore 23. Hey Deanie 24. Go All The Way 25. Desperate Fools (Izuta & Maito)
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    Happy, Happy Birthday, Eric! Wishing you a fun filled day and a year of exciting adventures !!
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    Has she played "I'm A Rocker" before or is that your idea. If it is it's a good idea
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    Lew, When Lewisa left her life of suffering (Lew)..and entered a life of bliss (James), she wrote a poem to express her feelings about the situation. I was sneaking thru her diary and found it recently. It´s pretty brilliant, she´s got some talent, really. This poem is even more interesting in that like Eric Carmen derived ABM from Rachmaninoff, Lewisa derived her poem from the lyrics of one of Eric CARMEN´S greatest ballads. Anyway, a poem like this should not be buried and hidden from the world. It should be shared, so here it is: I´m thru with Lew, I´m thru with pain. Don´t wanna feel that way again. Over me, only JAMES will reign. ´cause if you´re gone for good, Lew, I´ll never be the same. I´ll live a life of physical pleasure, With the magician of my body, James. Lewisa, 2020 (introduction by James)
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    Wow! Did you guys hear what happened when Lew got to Panama? Lew tried to cross the moat. Rosie, deprived of food for 48 hours, attacked Lew as the theme from “Jaws” resonated in the background. Rosie choked on Lew’s…grass skirt, and decided cow fodder was not her thing. At this point, Lew thought he had a straight shot at James, only to be met by The Harem. Suddenly, Lew forgot why he went to Panama. Drinks were flowing, and Lew drifted off to sleep. When Lew awoke, he rolled over on his side, fully expecting to find the girl of his dreams. As he closed his eyes in anticipation of a big wet kiss, he couldn’t believe his luck- the juiciest kiss he ever experienced was laid on his lips by… Cato! As James and Lewissa sat there laughing, Lew tucked his tail between his legs and headed north, except he missed his turn off and ended up at Marvin’s house. Last anybody saw, Lew and Marvin were lamenting the Raspberries break up over B-52’s (the drink, not the group). If anybody has an update, please post it here!
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    Eric has told this story so many times over the years that even HE thinks it's true. But it is FAKE NEWS! In 1967, when Cyrus Erie released their first single on Epid Records, Eric chose the name "Raspberry Music Co." for his publishing rights. In 1969, when The Quick released their first single on Epic Records, Eric chose the name "Magic Raspberries Music Co." for his publishing rights. In the early '70s, Eric was asked in many interviews how he came up with name, "Raspberries," and he said the band was having trouble coming up with a name. His story goes that there was a character in the Little Rascals named Froggy who would always say, "Awww, Raspberries!" So when he suggested a name for the band that everyone hated he said in exasperation, "Awww, Raspberries!" And everyone said, why not? I did a little digging and discovered that the tractor company, Bucyrus-Erie that inspired the name Cyrus Erie was located on...drum roll, please...RASPBERRY STREET in Erie, PA! But when I told Eric about Bucyrus Erie's address, he told me that he had no idea they were located on Raspberry Street. And told me the Little Rascals story was what he remembered. My theory is that once Raspberries hit big, Eric needed a story on how the band came up with their name, and the tractor company story was not a particularly good one—so he concocted the Little Rascals one. So, I'm calling the Little Rascals story what it is..."FAKE NEWS!" Bernie
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    Matt, I love the chemistry between Louise and Eric in that clip I discovered and premiered here at EricCarmen.com! I gotta believe there weren't too many people who ever saw it as it only aired once on her TV show (that didn't really have big ratings). I found it on an old VHS tape sent to members of her fan club in '88. Bernie
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    Yes, Fanny is a beautiful song. Very nicely done on the video, Kyle! You made my day!
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    It might be my favorite Bee Gees song period! I actually did a multi tracked vocal cover a while back as I was that in love with the song! The brothers' harmonies are absolutely incredible on it. Fanny is another one from the Main Course album that blows me away with every listen.
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    Great post, LC. I don't want to try and get into Eric's head, but based on things he's said or intimated, I'll add the following to what LC said. Starting with the 'Boats' debacle, Eric and Clive's relationship was strained. Eric tried to do a 180 with 'Change of Heart', but the relationship had already soured. Eric followed that with the in-your-face-Clive-Davis album, 'Tonight You're Mine'- which is my favorite Eric solo album- and thus ended his contract with Clive and Arista. Eric's Geffen effort is probably my second favorite solo album, but, once again Eric found himself at odds with the label's stuffed shirts. One thing that cannot be ignored; regardless of the reasons, Eric's biggest hits were off his first solo album- he only broke through the top 20 once in the next four albums. How much did this affect Eric? The record label owners? The promotion department? The DJ's? I think by the end of 1985 Eric was pretty disillusioned with the music business. Suddenly, lightning strikes again when Jimmy Ienner approaches Eric to do 'Hungry Eyes', a #4 hit for Eric. Arista wants Eric to write a new tune for a 'best of' collection, the result being, 'Make Me Lose Control, a #3 hit for Eric. The future appears bright for Eric and the possibility of restarting his career. Except Clive wants Eric to do other peoples songs, not his own. And the songs they present to Clive he doesn't like for whatever reasons. The air is out of the balloon almost before it got off the ground. Almost a decade goes by and Eric has some new songs and a record deal in Japan where he gets to control his record. It's a lovely album of songs written by a matured Eric, but there is a paradigm shift in the music business. No longer are artists doing concerts to sell records, they're giving away records to get you to come to their concerts. Eric is married and has young children. Is a heavy concert schedule practical? Another shift in the music business sees the decline of the cd and an upswing in downloads. This adds yet another layer to the music scene- how to get your music out to the masses and make it profitable. The issue of investing money, time, and effort to produce a product that you're not even sure will reach your audience is not very appealing to Eric. The reunion shows were certainly fun for all of us, fans and band members alike, but we all know how that ended. And then, one dark and stormy night not too long ago, Eric wrote another new song to go with the 'Essential' release. He' still got it, of that there can be no doubt. Eric and Amy found each other shortly thereafter. Will Amy want to see her Rock Star husband perform? It might be the only way we get to see Eric play again. Which could lead to new music. Maybe. Or, maybe not. Where's my 8 ball...
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    A friend of mine posted this on Facebook...it’s a great chart to help you distinguish between, Coronavirus, cold, flu and allergies...
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    It would be the Berries for me. I played that greatest hits album TO DEATH throughout the 80’s when all their albums had been deleted and there was no internet to try and find them. Those songs got me through some otherwise barren times musically and some difficult times personally.
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    If it will help, please let her know we´ll give her a free monthly membership pass to the JH, if she sticks around. : )
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    I started to get arthritis in both thumb joints, about 4 years ago. Was concerned cuz I´m pretty young (physically) and could project it getting very bad through the years. So I started taking a natural product called Cats Claw that many say works for inflammation, including arthritis, ...and the arthritis is much better than it was at the start. Hopefully Wally is aware of this stuff. James
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    Hope Wally is feeling up to his guitar-shredding self soon...
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    When I see the ads I´m happy, as they must be bringing in $s to Bernie. On my screen they´re not overwhelming. In fact, from the ad promoting the site "Ukrainian ladies looking for husbands"....I added a couple new members to The James Harem!... : ) Everybody wins, it´s how business is supposed to work. P.S. Kirk, DON´T EVER POST THAT THREAD TITLE AGAIN....I was worried as heck a member or someone else important to this site had a HEART ATTACK!!!!....luckily it was just Kirk being paranoid. : ) James
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    Maybe that's where Eric is planning on moving...writing inspiration, anyone?
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    Yes, Lew has put in the time and work to keep this place lively I've told him how much I appreciate his efforts- take the day off Lew- Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks folk...The best part of being 66 is if you have dyslexia, you never get confused to how old you are...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.
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    Look who partied at the White House last night!
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    As posted by Eric Carmen on Twitter: "Backstage at The Greek Theater for the 30th Anniversary of Ringo Starr & the All Starr Band. L-R: Jim Keltner, Matt Sorum, Nils Lofgren, Eric Carmen, Joe Walsh, Wally Palmer, Ringo Starr, Richard Page, Edgar Winter and Benmont Tench. Great fun!"
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    It was 15th anniversary of Raspberries Reunion show! Raspberries Tribute Live has held in Japan!!! Raspberries Tribute Live Vol.1 Starring HIROYUKI IZUTA(伊豆田洋之) With M’s Company Date: Nov.26, 2019 Place: Crawfish AKASAKA (Tokyo, JAPAN) SET LIST 1st stage 1. I Wanna Be With You 2. Play On 3. I Can't Explain 4. Nobody Knows 5. Let's Pretend 6. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 7. Party's Over *Vo.M.Maruyama 8. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 9. Might As Well *Vo.M.Maruyama 10. It Seemed So Easy *Vo.M.Kitazawa 11. Baby's In Black * Vo. M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. If You Change Your Mind 13. Tonight 14. I Can Remember 2 nd stage 1. Starting Over 2. Last Dance *Vo.M.Maruyama 3. I Saw The Light 4. No Reply 5. When You Were With Me    * Vo.M.Maruyama 6. It's Cold Outside * Vo.M.Kitazawa 7. Should I Wait 8. Come Around And See Me *Vo.M.Maruyama 9. Makin' It Easy              *Vo.M.Maito & Mai 10. Ticket To Ride             *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 11. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak      *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. Ecstasy 13. I'm A Rocker 14. Go All The Way Encore I Wanna Be With You
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    I've never seen this photo! Elton John and Eric Carmen!!! John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen このウェブサイトについて pinterest.jp John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen in 2019 | Captain fantastic, Album,…
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    The makeup artist and stylist were probably told to try and make the 43 year old Valli look marketable to the disco era kids. This was 1977. I think the photo shoot crew was channeling Danny Terrio! I do like Frankie. I used to play the Four Seasons' Story album a lot. But... like many other famous vocalists who have attempted an EC penned "sad song", Valli fails, IMHO. He is in good company, but they fail. There is just something indescribable... an essence, a pitch, a tone that is so absolutely and soulfully pure and emotionally jam-packed when EC sings, that all the others lack. It is his song, and he has opened a vein and bled his personal pain on the page.
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    All for Love over SWM, hands down. No Hard Feelings? Way back when I was 18 or so, my dad and I went somewhere in my VW and I had the first solo album on 8-track in the car. I was going to turn it off, but he said to leave it on, which surprised me because he likes country music. Anyway, he did like it - but when it got toward the end of that long fade at the end of No Hard Feelings, he said, "Would somebody let that sonofabitch out already!"
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    Was watching an episode of The Voice tonight, and here was a young girl duo on the show that sang All By Myself. As they started singing, I didn't give much thought about how inappropriate it would be for a couple of young teen girls to sing "and making love was just for fun" until they sang "and breaking hearts was just for fun". I guess this song is in such demand to be sung, they will change the lyrics to do so.
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    One of my friend of E.C.F.C.Japan received a message from "Eric Carmen" on the FB messenger. The "Eric Carmen" request her some money to his "charity foundation". Then the "ERIC CARMEN" didn’t know much about Eric’s music. She felt suspicious about the “ERIC CARMEN”. So she asked me "Is Eric Carmen on FB?" I said "NO". She asked the "ERIC CARMEN"on the FB messenger, “You are not Eric Carmen, aren’t you?” and blocked the message immediately. Anyway FAKE ERIC CARMEN is here on FB. You should better to take precautions about FAKE ERIC CARMEN!!! FAKE ERIC CARMEN’s message I know you must be so amazed and shocked to get a text from me, trust me it's from me and I believe you know so well. I was messaging some of my loyal fans and I saw your comments and profile and I was thinking I can have a lovely conversation with you. Well can you support my charity foundation home well I think they need help from everyone that have the potential to help each other. OK can you still help them with the money.
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    I'll hear none of this "closing the board" talk.
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    I'd have to admit that this is the only website that I really feel safe posting on-Tammy Quick
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    Probably had something to do with you test fitting him for a grass skirt...
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    I take it is was the Crunchy style-
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    To celebrate the Milk Mustache Campaign's 25th Anniversary, Creative Director Bernie Hogya presents every milk ad in high resolution and in chronological order for the first time ever at www.MilkAdMan.com — which was your favorite?