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    1.Maneater2.Out of touch 3.Method of modern love4.Jingle bell rock5.Rich girl6.She's gone7.Sarah smile 8.Private eyes 9.I can't go for that 10.Say it isn't so11.Adult education
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    1.S.O.S.2.Fernando3.Mama Mia4.Dancing Queen5.Take a chance on me6.Honey,Honey7.Winner takes it all8.Happy new year 9.Watterloo 10.Does your mother know
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    Once again, it's not easy limiting to 10, but I was able to do 15: 1. Waterloo 2. Dancing Queen 3. Does Your Mother Know 4. Hey, Hey Helen 5. Winner Takes It All 6. Mama Mia 7. Knowing Me Knowing You 8. Why Did It Have To Be Me 9. When All Is Said And Done 10. S.O.S. 11. He Is Your Brother 12. Our Last Summer 13. The Name Of The Game 14. Thank You For The Music 15. Another Town, Another Train
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    I'm one of those who fell in love with the band in high school with the release of the first single and kept following when Eric went solo. I remember trying to win a Raspberries concert for my school-we lost- and finally getting to see them live when they came to town. Have to see if I can dig up the pictures
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    The band should make the name cool, no matter how goofy the name is. We forget how dumb some names are, ie: Beatles, KIss etc.....we forget because the bands have made those names cool by being attached to those names. I actually like Raspberries as a name, and will suspicion it did not hold their commercial success back. Just like the name "James" used to be considered nerdy when it was associated with dudes like James Bond, Jesse James, The James Gang etc. But when I rolled around, the name for some reason garnered a cool aura attached to it. Ok, please carry-on. : ) James
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    Good job with the Wally highlights LC! Pretty comprehensive, in and out of Raspberries. Here's my Wally top 10 (in no particular order): 1. Come Around And See Me 2. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 3. With You In My Life 4. Might As Well 5. Last Dance 6. Party's Over 7. When Is Your Dream 8. Rock n' Roll Kids 9. Name Of The Game 10. Come Back
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    Is this what we'd call a guilty pleasure? ABBA had such a perfect pop formula for the time for al the reasons you said. You couldn't avoid them on the radio. And you didn't necessarily change the station (thought with some songs, you couldn't help it...). Still, I love the first three singles below, and I like the next few, and mind the last few: 1. Dancing Queen. As ebullient of a pop song as there ever was. 2. Waterloo. I guess I could say the same about this earlier single. 3. Fernando. A cool international vibe. 4. I Do, I Do, I Do... The actual title has at least two more "I Dos." Kind of a cool pop tune, also with an international appeal. 5. Take a Chance on Me. Love the a cappella opening and bouncy melody. 6. SOS. Sort of a classical feel during the intro, then... pop heaven. 7. Knowing Me Knowing You. Catchy chorus lifts this one. 8 Name of the Game... although it's nowhere near the Wally Bryson (Fotomaker) song of the same name. 9. One of Us. 10. Chiquitita As for clunkers I tended to turn off, I'd say "Mama Mia" and "Super Trouper" and a few others didn't last long when I'd hear 'em come on. All this said, I don't know much ABBA beyond the hits (of which they had plenty!).
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    Rolling Stones top 10 (in no particular order): 1.Gimme Shelter 2. Honky Tonk Woman (am I the only one to put this in the top 10?) 3. Brown Sugar 4. Satisfaction 5. Angie 6. Beast of Burden 7. Tumbling Dice 8. You Can't Always Get What You Want 9. Jumpin' Jack Flash 10. It's Only Rock and Roll
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    Tony Burrows was sort of a rent-a-singer in the 1960s and '70s—it's his voice you hear on "Love Grows (Where My Rosemaray Goes)" by Edison Lighthouse, "Beach Baby" by First Class, "United We Stand" by Brotherhood of Man, and "Gimme Dat Ding" by The Pipkins, among others. He also fronted a group called Magic, which covered "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again" in 1976. Check it out in this video. I think it's a vintage production made to appear even more vintage—like a sort of '60s-era story-in-a-video thing, very British-looking. I'm not sure if that's Tony in the video — he looks different in every picture — but I don't think it is. I'm not sure if I like the cover, either. It pulls the song more into a bubblegum direction, when I'd rather hear it go the opposite way.
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    It´s ok Kirk, it´s the California in you. Fortunately we midwesterners have a work ethic, so you guys out west are covered. : )
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    HDN and HELP are definitely two different types of films. HDN is a mockumentary filmed very much in the French New Wave style. I adore this film! HELP is appropriately named. It features tour worn Beatles who are almost phoning in their lines. While still an excellent film, you can see that worldwide fame has taken its toll on our heroes. HELP lacks the energy and innocence of HDN, but that being said, it is a perfect documentation/snapshot of where the Beatles were at that point in their career.
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    I ♥️ movies. Film studies were part of my independent study college major. So many good ones out there, and depending on my mood, my list changes. I do like a good # of foreign films, too. Algiers Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Bonnie and Clyde Private Benjamin Bringing Up Baby Arsenic and Old Lace North By Northwest Bell, Book & Candle Dogma Breakfast At Tiffany's Philadelphia Story Elizabeth & sequel Golden Age The Bishop's Wife (original) Ferris Bueller's Day Off The Joy Luck Club The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover The Bicycle Thief Life Is Beautiful The Kid (Chaplin) Safety Last Last of the Mohicans Benny and Joon Das Boot Blues Brothers Moonstruck Wayne's World A Fish Called Wanda To Catch A Thief To Kill A Mockingbird Kill Bill l & ll Top Hat Herbie the Beetle movies Any classic Universal monster movie. Any OLD Our Gang (Hal Roach not MGM) 📽️🎥🎬🎞️
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    Another father/daughter duet that gives the Sinatra’s a run for their money...
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    I was going to post Something Stupid. My older sister bought the 45, and we played it and played it!!! Great song. Miss Sinatra also performed the song live on the Smothers Brothers show with her brother, Frank Jr. Another favorite duet, a Dylan song by Waylon & Johnny! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
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    Shoot, how´d we forget the 2 great duets by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease?...."Summer Lovin" and "You´re the one that I want". Both superb! And Shirley Jones singing "If I loved you" with Gordon McRae (I think that´s his name) in Carousel might be the greatest of them all ! James
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    I think the bohemian character of Michael Fitzsimmons in Peggy Sue Got Married perfectly states my opinion of Hemingway and Kerouac. Kerouac belongs on this list with Joyce and Fitzgerald; Hemingway does not. Funny that the character of Michael in Peggy Sue Got Married is of Irish descent. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
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    There's maybe about five of these that I haven't read, and a good number of them were in my mom's cirriculua for her various classes. I had the good fortune to have her expertise on hand. I remember her agonizing over class reading assignments over the years as she felt certain groups of students couldn't handle certain books. I also remember speed reading Grapes of Wrath the day before a test because I had blown it off to concentrate on my independent study project. Luckily, it was an easy read. 📖📘📚📙📗♥️
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    I am sure many of you will be surprised to know just how many records drummer Hal Blaine has actually played on. 5th Dimension Beach Boys Grass Roots David Cassidyand Monkees just to name a few. Here is the whole list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recordings_of_songs_Hal_Blaine_played_on
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    .....´s top 10. Another group I recently purchased a box set of their studio albums, so I have a lot to explore. I know ABBA isn´t so popular in the cool crowd, but those 2 guys wrote and produced at a sky high level for 10 years or so, and the girls could sing and perform their songs perfectly. Just a great pure pop group. Sometimes when you see the 2 dudes interviewed more recently, they kinda seem ashamed of ABBA. I see that with some other artists, actors etc. when they look back on some of their popular work, movies etc.....for some reason I don´t like when artists do that. Anyway, for now my list: 1. Winner takes it all....one of the best lead vocal jobs of all time, for me 2. Summer Night City....they actually rock hard on this one while not losing their tradition of great melodies 3. The name of the game....haunting harmonies if you listen closely 4. Does your mother know......this song couldn´t be released in today´s hyper uptight environment 5. Knowing Me, Knowing You 6. Dancing Queen 7. Fernando 8. Thank you for the music 9. S.O.S. 10.Waterloo
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    Craig, your list draws from way more albums than mine. It would be interesting to see what you (and James, Lew, and Vin too) consider the five best H&O albums.... and maybe your "bottom-of-the-barrel" clunker. My song list probably gives my album preferences away: 1. Voices 2. Abandoned Luncheonette 3. H2O 4. Bigger Than Both of Us 5. Private Eyes (And if counting solo, I'd have Sacred Songs at No. 2.) Clunker: Ooh Yeah
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    Wow—there's more love for Hall & Oates than I expected. James, great list... "Do What You Want" was in my Honorable Mentions, but I inexplicably cut it in moving things around. I'm restoring it. Vinnie, "Family Man" should also be on my list, so I'm revising. And "Dreamtime" is a great song, but I wasn't including solo numbers. If I were, I'd have to stretch my list to include "Dreamtime" and—even higher—four songs from his first solo album, Sacred Songs: • Survive — Maybe the best song he's written, "Survive" starts as a mid-tempo ballad that always reminded me of—are you ready?—Fresh-era Raspberries. Then it takes you through a surprising musical change at the bridge that reminds me of Starting Over-era Raspberries. If I merge my H&O and solo lists, "Survive" ends up at No. 1 or No. 2, depending on my mood. Seriously. • Why Was It So Easy. I think you'd all dig this one, but it's one of those songs that develops slowly. If you're patent , it pays off with a cool chorus. The Fripp influence is big on this one and the next.... • Without Tears. A heartbreak ballad that closes the album. "If there's one thing I've learned through the years/It's how to pour my heart out without tears." • Don't Leave Me Alone with Her. Thematically, it's along the lines of "Maneater" and "I Can't Go For That"—like anyone, Daryl has obviously mentally tortured by a woman or women. Anyway, it's a spunky rock number.) Lew, I'm surprised at your No. 1—"Private Eyes." I didn't give it enough love so I'm pulling out that CD to re-review. Man, they had a lot of hits in the 1970s and '80s. Craig, interesting that my tastes for H&O lean toward early albums, yours toward later albums with their peak middle period being the common ground. I'm psyched about that, because I see several songs on your list I'm going to check out, starting with "Promise Ain't Enough" above. (Good vid—love the look of the subject. Whew.) (Are we allowed to be that open anymore?) Anyway, thanks for the tips, all. Also, from your lists, I"m realizing that in making my list, I was being too dismissive of "Kiss on My List." Maybe I was feeling it was too saccharine, but hey, it's a great pop song... an uplifting number you just can't get out of your head. At the time (1980), H&O was sort of bubbling under, having enjoyed a few scattered hits in the 1970s, so, it was time to bust loose to the next level, and "Kiss on My List" was the vehicle that did it. So, I'm adding it to my Honorable Mentions.
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    Well.....I felt comfortable stopping at 25, though I do have honorable mentions. Lew mentions Private Eyes as his favorite. I like it too, but it didn't quite make my top 25. You can obviously see how much I like the later albums since 10 of my selections come after their last Top 40 hit. 1. She's Gone (Single Version - Rock n Soul Pt. 1) 2. Wait For Me (X-Static) 3. Rich Girl (Bigger Than Both Of Us) 4. Promise Ain't Enough (Marigold Sky) 5. Forever For You (Do It For Love) 6. Throw The Roses Away (Marigold Sky) 7. Sarah Smile (Daryl Hall & John Oates) 8. One On One (H2O) 9. So Close (Change Of Season) 10. It's A Laugh (Along The Red Ledge) 11. Heartbreak Time (Do It For Love) 12. Back Together Again (Bigger Than Both Of Us) 13. Do It For Love (Do It For Love) 14. Do What You Want, Be What You Are (Bigger Than Both Of Us) 15. Someday We'll Know (Do It For Love) 16. Out Of Touch (Big Bam Boom) 17. I Don't Want To Lose You (Along The Red Ledge) 18. Life's Too Short (Do It For Love) 19. Intuition (Do It For Love) 20. Say It Isn't So (Rock n Soul Pt. 1) 21. Everytime You Go Away (Voices) 22. You Make My Dreams (Voices) 23. Don't Hold Back Your Love (Change Of Season) 24. Out Of Touch (Big Bam Boom) 25. You've Lost That Lovin Feeling (Voices) I think the two that are a little more out of the box than the others are "Do What You Want....." (which I think is SO soulful and bluesy, that it's not hard to make the expressions of feeling and pain on your own face while listening), and "Intuition" which I think is a somewhat odd but very catchy tune. Honorable Mention goes to - Private Eyes, Give It Up (Old Habits), Had I Known You Better Then, Kiss On My List, How Does It Feel To Be Back and Out Of The Blue
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    My opinion is that their lack of success was all about image. From their name, to their dress, and the marketing in teen magazines. So as their manager, I would have attempted to get in between them and all that. Would have been very picky on interviews they did. None of that foolish "Who's the cutest..." contest crap either.
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    Heard "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" on METV Radio!! (99.3 FM in Bridgeport/Frankenmuth, Michigan BUT I am not sure what the call letters for that station is).
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    When you make a Wally Bryson playlist, it's a pretty impressive power pop experience. Check it out (all Raspberries songs unless otherwise noted): 1. Name of the Game (Fotomaker) 2. Come Back (Fotomaker) 3. Party's Over 4. Money Down 5. Don't Want to Say Goodbye 6. Might As Well 7. Come Around and See Me 8. Last Dance 9. When Is Your Dream 10. Lady K (Bryson Group) Honorable Mention: • Dry (Bryson Group) • With You in My Life • Hands on You • Golden Rule (Sittin' Ducks) The details: 1. Name of the Game (Fotomaker: Vis-a-Vis). Wally hit his stride on Fotomaker's Vis-a-Vis album. "Name of the Game" is rock'n'roll at its best, with Wally's best vocal performance. I love the building-up, building-up, building-up of the melody, and the way Wally sounds more and more irritated and menacing as it goes along, really letting loose. And... his guitar licks are as tasty as any he laid down on Raspberries records. And.... that moment where his voice segues into a guitar solo at 3:37 is spine-chilling. 2. Come Back (Fotomaker: Vis-a-Vis). Wally channels mid-1960s Beatles in this electric pop number. The killer hook, catchy chorus, and Wally's vocal are top-shelf. In some alternate universe where "power pop" officially became a thing a couple decades sooner, "Come Back" is a Top 10 chart hit. 3. Party's Over (Raspberries: Starting Over). Before Eric Carmen's "No Hard Feelings" came along, Wally summed up the Raspberries experience with all the requisite frustration and anger and unfulfilled promise. (Yes, it was a shame!) "Party's Over," with its opening cowbell, crunchy guitar, and pounding piano, sets the tone for the autobiographical lyric. And the guitar solo starting at 1:28 is Bryson at his best. 4. Money Down (Raspberries: Side 3). I know it's not the most politically correct lyric ("Let a woman think I got a heart of stone/I just wanna love 'em and leave 'em alone), but who cares? This is an eternally cool, slow--burning, crunchy rocker in the spirit of Free, with Wally giving an appropriately sneering vocal matching guitar licks. 5. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (Raspberries: Raspberries). Proof that when Eric and Wally worked together, the sky was the limit. An all-time power ballad that not enough people have heard. 6. Might as Well (Raspberries: Fresh). Feels like a lost track from the Beatles' Rubber Soul. 7. Come Around and See Me (Raspberries: Raspberries). This early 'berries number has aged extremely well. Co-written with Eric, it's got a beautiful little acoustic guitar intro that gives way to a catchy melody and innocent Wally vocal, with Eric doing a perfect harmony. You can totally understand how this track was a key in Capitol's bid to sign Raspberries. 8. Dry (Bryson Group: Dry): On the title track from Bryson Group's 2003 album, Jessie and Wally, singing lead and harmonies, channel Walrus-era John Lennon. This is an killer track and, again, worth seeking out. 9. Last Dance (Raspberries: Side 3): Love this song, with its blend of acoustic guitars, fiddle, and sweet harmonies. 10. When Is Your Dream (Raspberries: Refreshed): A Wally love song from the rare 2000 Refreshed (Carmen-less) Raspberries album. Features an arresting melody and distinctively 1960s feel. Honorable Mention: • Lady K (Bryson Group: Dry): It's worth seeking out this infectious pop number, the leadoff track on The Bryson's Group's Dry album. • With You in My Life (Raspberries: Raspberries): An innocent old pop number that's always felt to me like a paean to the Beatles' "When I'm 64." • Hands on You (Raspberries: Starting Over). It's easy to dismiss this Starting Over track as a throwaway, but I've always felt it was more than that, maybe because I first heard it in college, a time when you totally got it. • Golden Rule (Sittin' Ducks): Feels a little like a cross between the best southern rock and early-'70s FM rock. Look for it on YouTube—our own Paulie Mississippi posted it (search "Sittin' ducks bryson"). For those with a deep knowledge of Wally beyond 'berries, Fotomaker, and Bryson Group, are there any other Choir, Sittin' Ducks, Tattoo, or The Secret numbers that belong?
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    Just grabbed my one Fotomaker cd, and the disc is missing! Wanted to listen up to be able to rate Wally´s songs. Oh well, I´ll just do his Raspberries stuff. As opposed to Dave´s songs, I like every one Wally did for the group. 1. With you in my life - didn´t like it back in the day, today I see it almost as a pop masterpiece. 2. Might as Well - up there with Eric´s best stuff 3. Party´s Over - probably the most rockin Raspberries´ song, up there with any hard rock band´s stuff. So great. 4. Come around and see me 5. Last Dance - a really great song,..the fact it only comes in at 5 is testimony that Wally could write. 6. Money Down
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    It's quite possible that there has never been an album that left as immediate of an impact on me as this one. Just one listen and I was hooked. The only Raspberries song that I had ever heard was "I Wanna Be With You". I purchased this "Raspberries Best..." purely out of curiosity, and I probably wouldn't have had I not loved IWBWY so much. That moment when I spotted the cassette of Raspberries Best Feat Eric Carmen was one of those light bulb moments that I will never forget. I was shocked and maybe a little embarrassed that I had not known that Eric was the singer of the Raspberries tune.
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    Also Cheryl Ladd was in an episode of Happy Days in the first season in 1974.
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    The late Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith & Cheryl Stoppenmoor (Cheryl Ladd) all were in 1 episode of The Partridge Family!!
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    Came across this list. I don't have faith in it's accuracy, based on the fact that songs like "The Pina Colada Song" or "Afternoon Delight" don't appear anywhere. http://www.adhdrecords.com/rockandrollheaven/the-best-list/radios-most-played-songs-of-all-time/
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    Don’t forget...a song like Snowbird fits many different formats...Any station that plays, pop, country, , “lite” music or folk would play Snowbird, but only a couple of those stations would have Pina Colada on their Playlist...Afternoon Delight would have a better chance to crack some of those formats...
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    Did you guys know that beautiful Cheryl Ladd was the voice of Melody on Josie and the Pussycats? https://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/hanna-barberas-josie-and-the-pussycats-on-records/
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    Vinnie, I think Eric's retired from music. We had another thread about this recently where we discussed his output over the past 20 years (one new song), and there was the realization that, yes, Eric hung up the ol' piano. I hope we're wrong!
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    When I get around to making my list, it will be on mine. Another one that will be on mine that I haven't see yet is "It's All Over Now".
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    "Where Would We Be (Without Tea)" (from 2011 "Gilbertville") (cartoon music video)
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    I came to "Memory Motel" late also. A few years ago. It was one of the crowd favorites live they say. Found this live version of "Gimme Shelter"....very VERY bad ass:
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    Also, how the heck did I miss "Memory Motel"? This song escaped me up until now! Just checked it out on YouTube. Billy Preston plays on it. One of the You Tube visitors posted the credits for the song as: - First Lead Vocal & Piano: Mick Jagger - Second Lead Vocal & Electric Piano: Keith Richards - Electric Guitar: Harvey Mandel - Acoustic Guitar: Wayne Perkins - Bass: Bill Wyman - Drums: Charlie Watts - Synthesizer: Billy Preston - Backing Vocals: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Billy Preston
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    I really enjoy the really old Our Gang, and for the most part with the exception of a few of the snobby rich kid characters, The Gang is pretty democratic. The Gang members seem to see the other kids as just kids. They have adventures, play and live life in a pretty color blind manner. My favorite of all is Farina!!! 😊
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    Including The Euclid Beach Band song "I Need You" on the list (runs 11 minutes):
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    All good calls! Susie, you have a real country side that I don't think I recognized. Love the Waylon/Johnny you posted (and your double-duet comment got an LOL from me). And Anne, you have a soulful R&B side. I forgot about "Where Is the Love"—that's truly a great ballad. Lew, I'd never heard that Sedaka duet. Neil's voice sounds a bit like his daughter's, no? Also, can somebody humor me and watch the Dave Stewart/Colbie Caillet song I linked in the first post on this thread, and tell me it's not awesome? I haven't steered anyone wrong, have I? Turn out the lights, turn it up loud, listen to the lyrics, and keep your eyes on Colbie. She's the real deal. This song and the documentary from which it came elevated Dave Stewart in my eyes—he's also the real deal.
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    You guys named some great one's. Hard to top those but I will add: Almost Paradise by Ann Wilson & Mike Reno Don't Know Much by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville It's Only Love by Tina Turner & Bryan Adams Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Easy Lover by Phil Collins & Philp Bailey
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    I don´t like Frank Sinatra, he, to me, is fundamentally a mob guy. Having said that, his duet "Something Stupid" with his daughter was brilliant, and probably my fave of all time. Generally for me duets don´t work so well. Another that did work was Elton and Kiki Dee´s "Don´t go breakin my heart". James
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    AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search AFI 100 Years... series 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 Part of the AFI 100 Years… series, AFI's Greatest Movie Musicals is a list of the top musicals in American cinema. The list was unveiled by the American Film Institute at the Hollywood Bowl on September 3, 2006. Unlike most of the previous lists, it only includes 25 winners and was not presented in a televised program. The list[edit] # Film Year Studio 1 Singin' in the Rain 1952 MGM 2 West Side Story 1961 United Artists 3 The Wizard of Oz 1939 MGM 4 The Sound of Music 1965 20th Century Fox 5 Cabaret 1972 Allied Artists 6 Mary Poppins 1964 Disney 7 A Star Is Born 1954 Warner Bros. 8 My Fair Lady 1964 Warner Bros. 9 An American in Paris 1951 MGM 10 Meet Me in St. Louis 1944 MGM 11 The King and I 1956 20th Century Fox 12 Chicago 2002 Miramax 13 42nd Street 1933 Warner Bros. 14 All That Jazz 1979 20th Century Fox 15 Top Hat 1935 RKO 16 Funny Girl 1968 Columbia 17 The Band Wagon 1953 MGM 18 Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942 Warner Bros. 19 On the Town 1949 MGM 20 Grease 1978 Paramount 21 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 1954 MGM 22 Beauty and the Beast 1991 Disney 23 Guys and Dolls 1955 MGM 24 Show Boat 1936 Universal 25 Moulin Rouge! 2001 20th Century Fox External
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    "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973) & "Hair" (1979) also great movie musicals!!
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    ...but it´s not. It´s just the truth, and the best piece I´ve seen articulating what´s going on in the USA. I won´t argue here, I´d just ask everyone to read it. It´s brilliant: https://newdiscourses.com/2020/07/hurtling-toward-totalitarianism-call-action-defense-all-we-hold-dear/
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    I think they are strictly sticking to Beatles songs. It may be Come Together?