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    Back in 1997, I worked for an electronics company that was switching everything to a computer driven system, something I had zero interest in learning. The IT person came into my office and showed me some documents she had printed out for me from this website. She told me she always heard Eric Carmen music coming out of my office on my CD player, so she knew she had to find a way to convince me to get on board and teach me how to use the internet and she was quite correct by finding me EC info. So, without this website, I'd guessing I never learn to use the internet!!!! I cannot thank Bernie enough for the yeoman work he has put into this site, from the incredible articles and musical rarities to the message boards and so much more. I have met so many life long friends on here. When I heard about this change a little while ago from my longtime pal Kirk, I started jotting down some names that I wanted to mention that have become an integral part of my last twenty years, but I had to stop when I hit forty and still did not have them all, so I cannot go that route and risk forgetting someone. So, just let me say that some of my incredible memories from here include meeting friends from Ohio to Canada to New Zealand to Japan! Because of this site, I became part of fantasy sports leagues for the four major sports that are all named after the Raspberries or Eric Carmen, some that started thirteen years ago and are still active with Raspberries brothers and sisters. That became a major daily part of my life. Because of this site, I met my fantasy brothers Mitch, John (angelina), Beatle Jay (and his amazing wife Lisa), and Paulie Mississippi. Because of this site, I met the best guitar player in the land at a Wally Bryson solo show, my bud, Mike Miller, (MAM here) that plays on my newest record on many songs and hopefully, always will. Because of this site, I met my dear friend Seth Swirsky, who I speak to daily on the phone for the past six years about music, sports, and relationships. Because of this site, I met my long time brothers from other mothers, Marvin and Larry. Because of this site, my great pal Paulie started playing songs of mine like "Stephanie" and "One More Night" on his radio show, fulfilling a dream of mine as a musician. Because of this site, I formed magical friendships with people like Diane, Marlene, Gina (Berries Babe), Susie, and Kathy Lee. (I could go on and on, no disrespect to anyone, but I just need to streamline this to people I talk with regularly.) Because of this site, I got to see the Raspberries reunite!!!!!!! Because of this site, I got an email from Bernie in 2004 that said "Eric wants you to look over the Chicago advertising and radio spots and let him know if we are in the right places." I had to read that twice! Because of this site, Kay Bryson emailed me and thanked me for doing the legwork and invited me to the after show party to hang out with the band! Just like Kirk said above, I was at a hotel in Chicago and Jim and Eric saw me wearing a Blackhawks jacket and Jim said "you must be Blackhawkpat". If that wasn't enough, the craziest thing of all???? One very late night on here, Eric Carmen gave me songwriting advice, some things he told me that changed my writing.....and frankly, my life. WOW! I will never forget being in Cleveland on that first reunion show, meeting the band and afterwards running into Bernie and he had this glorious wide eyed look on his face and he said to me in a very loud volume, "Pat, do you believe it????? Do you believe what we ****** just saw????" Some nights, I still don't believe it, Bernie, but without you, my friend, none of the above happens, so a hearty thank you for not only being a friend, but giving us this message board, so all of the above could happen for me. I look forward to seeing what you add to the site in the future because whatever it will be, it will be great, because you are all class.
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    So much I want to say about what this board has meant to me....but the words just won't come right now. Much love to my wonderful EC.Com family. Bernie, you're the best!!! Thanks for everything!
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    Well, this is certainly a sad day, although I've been mourning the decline of the EC.com message board for awhile now. This site has given us everything Bernie mentioned and more; nothing could exceed the interaction we had with Eric and his music- the opportunity to hear his stories, learn about his music, and know more about the man who has given so many of us the soundtrack of our lives. It's no secret that Eric is my musical hero. When I found this website I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I'd found a home for all things Eric. So much so that this website has been my home page ever since. EC.com gave more than this fan could ever have hoped for. When the reunion concerts were happening and I was approaching the band for a picture, Eric yells out, "Kirk"! I went from fan to being on a first-name basis with my music idol. This is something that never would have happened if not for EC.com. And that's just one example of how this website changed my life So, although this decision saddens my heart, it is with gratitude that I thank Bernie for all of his efforts over the past 20 years. What a ride it has been. Just one more thing, Bernie- can we go out with a bang and have the biggest Santa Bernie ever? That would put an exclamation point on it! As I've always said to you, "Thanks for all you do." Make that 'heart felt' thanks! Kirk
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    Bernie, LC brings up a good point...if you are not dissuaded to close the message board from this outpouring of affection, would it be possible to archive it?
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    Thanks, guys! I 'm surprised some of you still remember your passwords! Bernie
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    When my school system was encouraging teachers to learn how to do all their routine tasks on the computer and introducing computer software for grades and grade books, I resisted. My husband decided it was time to connect to the internet, but I didn't want any part of it. In an effort to convince me, he carted me off to the public library and began a demonstration. I wasn't one bit enthusiastic. In desperation, he typed "Eric Carmen" in the search bar and UP popped "Raspbernie"'s website, EricCarmen.com. All these years, adoring Raspberries and Eric music in isolation, I had no idea there was a whole website dedicated to it. Several hours later, I was still happily entranced at the computer, and when Herman said "Let's go home," my reply was "How quickly can we get connected to the internet?" I was a brand new member of EC.com in short order, and in rock and roll Heaven! I still thought "Raspbernie" was some guy probably out in California and was absolutely bowled over when standing in line to see Eric's first performance onstage after 16 years, to meet Bernie and Ken Sharp in line in New Brunswick and find out that "Raspbernie" had only lived a few miles from me all this time. Having harbored and dream and absolute belief that Raspberries would reunite, even when everyone laughed at me and said "Yeah, right!" , I watched in amazement as the membership and events on this website grew and it evolved and became the engine by which "the dream" became reality. Late night chats with Eric and Jim and so many EC.com friends were amazing events. Becoming connected to those who knew and recognized the "magic" of the music was an honor and a privilege, not to mention becoming friends with Bernie and truly getting to know Eric and the guys, and finally being able to TELL them how much their music meant to us all these years and THANK them for being the sountrack of our lives. This labor of love is unique--there will never be another like it--and I thank "Raspbernie" from the bottom of my heart for helping us all live the dream. The community forum may fade, but the music that bound us all together will remain forever, and the experiences and love shared here will remain forever inscribed in our hearts. As our beautiful Susie Bouvier said, "If the reunion can happen, then Hall of Fame will too," and she's right. She suggested a "homecoming" of our members and friends before the forum fades into history. I think that would be a fitting tribute to this labor of love. Thank you, "Raspbernie," for this magnificent gift. Because of you, we are no longer islands, but will be connected forever. With much love, Dar
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    Please allow me a few moments to step out of the Lew Bundles character for a minute(I will jump back in character later in other threads, but for now, from my “real” heart)...In April of this year, my dad passed away...He had spent the last year or two in and out of hospitals, but nothing was ever serious enough to question his mortality...Then, with no warning, he died...That morning was a tough one...No matter how old you are, you are never prepared for this eventuality...It hurt then and still does now...I remember, that on the evening of the day he passed, I was home, alone, as my girlfriend was out of the country and my family members were at their own houses, settling in the best they could...I remember the feeling of despair as I clicked on my computer looking for that tonic that would block the pain for a minute or two...That elixir was ec.com...I had been an absent poster for some time, but never an abandoned reader...That particular evening, I binged on old back threads, hoping for a reason to carry on...Bernie -just seeing the names of people I had met, never met and interfaced with, provided me with a sense of euphoria that helped me wade through my personal pain...Re-reading threads, posts, arguments, insults, jabs and general frivolity, brought me to the conclusion that happiness and comfort can be found in the strangest places...For me, ec.com was just that place...I debated whether to post of my dad’s passing or not, but there seemed to be a new roster of posters who may not have known who Lew Bundles was or even cared...But, just the calendar rewinding to the Sweet thread and all its sidebars(the invasion of their message forum, the imprisonment of Lew and the funniest post ever, Bernie’s picture of Obama with a “Free Lew” t-shirt) was enough to put a smile on my face, a tear to my eye and and the realization that there is a world out there, that through its sheer existence, could alter the state of my psyche at such a critical time... For all of us, it’s a blessing that we all seem to appreciate and hope will be there forever...But the key word is US...Bernie, I apologize if I have let you down, but there is a “we” here...and a powerful “we”...There is substance here that has been a remarkable positive force in our lives, and my personal loss has given me a clarity to realize to cherish some of the simpler things and appreciate them while they are still here to be enjoyed...Bernie, you stated that the message board has run its course...I, for one, know that just a few short months ago, it proved, for me to be a most valuable commodity still...If there is anything I can do to keep this forum alive, I.e.,money, time, commitment, then pencil me in...I owe all of you a debt of gratitude I can never repay, but God knows, I am willing to try...Thanx, from the heart, Dave Gallo...
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    Oh Bernie, this is such excruciatingly sad news. You know, I can honestly say, that I’ve had more fun and gained more musical knowledge here at EricCarmen.com, not only about Eric😍, but about music in general, than any other website I’ve ever visited. And it certainly wasn’t only about the music. I learned here that it’s never a bad thing to love and to be passionate about things you truly believe in. I also learned lots of life lessons here, and I’m realizing more and more, that the years I was active here, actually helped me to evolve on a personal level, into more of my authentic self...I gained the courage to follow my heart. I’d give up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, to get back to the atmosphere of musical comeraderie and passion of like-minded music lovers, like it was here, around the time I joined back in 2008. I may have been late to the party, but the those years and times that followed, were like being at the best party ever...right from the comfort of home!! I’ll never forget many of the awesome individuals that I grew to know and love here, and I’ll always be indebted to Duane, for introducing me to this site. Eric Carmen, the man and the music, will forever be a favorite of mine, and it was beyond wonderful getting to know him and his stellar library of musical works, on an intimate, up-close and personal level. Bernie, I’m with some of the others, if there is any way the Community forum section and threads could be archived, it would mean more to me than you could ever know. Like my wonderful friend LC, has mentioned, If I could continue to access and read the threads, it would be like revisiting some of the the glory days here, and to have a place where I could go, and be able to hop back on to the most fun-fillled, exciting musical knowledge ride that I’ve ever been on! And what a ride it has been, Bernie. I will always be indebted to you for all the endless work, blood, sweat and tears that you’ve sacrificed all these years, to bring all of us a truly exceptional website. Words can’t express the thanks I have for the memories to you, Eric, and all the members here, for truly bringing me some of the best moments of my life, on or off the internet. As difficult as it is to do this, as it’s like a little part of me is dying, I think it’s only fitting to close here with a verse from Eric’s, “Boats Against The Current”...A song, along with its beautifully haunting and poetic lyrics, that is, in my opinion, one of the very best pieces of music that has ever been written: “I know it’s over You know it’s over We’re just goin’ through the motions But we’re sailin’ separate oceans, world’s apart ...And you know it’s breaking my heart”💔 Love, Elle
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    Hoping we can work some magic to save the message board. Thanking Eric for creating the music which bonded our souls and Bernie for creating the site that bonded our hearts. 😘
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    There was a short while where I was putting up threads where I'd post two versions of the same song by different groups ("Roll Over Beethoven" by the Beatles and ELO was one of them, I remember), and they were great fun. In January 2009, Tim From Wisconsin joined in the fun and put up the best one yet—a pairing that resulted in the most bizarre and fun and riotous thread ever at EC.com: "Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC." Eric himself posted quickly with: "I don't even have to listen to it. Joan Jett. Joan's authentic. Sweet were silly Led Zep wannabes. I toured with them, and they were a bunch of wankers." Classic! And then John P brought up a passage from a book where Sweet trashed Eric about piano sound checks on a long-ago tour. Eric hadn't seen the passage, but once he did, this he set the record straight—and this thread was off to the races. A Sweet fan using the name Panasonicq came on to defend his heroes (page 2) and suggested, "Let the dust settle." No chance. The thread came alive with: • Sweet vs. EC/Raspberries debates • a host of Sweet fans infiltrating EC.com • Lew Bundles leading a charge of EC.com posters to the Sweet fan site bulletin board • dust-ups an skirmishes between longtime EC.com members • and, overall, volumes of hilarity. (It turns out that John P knew Panasonicq, the main Sweet protagonist, from years earlier, as we find out on page 16, so that's maybe were the back-and-forth started.) After 16 pages, Bernie closed the thread with, "Okay... ready to move on? It's time." (Bernie, those were prophetic words, as they could apply this month to the whole Community, right?)
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    Oh, man... This is truly sad news. Say it ain't so, Bernie. In fact, can you reconsider? What if we all promised to come by and post every week? I have a little Catholic guilt here—I had so much fun on EC.com for so many years. I discovered it around 2001 when I stumbled across an interview I did with Eric that was published in, like, 1988 (Dirty Dancing era) and that miraculously appeared on the relatively new Internet thing. I joined the message board not long after, and in the years that followed, I had lots of fun (and some aggravation—who can forget those passionate arguments with the neo-conservatives here? Without this site, there wouldn't have been a Raspberries reunion—we all know that to be true. And during that span, 2004 through 2009, the sporadic reunion shows fueled this site. So did the talk of Eric Carmen solo tours. And so did the frequent appearance here of Eric himself, who always posted heady and articulate material on everything from music to cars to politics to books—and even Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. As the years "kept slippin' away," the Raspberries reunion fizzled, the talk of EC solo shows subsided, and the lure of Facebook and Twitter seemed to pull people away. So too did life, I'm sure, for many of us. Work and families and our increasingly complicated lifestyle demand more time than ever. For me, I know that just having a cellphone with me at all times means my work is with me at all times—who can punch out anymore? And with a daughter in college and another just a couple years away, well, I tend to take on as much work as I can get. So, I do feel a little guilty for being part of the one-time regular crew that dissipated over the years. Bernie, old friend, I don't blame you for shutting and locking the doors. But... can we have a reprieve of a few months? I"m not joking—I literally want to go through and read lots of posts that I loved here. In fact, it's something I actually have done every once in a while—binge-reading at EC.com. I'd come in and nose around and see where the thread take me, and two or three hours would go by, and I"d have to move, but would enjoy the memories. And yes, there are so many great memories here! Bernie, you rock for even starting this site in the first place, and for upkeeping it all these years.. Sincere and hearty thanks!
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    Thanks, Raspbernie!!! Matt
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    Twitter, nor facebook, nor any social media........could, or can, ever hold a candle to this message board. Very sad news, maybe necessary, but still, I got a little choked up reading Bernie´s initial post here. I made a lot of friends here. If Bernie, or any of you guys ever need something, don´t hesitate to ask, you´ve got a friend in James. My e-mail address is jjentgen@fostrian.com. Viva Ec.com !! :-)
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    Wow... As I've mentioned over the years, I was so internet impaired that when I found the EC website I thought the main page was it! For years I would check out the main page not being aware that I could push another button and find other pages, and of course the message board. I joined the board late in 2004 right before the reunion action. I have met so many wonderful people!! I'm sure I'll expound more before the new year. Much love to my friend Bernie! Tim
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    Bernie you started a great thing here. I will forever be grateful for you and your website. I won a contest many years ago on "Weekend at Bernie's" putting a funny remark under a picture taken from the party. Now it would be a meme I guess. I won a personal autographed picture from E.C. to me. I also met wonderful people and got closer to one of my favorite artists. I hope to still be in touch with everyone here on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Love to all of you. Sincerely, Terry Bohannon aka, Foolin' Myself (my favorite E.C. song still since 1980.
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    As somone once said - "love is all that matters." Know this site was created by a loving spirit. I had a blast here and wish you and yours every happiness in this lifetime and beyond. Mary Ellen 😘
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    Thank you Bernie it has been so much fun ! I wish it could go on and I wish I had found you sooner. It's been a blast !
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    Still a big thing or two brewing...maybe Santa will offer up a clue. Bernie
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    Wow. Very sad news indeed. I count this site as one of the most precious things that I discovered in my lifetime. Back in the days when I thought I might be the only Eric Carmen fan in the world, I found this site. It's still a daily stop for me. Just like all those days when I walked into record stores and went directly to the E's to see, if by chance, I'd find something new by Eric, I still log on here daily to see, if by chance, I'll find some exciting news. I've have had tremendous enjoyment over the years reading the discussions, and learning SO much about Raspberries, Eric, and music in general. Though I do understand that there is much work and cost involved in keeping it going, I would never want to see it go. There are so many wonderful people I've met here, and wish I could thank every one of them if I could. Most of all, thank you Bernie for making my world a better place.
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    Truly the end of an era. Although I haven't posted often, I've continued to check and see what's up. My thanks and appreciation to Bernie for the love and effort he's always put into this site. May your life be good.
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    When I joined this forum in 2006 little did I (and Muzza) realise just what it would lead to. Through the interactions of the people here we got to know (and meet) many great people and even attend the last WAB which turned out to also be Eric's birthday party. Muzza and I will be forever grateful for this forum and the people who made it what it became. Because of the generosity of so many people here we have been able to make 5 trips to the USA, stay with many and experience their generosity, families and day to day life which is very different to ours. Some of the lasting memories are the Soda shoppe (and Sugar), the Hayride and Hoedown, and the Prom! Other moments were Kholvn telling his stories and the many competitions. Of course attending WAB, Lew and Tunesy in their grass skirts, Jim, Barb, Eric, Suzy and Al arriving while many were watching the Sunset Strip DVD and us receiving our copy personally from Eric and Jim. What more could a gal from New Zealand wish for than to meet her teenage idol in person! SO..... thank you Bernie for all you did to bring very diverse people together in a way which brought so much satisfaction and enabled us all to feel like one big family! We will never forget the joy and opportunities that came because of EC.Com. Kiwi and Muzza
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    I've been meaning to say this for awhile, but I want to make sure I get this in. As I have gotten older, what an amazing song "Foolin' Myself" has become to my ears! Oh, I always liked it, no doubts there, but it has zoomed up the ladder to one of my favorites by Eric. Don't know if it is because I lived it awhile ago or my ears have gotten more mature, but just incredible!
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    Choked up again. I never thought that would happen by a Lew Bundles post. Usually the complete opposite reaction.
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    Agree with James. Yes, I have a Facebook account too, but none of the other social media outlets compare to this site. And, yes I also got choked up.
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    For those of us who admired the compositions, performances, and creativity of music's all-time underrated band, Raspberries, and leader Eric Carmen, the mere appearance of this site was a kick. And when Eric himself joined in the fun on the bulletin board, it was even more of a thrill. The "personal touch" of an artist we've spent hundreds or thousands of hours listening to made the board a must-visit place for quite a while. Among the most memorable threads started by Eric was one that turned up on March 10, 2006: "A Short History of the Popular Song, or, Why Today's Music Sucks (Mostly)." Pure gold! Why? Because Eric dug in on his inspirations and recited influences that were more broad that some of us may have known. Yes, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Small Faces, and the Who are well-known as Raspberries influences. But it was enlightening to read about the inspiration Eric drew from Hoagy Carmichael, the Gershwins, and Cole Porter, and how those luminaries influenced others who inspired Lennon & McCartney, Brian Wilson, and other '60s songwriters. From Eric: "The golden age of the song gave way to the golden age of the technical virtuoso. First it was guitar solos (Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Page) then it was any instrument (Ian Anderson, Jim Capaldi etc.). Music was now based on a "riff" rather than a song. A great song is much harder to write than a great riff, so this development encouraged a million lesser talents who couldn't write a great song, but could play a guitar lick ala Jimmy Page, to start bands. The last decade of really good songwriting was the 70's as the musical offspring of the Beatles, Dylan, Who, Beach Boys, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, etc. who were also THE LAST GENERATION TO BE BORN AT THE END OF THE 40's AND TO HAVE ACTUALLY GROWN UP HEARING ALL THOSE GREAT SONGS ON THE RADIO IN THEIR PARENTS HOMES stepped up to the plate. " And that's just in the thread-opening comment. Eight pages of musical discussion followed. It's fun to see some of the old regulars chime in with comments: Mellie, Ira, Skip from St. Paul, Pierson, Bob, Mymooladi, Seattlesteve, Paul Davie, MAM, PaulMaul, Trindy (remember Trindy?—really intelligent), and many others. Ultimately, this type of thread became the essence of the bulletin board's glory years—just good music discussion. And at the core: quality music. As Eric wrote: "Here's my test for determining if a song is good or not. Sit down with an acoustic guitar or at the piano and play the song. If it doesn't work with one voice and one instrument, then it's not a good song. Period. Everything that happens after that is just icing on the cake. It has to work without the icing."
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    Good stuff LC. Thank you. The Sweet stuff was a brilliant moment in time. The stars came together on that thread. And RE: Lew, I´ll still take Lew´s posts on EC.Com as the funniest/best humor I´ve experienced anywhere, anytime....tv, film, stand-up. Lew´s stuff was the best. But, sadly, he could never hold on to Lewisa,....it´s NOT my fault that I´ve got it, and Lew, well...... :-)
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    Craig, I know you're one of the die-hards and one of the few that are still regulars here, but I've got to tell you something- you need to look in the "C" section to find new stuff from Eric! LOL!!
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    Ok, I’m back! Thanks Bernie for putting this all together, getting me addicted to the forum, Shaming, err, convincing the guys to reunite, and changing history! Oh, and thanks for this April Fools joke about shutting down the community! Really funny! But kind of cruel...Lew Bundles might not get it...😧
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    LobsterLvr Dave started a thread in 2013 called "Renaming the Raspberries." It obviously got Eric thinking, because he decided to start an all-time great threat that he called "Hindsight, Band Names, Labels, Success, Failure, Democracy, and Entitlement." The title is a bit of a mouthful, but as you can tell, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the history of Raspberries, which is what Eric gave us in a series of posts within the thread. It's especially cool for anyone who has bemoaned the Carmen-vs.-Bryson "friendly fire" that we all know about. Why? Because Eric gives us this visual snapshot of maybe the following key moment leading up to Raspberries. It's from a night when he was watching The Choir (a hot act because of the success of the single "It's Cold Outside") and dreaming about getting his foot into that door: "...[w]hen I saw Wally playing that Rickenbacker 12 string, while chewing a big wad of gum, and just generally being a complete "badass," I recognized that he and I could be that perfect "Yin and Yang" combination, if only I could get into the band." We also get Eric reminiscing about he and Jim Bonfanti would spend hours plotting out the course of this new band in development, Raspberries. The thread is only six pages, but as you go through it, you'll see lots of Eric recollections from Raspberries' early days and later days (it was such a short span of time, really) and into his early solo work. He points out how the dissolution of Raspberries allowed him to record songs that reflected influences that might have been more repressed if the band had stayed together. The Beach Boys-inspired "My Girl" is one example.... He later gets into his Geffen record. "You Took Me All the Way" came up—Geffen's request for a "Go All the Way" rewrite. I really found the talk about the 'berries' steamy "All Through the Night" to be interesting. I don't remember being put off by the song. Well, I listened to it a lot in college and dug it—not as a way to live or to treat women, but as a sort of teenagers' primal scream, a fantasy that's nothing more than a story in a song (albeit a story we don't condone). Then I read a post in this thread written by a member named KkH, and it's one to remember. KkH was mental health counselor and told a story of a groupie in the 1970s who had a life-changing encounter with an unnamed mega-popular band of the era. Sad story... Anyway, lots of Raspberries nuggets in this thread.
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    When I started this website two decades ago, I was just looking to bring other Eric Carmen fans (like myself) together under one roof. Guess what? It worked. Almost 3 million hits later, EricCarmen.com not only brought the fans together, we helped bring a band together. The original Raspberries played their last gig in November 1973. They reunited on November 26, 2004—and the rest is history. Sadly, the other thing that will be history, is this website's forum. It served its purpose, for sure. And over the years was the source of many heartfelt laughs, spirited arguments, indelible memories and long-lasting friendships. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter...those are the places we visit daily. Not website message boards. So we'll be turning out the lights and locking up. On January 1, 2019, there'll be a streamlined EricCarmen.com—with content people look for on websites these days: biographical info, links to music, maybe an interview or two. But the EC.com Community here has served its purpose. So, pat yourself on your back. You deserve it. Here's to everyone who visited, participated, helped make something "They said would never happen"...happen. My thanks to all of you. Bernie
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    Like John Lennon said, You don't know what you got... until you lose it. Do you guys know that song from Walls & Bridges?
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    I'd like to dedicate this song to Bernie, regarding the bulletin board here:
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    Lew/Dave, Your finest post ever. Now I'm remembering your dad's passing, in mid-April, as we had a text thread going. With my dad now 86, I get sad thinking about eventualities, so your post choked me up. I'll see my mom and dad right after Christmas, so I'll be enjoying their fine company. For now... thank you, Sweet Lew! PS: Yes, that Sweet thread was so great....
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    I am also among those that would love to be able to access the old posts if that is somehow possible. I was just searching the other day for the thread that had members eulogizing me when somehow the rumor started that I had passed. It was creepy and yet hilarious.
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    .......superb song, and a glorious string arrangement!!!
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    Trump has the opportunity to be the greatest president in our history! :-) And Green Bay sucks!!!!! :-) And Al Gore, well at least LC, you can marry him legally now. :-) P.S. What was the score of the Bears / Packers game today??...sometimes my memory fails me Señor LC. :-) Just having fun with you my friend LC. We are at polar ends with respect to politics, but through this forum I have come to respect you, think of you as a friend, even a brother, whom I´ve never met. You added a TON to this forum. You are a tremendous writer, and you have a ton of knowledge on several subjects, and you are a lot of fun. I wish you the best, and I hope all is going well with you and your daughters. PPS...if you ec.com members are really interested in looking for the Best of the EC.com messageboard......... just do a search for "James". That should suffice. :-)
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    I've always said it's better than ABM, even though it owes inspiration to that song. Might be heresy, but that's MHO.
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    Just heard The Raspberries "Let's Pretend" on METV Music (1250 AM) in Bridgeport, Michigan!!!
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    Here's something you don't see everyday—an Arista Records in-store poster promoting the release of Eric's Change of Heart album. What I like about this poster is that it features an alternate image from the photoshoot that produced the cover of the LP. Cool, eh? Change of Heart was released in September 1978. Bernie
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    PS: I'm also planning to revise my whole "In Hindsight" series. In fact, I swear there was one album I ended up missing—so I'll fill in that gap. I hate to leave things undone....
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    Sometimes I would go literally 2-3 weeks between checking in on my OWN website and still not see a single post! So, yeah...thanks, LC! Bernie
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    Given the acts that the Rock HOF has brought in, and given the way Raspberries' impact has become more and more obvious as "architects of power pop," it's criminal that they're on the outside looking in. The display is great, but they merit a full induction!
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    Bernie - Thanks for all you did on this board for us! It was fun while it lasted.
  45. 2 points
    This one sure ended up being a very entertaining thread!! Tim
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  47. 2 points
    I bet most people that bought the first Marathon Man book would buy the update. No Eric Carmen fan would feel complete if they didn't.
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    Hey, sorry I have been away for so long, but I have been working on my latest CD release, "Radio Paradise (Forever 18) and it is finally available. Thought I would post the link to the trailer here. It is available on Itunes, CDBaby, and Amazon (though if you want the physical CD, go with CDBaby, as Amazon is asking outrageous prices) I have missed you guys!!!! Thanks for listening! BTW, check out my sweatshirt in the first song. Still plugging the boys all these years later.
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    Ken and I talked about updating the book with up-to-date chapters and new photos, but wonder whether there is enough demand for it now. Bernie
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    I have the pdf version from Smashwords. Matt, I think you'll enjoy reading it. Dave