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    I personally can't thank Hossy enough for putting this beautiful treasure on YouTube for all the world to hear: "Boats Against the Current" live in Japan during Eric's 1979 tour. It's stunningly great, and a revelation, and it gave me a huge thrill. As I told Naeko, I have loved this song since the first time I played it on my turntable in my room in August 1977, just days before going away to college for the first time. "All by Myself" gets all the attention, and it deserves every bit of it, but "Boats" is something special. Thanks again, Hossy! I
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    Every day at work, I tune into internet radio station The Fox Oldies.com From Texas. The DJ is Sam Meyers. It's a great station. Friday mornings are requests so I often request Raspberries/Eric tunes. SO, today (Wednesday's) is Flashback Top 50 Day where he counts down the Top 50 from a particular year for the current week. Today was 1973. So as he was doing the countdown today for the week of February 10, 1973, he interrupted the countdown before playing the #40 song to play "I Wanna Be With You". He said " I wanna play a song that was #31 the previous week but dropped totally out of the top 100 for this week. Such a rarity to have that happen. By a great group and a song that deserved much higher and a longer stay on the charts. I Wanna Be With You by Raspberries". That was awesome !
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    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our great webmaster Bernie!!!
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    Items that are rare and collectible can get pricey.... Take a look at eBay right now (2/03/19) and you'll see some things that might shock you: $115.00—Eric Carmen size small women's T-shirt from the 1980s. $139.99—Eric Carmen Winter Dreams CD, 1997 (Pioneer Japan) $144.95—Eric Carmen sealed I Was Born to Love You CD, 2000 (Pyramid) $149.95—Eric Carmen Best of Eric Carmen CD (Japan, 1st pressing) $174.99—Eric Carmen promotional phone for "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" $266.00—Eric Carmen "All By Myself" 12-inch single picture disc promo LP $447.74—Raspberries autographed 8 x 10 photo (issued with deluxe edition of Live on Sunset Strip) $447.74—Raspberries autographed Live on Sunset Strip CD $500.00—Eric Carmen Marathon Man book by Bernie Hogya with Ken Sharp (2004, paperback) $559.49—Raspberries autographed litho poster of first album cover Keep in mind that just because items are listed at a certain Buy It Now price or at a particular starting bid doesn't mean it'll get that much. For example, a signed copy of Bernie's book got away recently for $90. But... it's interesting to see where sellers are starting out with EC items.
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    I remember both of us commenting on this under-appreciated EC B-side number, Bernie, so... I figured I'd give it a "Play" here: PS: Thanks for keeping this board alive!
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    Originally: Posted June 4, 2014 Bernie has asked me to re-post the Commandments that were incorporated a few years back...This is intended to be used as a guide to the new additions to our EC.com board..There is a certain etiquette and protocol to this site that the New Kids On The Block or whoever else "rolls"in should adhere to... 1.)"The Raspberries are THE band, thou shalt not put any bands before them"... INTERPRETATION...No Eagles,Springsteen, Rollers, Herb Alpert, Morris Alpert,Marv Albert shall be put ahead of them...Sometimes even our elder statesmen have trouble with this one (correct Marvin)...I've even had to reprimand Ira when he starts deifying Bowzer or Bobby Vee...... 2.)"Thou shalt not take the Raspberries name in vain"... INTERPRETATION...Come on...How many of you have violated this one?..."What the Raspberries is going on around here?"...":I dont want no gosh darn Raspberries on my fruit cup"...(and no desecration of the Raspberries name either will be allowed..i.e...."The Berries", Eric Carmen and the Raspberries..."Wally's World"..."Ian Mitchell and Wendy's World"...etc. 3.)"Remember The Sabbath" INTERPRETATION...Not Black Sabbath, but one day a week you must play only Raspberries songs...(P.S...It would be sacraligious to play them on S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y...NIGHT...Got it Wendy? 4.)"Honor Thy Father"... INTERPRETATION...Simple, Bernie is the father on this board...When you say your prayers at night, remember...In the name of the Father, the Son and Tim from Wisconsin... 5.)"THOU SHALT NOT KILL" INTERPRETATION...Simple: Eric could have choked Cartmill to death but released him as soon as he heard the cartilege in his neck snapping...Whenever you get the chance, follow his lead... 6.)"THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY" INTERPRETATION...(None...Even Lew is smart enough to stay out of this one...No "to do " lists...Got it WW...No having sex with other ec.com members who are married to someone else...JAMES...!!! 7.)"THOU SHALT NOT STEAL"... INTERPRETATION...I went to the Highline Ballroom shows and visited Denise at the merchandise table...She was shoving things in my pants but I didnt take them...I could of but remembered Commandment #6 at this time, also... 8.)"THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY FELLOW POSTERS"... INTERPRETATION...I'm not sure as I've never seen a bear on the witness stand or post here for that matter... 9.)"THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBORS HOUSE"... INTERPRETATION...I was sickened while at the WAB this last time at all the sinly comments..."Look at how lovely Bernie's house is"..."I bet you this cost a fortune"..."Nice swimming pool, lets push the two hunks in the grass skirts in"...All this jealousy... 10.)THOU SHALT NOT COVET A POSTERS WIFE"... INTERPRETATION...Hands off my Lewisa's ass James...(I must admit that personally, this is the hardest commandment to follow...I have always had my eye on Barb...I could never understood how she ended up with the "little drummer boy" instead of me...Oh sure, he's cute. a nice guy and a rocker, but dont forget, I'm just a pipe and slippers away from Fred Macmurray... There you have it newbies...Any clarification, e-mail me privately and we Shalt discuss
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    Roses are red, All chicks want James. But I´m just one man, Can´t handle all 3 billion dames. But hark! I can do... what I can do. So I wish a Happy Valentines Day, To each and every one of you. James, 2019
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    Roses are red James is delusional Somehow I find This is not unusual J HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!
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    Thanks She was really kind of funny. Mom was a cardiac nurse. But retired 15-20 years ago As usual she was directing the doctors and nurses what to do. Plus, my sister (her favorite) is the clinical nurse manager. The boss (mom) is being bossed by the bossy-er my sister! I have no idea why I find this so amusing
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    It was in relation to Guardians of the Galaxy using Go All The Way On it’s soundtrack... “I'm goin' to Disney World! “ Is is it possible that he’s still there and that’s why he hasn’t posted since 2014...?
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    Winter storms — like the one outside your window right now, if you're in the path of Harper — can contribute to depression, blues, and an overall funk. An upbeat playlist can help. So... here's one for you: a dozen Raspberries and Eric Carmen numbers with the influence of the Beach Boys on full display. (This playlist also works on hot summer days.) 1. "Cruisin' Music" (3:10) — This classic would have fit nicely on the Beach Boys' 1964 album All Summer Long, perhaps between the opening track ("I Get Around") and third track ("All Summer Long"). 2. "Someday" (2:53) — Reminds me of the Sunflower-era Beach Boys. 3. "She Did It" (3:48) — The 1977 hit single that could have been carved right out of Summer Days (and Summer Nights), the Beach Boys' awesome 1965 album. 4. "My Girl" (3:02) — Eric's version from his 1976 self-titled album is perfect. But wouldn't you love to have heard it performed by Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys around 1966? (Maybe the Fendertones need to cover it. James?) 5. "Let's Pretend" (3:42)— Maybe the quintessential BB-inspired EC song. Music reviewers have never been able to mention this song without comparing it to "Wouldn't It Be Nice." 6. "On the Beach" (4:23) — There's no surf in Cleveland, so Eric wrote about other things you could do on the beach. 7. "Drivin' Around" — ...and preferably in a little deuce coupe. (3:03) 8. "Hey Deanie" (4:26) — A sort of latter-day "Help Me Rhonda," with a little more production muscle. 9. "Top Down Summer" (3:31) — Use the Tommy Allen version for your playlist. One of two 21st-century EC songs here. 10. "Sunrise" (5:23) — Included here for its ebullient atmosphere, something we enjoy in practically every Beach Boys song. 11. "Go All the Way" (3:25) — On the surface, it may seem like a stretch on this list, but it's not; it was the Beach Boys-styled chorus that helped Raspberries slip this huge hit past the censors of the day. 12. "Brand New Year" (3:47) — From the first time I heard this, I couldn't help but hear a connection to Pet Sounds. What do you think? PS: See also Susie's excellent post EC Channels Pet Sounds: http://ericcarmen.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32067-ec-channels-pet-sounds/
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    I have always been a huge fan of the singer Teddy Pendergrass but somehow this version snuck by me. I am in the process of watching the new showtime documentary about him called “if you don’t know me” and in the background I heard the piano Interlude done so I looked it up on YouTube and here you have it!
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    Sitting in front of the fireplace watching The Buddy Holly Story...
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    I'm sure this video has been posted somewhere on EC.com, but I've never seen it, so it's new to me. And... it's quite cool: Eric in his apartment c. 1975/76, sitting at a grand piano that takes up most of the room, "playing" along to "All By Myself"? Love it... The first time I had the chance, as a music journalist, to interview Eric was during a phoner in 1984 (re: the Geffen album). Every once in a while, he put the phone down to make a point by playing a passage on the piano. Now... I have no idea if this is the same apartment he'd have had in 1984, but if it is, it puts a nice visual to go with that old interview tape.
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    It's been a long week and it's Monday evening . We just got home from a relaxing Caribbean cruise on Jan 30. Totally relaxed and unencumbered. Still on Island Time Then smacked in the face with reality. My Mom in the ER saturday. Early,early Sunday moring....... I don't do early especially on the weekend. Mom received a pacemaker. Tonight she is home a doing well. Sassy,grumpy and complaining! Thank you Lord! Back to normal.
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    T-Mobile commercial plays Eric's version of All By Myself during the 3rd Quarter of the Super Bowl.
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    All of you have Eric Carmen's first solo album, that 1975 pop masterpiece with four hit singles (including EC's original version of a hit for Shaun Casidy). Those four songs—"Sunrise," "That's Rock'n'Roll," "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again," and "All By Myself"—are all on Side 1 of the LP. Then there's "Last Night," which sits in the shadow of those smashes. It's a great song, though—a perfect bit of relief on the heels of "All By Myself." In fact, it pair perfectly with "ABM," doesn't it? Same concept, but in a lighter setting. One has an air of desperation, the other of resignation. Anyway, I love "Last Night," but the editor in me comes out when I hear it these days. I find myself wanting to update certain lines. So check this out, realizing that it loses some charm with my 21st-century updates. So... apologies to Eric! I think I'll stay at home tonight Just play some records downloads And catch up on some sleep Sometimes I like to be alone I've been so busy Maybe someone will drop by text me Last night when I went to bed I was so lonely Last night when I went to bed I was so blue But that's the last night Yeah, that's the last night Well, that's the last night I'm gonna lose any sleep over you I waited for the phone to ring cell to "ping” And when it didn't I turned on the Carson show Fallon show. I lit I vaped another cigarette, And dialed your number Asked Siri to call you But there was no one at home But went straight to voice mail Last night when I went to bed I was so lonely Last night when I went to bed I was so blue But that's the last night Yeah, that's the last night Well, that's the last night I'm gonna lose any sleep over you I walked across the street I Ubered down the street To the drugstore and I bought a magazine book-a-zine Then I came back home Then I Ubered home And read it through Last night when I went to bed I was so lonely Last night when I went to bed I was so blue But that's the last night Yeah, that's the last night Well, that's the last night I'm gonna lose any sleep over you I think I'll stay at home tonight Just play some records Just watch some Netflix And catch up on some sleep
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    “All By Myself” played for the whole commercial.
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    While being held captive in England during the SWEET period, they have, at least, sent in a psychologist to help me cope with my claustraphobia while in this cell...The adrenaline surge is caused when our "fight or flight" response is triggered...Sweats, rapid heartbeat, numbness of limbs amongst other things makes you feel like your gonna die... The body needs to redistribute oygen in correct portions to the areas that are being short circuited by the adrenaline or hyperventilated...Therefore, three things really help... 1.) Square breathing...Inhale through your nose, slowly for 3 seconds, hold it for 3 seconds, exhale through your mouth for 3 seconds and rest for 3 seconds...Repeat the process...This will normalize your oxygen flow...Calmness will come... 2.) Place a cold compress, if possible, behind the neck...I'm not sure what it does, but it is a technique used by stewardesses(sic?) on airplane flights when passengers get the "willies"(Not Little Willy's)...This may be the same concept as Number 3 but 3.) Mind over matter...It seems that the mind only has the capability of focusing on one thing at a time...YOU MUST DISTRACT YOURSELF FROM THE ATTACK...Read, turn on the T.V. or radio...Use some of the techniques that they use at Lamaze class for childbirth like fixed focus on an object in the room...pick up a rock and put it in your pocket and fiddle with it, pull out anything from your pocket and read it, start to make lists in your head of things : your favorite Berrie's songs, baseball lineups, places you have visited and enjoyed, receipes(double sic)...whatever you need to distract your mind...Try these things, they work...I'm not a psychologist, just a little less anxious person...The WORST thing you can do is give into your fear...It will feed on itself and absolutely intimidate you for your next encounter with whatever the situation/stimuli is...
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    TOP TEN THINGS OVERHEARD AT RASPBERRIES B.B. KING Reunion CONCERT #10-Holy Cow...Jon Bon Jovi really left early because Eric has better hair than him...? #9-Scott McCarl sure looks different... #8-Who's Ken Jennings?...(Notice-this is in the form of a question)... #7-I just met Neil Diamond...I didnt know he was the head of EC.Com...? #6-These guys play their own instruments?...No wonder they never really made it... #5-Who's the jerk jumpin' up on the table?... #4-Is Eric gonna do any of his solo stuff?...I love "I Shot The Sheriff"... #3-I didnt know Edgar Buchanan is the lead guitarist?... #2-Look at the two assholes in the grass skirts... #1-Raspberries...???...I thought we were gonna see The Cranberries...
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    Airborne and hanging in there...James, I had to request a little extra padding, the ladies yell “he’s a friend of James” and they start grabbing handfuls...
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    Lew, from my personal experience flying, and being in a cramped airplane cabin, the only danger lies when you have to go pee, and you walk down the aisle to the bathroom at the back of the plane. Chicks will take advantage and pinch your back part. It can be bad. There's nothing you can do to avoid it. But you can have revenge ....but in order to have your revenge you must eat White Castle hamburgers before your flight. If you do that you will be armed, and very dangerous, and will have converted yourself into a warrior ready to do battle in gas warfare, if you know what I mean. It also works if the person in the seat next to you is hogging space. Sometimes, if I don't like how the pilot is handling the plane, I'll drop by the cockpit to say hi, and leave a little "token of my appreciation" for the boys in uniform. : ) P.S. thought maybe a little humor might help. I know you'll be fine. James
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    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Bernie!
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    Don't forget about The Secret, the Wally-and-Dave project with a harder edge:
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    That first photo startled me
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    I love that movie !
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    Curling up underneath my wool blanket,watching tv and having takeout for dinner and occasionally getting up to watch the snow storm through the windows -Tammy Quick
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    Wow! I just mentioned Larry became Moderator!!!! We got one another great moderator!!!! Congratilations!!!
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    I was really looking forward to that event. No clue what happened. Bernie
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    If your mom is bossing, she is definitely feeling better. It is definitely a good sign. One of my elderly family members who was a practicing RN until she was 78, was hospitalized in a teaching hospital. She kept trying to educate the student nurses as they placed her iv's and gave her shots. Treasure your time with your mom. My elderly dad keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade our time together for anything. Sending your mom wishes for a quick return to health!
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    I get this column everyday in my e-mail that’s pretty interesting...Just now, they had this question posed to the author and I never expected to see this response...you have to scroll down a bit to seethe startling answer... What is the best instance of a band or musician “stealing the show” despite not being the main act?
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    In keeping with the spirit of LC's "Caroline No" thread, we have Eric's "Don't Walk Away Renee" vs. The Left Banke. Pick a winner:
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    James, it was indeed a major thrill. One quick clarification, as I recall it—the interview was actually early 1985, not 1984. Even so, I was still 25. And it was most definitely an interview pegged to the Geffen album, which was getting some attention because of "I Wanna Hear It...". And as I've said here, Eric was amazingly cooperative, professional, and articulate—and also generous with his time. In fact, we talked for around 45 minutes, and Eric had to run but promised he'd call me back—and he made good on it, reaching out to me that weekend. It was the 2nd part of the interview I taped. (Kirk, I still have the tape somewhere here.... I'll try to dig it out.) PS: Natural question: Why didn't I tape the first call? Well, funny thing about that, and not even Eric knew this: I got the phone number via a PR rep for a Cleveland-based classical record label. He happened to know Eric's mother, and by extension Eric, and he loved our relatively new magazine, which was a champion for digital sound, and which covered all kinds of music. So he gave me a phone number that I thought would bring me to an agent or manager for Eric. That's just how I understood it while he was giving it to me. So... I dialed the number, got a "hello," introduced myself as editor of a new magazine and said I was trying to set up an interview with Eric Carmen. Imagine my shock when I heard, "This is Eric."
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    I have not seen this one before Have you ?
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    I think the clue was in his post... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_–_Mission:_Breakout!
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    Home safe and sound and ready to resume my nasty ways again...
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    I was in my 50's and there was some mess going on in my life. My parent were both still alive, and I remember my mom telling me that my dad was having trouble sleeping. My mom was too and she asked my dad if he was having trouble sleeping. He said " I'm worried about Craig. No matter how old they get, you never stop worrying about your kids." My kids are in their late 20's and early 30's and they are still kids to me. And I worry too.
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    By the way, that was a pretty incredible box set I put together for the Platinum Edition of "Raspberries: Tonight!" The trading cards, a stage-used guitar string, guitar picks, a reproduction of the scratch 'n' sniff sticker, an autographed photo...C'mon! That was pretty cool! Bernie
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    Hoping everyone else (in North America) is watching this very cool eclipse. It is brisk and windy here (9°F), and the moon is bright red. So beautiful!
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    Sounds like the White Castle effect is working...
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    Well, I hope you have an aisle seat! Otherwise, it's just mind over matter. "Concentrate on the plane, put your soul in command." Once you're airborne, there's nothing better than sleep! So try to doze off and forget where you are!
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    And of course, the greatest addendum to this story was my brother came with me to see Raspberries play at B.B. King's. After the show, we went backstage, and my brother had something he wanted Eric to sign for him. It was THE ACTUAL LP he was playing in his room when I heard "Go All The Way" for the first time. We related the story to Eric, who then signed my brother's LP: "To Jim, If not for your impeccable taste in music... Eric" Bernie
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    13. Any commandment by James is just a suggestion- everyone knows you can't have more than 10 commandments!
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    What a great number...I always loved b-sides that weren’t (originally) on any lp...Made you feel like it was an extra bonus song from your favorite that not too many people knew...Good call LC...I think that’s a future topic, “b-sides” that we’re never part of an original album release...Like Daytime Nighttime Suffering...
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    The life of a dj can be very exciting...Today I give you an inside look at one of my most memorable gigs.... This month marks the 18, 000th day since Pope Benedict retired and Pope Francis has been elected to the position of Pope and my vow of silence has now expired...(18,000 is a spiritual number in the Catholic religion for no person has ever been appointed Pope with an HDL higher than that).. Around the end of Feb. 2013, I received an invitation that read the following: THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WOULD KINDLY LIKE YOU TO PROVIDE MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT AT OUR PAPAL CONCLAVE MARCH 3, 2013... VATICAN CITY PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS A FORMAL AFFAIR...BUT DO NOT COME DRESSED IN A WHITE COLLARED SHIRT AS YOU WOULD BE MISTAKEN FOR ONE OF THE RANK AND FILE...WHITE COLLARS ARE FOR VOTING MEMBERS ONLY... PLEASE CHECK; YES, I WILL ATTEND 0R YES, I WILL ATTEND xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I couldnt help but notice that the conclave and our own Bernie happen to use the very same writing style as I recall my last WAB invitation was startingly similar...I went through my memolewbilia and present you with my last WAB invite... ERICCARMEN.COM WOULD KINDLY LIKE YOU TO PROVIDE MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT AT OUR WAB(Weekend At Bernie's) Aug.11, 2009... Sayreville,N.J. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS AN INFORMAL AFFAIR...BUT DO NOT COME DRESSED IN A COLLARED SHIRT AS YOU WOULD BE MISTAKEN FOR ONE OF THE MEN GUESTS...YOU MUST WEAR A GRASS SKIRT... P.S.-DO NOT ATTEND UNLESS YOU BRING YOUR DJ EQUIPMENT... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx But, let me move forward to the actual event... First, there is a bit of warming up this very stoic crowd... I orchestrated a little group activity: To the tune of Tony Orlando's "Knock Three Times", I had all the Cardinals dressed in red, grab their knives and when Orlando sang, "knock three times", they would all pound the table 3 times with the utensil 'whack, whack, whack' and the Cardindals dressed in white would take their forks and, you guessed it, bang on their wineglasses twice when prompted by Orlando's "twice on the pipes" 'clink, clink'... I swear, it was so funny that one of the Cardinals stated that this was more fun than the sacrament of Extreme Unction... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Next on the agenda, was our headliner, Father Guido Sarducci...He did his usual schtiick about ":paying for your sins" when you get to Heaven... "When you get to the pearly white gates, God gives you a $20,000 dollar bill and a price list of what each sin is worth...Then he reads off your sins and starts making deductions, for instance, taking a right turn at a red light where there is no sign saying that it is okay costs you $2...taping a baseball game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball docks you $5, adultery is $150, eating meat on Fri. during Lent will cost you $200 and so forth...If you still have money left when he finishes reading your sins, you get in..(In case you are wondering, big sins like murder or pressing the "LIKE" button on Kay Bryson's facebook post sends you right to the "holding pen"(purgatory)" for an unspecified period of time... One Monsignor was laughing so hard that he busted the clasp on his Rosary beads and they splattered across the floor like a dozen loose chiclets... But, after all this merriment, business was called to order...Anyone interested in being considered a candidate was brought forward to be presented to the voting council... It is at this stage that most people are eliminated: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Here is a list of hopefuls that were dismissed and the reasons why... Cardinal Ralph DeBriccassart...(Not a real cardinal...Only a t.v. minispecial Cardinal from The Thorn Birds) Baseball player Albert Pujols...(No longer a Cardinal and his plea that he now is an Angel fell on deaf ears)... Billy Graham...(Wrong religion)... Rev. Jesse Jackson...(Started busting everybody's chops as to why there never was a black Pope and why couldn’t the black smoke symbolize victory)... Rev. Al Sharpton...(Refer to Jesse Jackson's elimination)... The Pope of Greenwich Village...(You cant be a Pope twice)... Father MacKenzie...(Couldnt explain what he did with the rice that he picked up in the church where the wedding had been...) Joel Osteen...(Talked too much and blinked his eyes erratically)... Muzza...(No explanation necessary)... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The candidates that passed this initial phase and advanced to the in-depth interview round were the following: Cardinal Busch from St. Louis, Missouri...He was an early favorite but eliminated himself from further consideration when he admitted under intense scrutiny that he felt the conclave should have a moment of silence for the most famous Cardinal that had just passed away, Stan Musial.. Cardinal Eaton Toomuch...A grossly overweight cleric that shared his weakness of secretly snacking on extra unconsecrated communion wafers while watching television at night... Cardinal Seth Taylor...His downfall came when he thought that the Church should move into the 21st century by having Jesus pictured on a treadmill instead of a cross...(Taylor was roughly removed from the ceremony)... Cardinal Bob Anna...Eliminated when he admitted that because of his dyslexia, he often would change the wine into water... After these gentlemen were dismissed, the waiting world was notified that no decision had been made by the traditional black smoke signal...It was pretty interesting on how they did this...The Speaker of The Church went to the big fireplace with a bunch of unnecessary items and sprayed them with a substance that caused them to burn black...Then, the expendable items (Springsteen Cd's and Raspberries 2019 reunion tickets) were thrown into a huge fire and the world was enlightened to the conclaves failures to elect... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx After a short break, in which I only had time to play ":Jesus Is Just Alright" by the Doobie Brothers...the election came to a bombastic conclusion... Cardinal Francis of Argentina bested all other finalists to become the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church... There was one tense moment during his final interview: When the electing board realized that he was from Argentina, they held up a very seductive picture of our own scantily clad ec.com board member AndieMae...They wanted to test his intestinal fortitude as to any increased volume in the loin area...After three minutes of sedintary, unemotionally devoid responses, the board was satisfied that Francis was "lustless"...When asked if he thought AndieMae was attractive, Francis exclaimed, ":she's not nearly as fuego as her brother"...After a few awkward moments, he added, Only kidding":, which had the voting body fully in his control... After the white smoke signal was sent out to the awaiting world, it was time for a few closing remarks... Resigning Pope Benedict appeared and told the crowd that he would do whatever it took to make the transition seamless...(This was a point of major concern because the Church never had two living Pope's at the same time)... Then Pope Francis took the mic and hoped that the Church could resist the anarchistic ways of our modern times and go back to old fashion values and morals... As the conclave concluded, I was faced with a rather embarrassing mandate from the electorate board...I had to announce that a soundtrack of the festivities was now on sale near the exits to the cathedral... I proceeded to play some excerpts of this CD, which was written and recorded by Weird Al Yankovic... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I only played the first three tracks and fortunately the crowd had left the building in a timely fashion...My night was done...But just in case you are interested the three songs were the following titles... One Pope Over The Line, Sweet Jesus Torn Between Two Pontiffs And to my chagrin, Eric's Popes Against The Current
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    Before the days of the internet, some of us spent a lot of time and money trading with other fans and sometimes vendors. It is easier now with electronic media, but you're still going to have to dig to get results. Bernie has posted many a demo at Christmas time over the years and they are usually the BEST quality!
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    My heart is melting and breaking at the same time "seeing" so many of my old friends here again! You created a very special, magical place, indeed, Bernie. Lew, I remember meeting you at WAB when you thought we were all Moonies! And Diane, that cheesecake was to die for!! (Still have my button, too!) Gina! Where have you been, girlie?!?!!! No matter how many miles separate all of us, every one of you will forever be near and dear to me!! Now, where's that email thread???