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    I remember getting a copy of this print ad out of Billboard when I was in college: I thought it was a very high-impact plug from a company (Arista) that didn't always lavishly promote Eric's work. Like?
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    Thank you all for the love and support. I am so blessed to have had my best friend for over half of my life. We really took life for a ride!!! Some of our best times were spent with some of you, enjoying the music. This is such a wonderful group of friends that we have here. I promised her that I would be strong, and make her proud of me. I know that every tear and every feeling of loss reflects on the incredible love we share. She has always been so caring, and strong. I feel like a blind man in the woods without her. From all of my heart I thank you. Jay
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    Mary Hopkin "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" Remake of the late Doris Day 1956 song. Produced by Paul McCartney with Ringo Starr on drums!! Peaked at # 77 (Billboard Hot 100 Charts) & # 7 (Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts) back in August of 1970. Released as an Apple Stereo 45 single (later on "Those Were The Days" compilation from late 1972).
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    I don't listen to the news much and really haven't in a long time but it was nice to see this here as I did not know about it. Real happy that no one was injured and LC.....don't know if I'll ever get back to Cleveland again, but it did ROCK when I was there back in 2009!!! Yeah!!! :-)
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    Cleveland Rocks?
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    Lew, you have a future as a dietitian and training coach! I've got just the name for your business.... wait for it.... The Weight Lewser Good?
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    Nice to see Eric featured in the opening spread of the TV-advertised Soft-Rock hits of the 70’s CD package.
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    I met Jay through EC.com and, through the fantasy baseball league I started here in 2006, became fast friends. I met Lisa through Jay, and got to kibitz with them at the Highline in NYC in 2007. Lisa was so likable and sweet, and I envied how tight she and Jay were—they seemed to always be going to concerts and baseball games and hanging with Dave Smalley, Al Kaston, and all types of music people. Life is so unfair to take Lisa, but we know she’s in a better place, and those of us she touched were lucky to have connected. Rest In Peace, Lisa. 😢
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    I don't know how anyone who appreciates music can not like Macca, either. What I don't like are the people who think Macca can do no wrong. Let's face it- Paul wrote some clinkers over the years, yet some Paulophites refuse to acknowledge this. I prefer my artists to have a little less output and produce an album with 9 out of 10 songs that are keepers (re: Eric). Perhaps that is where the "I don't like Paul" crowd is coming from?
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    A live version of "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," vintage 1974. Kirk or another long-timer here likely already posted this somewhere along the way. But... I stumbled upon it on YouTube tonight and I thought I'd share. It's one of my favorite 'berries songs—and, in my humble opinion, the group's most underrated number. Eric and the band (Wally, Scott, Mike) seem to rush through it a bit here. It's still an exciting number, but there's something about the original recording's deliberate pace that gave it that much more urgency.
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    Me too. It's appreciated even if the responses don't show it!
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    I love the way you put these graphic posts on holidays...
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    Bill March of the Cleveland based band Beau Coup has posted what looks to be a band photo featuring Wally. Will see what's brewing...
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    Matthew, the maximum size for images here is 0.02 MB, so... I'll have to input the text on that ad. Coming soon....
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    THIS "GREAT" post was a little before my Eric Carmen and Raspberries time on here. Started browsing all the comments on here and got a little teary eyed. This couldn't be truer than to all whom had written it all on here. And to you Bernie, this is a beautiful thing and would only hope that these people find there way back here, someday because "THIS" is what ericcarmen.com is ALL about and THIS deserves a bump. AGAIN, Thank you for all you do Bernie! xx. Nancy.
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    Well, summer's here, (unless you live in New Zealand, Argentina, and parts of Cleveland) and if you are like me, you are ready to don your white spandex bathing suit, break out the Hawaaiin shirt and your black socks and sneakers and hit the beach...But did you gain weight over the winter and are a little uncomfortable in your attire?...Well I have composed the following list to let you know if you have become "calorically challenged" ... TOP TEN WAYS TO KNOW IF ^YOU HAVE GAINED TOO MUCH WEIGHT 10.) You go to get a tatoo, fall asleep in the chair and wake up with the word "GOODYEAR" emblazoned across your chest from a branding iron... 9.) You go to a costume store to pick out a get-up for the party you've been invited to and the saleman suggests something in a "livestock"... 8.) You are about to get married and you have your wedding party dress up in waiter tuxedos and aprons in case you get an anxiety attack... 7.) You grab your daily newspaper and go to the "Dear Flabby" column first... 6.) You got to a meeting and people try to sit on your lap thinking that you're a bean bag chair... 5. )You catch your significant other holding onto the side of the bed when you get in... 4.) After making love, you partner reaches for a cigarette and YOU go to the front lawn to graze... 3.) After a wonderful dinner in a fancy restaurant, the waiter comes over and looks at you and asks , "How was everybody's meal?"... 2.) In the middle of the night, your partner gives you a kick in your gut and you wake up, startled, and ask "Was I snoring?"..."SNORING?, you were mooing!!!" 1.) Your friends quietly whisper that you might be the 1st person to hit 400 since Ted Williams and Kirstie Alley... Well, Lew is here with some simple tips to get you looking so slim that you wont need to drive a car or take a plane to the next Raspberries concert, they will just be able to fax you over... All the tips are in my new book "The Bulk Stops Here"... Because of you, the EC.Com faithful, I will offer the book at a discount rate of only 15 dollars or 10 "pounds"... Here is just a few of the radical ideas included in my book to not only help you lose weight, but just plain look better too... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cut your hair short but keep it just long enough to hide your antlers... Dont be foolish like Jack LaLaane and pull a boat with your teeth to celebrate your 80th birthday (He died a mere 18 years later)... Dont check your weight every morning...Your gross tonnage will fluctuate day to day... Just switching from a #2 lead pencil to a #3 will burn one extra calorie a day which will result in a loss of one pound every 5,280 days... When you buy a new car instead of settling for the "NEW CAR" smell, go for the extra expense and get the vehicle's heater to smell like french fries...When you get hungry, just turn on the knob and "presto", your craving will be satified although, this could be particularly difficult in the summer when the temperature in the car will resemble the fryolater... Try the "Weight GAIN" technique...This is more of a psychological ploy than anything...For instance, if you currently are overweight at 300 pounds or so, eat until you reach 350...Then cut back to your current weight and everyone will start complementing on how "great you look"... Switch to a heavier spoon...(This is the same concept as the "lead pencil" scenario and it will make your arm look “hunky”...) Do a sit-up today...And another one next month...You must start slowly: dont forget, you have let your body go to the extent that they need a spatula to wedge you through a doorway... There you have it...Tips to make you look good and feel good too.. You dont need to buy a treadmill...unless you want to put your breakfast on it, flick on the switch, and have it come right over to you... So, put on your favorite Beatles album, mine is Flabby Road and get started...Good luck and see all you Vic Tanny's next month...
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    Hi Lew, it's me, James. And I'm a little depressed. I am. I know what everybody will say, "how can James be depressed when he, well.....when he is JAMES?? .......And they would have an excellent point. But the truth is, sometimes its hard being me. So because that's so hard for most to fathom, let me explain through the best vehicle I have: my art, more specifically ,my poetry. Here goes: Roses are red, I'm feeling blue, Corny West is on tv, Debating Candice Owens. (You know my depression is bad when I struggle to rhyme) :-( Anyway... You see Candace is hot, I'm in love with that girl, Never will our eyes meet, I'm too busy saving the world. Hark! I suggested to Candace, She forget James and find another. Lew Bundles is free! She replied: OH BROTHER. Behold! Lew's in his prime, Lew Bundles is no has-been, But hot Candace let me know, She can't deal with 5 chins. Anyway, Candace is a chick, All chicks are the same, When they get the scent of James, All other dudes become lame. So though hard, I'll do my duty, Satisfy Candace, AND save the world. But in my next life, my reward comes, I want to be born a squirrel. James, 2019
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    Ever wonder what Bernie's first "Rare Photo of the Week" was? Well, now you know... almost 11 years after the fact. Where'd everybody go?
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    40 years ago back in 1979, The Electric Light Orchestra released the album "Discovery". The song "Don't Bring Me Down" is explained about why they used "giirrrrls" or "Bruce" in the lyric: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/electric-light-orchestra-dont-bring-me-down-bruce/
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    As a classical musician, I hear so much that reminds me of Eric's music, and in the most unlikely compositions. I'm currently playing a concert in which a superb cellist, Jameson Platte, will be playing Gabriel Faure's gorgeous "Elegie" for solo cello and orchestra. As we got to rehearsal letter H the other night, about 9 bars from the end, I heard the familiar chord progression in the piano interlude of "All By Myself"! I thought I was reading into it, but for fun I put on the cd at home and played with it, and sure enough, right there at Letter H was Eric. I find him even in a cello solo. Just goes to show that great musical minds think alike. --Dar
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    From 1973 "In The Right Place" & also the flip 45 single B side of "Right Place, Wrong Time", here is the late Dr. John with "I Been Hoodood" (audio only) YEP, my older brother Mark bought the 45 when I was 8 years old in the Summer of 1973 & I dig that sound!!!
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    Scroll down about 6 panels to see the promotional ad Arista put in this magazine ... https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Record-World/70s/75/RW-1975-12-06.pdf
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    Where were these clues earlier? I didn't realize I was overweight until I had to start taking my showers at the carwash.
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    Also Cheryl Ladd was the singer in the Hanna Barbera cartoon "Josie And The Pussycats" in 1970!! She also sang back up in the Chris Christian 1981 song "I Want You, I Need You" which went to # 37 in October of 1981. Cheryl's only Top 40 song "Think It Over" went to # 34 in September of 1978.
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    Former "Charlie's Angels" Cheryl Ladd "I'll Never Love This Way Again" (from her self - titled 1978 Capitol album) later done by Dionne Warwick in August of 1979. (audio only):
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    Me too, Susie. She has such an innocent, waif-like voice—very endearing. Her cover of Paul's "Goodbye" is awesome.
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    Love Mary Hopkin! ❤️
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    Name's Chris from New Mexico. Been a musician, part and fulltime, most of my life, in WA. I'm about the same age as Eric. To Mr Eric Carmen: I have been surfing Youtube a lot lately and listening to you. I am totally impressed with your musical abilities. I too had 5 years of classical piano. What a gift that is. I watched you play piano on a live version of "Never gonna fall in love again", and you are actually playing that! Excellent. I love how your bass isn't always the root.. a lot of 5ths. Very nice. You also got "All by myself" from Rachmaninoff.. didn't know that until I actually listened to it. I loved your voice since the 70s when I heard it for the first time. Guitar, bass, piano..and a great voice. You're a lucky man.
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    A.)Greta Garbo... B.)Howard Hughes C.) James’ Poetry : Which doesen’t belong and why...? Although all three are famous reclusives and all three are internationally praised, the correct answer is “C”, James’Poetry because, unlike the other two, James’ poetry is the only one I give a shit about...Where are you King?...The world, especially in these tumultuous times, needs your prose to carry us through...
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    This wonderful note from Darlene, posted back in May 2012, never got a comment... until now. I was snooping and saw the title, which caught my eye because I love the cello, and I noticed it had zero comments, so I gave it a click and I'm glad I did. Hey, all of you rock'n'rollers out there: Put down your air guitar for a minute and soak in this gorgeous piano-and-cello performance. It's not Darlene's performance, but it's a reasonable facsimile featuring Nadege Rochat (cello) and Malgorzata Garstka (piano). If you like sad and emotional music that will enrich your musical repertoire, check it out. And, thank you Darlene! (Better late...)
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    Wow! Ol' Puddles can really sing! Don't know why, but I really like Peterik's purple hair too. Thanks for posting that link!
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    Euclid Beach Band version of I Need You:
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    Sweet Lew! This is awesome. I love stuff like this—old magazines with so much material that you just... dig in. Who knew that Bette Middler recorded Bob Dylan's "Buckets of Rain," with Bob adding vocals? Or that Paul Simon joined Willie Nelson on stage at a concert that week? Or that young Bonnie Raitt got a rave review for her single "Good Enough"? Also, there's a rave review of some guy named Bruce Springsteen and his then-new album Born to Run. Also, cool photos of John Lennon (doing an interview to support Shaved Fish... and to discuss newborn Sean Ono Lennon) and Hall & Oates (appearing at a wax museum opening), and Also... love the comment that Eric's first solo was "the Beach Boys album we've been waiting for." Good find....
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    Thanks, Elle4ec! I share the same sentiment with you. Except... where'd you go? You're greatly missed. Come back and I'll post Eric's rare cover of this song:
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    Leon sang with actress & singer Zooey DesChanel on the Christmas classic "Baby It's Cold Outside" (from the 2003 movie "Elf" with Will Ferrell). The 1976 album "On The Track" is excellent!! Saw Leon on TV back then on the old TNN's "Nashville Now" with host Ralph Emery back then.
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    And the maestro. Bernie
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    Hmm... I wasn't familiar with Grumpy's work, I've gotta say. But a quick search of Google, and I can say his face looks familiar. And 7 is pretty young for a cat. I had a brother/sister combo that lived to 18 and 16.5. Love cats. But over the past three years, I've rediscovered dogs.... Best creatures on earth!
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    Instrumental rock guitarist Paul Gilbert does the remake of the Eric Carmen 1976 album track "My Girl" (from 2014 "Stone Pushing Uphill Man") (audio only):
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    Bernie, You are one in a million. Thank you for this website. Thank you for the "montage." Thank you for the CD design and artwork. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for always being the thoughtful, sterling gentleman that you are. And congratulations on those two great "Got Milk" ads and 2,000,000 hits! Eric
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    Thanks ScentLady and Hollies65 for clarifying that......and, with the large size of this topic, it's hard to remember(or find)stuff from previous posts. And come to think of it, I can't think of Rod Stewart playing harmonica on ANYTHING, even his own sessions....but I could be wrong. Did Carmine Appice(drummer for Vanilla Fudge)co-write "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" with Rod? Huey Lewis' real name is Hugh Cregg. Several members of the San Francisco 49ers sang backup vocals on Lewis' "Hip to Be Square" The backup band on Elvis Costello's "My Aim is True" was essentially the News(then known as Clover)without Huey and the sax player. Jerry Garcia played the pedal steel track on Crosby/Stills/Nash's "Teach Your Children". Donovan sang backup vocals on Alice Cooper's "Billion Dollar Babies".