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    Have you noticed that a lot of the older posters drifting back here ?...Whether it’s Eric’s twitter activity or our members doggedness, I see a lot of postings by former members...I want to personally give Bernie a big thanks for keeping this thing alive and giving it another chance... Personally, I learned a lot more EC/Berries stuff in the past year than I had in a long time...
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    Thank you to Bernie and our small band of EC.com loyalists who kept the home fires burning while the prodigals were exploring the world.
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    Even Bernie is posting more I like the vibe lately...
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    Have to check on statute of limitations...
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    When I see the ads I´m happy, as they must be bringing in $s to Bernie. On my screen they´re not overwhelming. In fact, from the ad promoting the site "Ukrainian ladies looking for husbands"....I added a couple new members to The James Harem!... : ) Everybody wins, it´s how business is supposed to work. P.S. Kirk, DON´T EVER POST THAT THREAD TITLE AGAIN....I was worried as heck a member or someone else important to this site had a HEART ATTACK!!!!....luckily it was just Kirk being paranoid. : ) James
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    Maybe that's where Eric is planning on moving...writing inspiration, anyone?
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    Yes, Lew has put in the time and work to keep this place lively I've told him how much I appreciate his efforts- take the day off Lew- Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks folk...The best part of being 66 is if you have dyslexia, you never get confused to how old you are...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.
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    The auction was a much better fundraiser. And I do have a lot of amazing things I can share with other fans. Maybe I'll do another. Just need time to pull it all together. Bernie
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    I remember reading where Eric said he got the name for "Hey Deanie" from the Natalie Wood character in "Splendor in the Grass".
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    They're all wonderful...I didn't realize there were so many, either!! A few of my favorites are Heidi Klum, John Elway, Elton John, and Trisha Yearwood (<~I'll never forget the story!) Congratulations, Bernie!!! This is amazing!
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    To celebrate the Milk Mustache Campaign's 25th Anniversary, Creative Director Bernie Hogya presents every milk ad in high resolution and in chronological order for the first time ever at www.MilkAdMan.com — which was your favorite?
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    Catwoman must have used a potion to wipe your memory.
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    I have absolutely no clue as to what you are referring!
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    Still working my way through the years. Annie Leibowitz is such a great talent!!! So far, I like Miss Bacall and Flo Jo.
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    The Lemon Pipers "I Need Someone (The Painter)" (from 1968 "Jungle Marmalade") (their 2nd & final album from late 1968) (audio only)
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    Well, then, it's settled: Party at Dave's house! Lew will spin the tunes. We'll drink milk, and Bernie can shoot some Milk Mustache-style photos. Sound good?
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    2020 !!! God Bless you all with health, happiness,abundance and ....fun !!!!
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    Time to resurrect this classic with heavy input from Eric- if you're not doing anything for New Year's Eve, this one is worth your time- if you are partying tonight, pick one of Eric's playlists from this hilarious thread:
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    Trying to stay disciplined and not list a ton, cuz this is an impossible threat for me too Susie. But 2 hours later, this is my new favorite:
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    I'm thinking it would be a good ringtone ... Imagine being out on a bad date. You act like you're checking a message, but set this as your default ringtone. Turn the volume up and leave the phone on the table when you go to the restroom, but stop on the way to have the hostess call your number.... (nah, I'm not at all passive aggressive)
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    I think my whole apartment might fit in that master bathroom!
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    Yes, it has become a Christmas tradition for me. One of the first things I do when I wake up Christmas morning is to log on and see what Santa Bernie has left under the tree. Thanks S.B.
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    I found 3 items this year- had them all from previous years- I was so hoping for more items from the '79 Japan visit to Eric's apartment...that "I'm Through With Love" offering from the tape that Bernie shared earlier just left me drooling. Well, there's always next year. There will be a next year, right Bernie Thanks, B!
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    Ho. Ho. Ho. You know there's more to EricCarmen.com than this Message Board, right?
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    I thought I would share this lovely version of the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson) Wouldn't it be nice. It includes the father and son team of Al Jardine and son Matt on lead vocals with Brian Wilson doing Mike Loves vocals part. what do you think?? youtube.com/watch?v=G_tWGUBFsz4
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    According to this submission... “I’ve done quite a bit of research into this subject, being a music enthusiast and I honestly think Don Henley is one of the biggest jerks in music history. For starters, he is often considered as being the main member responsible for Don Felder’s ousting, even more so than Gleen Frey. Felder wrote about the situation in his book about his time in the Eagles. He is EXTREMELY over-protective regarding his copyright and intellectual property. You can rarely find any of the Eagle’s or his solo material on Youtube. When a video of their music gets uploaded, it’s quickly removed. He’s strict about not allowing people to take pictures or video at an Eagles concert. He also doesn’t seem to like people who play his music in public places. The worst of the worst examples of him being over-protective include the one time when he sued because of a hotel in Mexico had the name Hotel California, he also sued Duluth Trading Company because of a T-shirt contained the words “Don a Henley and “Take it Easy”, and even sued a foundation that helps protect eagles in America because he felt that they were infringing on the band’s name. He wasn’t happy about Frank Ocean sampling “Hotel California” and went as far as to call him a cuss word and attacking him despite his popularity at the time. The Eagles' shows are some of the most expensive ticket-wise, especially for a band that hasn’t released a new single in 30 years. The reason I brought this up today is that a video of old commercials was removed and a copyright strike was issued on YouTube likely only because of Henley’s song New York Minute was used for a few seconds in a promo for a TV Show, which probably only made up 5% of the entire video. I’ve always have liked the Eagles and Henley’s material, but Henley strikes me as a musician with ego, power and greed issues. Regarding his stance on copyright, he certainly has the right to determine how he wants his music to be heard, but in some ways, he’s probably alienating his own fans and abusing copyright law just for the sole purpose of being too greedy.” 1.6k views · View Upvoters
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    Bill Shatner's career stumbled after the original Star Trek, and it was in the time you mention, he was in pretty dire straights. Found this snippet in his Wikipedia article that confirms what I had heard.
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    I don't play for that team, Vinnie.
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    EC.com has been my home page for just about forever. Today when I clicked on Internet Explorer, the site came up as "unavailable". Yikes! Almost gave me a heart attack. Good thing I had a link for the message board saved. Whew, still here...
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    Bernie, you are a pop icon! What an endearing collection of Americana!! What is your personal favorite? If I had to guess, I'd say it was the KISS layout- you had to be on cloud 9!! One item that needs editing (if that's still possible): when you wave the cursor over #153, the name that presents itself is 'Ckint Black', which obviously should be 'Clint Black'. Great job...bravo!
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    So this is my list. I didn't realize that when I would make this, that the Baby's albums would bottom the list. I guess, at least for my tastes, that what I like by The Babys, I like a lot. But I don't like as many deep album cuts on their albums. 1. Bad English - Bad English 2. Ignition - John Waite 3. Rover's Return - John Waite 4. When You Were Mine - John Waite 5. Backlash - Bad English 6. Temple Bar - John Waite 7. Rough And Tumble - John Waite 8. The Babys - The Babys 9. Figure In A Landscape 10. No Brakes - John Waite 11. Mask Of Smiles - John Waite 12. Downtown Journey - John Waite 13. The Hard Way - John Waite 14. Head First - The Babys 15. On The Edge - The Babys 16. Union Jacks - The Babys 17. Broken Heart - The Babys
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    Occasionally in the past the site would be down for a few minutes now and then, but this message looked far more ominous- glad it was 'fake news'. If it ever shows up again, I'll take a screen shot of it...
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    Lew, the B-side to "Sparrow" was "Get The Message." "The Painter" was recorded but never officially released. Eric told the story in Marathon Man: "'Sparrow' was the first song I wrote for Cyrus Erie," recalls Eric. "I wrote it because we potentially needed a B-side for 'The Painter,' written by Paul Leka of 'Green Tambourine' fame, that had been presented to us by Frank Gary, who worked in the recording studio next to our rehearsal room. "He heard us rehearsing, through the door and thought we should take a crack at 'The Painter,' so I wrote 'Sparrow,' just in case we were onto something. Then we got signed to Epic, they ditched 'The Painter' in favor of my songs." Some snippets of the demos were played on a Cleveland radio station several decades ago—and that's where most people heard the tunes. Original Master tapes exist of the sessions, but there are currently no plans for an official release. Bernie
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    If Eric moves into that house, and if the rumors are true about Justin Timberlake looking at another house in town, I'll be surrounded by pop icons! (Keith Richards lives just up the road, in Weston).
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    HAPPY BRAND NEW YEAR everyone!!! May this new year bring you much joy and fun. May you find peace, love and success. Sending my heartiest new year wish for you! BNY covered by me, Second Moon and my girl(^_-)-☆
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    Maybe it's a really short list?
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    .....ass. Gotta be in the running for greatest live performance ever on the Midnight Special. Eric and band rip That´s Rock & Roll up live here. P.S. what´s the name of the lead guitarist? P.P.S. The first minute+ of jam is perfect:
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    One of the many, many things I look forward to every Christmas Eve/Christmas Day is the goodies Mister S. Bernie, his bad-a$$ self, leaves for all of his fellow EC devotees and this year is certainly no exception!! "Feels Like Forever" rules. Period. I never heard this gem until yesterday and it was a highlight of my day. Raising a bottle of Great Lakes Christmas Ale in your honour, good sir! Cheers!!
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    Happy Birthday Cousin Lew!!!
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    Eric Carmen = The leader of my first ever favorite rock band as a little kid and the creator of some of the best power pop ever made. Sadly people only think of the Adult Contemporary stuff he did, but Raspberries had some kick ass stuff that influenced many hard rockers. Just had the chance to see them for the first time in my life and meet Eric in Chicago. Very huge moment for me as I never thought I would be able to
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    Wow, Mellie making a return...GREAT to see you back...
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    "Feels Like Forever" is the tune talked about in a thread this month. Most of you hadn't heard it, so I thought it was worthy of inclusion under the tree. It was the one written by Bryan Adams and Diane Warren. Bernie
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    Wow, my 2 favorite Christmas dudes (Jesus and Santa Claus) have the same birthday! P.S. Now I´m wondering.........maybe my theory is correct, ie: that Santa is Jesus, and vice-a-versa, and thus that the holy Trinity, is in reality, a Quaternity, with Santa Claus being the long lost member!! I knew it!!! Gosh, with Susie´s post seeming to prove my theory correct, this new finding is pregnant with ramifications. Ramifications like I may go down with Aquinas and Augustine as a great Church father, eventualizing in my being beatified and later becoming a Saint. Makes sense. I probably deserve it. One thing though: DON´T ANY OF YOU RATS TELL THE POPE I HAVE MY OWN HAREM. Got it? Ok. Thinking ahead, I believe there are a couple other Saint Jameses....Saint James the Less being one. Not sure what they´ll call me. It´s probably important to differentiate me from the other Saint Jameses. I´m thinking that in the spirit of being real life descriptive, they should probably name me "St. James the Virule". I could get used to that name. Anyway, that brings up another problem. What if one day Lew is proposed for sainthood? How will they differentiate him from the other Saint Lews? Wait a second, hold on,.......Lewisa is whispering something in my ear (between ear licks)........ in keeping with the theme of real life descriptive, Lewisa is suggesting "Saint Lew the Flaccid". I´ll defer to Lewisa on this one. Lew, I´m thinking this is pretty cool. We both becoming Saints together & all. But it might be kinda boring. Sitting up there blessing and helping the earth heathens with stuff, ..that could get old real quick, I´m thinking ahead, that we could start a saints´ union, to negotiate for our rights, to not have to be bored, to be able to do stuff like have chicks clip our toenails while watching tv, and being able to fire them if they get in the way of the tv.....stuff like that. We could call our union the "AFL - CDJ" (Always Flaccid Lew - Chicks dig James), or if you have other suggestions, my mind is always open. Anyway, a lot to ponder, thanks Susie for getting this ball rolling..
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    Eeesshhh!! John, not so good at the album thing. Sounds like someone trying to sing a song while out camping and sitting around a camp fire --- that kind of quality. Does much better as an actor, thank you very much. AnneNR
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    Merry Christmas to everyone in the ericcarmen.com community 🎁🎄🎊🎉🎅🏻☃️🌨❄️
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