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    Anyone lucky enough to be posting when Eric was on every night has to count their blessings! He was open to answering any and all questions and his stories were legendary! Bernie
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    The said it would never happen. They were wrong. Fifteen years ago today, Eric Carmen, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson and Jim Bonfanti blew the roof off of the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio with an unforgettable performance that was a dream come true for Raspberries fans all around the world. John Lennon once said, "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." Thanks for dreaming with me. And helping make everything happen. Bernie
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    Just a reminder of how wickedly talented Scott McCarl was...here's a track—written, performed and sung by Scott—that was on the audition tape he sent to Eric to land him a job in Raspberries in 1973. The kid from Omaha, Nebraska had it. Scott also sent the tape to Todd Rundgren (among others), whose publisher rejected him saying "he sounds too much like John Lennon." Good thing Eric was looking for exactly that when he heard the tape! SCOTT McCARL - I HOPE - DEMO Bernie
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    It was 15th anniversary of Raspberries Reunion show! Raspberries Tribute Live has held in Japan!!! Raspberries Tribute Live Vol.1 Starring HIROYUKI IZUTA(伊豆田洋之) With M’s Company Date: Nov.26, 2019 Place: Crawfish AKASAKA (Tokyo, JAPAN) SET LIST 1st stage 1. I Wanna Be With You 2. Play On 3. I Can't Explain 4. Nobody Knows 5. Let's Pretend 6. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 7. Party's Over *Vo.M.Maruyama 8. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 9. Might As Well *Vo.M.Maruyama 10. It Seemed So Easy *Vo.M.Kitazawa 11. Baby's In Black * Vo. M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. If You Change Your Mind 13. Tonight 14. I Can Remember 2 nd stage 1. Starting Over 2. Last Dance *Vo.M.Maruyama 3. I Saw The Light 4. No Reply 5. When You Were With Me    * Vo.M.Maruyama 6. It's Cold Outside * Vo.M.Kitazawa 7. Should I Wait 8. Come Around And See Me *Vo.M.Maruyama 9. Makin' It Easy              *Vo.M.Maito & Mai 10. Ticket To Ride             *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 11. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak      *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. Ecstasy 13. I'm A Rocker 14. Go All The Way Encore I Wanna Be With You
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    I've never seen this photo! Elton John and Eric Carmen!!! John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen このウェブサイトについて pinterest.jp John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen in 2019 | Captain fantastic, Album,…
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    The makeup artist and stylist were probably told to try and make the 43 year old Valli look marketable to the disco era kids. This was 1977. I think the photo shoot crew was channeling Danny Terrio! I do like Frankie. I used to play the Four Seasons' Story album a lot. But... like many other famous vocalists who have attempted an EC penned "sad song", Valli fails, IMHO. He is in good company, but they fail. There is just something indescribable... an essence, a pitch, a tone that is so absolutely and soulfully pure and emotionally jam-packed when EC sings, that all the others lack. It is his song, and he has opened a vein and bled his personal pain on the page.
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    All for Love over SWM, hands down. No Hard Feelings? Way back when I was 18 or so, my dad and I went somewhere in my VW and I had the first solo album on 8-track in the car. I was going to turn it off, but he said to leave it on, which surprised me because he likes country music. Anyway, he did like it - but when it got toward the end of that long fade at the end of No Hard Feelings, he said, "Would somebody let that sonofabitch out already!"
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    Was watching an episode of The Voice tonight, and here was a young girl duo on the show that sang All By Myself. As they started singing, I didn't give much thought about how inappropriate it would be for a couple of young teen girls to sing "and making love was just for fun" until they sang "and breaking hearts was just for fun". I guess this song is in such demand to be sung, they will change the lyrics to do so.
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    Kirk, if you show them some screenshots from the Sweet episode of some years ago, then threaten to turn Lew loose on them, they´ll approve that post. : )
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    Concur—he was a magnet (not surprisingly), and reason enough for so many people to zone in at EC.com for hours on end. I was particularly fond of Eric's "teachings"—you know what I mean, Bernie. The long-form posts where he'd go into detail about certain aspects of music creation (whether it was composition insights, or bridge-writing) and of music history (whether it was insight into his own work or styles and artists he appreciated). Those were the days, my friends. I thought they'd never end.
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    "All For Love," for me is sooooo much better than "Sleep With Me." In fact, there are so many nice things about that tune, that it sometimes creeps into my EC Solo Top 10! Bernie
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    Check out this sight and click on the various links...Tons of info on EC 45’ s releases...Formats, import covers, international releases, charting positions, comments, reviews, etc...Lots to explore... http://www.45cat.com/artist/eric-carmen
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    I really admire Ringo. He really seems to be a positive person, a gentleman and an old school entertainer. I think he would be the first to admit that singing is not his greatest musical gift, but he plays to his strengths and chooses songs that work with his vocal abilities. When I hear a Ringo song, I always have a smile in my heart. I do enjoy his Top 40 hits, including his cover of Johnny Burnette's You're Sixteen. Ringo is a true showman who has lots of musical friends with whom he has shared his stage over the years. He is extremely generous in showcasing THEIR talents and hits for appreciative audiences. You can tell EVERYONE is happy to participate. He has energy that belies his years. Play On, Ringo, Play On!!!!
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    I've always described myself as a "sucker for a good ballad." Guess that makes me a "disgusting romantic." Bernie
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    Lew...I can't hear "What's New Pussy cat" anymore without thinking of this comedy routine.
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    Carly Simon>Simon Cowell>Simon Sez>Crawdaddy Simon
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    I was asked to share these tour dates with the Forum for anyone interested: 2020 U.S. Tour Dates: Sunday, April 12, City Winery, Washington DC Monday, April 13, City Winery, Philadelphia, PA Wednesday, April 15, City Winery, New York, NY Thursday, April 16, City Winery, Boston, MA Sunday, April 19, City Winery, Chicago, IL Monday, April 20, City Winery, Nashville, TN Wednesday, April 22, City Winery, Atlanta, GA Friday, April 24, Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA Sunday, April 26, The Mint, Los Angeles, CA http://www.gilbertosullivan.co.uk/ Bernie
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    I've seen ABM from this show but didn't have this one in my library:
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    This will be my only post on this subject, as I like to stay away from politics on this site, at least for the most part these days. As opposed to 10, 15, 20 years ago, when politics was about honest disagreements between good people with differing ideologies, politics in the U.S. in 2019 is about imperfect/fundamentally good people versus a malevolent Left, a Left that has completely untethered itself from truth, fairness and justice and embraces hatred and bigotry on so many fronts. It´s good vs. evil today. Good includes traditional Democrats, Republicans, Atheists, Believers, homosexuals, heterosexuals, Black, White etc. It´s bigger than sectarian/party politics. it´s good vs. evil. The good must stand up today or we´re finished as a society, as a nation. It´s why I am so proud of Eric Carmen. He is speaking up, because I believe he sees this, because it´s necessary for every citizen to stand up and stop being afraid that someone on the other side will call us an "...ist"...or a "...phobe".....or a "....gynist"....etc. They lie, don´t ever care that people will lie about you when you stand up for good. It´s part of being a good person. I acknowledge it is very difficult today to stand, the power of the malevolent mob is strong, and if it gets stronger, they will do more than call us names. I study history a ton, the trend is bad and if we don´t stand strong, history teaches us that it won´t be pretty. Many many many movements have started with the idea of justice for the underdog (current Left is one of those movements)....and that part is good, but these movements (including today´s Left) self immolate into hatred, lies, deception and eventual violence against those who don´t conform. We will be there soon if we don´t stand strong. We are already there are some fronts. Most importantly we need to stand, but never indulge in hatred. It´s hard not to hate bad people, but if we hate, we´ve lost everything. We need to fight, but keeping in mind the words a smart man from history taught us; "Love your neighbor as yourself"....and probably more importantly today: "love your enemies". We must defeat the bad, but continue to love them as individuals. We have to stay above board. It´s good vs. evil. Eric has seen this and is standing strong, and taking a lot of hits for it. He´s standing with dignity, and is not returning the hate he receives with hate. I´ve never been prouder of him as my music idol as I am now. I hope all of us will take inspiration from him and stand up against the rot, stand up with love, stand up constructively. Its trite, cliche etc....but it´s in 2019 the truth: If we don´t stand, those who come after us will live in a hellhole, and maybe it will happen soon enough where we will experience the hellhole. Thanks Eric for standing, thanks to everybody else who stands also, James
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    Happy Birthday Kirk!! James
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    Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you ---
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    Perhaps as part of welcoming someone new to the board, it should be mentioned that searching the different categories could get you into a dialogue that Mr. Carmen participated in ( ? ) I never had the expectation of actually interacting with Mr. Carmen (though I did happen to catch his attention a very few times in a thread when he responded directly to a comment I posted), I was basically hoping to hear things about him and his career, and album/song titles to look up. It was an added bonus and a nice little adrenaline "kick" to realize he answered anything I put up on a thread. I only expected responses to happen if I was entering his facebook account or something like that--- but I refuse to get involved in facebook, twitter, etc.---so it was quite a surprise whenever he did. I think maybe more than a few come back to check in once in a great while even if they don't leave a post to show they've visited. AnneNR
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    Over the last 2 years or so I´ve bought like 600 dvds (movies, old movies, silents, documentaries, cartoons from the 1920s to the 1970s,, old tv shows, concerts etc.) and probably 400 cds. Wanted to stock up as I enjoy watching something of quality before bed, and don´t like tv at all really in 2019. Also I wanted to get these things in my hands as I feel there is a risk our cancel culture could very likely get a lot of them taken off the shelves, or horribly edited. Which actually has already started to happen. Or possibly they´ll disappear soon because of lack of market demand. Anyway, with this buying spree I also bought about 20 vinyl albums, just to try it out. I haven´t owned or played a vinyl in like 30 years. At first when I saw others buying vinyl I didn´t get it. But many said they enjoyed the listening experience more than they did with cds, so I decided to give vinyl a shot. "Boats......" is one of the vinyls I bought, it´s so neat, the art and sleeve etc, all larger and thus more striking. I´ve started playing some of these vinyls on my record player, and am really enjoying the experience. I like listening to each album side separately, I like buying the plastic coated inside sleeves to preserve the discs better, I like cleaning the disc after use. I like the enlarged art and liner notes. I like the look and texture of a record. It´s just a really good experience. Not sure if I´m riding on nostalgia, or if there´s something intrinsically special about vinyl. Hope I don´t like it so much that I decide I need to convert my whole collection vinyl!!! Anyway, thoughts on this stuff you guys?
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    I have always had my vinyl collection, hauling it from my childhood home to college to apartments to my home where, unfortunately, it was damaged by my house fire with the survivor being EC's first solo album and some 45's. It was a HUGE collection, much like Marvin's, and many items are out of print, such as my 78's and 45's. I am in the unique position to start over. I have always haunted used record shops looking for rare and import discs, and when I traveled overseas, I would collect foreign versions of my favorite artists' works. One of my all-time favorite record stores, and a favorite haunt in college, was the big old Broadway location in Nashville of the Great Escape. Spent plenty of time and money there adding to my vinyl collection. Sad to hear that after 33 years they got priced out of the neighborhood with gentrification. The Great Escape is now on eBay and online, but nothing beats thumbing through the stacks, and in Nashville, I was in pretty good company. Lots of musicians shopped there, too. All were friendly and happy to chat with a college co-ed. Vinyl has a warm sound. I greatly prefer analog to digital. I love reading liner notes and have been known to study an album cover for hours. There is also a physicality to vinyl, the whole process of cueing up a record, the drop of the needle, etc. I knew every pop on some of my old and worn LPs. I remember the programming notes written on album labels at my college radio station, WRVU. Notes as to whether the song cut cold at the end or faded out. The DJ had to know these things. I am slowly but eagerly rebuilding my collection. Wishing you the best as you build your own library, James. Remember, the journey is half the fun! https://thegreatescapeonline.com/CustomPage/8701
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    Neil Diamond with the Raspberries...
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    Good thing we all speak Carmenese! That list of initialisms could cause severe brain cramps in the uninitiated.
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    I snuck in a video that has the EricCarmen.com logo on the screen
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    Amateurs... their loss! They'll miss out on our collective knowledge base and Bernie's EC treasures!
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    Happy Birthday to the ever so wonderful dianed - Fine...It was yesterday, but I'm only 1 day off! I hope she had a great day!! Tim
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    Well said, Sweet Susie. You do have a way with words! :-)
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    Slackers... How dare they put one of our moderators in a holding pattern. Sounds like a Sweet maneuver. They are jealous...
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    Oh, if their moderator only knew whom he would be approving!!! Little does that forum know their good fortune to have our Kirk on their page. Hope you will kindly extend an invitation for them to join us...
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    Bernie...You have revealed many of your secret stash items and amazingly enough, you still have many more nuggets to offer...
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    "All for love" is fantastic, maybe one of the most underrated songs ever...it oozes with talent and beauty. But "Sleep with me" I have to choose here.
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    Yes, I was there. And just before the show, Ken Sharp and I were at Eric's trying to convince him to come with us and maybe jam on a tune or two. Ultimately, Eric decided not to steal any of the spotlight from Scott that night. But image what could have been?!? There is definitely a VHS tape of that show titled "'Berries Off The Vine." Bernie
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    How about All For Love and Sleep With Me? All For Love is a slight favorite tonight...might be different tomorrow.
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    Both of my characters, Kirk- the Eric Carmen expert, and my alter ego, Kirk- Captain of the Starship Enterprise, find this conversation very enlightening. Carry on...
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    I always liked Lost In the Shuffle a lot. Except for the line about cars backed up for miles to buy gasoline, the lyrics are just as topical today, especially that line about the CIA! I do agree with James about the production, though. There are two or three other songs on that LP that deserved better production from Maslin than they got, IMHO.
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    Ringo Starr "Ringo The 4th" is his worst album. "Bad Boy" is a close second.
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    The only rock n' roll Rose Coloured Glasses I like are the signature pair on Joey Ramone's nose... which I used to copy. Don't care for the song. It gets the skip button. Sounds like a rejected Beatle song that was left on the cutting room floor and stomped. Sorry, I really dislike that song, however, I like the one Bernie posted. I think it shows a mature McCarl who has found his own writing style. The song still bears a strong Beatles influence, but it is McCarl shining through.
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    Nice list...Contains many of my favorites...I would put Pure Gold(Mccartney penned) and I’m The Greatest(Lennon penned) on that list somewhere... I saw the Ringo with Eric tour in Connecticut at one of the casinos and the very next night, EC started doing “Boats”...I just missed it... P.S...That was the night I first met AnnieK in the hallway many years before EC.com when she had just gotten a Carmen album signed by EC...I verified to her that it looked legit(Annie had not actually seen the item signed in person)... Years later, at WAB, she recounted the story about the autograph and voila, we realized that it was each other that we had met that night, many years prior...
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    I think a lot of people come here with the hope of being able to access Eric. When that doesn't pan out (the case for anybody coming after late 2014) I think their 'fandom' shrinks and they disappear. I always smile a little when somebody claims to be one of Eric's biggest fans, yet it took them 20 years to find this website. I'm not judging anybody, just sayin'...
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    P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying, "There is no such thing as bad publicity."
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    Agree with everything said above. I still play my vinyl fairly regularly. In truth, my entire stereo system was developed around records- everything from the brand of the turntable, the make of the stylus, and the weight of the tone arm on the record. The 7 driver speakers I made sound best with analog input and vinyl. Oh, I listen to cd's on this system and they sound just fine. But sometimes I can hear that the music on cd has been recorded for smaller, faster, drivers and digital play back. BTW, that system is going on 50 years now...
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    I've heard some songs from this concert. I'm pretty sure Bernie was there. While it was great to have some of the 'berries get together, I seem to remember Scott struggling a bit to hit the high notes in Eric's songs. Not really surprising, I remember Eric struggling to hit those notes at times, also!
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    ...with Hedy Lamarr. It's true. Been watching movies from the 30s and 40, some starring her. But there's a problem. She was born in 1914 and died some years ago. So if anyone finds a time machine for sale, on e-bay, amazon...it doesn't matter where, please let me know. That's about it for me. . Any exciting new happenings in you guys' lives?