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    I finally got all of the photos restored to the "Rare Photo of the Week" Forum. It was a lot of work—and I can't imagine it being meaningful to anyone but a handful of fans who still visit—but something inside me still wants to keep EC.com up and running. I also added a new photo. The first new one in about two years! 😳 Bernie
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    Can I keep a secret, or what? http://www.ericcarmen.com/music-topdownsummer.html Bernie
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    August 11th is Eric's Birthday...so Happy Birthday, Boss! Hard to believe that EricCarmen.com is still chugging away 21 years after it started. We've logged in an incredible 2.8 million visitors over those two decades. Thanks for letting us share the remakes of "Top Down Summer" and "I Could Really Love You," Eric. Just in time...as there's still a whole month of Summer left! All good thoughts to you on your special day! Bernie
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    Here are a couple of RARE photos of Eric's appearance on American Bandstand on December 16, 1978. Eric was interviewed by host Dick Clark and sang "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" and "Change of Heart." Bernie
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    Teresa and I had company this weekend. We did all of the things good friends usually do, have a cook-out, sit by the pool, go out to dinner...oh, and watch one of them kick ass playing drums on a song he originally played drums on for one of the most awesomest power pop bands around! Yeah, just another weekend. 😎 Bernie
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    I actually can't and don't want to imagine not having this site.
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    Happy Birthday to my favorite artist! You wrote the soundtrack to my life!! Have a great day, Eric
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    Anyone notice who played guitar on I Could Really Love You? I smell a Raspberries reunion in the near future! Click on Personnel to the right of the new songs. BTW - They sound great. I always skipped over Top Down Summer from the Winter Dreams album. I just never liked it that much. I really like the new version.
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    It's your labor of love, your open book to the world for a very special person "we" all love. You've spent may days, hours and minutes working on it so "we" all can be here, share, learn and enjoy. I think the one's that truly get that and appreciate it are still here and I'd like to think I'm one of those handful's too. You truly inspire me because it is a lot of work and your dedication to it and too everyone here is timeless and endless! Thank you too, for all you do! Nancy.
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    I be one of the handful...thanks for all you do!
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    Happy birthday to a pop rock genius --- Eric Carmen! BMP
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    Happy birthday, Eric! Wishing you happiness and joy!
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    Happy birthday Eric. I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous day. Take the day off from writing your music for your new album. Hint hint!!! Lol
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    Happy birthday Eric!!! You make my everyday so special. Wish you have a happy day and a nice year. Aventurine from Japan
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    Happy Birthday Eric! Have an awsome day and best for health and happiness! Cheers! 🍺 -Billy
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    I hope you have a wonderful day - Happy Birthday Eric!! Tim
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    Happy Birthday, Eric! All the best to you! G
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eric!! Matt
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    Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite people! Hope you have a smashing day tomorrow!
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    This is so great! Tommy Allen has the touch!!
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    The smile on my face while groovin' to these gems is a mile wide right now....
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    Happy belated bday, Eric. You are forever young to me. 😘 Hope you, Amy, the kids (and Delores) are living the best life together❣ Wishing you love and happiness always, M.E.
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    Both tunes sound GREAT! Thanks!!!
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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC! Wishing you a birthday and year as joyful and exciting as your music has made us feel. Thanks for all the music, love and friendship which has made our lives oh so much richer for knowing you. All the best of love, success and happiness to you, my very special friend! --Love, Dar
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    Neat, like it!...if the re-worked album is going to be released, I look forward to buying it. Thanks Señor Tommy Allen. James
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    Tommy Allen does it again. Loved Never Say Die and now these two.
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    It was a long time ago. I don't think anybody knew but you helped me through some real tough times and I think, I had done the same for you. You're still thought of each day even though I know you have moved on, I really think you should have stayed. You need to come back here because this is also you're place and people miss you here each and every day. I'd also like to wish you a VERY "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Mr Carmen on your very special day! Keep well and stay happy. With Love And Respect, Nancy.
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    Happy Birthday to my biggest crush Eric Carmen---Tammy Quick 🎁🎈🎂🎊🎉
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    It's a top down time of year!! I think we have a 'hit record...yeah!' Will there be a concert tour to support the single??? Dave
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    6. Change Of Heart 5. Tonight You're Mine 4. Winter Dreams 3. Geffen self - titled 2. Arista self - titled 1. Boats Against The Current Matt
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    Teresa and I had company this weekend. Now, that the dust has settled, here's my list: 6. Winter Dreams 5. Change of Heart 4. Eric Carmen (Geffen) 3. Eric Carmen (Arista) 2. Tonight You’re Mine 1. Boats Against the Current Bernie
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    So good to see some familiar faces around here again
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    It's a great 8 songs, for sure. I think Eric and Arista were pretty much done with each other at this point. Arista wasn't really promoting Eric, so why waste more time creating tunes that were not going to be heard! 5 of the songs on that album are so good I would have been happy with just those...Tonight You're Mine, It Hurts Too Much, All For Love, Sleep With Me, Foolin' Myself.
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    Even though I ranked them, I love all six. But Boats, Arista, TYM - they're all so damn good in their own way and it's hard to pick one over the other.If TYM had two more songs (and didn't have such awful cover art - the record label really screwed him over with that, IMHO), I would probably put that one first for sure. Why not have included a cover like "Tin Soldier" by Small Faces and maybe a re-working of one of his Raspberries tunes or some yet-unreleased song to fill out the LP.
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    6. Winter Dreams 5. Geffen 4. Change of Heart Can't make up my mind on the remaining 3.
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    Both songs excellent!!! Mark Hudson (former Hudson Brothers) sings back up on "I Could Really Love You". Mark also did Hanson & Ringo Starr!!
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    I´ve bought about 200 new cds this year, just expanding the collection. One I bought was Neil Diamond´s "Hot August Night, New York City", a live album recorded from 4 Madison Square Garden shows he did in 2008. It´s great, but one of the highlights, if not THE highlight, was "Hell Yeah" a song from his album "12 Songs" that came out in 2005. He closed with this song. And it was a stunning closer. He was not just giving charity to one of his newer songs. This song belonged as the closer! What came to mind, is how cool is it, that a man who has one of the most prestigious and prodigious catalogs of all time, a catalog he created over about 50 years.......how cool is it that this guy in his 60s (then) was still producing songs so strong that one of them warranted being a closer at his live shows. And that song was not an anomaly,...the full album "12 Songs" was very good. And the two albums that came after were even better! Anyway, just a quick thought, please carry-on. :-)
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    6. Change of Heart 5. Winter Dreams 4. EC Arista 3. Boats Against the Current 2. EC Geffen 1. Tonight You’re Mine
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    Bernie, in all fairness, it would be Tonight You're Mine at #1, and everything else at #2, but that wouldn't be playing fair. BTW, where's your list
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    I bought The Raspberries "Best" album back in September of 1986 at Camelot Music in Saginaw, Michigan when I was 21 years old. There was a shrink wrap instead of the liner notes as well as the "dark green" Capitol label. There also wasn't an "RIAA" in the label when it was reissued. I only heard of "Go All The Way" when I was 7 years old in September of 1972 (as I mentioned in the very first post that I wrote back in late 1999) as well as the song "Let's Pretend" when I was 8 years old in the Summer of 1973 on AM radio back then. I haven't heard the rest of the songs until I bought the album in September of 1986 as I mentioned. I have sold the album last year because I got Raspberries CD's "Capitol Collectors Series" (1991), "Greatest" (2005) as well as the Japan reissues with the bonus tracks from 2016!! The song "I'm A Rocker" (from 1973) is a song that I haven't heard until I got "Side 3" at a used record store in Bay City, Michigan back in the Summer of 1988. I also bought the remaining 3 albums also in 1988. Still waiting if Alice Cooper is going to play "I'm A Rocker" (from the vaults) during his "Nights With Alice Cooper" show!!! Alice did play "I Wanna Be With You" a few times though. Matt
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    Eric wrote pages on what happened to 'Tonight You're Mine' on the message board. Politics and power at their ugly worst!
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    Raspbernie's favorite album of Eric's: "Boats Against The Current"!!
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    6. Change of Heart (Desperate Fools is its saving grace) 5. Winter Dreams (love "Isn't it Romantic" and the two covers) 4. Geffen (hit and miss) 3. Boats (I still love listening to this album straight-through, as listed, no skipping. A great ride.) 2. Arista (each song distinctive, yet truly 'carmen-esque'.) 1.Tonight Your Mine (NOW we're talking...and rockin!)
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    HA! Thankfully, there was no video in the 50's and 60's. However, there is a reel to reel tape somewhere with a few tunes on it...
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    Smile, what's the use in crying!!