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    I'll hear none of this "closing the board" talk.
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    I'd have to admit that this is the only website that I really feel safe posting on-Tammy Quick
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    Probably had something to do with you test fitting him for a grass skirt...
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    Most covers of EC's classic, All By Myself, fall into three main categories: acceptable, mediocre, and abominable. Of course there sometimes is a rare and shining moment when a good cover is uploaded. EVERYONE wants to cover this song well, but that club has a short list of membership. So, my question is, who would you nominate get a shot at joining the ABM Hall of Fame? Who would you choose to get a shot at doing this 20th century classic Carmen/Rachmaninoff composition justice? It can be any singer, past or present from any musical gendre. They just have to sing the song as it should be sung... Crazy stupid vocal gymnastics substituting for poor emotive and storytelling skills will result in an automatic disqualification as well as a permanent ban on that artist's permission to sing EC penned songs. Who in your opinion is good enough to make the grade? I think my first nomination will be Miss Karen Carpenter. Her voice was rich and lush with excellent pitch control, and Karen was a master at telling emotional stories through song.
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    Hard to respect a guy who tossed off these particular reviews so half-heartedly. I know Robert Christgau is one of those pioneers in rock criticism, and he fancies himself "the dean of American rock critics." But in this case, he took the easy and trendy way out. He nagged Raspberries for the ballads, didn't give enough props for the powerful pop they were making, and generally didn't "get" the band. It was reviews and reviewers like this who made sure Raspberries' first three albums were undersold. When the "cool" rock press finally started appreciating the melodies, playing, and pure fun of Raspberries, per the Starting Over album, they sounded almost begrudging in their (faint) praise. Those '70s-era rock critics could not get out of their heads the wrongful stereotype that Raspberries thought they were the next Beatles. The grades Christgau doles out don't match his snarky criticisms of the first three albums. If you read the reviews without seeing his grades, you'd have guessed D-, C-, C, and B- (instead of C+, B-, B, and A-) for the four studio albums. Even the A- Christgau gave Raspberries Best came with this dismissive line: "...as if they ever came close to the Beatles' delicacy or insane enthusiasm or melodic inspiration." Talk about missing the point!
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    There certainly is something special about this message board. I did join the Brian Wilson message board but left after a day or so. The people seemed nice enough, but it just lacked that je ne sais quoi that only EC.com has.
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    Bernie, don't make me drag out your quote about keeping the message board going LOL! I guess I'm with Lew on this one- I don't really get why Eric would quit posting here entirely. Twitter, et all, are o.k. for a shot gun style of posting, but Eric has loyal fans here who are solely here because of their love for his music. His interaction with us in the past was stimulating to all involved. Why abandon a platform that has that kind of dedication?
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    I don’t like this kind of talk, Bernard...
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    A ton of EC, Berries photos...all in one place (and a few other photos that I have no idea how they snuck in there)... https://www.pinterest.com/pin/38913984254566680/
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    I'm surprised that some country group that prominently features 3- and 4-part harmonies hasn't covered Should I Wait.
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    Lew, you're really beating the bushes...don't think I ever thought about ABM success in this fashion- I just thought it was the universal appeal of the theme applied to a beautiful song.
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    Loved Eddie Money, particularly his underrated Playing for Keeps album from 1980. I thought that one was his very best album, even though it wasn’t a commercial success. Playing for Keeps was a favorite of mine at college, one that had a lot of personal meaning. There’s not a week track on it, and to this day I can listen to it without wanting to skip past any of the songs. The opener is “Trinidad,” a haunting rocker that somehow sounds both innovative and classic. “Running Back” has a cool reggae groove, and there’s a quartet of unbridled blasts of rock’n’roll called “The Wish, “Get a Move On,” “Satin Angel,” and “Nobody Knows” (not to be confused with the Raspberries song of the some name). And there are my two favorites, both on the ballad side: “When You Took My Heart” and this one, “Let’s Be Lovers Again,” a moving duet with Valerie Carter, who, sadly, also recently passed away (2017):
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    C’mon, Bern...Why doesen’t Eric post here anymore?...I’m sure you have a clue...
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    If Eric were dead he'd be rolling over in his grave...how dare they mess with power pop perfection! Sure, the original production was thin, but these guys are trying to re-write the song! Too bad the thread is closed. I'd have a thing or two to say
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    I may be a little biased, but I'd grade them: 1st album: A- Favorite cuts: Go All The Way, Come Around and See Me, Don't Want to Say Goodbye, I Can Remember. Fresh: A- Favorite cuts: I Wanna Be With You, Let's Pretend, If You Change Your Mind, Drivin' Around. Side 3: B+ Favorite cuts: Tonight, On the Beach, I'm a Rocker, Ecstacy. Starting Over: A+ Favorite cuts: Every song except Hands on You. Raspberries Best: A Favorite cuts: Great compilation and liner notes.
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    I believe that Eric is on Twitter because he follows me!!
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    1 London Calling-The Clash 2 English Settlement-XTC 3 The Unforgettable Fire-U2 4 Boats Against The Current-Eric 5 Hopes & Fears(Deluxe Edition)-Keane Next 5 would include Fresh-Raspberries Under The Iron Sea-Keane Summer Teeth-Wilco Disintegration-The Cure Late For The Sky-Jackson Browne
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    https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/1575/all#nav-entity...Cool site that shows you the names of artists that have covered Raspberries songs...
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    This might sound odd but I think Pat Benatar would nail it.
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    Jack Jones, Paul Mccartney, Freddy Mercury...
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    "First released in 1975". Huh? No wonder he couldn't figure out the rest of the video...
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    Yep. No secret. A theme that everyone can relate to. With a memorable melody sung memorably. Bernie
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    A lot of reviewers from that era got caught in their own self importance. The whole corporatization of rock was disgusting although a part of the growing pains.
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    Maybe we need to cajole him ...
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    Yes, LC! EC is an articulate storyteller. He makes one feel as though they are witnessing the event.
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    The Cars were really great—deserving HOF inductees (as Raspberries would be!). I remember when the Cars burst onto the scene—I was just starting college—and had that weirdly cool punk-y pop sound. Their debut album was loaded with great sounds and songs, but my favorite Cars song came a little later: “Touch and Go.”
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    Interesting...I have a few mentions of Badfinger from Eric on the message board, but not that story.
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    Sadly to say....EC.com once had, it's over now. The internet has had a positive influence on how people communicate all over the world. However it has almost changed. People toward outside 2000's, therefore people are introverted and tend to show their reluctance. They toward private matters, don't like to descuss with oher people. It seems that World has small. And Eric loves to stay on twitter and chose to communicate with other ordinary fans. I believed Eric is waiting for a chance to camming back to our message board, so I dare to wrote some radical post when Bernie once decided to close here last year (I'm sorry Bernie!). I thought if Eric and members remind their LOVE on this board. Then they didn't back.... If Bernie will decide to close the board, I will support his decision on this time.
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    Lew............. And just HOW long must a girl wait for your Lewificence to answer my inquiry?????????? I'm waiting... for Godot it would seem. Just askin'...
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    As mentioned in LC's bumped album cover thread, I lost most of my music collection to my house fire. Spending hours flipping through the bins of used record stores has always been a passion, but now online shopping helps with the rare titles. Boy, the prices have sure gone up! I think on average, I spent $5.00 per album for new releases over the years, obviously more on imports and rarities. My $5.00 doesn't go that far anymore. Also, I find there are some titles I won't bother to replace. So, Gentle Reader, here is my question to you... If you lost your music collection, what would be your top five albums to replace?
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    Lew, have you considered full-spectrum CBD oil? I've been experimenting with it for a couple months and it seems to help.
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    I made it, but it was a struggle...Thanks for the support...
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    Sorry, buddy- I've been offline for several hours also- hope you're doing o.k.
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    "My Ding-a-Ling"—now there's a novelty song. How did that get by the sensors? Or have I always misinterpreted it? Actually, upon looking at the Wiki entry, it was controversial in many parts. But in the area where I lived at the time (western PA), it got frequent radio play. Wiki notes it's an old song from the 1950s (which I didn't know) and that among the acts that covered it was Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Ding-a-Ling
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    I think I'd replace all my Raspberries and Eric Carmen albums because even though I'm a music fan those ones are probably more important to me than anything else in my music collection-Tammy Quick
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    Susie! You are TOUGH! Except I'm thinking about your question: the "first five" I'd replace doesn't mean I wouldn't get around to replacing several hundred. It's just—the five that I'd need right away. Here they are, as of today: 1. Beatles: Let It Be 2. Beatles: The White Album 3. Eric Carmen: Boats Against the Current 4. Raspberries Best Featuring Eric Carmen (that awesome 1976 compilation) 5. John Stewart: Gold I know that list is all that's required here, but... please indulge my explanations (or, of course, you can just move on to the next response). Anyway, the first four on my list are sort of self-explanatory, because, well, I'm here. As Eric wanted to tell John Lennon when he met him, "If not for the Beatles, there'd be no me," or something to that effect. For me, the later Beatles struck a chord, and Let It Be was one of the first LPs I ever bought. It's so great, still—"Two of Us," "I've Got a Feeling," "Across the Universe," "Get Back," the iconic "Let It Be," and my favorite, "The Long and Winding Road." And The White Album—I loved the "branching out" the Beatles were doing at the time. It's still an album I can listen to and hear new things. Boats is probably the album I've played more than any other in my collection. And Raspberries' Best would be right up there—I'd want it for the "four horny singles" on Side 1, the tour-de-force "I Can Remember," and the pop masterpieces "Overnight Sensation" and "Let's Pretend." But what about my fifth choice? What is that, you're wondering? Well, it's an awesome career-spanning compilation from the late, great John Stewart, somebody I got to know as a friend and who I admired greatly. Every story ever written about Stewart mentioned that the singer/songwriter/guitarist: • wrote "Daydream Believer" for the Monkees shortly after leaving The Kingston Trio. • traveled in 1968 with Bobby Kennedy on his whistle-stop train tours—truly "the last campaign," as John called it. • had several solo hits, including "Gold," "Lost Her in the Sun," and "Midnight Wind" (all featuring Lindsey Buckingham and/or Stevie Nicks). • penned a number of hits for others, including the moving "Runaway Train" and "Dance with the Tiger" for Rosanne Cash. But there's so much more to John's career, and lately, I've been digging deeper than ever into his catalog, which numbered more than 50 albums of material, including his Kingston Trio work. HIs brand of pure Americana music is just... stunning. And so, his Gold compilation is one I'd replace pronto. Recently, John's music got major exposure because of the film Apollo 11, which featured his "Mother Country" at a pivotal moment. "Mother Country" was a favorite song of astronaut Buzz Aldrin's, so he brought it with him on the mission via a special playback machine that was an early sort of Walkman. The scene with "Mother Country" is very moving—it's the song the astronauts actually had playing as they sped back into Earth's orbit. I couldn't help but get a little choked up when I saw it—partly because of the triumph of the moment itself, and partly because John deserved that kind of exposure. He was that good! A P.S. for Susie: John wrote a number of songs where horses play a role, and "Mother Country" was one of them. He was really into horses, and if you listen to (especially) his 1980s-2000s work, you hear a lot of songs that have a sort of "trotting" percussive feel—he loved the sound of trotters.
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    Not necessarily in order, but then again, it actually might be...I’ll limit it to one per group or it would end up all Beatles... 1.) Abbey Road...Incomparable...The jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones... 2.) Ram...Mccartney’s Jewel in a treasure chest full of precious stones... 3.) Straight Up...Badfinger’s jewel in a (You know the rest)... 4.) Starting Over...Raspberries...Hope Bonfanti doesn't see this... 5.) Something/Anything.(Rundgren)...Twilley Don’t Mind, (Dwight Twilley)...Laughing InThe Dark(Pezband), ....When You Were Mine(John Waite)...In Color(Cheap Trick) And Since Bernie picked Day At The Races, I’ll bring News Of The World(Queen)...Maybe, Bernie will be stranded on the same island so I could borrow some of the Eric albums... P.S....I cheated...I listed more than 5...Bernie could edit my post...He should be used to that...
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    I'll play. 1. Eric Carmen - Boats Against The Current 2. Raspberries - Side 3 3. Beatles - Abbey Road 4. Paul Mccartney - Ram 5. Queen - A Night At The Opera That was hard. Bernie