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    A couple of familiar faces celebrating their anniversaries together:
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    The late Casey Kasem & "American Top 40" from October 7, 1972. It is at the 30:03 mark in which The Raspberries moved up at # 5 while a record store in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada & a woman who smelled the album cover!! Matt
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    Cool, Matt! I always wondered if that story was a fabrication of Capitol Records' publicity department? Bernie
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    Good find, Matt! Love the story of the lady that fainted because of the scented sticker!!
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    So... Anyone else besides me going to Cleveland to see The Choir in November? Tim https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1675780?utm_medium=api
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    Haha! Just a website refresh! Thanks for reminding me. I had fun playing in that high school band! Bernie
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    Great looking couples..Happy belated Anniversary to you all
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    Former singer Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship) has died at 76 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marty_Balin
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    Lead singer for The Records (1979 "Starry Eyes"), John Wicks has died.
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    Here he is with Scott McCarl, John Borack, and yours truly...from a few years ago.
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    In the United States, HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!
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    BeatleJay, good to see you're still alive and posting! How's the business doo-ing?
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    Dang it anyway! Thought we would see you there Bernie. Tim- my wife Lisa and I will be there. You and I met at the Sunset Strip show in '07.
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    Recording Apple engineer Geoff Emerick (The Beatles) has died of a heart attack at 72 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoff_Emerick
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    Agee. One of the men “behind” the Beatles’ success. Bernie
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    I finally got all of the photos restored to the "Rare Photo of the Week" Forum. It was a lot of work—and I can't imagine it being meaningful to anyone but a handful of fans who still visit—but something inside me still wants to keep EC.com up and running. I also added a new photo. The first new one in about two years! 😳 Bernie
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    Would be there, if not for my stepdaughter's wedding... Bernie