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    Matt is correct! Jim told me this was going down a couple of days before it happened. Can’t wait to hear what they collaborated on. If you’ve seen any of the recent clips of Wally playing, you know he’s back in top form! I was a big KV fan starting with his GREAT Hollywood LP, and had the pleasure of sneaking him backstage to meet Eric after one of the Raspberries reunion gigs. Bernie
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    APRIL NEWSLETTER We start out with a real SHOCKER this month...As you all probably know, our own RASPBERNIE was the creator of the famous "GOT MILK" ad campaign...And it has always bothered him to read offshoots of this slogan everywhere he goes...Whether its on the back of a bumper sticker or spray painted on the side of a building, the usage has always bothered him...Reading anything from "Got Diarreah" to "Got Change For A Buck", Bernie has never gotten one extra dime in royalties...Needless to say, he feels that he "Got Milked" and "Got Screwed" by all this and he has made a decision..He has "Got Even" with his advertising firm and started his own company...And his 1st order of business is to start a new campaign to hammer away at the old one...He has decided to create a new superhero... LACTOSE INTOLERANCE MAN starring none other than our own Tommy Tunes ...So far, there have only been two major points of dispute...Tommy does not want to change his name to " Tofu Tunes"...and TT wants to be shown in his grass skirt with the caption “Got Leid”...We'll let you know how this turns out next month...Stay Tuned" If any of you are wondering where Wendy has been, I'll try to explain...Wendy and I are now related through marriage...You see, Wendy has been complaining about her sore knees for many years...(I guesss she was on them quite a bit when she was younger, (probably praying for Ian to marry her)...Well, the Easter Bunny has made a early visit to the OC...Wendy has gotten 2 very new knees...It seems that my wife, Lewisa, who had’nt been on them through 31 years of marriage, has given her joints to Wendy...Therefore, Wendy and I are now related through marriage...Wendy will be up and around in no time...As for Lewisa, she wont be able to walk anymore, but what's the difference?...I've carried her the whole time... On a personal note, I have a dilemna...Everytime I see a New Jersey area code pop up on my caller ID, it could be Tunes or my son who lives in Newark...Lady or the Tiger... What do I do?..I hate talking to TT....Answer it?...Ignore it?...Give my kid up for adoption?...Any ideas would be greatly aappreciated... P.S....Late breaking news...Capital Records will rerun a politically correct 2019 version of the 1970’s contest to pick the “foxiest Raspberry”...The new greatest hits package will reveal that the shortest Raspberry will indeed be announced as rock ‘n rolls first” gay midget”...The announcement will officially come out as soon as the gay member comes out of the cupboard... P.S....April Fools...
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    Bernie, remember this ancient post by yourself? It was back in 2002, before there was an Eric Carmen biography (you were still writing it). And not only was there no book yet , but there was no Raspberries reunion, no Raspberries tour, no live "Sunset" CD/DVD set, no second Raspberries break-up, no "last shining moment together" at the R&R Hall of Fame (I sure wish I had been there!), no "Brand New Year," no Pop Art live two-disc set—and all the things in between. For sure, the second go-round of Raspberries was just as "illustrious" as the first go-round. (Who knows where I got "illustrious" from?) The years do fly by....
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    Not sure what you're alLEWding to. Bernie
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    Two of my favorites...
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    Happy Easter, everyone!!
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    James...I will never short circuit a diaLEWgue about Lew in favor returning the topic to James...You just don’t have the name that conjures up any reason to concentrate our efforts to make you feel better...Therefore, more Lew and less James... Now that I got that off my chest, it’s time to “turn in”...Got my slippers, bathrobe and my favorite pair of paJAMESas, kick back with a nice shot of JAMESeson and watch a little Telly... Let’s check out the movie channels, hmm...A Johnny Weissmuller festival entitled, “Me Tarzan, you JAMES...What the heck?...No way will I watch that... How about the A and E network...”JAMEStown, the first settlement”...oh dear...followed by JAMES JONES’...”Kool-Ade anyone? I guess no movies for me...How about some nice music from the different music channel?...Oh, a 60’s station...a Tommy JAMES CONCERT...CLICK, LET’s check out the 40’s station...The best of Harry JAMES”...argh!!! Let’s try some Broadway tunes...Oh good...I love LEWie Armstrong...”You coax the blues right out of the horn, JAMES,... you charm the husk right off of the corn, JAMES.... I gotta get away from thinking about James...I know...Maybe I’ll Go workout at the JAMESnasium...No, I’ll just read the Bible...Let’s see, I got one here...”The Bible, Saint JAMES edition... A last resort, I’ll just pop in an Elvis movie...No James references in those titles...TURN on my VCR and voila!!! Elvis Presley starring in , HAREM Scarum... Geez...
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    Not to appear aLEWf, but it seems you guys have become ungLEWed. Like jack in One fLEW Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
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    Recently, there was a picture of Wally, Jim and Kyle Vincent together on Facebook (in a recording studio, I think)...Anybody know what’s going on?
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    It comes with great sadness that I announce the demise of Lew’s April Newsletter. Without mentioning any names, some LEWser said his piece wasn’t worth reading- even on the LEW. I told the LEWser that was LEWdicrous, to which the offending party insisted it was LEWd conduct. I was pretty sure the accuser had some kind of LEWy body thing going on waving their arms in protest. When I protested that LEWke proclaimed himself to be in the Good Book, this person bLEW up! I insisted there were a sLEW of references to LEWke, but to no avail. Obviously they had no cLEW. I changed tactics and tried to make an argument for a LEWs association with LEWis and Clark, but it fell on deaf ears. Maybe next month, Lew…
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    Hey, I was just throwing you a bone because nobody had yet commented on your April Newsletter...some thanks
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    Scott Walker... Such a fearless talent! His commercial success as a Walker Brother left a legacy of pop classics, but his true gift was as an avant garde performer. With his cover of Jacques Brel's Jackie, and other artful music, he gave inspiration and influence to other artists, namely David Bowie.
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    I was shuffling through a book about Paul Stanley of Kiss(not sure if it was an autobiography or a bio) and in the back section, it had a quote by Stanley saying that he tried to channel Eric Carmen with the opening to the Kiss song “Deuce”...
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    Gene and Paul were in the audience at Carnegie Hall. Paul visited Eric backstage at one of the L.A. reunion gigs. Bernie
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    I'm rooting for James...I don't think I could stand up under the scrutiny of Soul Net...
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    Gilbert O ‘Sullivan will be performing at City Winery NYC on July 9, 2019...It will be his only U.S. appearance and hasn’t performed in America in at least 35 years, I think...
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    That famous white guitar is in a new exhibit at the Met. The Melody Maker is in good company. Play On!!! https://amp-gothamist-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.gothamist.com/amp/articles/create?article_id=5ca4d476ec23ea000192fa05&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s
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    Back around the late 90's, Jane Pauley did a segment called "Dateline Timeline". Now the Dateline Timeline, all of the following events happened the third week of January, do you know what year it was? Forgot the headlines (but I am not sure if Jane Pauley said this though, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl) & the top movie at the box office BUT Pauley said on TV, "Rhoda" starring Valerie Harper was big & Eric Carmen had a song on the charts "All by myself, don't wanna be all by myself anymore" All right what year was it 1975, 1976 or 1977, the answer when Dateline continues after these messages from your local station. So what year was it (blank), "Rhoda" hits big & "All By Myself" hits the charts, it all happened the third week of January 1976!! From our studios in New York, here again is Stone Phillips. But that is all that I can think of back then. Matt
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    Happy Easter and Passover to my EC.com family!!!
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    Yep, stop Kirking around...
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    What’s so funny Bern.? Kirk is trying to Lewmiliate me...
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    Matt, that seems to be the consensus.
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    Bernie? He's got the tightest lips around! LOL!! Wait, that doesn't sound right...
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    Good stuff Lew, thank you. It already has been helpful. Not sure what a "gravy bag" is, but I have a feeling it´s better that I continue ignorant on that front. Anyway, I was very intrigued about this "Book of Lew" you mentioned. I had not been familiar with it until reading your post. I knew about "Lew against the current", and "Lew is all that matters". But nothing on the Book of Lew. So I went and did some research on the internet, and found some good stuff. The Book of Lew is actually the foundational doctrine for a cult that believes in reincarnation. They further believe the number of chins one has = the number of lives they will enjoy after their current life is over. And Lew Bundles is their Jim Jones. Lew never let on. He´s too humble sometimes. Kinda like me. Anyway, here´s a sampling of some of the core beliefs of Lew´s cult: 1. jumper cables have more than one use 2. James is the devil 3. AOC is a great prophet, as she, like their leader Lew Bundles, has a compulsion for that part of a farm animal´s body where waste exits. 4. grass skirts, when worn by males not as virile as James, act as a fertilizer for boners 5. Lew is the 2nd coming of........................................................ TO BE CONTINUED
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    Kyle lives in Massachussettes...Jim and Wally are in Cleveland...The pizza would have been cold by the time it got there...I don’t trust that story?..My mama always told me, “Don’t trust a person with 2 first names”...Waiting for Bernie to chime in on this...
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    I saw that Kyle had posted the photo. Kyle said he was delivering pizza...
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    For me "Alone Again Naturally" is one of those songs that is so good it´s more than just music. I also have always owned his Greatest Hits which are good, he´s written a lot of good songs, many covered by others. In the past year I stocked up on about 400 new cds and 600 dvds (documentaries, old movies, shows, cartoons, concerts etc.....buying them all as I don´t watch tv, need to have something good to watch, and am also preparing for when the mob bullies them off the shelves), ....anyway, included in the 400 cds was a studio album or 2 of Gilbert O´s, but haven´t listened yet.
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    James...I appreciate your debacle and, of course, I am willing to give some advice...At times of distress, I always remember the advice that a priest (friend) of mine gave me...This is a true story... It was the autumn of 2002, I was reeling from job loss and divorce, both the same week after 23 years...I went to visit my priest friend and told him that I could move on from the divorce, but I was in financial ruin...I had to pay child support and alimony and the loss of my job, made this a very difficult proposition...With foreclosure looming, financially, I was devastated... My Priestfriend’s advice...? “Grab the Bible, take it to a heavenly spot that showed the power and creativity of Almighty God, open the Bible up and let the wind ruffle the pages around and eventually, the Good Book would settle on the page that the Lord wants you to read...I guarantee that the Heavenly Father will not let you down”... Six months later, I ran into my priest buddy again and he saw the remarkable difference in my attitude...He asked me how did everything work out... ”Father, Everything turned out great...I did exactly what you said...I went to the ocean, placed the Bible on a chair, let the wind rustle around the pages and sure enough, the wind halted and the Book stopped its page shuffling and sure enough, the Good Book stopped on a page and I took it as a “sign” of God’s advice... The page that it stopped on??? ...Chapter 13 (Bankruptcy) The reason, James, that I share this most personal of all stories is to help guide you through the forest...I suggest that you turn your new religion Jamesuit, to the Gospel’s...Matthew, Mark, Lew and John...Particularly, the Book of Lew... Chapter 69, verse 6;15...”During the Lenten season, all able bodied Christians shall abstain and “fast” during the 40 days prior to Jesus’s hanging/resurrection/ascension...Abstention from meat is the primary vice that should be expelled from thy own bounty...”This is the Gospel according to Lew... I believe, with my whole heart, that the Devil is tempting you with the extra helping of “breast meat”, hoping James , and his new religion will crumble...As difficult as this decision may be, the Good Book is telling you to expel and reject the the additional meat serving... I hope this helps you make the decision easier for you...And while your “”cleansing”, you can return the “gravy bags” of Lewisa to me...AMEN...and cha cha cha..
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    Lew, or anyone!..... I need some advice. Not sure if you can help me, but I´ll give it a shot. You see, this morning, as I, James, "The Pro-noun Bandit", was running from various international police agencies for using an incorrect pro-noun, I got a call on my Latina companion´s cell phone. The call was from the Director of The James Harem. He was kind of stressed out but finally was able to tell me the Harem has a crisis and that James is needed to make a decision. But the decision is hard, and thus my call for some help from you guys. (sorry, gotta take a break, my dog just got his ball stuck under my desk and he´s digging to China trying to retrieve it) Ok, I´m back. And I´ll try to get to the point. As you guys know, The James Harem has rules, strict rules such as no applicants over 19 wanted, mandatory retirement at 22, members must not sweat while fetching James a refreshment, no "women" from Spain allowed, etc etc etc. But the rule in play today is the weight gain rule. Probably the most important rule we have. You see the James Harem´s Director called to let me know that one of our members gained 2 lbs. This might not seem like much to you civilians, but the Harem´s max weight gain allowed is zero...zero sharp. Normally this issue would be easily handled - the member would be expelled. But the Director told me that the 2 lbs looks good on her, that all of the 2 lbs went to her boobs (1lb to each) and that all the other members of the harem are jealous, & stuff. I got kind of excited picturing that. But I´m not sure what to do......rules are rules and once we start making exceptions, we´ve opened up the harem to the same stuff the 60s opened the United States up to. But on the other hand, how can we punish a member for having bigger boobs???? Life is too complicated. I really should become a monk, and start-up a monastery, a mendicant order of monks. I could call it "The Jamesuits", or maybe The Jamesiscans. There are many possibilities. Anyway, I´m pretty agotado from all this, any input from you guys would be more than appreciated.
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    Wishing you a birthday full of happiness and joy, Hossy!!!!
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    I just downloaded on itunes into a blank CD on my computer, Neil Diamond "On The Way To The Sky" (late 1981) on Capitol Records NOT Columbia Records. The song "Yesterday's Songs" was my late mom's favorite!!! The title track reminds me of Neil singing "Ol' Man River" as he sings "We are two & two of us are one". If you don't know that song, here is is (audio only):
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    I read up on him a little tonight. He was creating great stuff till the end. He wrote and produced the soundtrack to a movie called "The childhood of a leader" released in 2016. Reading reviews of the movie Walker's soundtrack got more kudos in the reviews than I've ever seen a soundtrack receive. The movie seems very interesting also, so I ordered it. PS nice clip Susie, he did have a remarkable voice. James
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    The first four solo Scott Walker albums (1967 - 1969) are worth hearing!!! I just heard samples on itunes!!!
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    Seen near the water...
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    PS: Always loved Ace's double strum on some of those chords on the riff—almost off beat, but oddly not. Kewl. Bernie
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    Thanks Lew, thanks Kirk, but please do not worry. Senoras Net and Soul have as much credibility as those Dems wanting to impeach our prez for collusion with the Russians. You see what Senoras Net and Soul did not divulge in their hit piece on James.....is that they recently, as a duo, applied for entry into the James Harem. They figured the 2 on 1 thing would be irresistabe to James, and thus a guaranty for acceptance. But they were wrong, as were many before them (see Dianed). So as chicks tend to do, they went for revenge, and thus the hit piece. In fact (you guys won't believe this) it was discovered that Senora Soul is not a senora at all, and is in reality a SENOR!..... dressed up as a female profesora. So when the James Harem's admissions committee, in its rejection letter, referred to Soul as "sir", Soul became enraged, and immediately filed charges against James, in the UK and California, , accusing James of using the wrong pro noun. Interpol has been notified and the chase is on for the now international fugitive, and you guys' friend, James. Gosh. Lotta stress for me. Luckily that Latina breast I ran into........ TO BE CONTINUED
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    My most recent visit to Dr. Net’s apartment yielded me the opportunity to meet her fellow professor of psychology, Dr C Soul...They both offered opinions on James latest work... SPOILER ALERT...HOPE YOUR SEATED JAMES... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx First, Dr. Net- “Musical phenomena often parallel the written equivalent and that lateral equation provides some errant avenues of artistic achievement...in reviewing James’s latest work, the untrained observer can easily be swept away in its attempt at a fullness which rearranges the “charming” simplicity of his previous pieces...Yes, early Beatle music represents the preliminary stage of young love, exuberance, passion, lust and an eagerness for horizontal expressions of an audio platform...James's early work possessed that same aura of effervescent, the sexual awakening of its base resulting in the grittiness of a conjugal coupling: James/reader...Locked in a mononomial relationship that never punctures the physical manifestation...But then, Sargent Pepper hits and the mop tops shatter the pubescent lusty overtures and transform to the dominant position and rearrange the subtrafagation to a parental convolution that can only revert back to the original relationship through incestral machinations...Where the Beatles shatter the imagery, yet retain the commitment, James abdicates it, with a resounding thud... Time shifts, “I ate a White Castle hamburger “last night” is clumsily paired , with “evacuation the next day” with no respect for the passage of the overnight perspective...The Beatles bridge “I love to turn you on” with a crescendoing cacophony of sound before “pulsating into “woke up, fell out of bed”... Nothing from James... “I ate eighteen” paradventure an Alice Cooper reference?...Is James unsure of his own persona?...Is He now masking his inability to transform his minions to that elevated literary platform that he had done so easily in the past.? (Dear Reader...at this point Professor Soul interjected a psychological confirmation of Dr. Net’s extrapolation)..” Dr.Soul...”Without predications of the authors previous works, the “evacuation” of the condo’s residents is a violent collision between a subliminal psychological reappointment between the reader and the author...It indeed, is a common inscription that psychologically embattled patients grapple with...In this case , James seems to be aware of “Kirk’s emergence “ on the literary scene and is evacuating his era of prominence to this exciting, new poet that fully embraces the audience(residents) that are evacuating..The Beatles never abdicated their throne; James’ very next stanza refers to “gas”, an obvious reference to the fact that he has run out of the mental cerebral combustion that fueled his earlier works and he now acknowledges and cedes his impotencies to his transcripts...” Dr Net continues...”Yes, Dr. Soul...Within the very next stanza is the confirmation of his cerebral cessation with the “residents fleeing” while holding their noses”...James knows that his “residents are fleeing him to Kirk, and the insertion of smell(ears) promotes his inability to shift his populace from his earlier victories of senses, sight over smell...This visionary has nothing to offer his fan base but an evacuation...and it stinks... The next stanza has a higher authority, “The Fire Chief” now dictating life’s option to the King?.. The fallen hero tumbles further into his abscounting travail and is forced from his abode, his homeland and his very essence...He grabs his dog and “heads west” almost in a Steinbeckian overture similar to that authors “Travels With Charlie” masterpiece... The final(?) hope is the “large breasted Latina “...As if adding insult to injury, Kirk comes to the startling provocation and throws James a literary life raft...Let’s hope our new literary hero is correct and that James finds his Andie Mae and not his Yoko Ono...” James...This is your friend Lew speaking now...Please, James...Don’t give up...Even the Beatles bounced back after the Magical Mystery Tour movie was critically panned from both ctitics and public alike...They came back with their double White Album...See, it can be done...I like Kirk too, but I have not shared the same woman as him...We have a special bond, you and I in Lewisa...you can do it...Awaiting your Abbey Road, your finest hour...
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    Always loved Alone Again Naturally." Bernie
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    Susie, I was going to post something about this but you beat me to it! Actually, the guitar at the Met is one of Joan's touring guitars (different control knobs, one pickup) that she made while safeguarding Eric's original. I've read for over a decade that she has the original is a "safe," but I've never seen a recent picture of it. Hope she actually still has it. Bernie PS: Cool to see Eric's name in the description!
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    I was hoping to lure some people back...
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    How can you not love Mitch? I just stumbled upon this old thread, Mitch's first, and got a kick out of seeing his intro and all the welcomes (a couple of which came from board members who, sadly, have left us: Don Krider and Sugar Babi). Anyway, it's a reminder of the good folks I've met here.
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    Before the subject of whether someone/something belongs on ANY "Top" list or Hall Of Fame, the criteria of what establishes that list has to be established. The R&R HOF certainly doesn't use sales or popularity as the driving measuring stick because there any many, many artists in there that are virtually unknown to the masses. Each year there are artists inducted that leave most scratching their heads. So it appears that the "the influence and significance of the artists' contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll" weighs heavily in who is considered I. You say that you won't argue based on other artists that have already been inducted, but you really can't exclude that because that in it's very self established criteria. Just as in baseball, there is no set statistical criteria, but if every pitcher in the HOF had x amount of wins, and x amount of strikeouts, and then pitcher John Doe comes along and exceeds them in every category, doesn't that demonstrate the argument that they established the criteria by whoever has already been elected in? The same goes for the R&R HOF. Beyond the stated criteria, they are establishing and building onto that by the other artists that they are inducting. There have been many examples on this web site where artists have named Raspberries as being influential to them. And some of these are themselves in the Hall. Raspberries were unique in their time, and were influential to other artists. Their contributions lead to the development and perpetuation of Power Pop.
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    HEYYYYY...wait a doggone minute! This thread is supposed to be centered on ME!....not Kirk!! Though to his credit, Señor Kirk is right about the place holder thing. :-)
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    Hopefully, there are enough passionate (and influential) people like Stevie Van Zandt to help get them in. Bernie