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    The Fotomaker Collection (Rhino) from 1995 is a must have!! Hard to say if Rhino did a better job or Wounded Bird did better. The Rhino CD runs 61:51 in total length of the CD which has 16 songs. One song is previously unissued which is called "Baby I..." (which was to be on the album "Vis-A-Vis" but was pulled at the last minute). The debut (which has all of their 10 songs), "Vis-A-Vis" (which has 4 songs) & "Transfer Station" (minus Wally Bryson & only 1 song). One of my favorites from the debut is called "All There In Her Eyes" which is a great ballad & flute playing. The song "The Other Side" isn't too bad though. The album "Vis-A-Vis" (which I only heard 4 songs out of the 10 songs) is a great album so far. By the way, I will be picking up the Wounded Bird reissue of "Vis-A-Vis" in mid or late April. The song "Name Of The Game" (NOT the Badfinger 1972 remake) BUT a song written & performed by Wally Bryson is a great song which runs 4:38. The song "If I Can't Believe In You" reminds me of Badfinger soundalike & not the late John Lennon which runs 5:17. Another Badfinger soundalike is "Snowblind" (NOT the Black Sabbath 1972 song or the Styx 1981 song). Finally, Wally Bryson left in early 1979. Fotomaker's last song on the Rhino CD "Nowhere To Turn" is a great power pop song. I also think that Frankie Vinci almost reminds me of Eric Carmen or sorts!! I have never heard of "Where Have You Been All My Life" (# 81 on Billboard Hot 100 Charts) or "Miles Away" (# 63) on Michigan radio stations (when I was 13 or 14 years old) though since it came out or being played back then until I bought the reissued Rhino CD back in 1996. Rhino also misspelled Jimmy Jenner instead of Jimmy Ienner on the credits of their debut album. Their debut album went to # 88 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts in April of 1978. The other 2 albums did NOT chart in Billboard.
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    Yes. I kept the news off of the website until Eric tweeted the news. She was his biggest fan. Bernie
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    Sad news, indeed. Prayers to Eric and his family.
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    This looks legit to me...Eric has some interesting autographed material out there!
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    Yep, this is always my "desert island" pick for music- there crowning achievement- should have been huge!
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    Was just listening to a program running at www.thefoxoldies.com called "1982 American Music Chronological" . Starts over again Saturday morning at 8 am. Was informed that while Eric was touring with Hall & Oates, they were inspired to write the song "Did It In A Minute." from hearing Eric perform "She Did It". I had never heard that before. Very cool.
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    Raspberries - Rock History https://www.cltampa.com/music/music-news/article/21000146/today-in-rock-history-public-enemy-unleashes-fear-of-a-black-planet-a-debut-from-the-raspberries-and-more
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    November 3, The Choir will reunite for one more time, tickets in my pockets already, who's gonna join ? Greetings from the Netherlands!
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    This guy has covered Eric several times- he does a stellar job on Eric's ballads- tough to cover this one, especially in light of the 'real deal' we were recently treated to...
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    I finally listened to Scott McCarl's "Play On" (from 1997) which I thought it came out in 2000 with the bonus material & it is a great CD on Thunderbird!! Also Al Chan (of The Rubinoos), Billy Sullivan & Gary Grimes (of the movies "Summer Of '42" (1971) as well as "Class Of '44" (1973) & the Disney 1976 movie "Gus")?? REALLY is Gary the backing vocalist or a different Gary Grimes?? The songs "Go Down Swingin", "I'll Be On My Way" & "Run For The Sun" are excellent pop tunes!! The song "Fallin' In Lovin"" almost sounds like The Byrds meets The Raspberries "Should I Wait" at the end of that song which runs 3:01 instead of 3:06. The song "In Love Without A Girl" runs 3:11 instead of 2:50 playing time. The song "Surrender" does sound like Badfinger a little bit. Also like The Beatles remake of "Yes It Is" & the remake of The Raspberries "Nobody Knows". The song "Same Ol' Heartache" (with co writer Kyle Vincent) runs 3:06 NOT 3:14 playing time. The bonus material including "Thanks For The Ride" (1976) almost sounds like Green Day 2000 song "Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)". The song "Don't Make Me Sad" (1972) is in true mono sound. The remake of The Monkees 1966 song "I Wanna Be Free" (1970 with Yellow Hair) has the changed lyrics. Finally, the song "Somewhere (beneath the sea and the sand)" (1969 with Yellow Hair) is also in mono sound to close the CD which runs 49:55 in CD length!! Thank you, Raspbernie for a great CD!!!
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    Here's is what I am getting: 1. Raspberries - Refreshed (6 song EP) (also autographed by Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl)!! 2. The Bryson Group - Dry (Wally & Jesse) 3. Dave Smalley - Internal Monologue 4. Boxer - By The Seat Of Our Pants (with Jim Bonfanti) 5. Sittin' Ducks (with Wally Bryson) 6. Jeff Soukup - Ride (2015) (with Jim Bonfanti) (also autographed by Jeff) 7. Qwasi Qua - Shaking Hands With The Governor (with Wally Bryson's son Jesse Bryson) 8. Fotomaker - Vis - A - Vis (1978) (with Wally Bryson) 9. Oliver - Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of (with the song "Light The Way" written by Eric Carmen from 1971) But that is it!! Matt
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    Interesting observations, James. I, too, was left wondering why Dave made this deviation from the melody. It is apparent from listening to him do his other songs that he wasn't having any vocal difficulties reaching the notes...whatever the reason, by the time they reached L.A., Dave was performing the song like it is on the record- except, it had a lot more power live!
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    I bought and listened to Pop Art Live for the first time today. It´s incredibly good. The sound is phenomenal. Like one of the reviewers said above, every song (but one for me) sounds better than the original studio versions. The one song that wasn´t so good was one of my favorites: "Makin It Easy". Dave didn´t honor the melody, and it didn´t work, at least for me. Incredible songs, incredible playing, incredible production. Incredible full sound. I would say it is so good it qualifies as the best album I have ever owned. Great job Eric, the Raspberries, over dubs, Tommy Allen (class act here when he posts) and all the others who were involved with making this album. P.S. I´ve budgeted another $100 to buy several more copies to pass out to friends down here. Sowing a few more Raspberry seeds in the fertile Panamanian soil. :--) James
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    Pictures from where I live in Sanford, Michigan over the years & there are 52 photos: https://www.ourmidland.com/lifestyles/article/Throwback-Sanford-1950s-1970s-12770009.php#photo-15266056
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    Eric's profile shows his last log in back in 2014- unless he's checking in without logging on, in which case who would know? It is good to see his tweets here; we're still in the loop...
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    Anne, you had me going there for a moment
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    There seem to be a lot of vacancies in this Hall of Rock N Roll. Where is everybody? FB isn't THAT exciting. Seems like we are all so busy lately, me included. Work and my horses are keeping me hoppin'. As many of you know from FB, in November I rescued a pregnant Standardbred mare bound for slaughter, Delphine, from a local killpen. Looks like I'll be a grandma soon. The other Standies are doing well! Lili, Lou, Delphis, Suzie & Sunny are happily awaiting the arrival of the new herd member! Hoping everyone out there in EC.com.Land is doing well. And Bernie... I think several of us are missing our game forum, Play On. Thank you to Kirk, Our King of EC Covers, for all of the posts, and as he was recently called, Matthew, the EC.com Angel of Death, for keeping us posted on the latest passings. Looking forward to updates on what is going on in everyone's world.
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    Yet, friends that I know will pay hundreds of dollars to see him in concert- every time he comes to the SoCal area- I don't get it, either.
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    I guess you can count me in the minority, but I am not and have never been a fan of Van Morrison. Bernie
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    "Starting Over" from the new live CD is a standout GREAT track! Absolutely magical to hear Wally and Eric harmonizing on that one for the first time since the band broke up. Really had to hold back tears at the show and hearing it on the CD is a goosebump moment for sure! Bernie
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    Disc: 1 1. Get The Message (w/ The Cyrus Erie) 2. Go All the Way (w/ Raspberries) 3. I Wanna Be With You (w/ Raspberries) 4. Let's Pretend (w/ Raspberries) 5. Tonight (w/ Raspberries) 6. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (w/ Raspberries) 7. Sunrise 8. My Girl 9. All By Myself 10. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 11. Last Night 12. Starting Over (Live 1976) 13. That's Rock N Roll (Live 1976) 14. Run Away 15. Love Is All That Matters Disc: 2 1. Boats Against the Current 2. Marathon Man 3. She Did It 4. Nowhere To Hide 5. Change of Heart 6. Hey Deanie 7. Desperate Fools 8. Someday 9. It Hurts Too Much 10. Tonight You re Mine 11. The Way We Used To Be 12. Hungry Eyes 13. Make Me Lose Control 14. Ecstasy (Live 2005) (w/ Raspberries) 15. Brand New Year
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    I use to have a "Twitter" account and followed Eric on their too but found it not too much to my liking so I deleted it along with my "Myspace" account which I thought was pretty good, (way) back then because I followed him on their as well and it was good, once upon a time ago and Facebook, kind of follows suit. Today, I still think this is the best site and honestly thought it was so "awesome" when he was here and still think this is where he should be!!! I guess things change and not always for the better! None the less, Bernie you do great things here and hopefully Eric will return soon!
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    My first show in Japan. Special guest star of the Yamaha World Song Festival. 1978, at The Budokan. 10,000 seats, sold out. The climax of the three day festival. Yamaha flew my band ( Davey Johnstone, Cooker LoPresti ( Elton's band ) Duane Hitchings ( Rod's band ) my singers, conductor ( Barry Fasman ) and my drummer Ross Salamone to Tokyo, to play a 35 minute show with a 55 piece orchestra. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I think we opened with "Marathon Man" and when the orchestra kicked in, it literally lifted me off my feet. The stage was incredible, the orchestra was even better, and my band was at the top of their game. We played what I would call a "Beatle set" ( thirty minutes, plus an encore ) and blew the roof off the place. When we arrived in Tokyo, we walked through a huge, underground marketplace and eventually emerged at street level. I saw 3' by 6' posters of me in every department store window, and on the side of every bus. The hotel marquis said "Welcome Eric Carmen" and then in smaller letters, "Welcome Bolshoi Ballet." We had apparently arrived at the same time, and as we walked through the underground market, we attempted to say "Hello" to the dancers. Among them was Alexander Gudenov, who was defecting from Russia, unbeknownst to us. The Bolshoi dancers were flanked by VERY serious KGB officers, and no one would even lift their heads when we said "Hello." We were staying at the same hotel, and I found it amazing that I had billing over the Bolshoi Ballet! The Japanese audience at the Budokan was the most appreciative audience I had ever played for. Somewhere, there exists a tape recording ( audio and video ) of that performance. It was a totally incredible experience that I will never forget. I got in a cab, one day, and the cab driver had Mozart on his radio. I realized I "wasn't in Kansas anymore." Here was an entire country, where classical music was taught, and listened to, not by some "elite" group, but by everyone. There was no crime. None. It was like being in New York City ( which is my favorite city in the US ) but every single person was polite, courteous, and couldn't wait to help me, in any way they could. People who had "colds" wore hospital masks over their faces, so they wouldn't infect anyone else. I have never before, or since, experienced the feeling that we Americans were complete "barbarians." I met Whitney Houston, who was accompanying her mother, Cissy, during that festival. She was fifteen, at the time, and the sweetest, most humble girl I have ever met. Just a fresh faced teenager, who no one had yet discovered. She thought meeting ME was something special! Years later, after she had signed with Arista, I heard her sing, and realized she could sing the phonebook and give you goosebumps, It didn't take a "genius" to figure out that this beautiful, talented girl was destined for stardom. I met Whitney many times over the next decade, and every time, she was as sweet, and humble as she was the very first time I met her in Tokyo. Her death was a terrible tragedy., a testimonial to what the music business can do to a sensitive, delicate soul. What a horrible, senseless loss. I spent 10 days in Tokyo, on that first trip, and I came back to America with a totally different idea about the world, in general. I have never before, or since, met a warmer, more wonderful, sensitive, and kind group of people. I have travelled to Japan numerous times, since then, and I will always cherish my experiences there. I understand that people who served in the military during World War II may have a completely different take on things than I do. All I can say is that you cannot judge a people by the acts of their government, during wartime. I love the Japanese people with all my heart, and i thank them for "getting" my music and being so kind and accepting to me.
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    There is a possibility that "Japanese version" will include bonus tracks!
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    The Japanese Fans are also looking forward New CDs so much! I ordered yesterday!
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    You get "Make me Lose Control" instead. Maybe we'll use the "Long Live Rock And Roll" demo sometime in the future.
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    45 years, from 1969 to 2014, in just about two hours! Turn it up loud, and rock on! e
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    One of the WORST remakes that I heard of (from 2002 "Down The Road"):
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    Such sad news for Eric and his Family! My prayers go out to them, loving memories forever! I lost my Mom at age 19, still miss here everyday! cynthiaalma
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    Another BAD Van Morrison remake is the Tommy Edwards song "It's All In The Game" (from 1979 "Into The Music") which goes into the last song "You Know What They Writing About" which closes Side 2.
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    Craig is so right. My mom passed 5 1/2 years ago. Still not over it.
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    Lost my mother last year. Life just is never quite the same when you lose a good mother.
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    Eric just tweeted that his mother passed away the 21st - service was held yesterday.