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    Eric Carmen Birthday Live Part.2 Eric Carmen Birthday Live by Hiroyuki Izuta Date : Aug.18, 2019Place:Crawfish Akasaka Staring : Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之 (Vo/Pf) & M's Company   Maito(Eg/Key) Maru(Ag/Eg/Cho) Mai (Cho) Junya.K(Ba) Makoto.K(Ds) SET LIST ●First Stage 01. Sunrise 02. Overnight Sensaition(Hit Record) 03. Starting Over 04. All By Myself 05. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 06. That's Rock'n Roll 07. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 08. Go All The Way ●Second Stage 09. Love Is All That Matters (Izuta solo) 10. Almost Paradise (Izuta & Mai duet) 11. She Did It 12. Boat Against The Current 13. Marathon Man 14. Let’s Pretend 15. Tonight You’re Mine ●Third Stage 16. Desperate Fools Overture (Izuta & Maito) 17. Haven't We Come a Long Way 18. End of The World 19. Heaven Can Wait 20. Baby I Need Your Lovin 21. Change of Heart 22. Someday ●Encore 23. Hey Deanie 24. Go All The Way 25. Desperate Fools (Izuta & Maito)
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    Happy, Happy Birthday, Eric! Wishing you a fun filled day and a year of exciting adventures !!
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    A friend of mine just texted me to say that Shaun Cassidy, tonight, performing in Ridgefield Ct., opened with That’s Rock and Roll...
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    AUGUST LEWSLETTER... Sorry for the late delivery on this, but we had to wait until I got the okay from Eric to release this, but here's the news that we've been waiting for...ERIC IS RECORDING A NEW CD... It is an album similar to the stuff Weird Al Yankovic does AND material that is age sensitive/relatable to his fan base.but autobiographical in nature, and I've got a preview of some of the tunes and/or their titles... The first song will be a parody of the old Mary MacGregor song, "Torn Between Two Drummers",, "Torn between two drummers, Feeling like a fool, Jim Bonfanti’s my old friend, But Mike McBride is cool"... The next two songs are both tributes to Leo sayer and EC would only tell me the titles: The 1st of the Sayer songs is a somber ode to a physical altercation that Eric had with Wally called "When I Kneed You". The 2nd Sayer number was written for a visit to his doctor for a colonoscopy called, "You Make Me Feel Like Depantsing"... And some updated rewrites of some Berries’ and solo stuff that are relevant to his fan base... TUNES INCLUDE... GOITER ALL THE WAY I WANNA PEE WITH YOU which combines with (medley style) THE WAY WE USED TO PEE... OVERNIGHT OBSERVATION(Want a pacemaker, yea...) which includes the lyrics... ”well, I know it’s not funny, I don’t care about the money too, I don’t need no medication, Dont have no gallstones or the flu. I just need a pace maker,(yea)”...In my opinion, really beautiful lyrics... HARD TO GET OVER A HEART ATTACK WHERE’S MY ROCKER NO HARD FEELINGS( no rewrite necessary) DRIVIN’ AROUND (with my turn signal on) I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT(for lunch) DROOLING ON MYSELF I CANT REMEMBER LOST IN THE SHUFFLEBOARD And The CD closes with Eric’s last new recording and his ode to facelifts and Botox, BRAND NEW REAR... ODDS AND ENDS DEPT. Now that the revamped "Dallas" tv series has run its course and deemed a success, the re-booting of another old series starring Clive Davis is being considered..."Touched By An A**Hole. After a recent show in Cleveland the other nite, Jim Bonfanti was photgraphed backstage with the Def Leppard drummer...One and a half of the most rockinist guys ever... Speaking of Jim, his wife Barb is fronting a new all female rock band and she will going by her maiden name "Wired".. WOW... I saw a picture of Ira recently and he looks great... I called to ask him how he lost so much weight and he was willing to share the secret...It seems that it is an old Jewish diet and it goes like this...(I’ve posted this before but Ira swears it really works so I am posting it again...) For the first course: A nice fish salad with a bed of lettuce and ample toppings of "gefilte" and "yom kippers"... The main course consists of 4 oz. of Gaza Strip sirloin... Wash this all down with a bottle of Jewish Beer "He-Brew" or a cup of green tea, "Cream with two mishuggena's(or however the heck you spell it)... If that's not enough, you can have your choice of desserts, either "Hot Apple Passover " or three pieces of "Mazel-Toffee". And a glass of Bobby V-8 juice... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Finally, If Eric goes on the road again, he is considering one of two opening acts...He will let fans vote for the group that should get the honors: Bernie and the Folding Forum..(Bernie will not be singing but will stand at the microphone and give us reasons why he will pull the plug...)...Bernie wont sing due to the harsh criticisms his last karaoke performance of the Lionel Ritchie hit ”SAY YOU, SAY ME, SAYERVILLE” received... JAMES AND HIS HAREM...(James will not be singing either, but instead, will be reading his defense testimony as Panamanian Police have found some underage 19 year old girls in his collection...(In America, 19 is older than 18, therefore , acceptable...but in a backwards country,like Panama, 19 is considered younger than 18...)... AND HOW WAS YOUR MONTH... Quote
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    Happy Birthday Eric!!!! You make my everyday so special. I wish you happy and healthy forever.
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    Hard to believe that he hasn't performed in 40 years, 'cause this is damned good! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx5P_0bjMAO/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet Bernie
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    Matt, both are great drummers and each brought a lot to the band. If you want to hear Jim playing "Overnight Sensation" all of the reunion recordings should have it!
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    Japanese artists and fans are still loving your music!!! Happy Birthday Eric!!! Eric Carmen Birthday Live Part.1 Starring HIROYUKI IZUTA(伊豆田洋之) Date: Aug.8, 2019 Place: Jiyugaoka McCartney (Tokyo, JAPAN) SET LIST 1st stage (P) 01. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 02. Heaven Can Wait 03. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 04. I'm Through With Love 05. Sunrise 06. My Girl (G) 07. If You Change Your Mind 08. Cartoon World 09. Inside Story 10. That's Rock'n Roll (P) 11. Desperate Fools 2nd stage (G) 12. Nobody Knows 13. Go All The Way 14. It Hurts Too Much 15. I Wanna Be With You (P) 16. End Of The World 17.All By Myself 18.Haven't We Come A Long Way 19.Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 20.Someday 21.Let's Pretend Encore(P) 22.Hey Deanie 23.Starting Over 24.Almost Paradise
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    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday and in the coming year!
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    Wow, they are coming out of the woodwork for the Big Guys birthday...hope they all stay...oh by the way, my two cents, Happy Birthday, Eric...
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    Happy Birthday Eric 🎊🎂🎊 Health and Happiness Always!
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    .......H.B.E.C.!!!!!!!!.........i know i'm not the only one who cannot possibly thank you enough for creating music that has enriched my life, (our lives!).......i am, (we are!) so very grateful for the copious musical bounty that continues to INSPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............have a GREAT birthday with many more to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday EC - enjoy your day, best for health and happiness. Cheers.
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    Happy birthday wishes to Eric, with thanks for all the great music from your Raspberries and solo career.
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    Good to see the birthday train back on track! Happy Birthday, Eric!
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    Nikky in action. Bernie
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    I never got Big Star either. So, I made this silly video a decade ago. Was surprised to see it's still up on YouTube. Bernie
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    Brad Delp was great—gone too soon (he died in 2007). He was from up this way, in Peabody, Mass., and was a noted Beatles fanatic. I know it's not the "coolest" Boston song to like, but this one's my favorite.
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    @LC Bee Gees 1st is a great Beatlesque psychedelic pop album. Other than the several big hits that are on it there are lots of succulent nuggets like this....
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    Beach Boys interview years ago, check out the cap:
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    Get "Bulletin Board" by The Partridge Family (their final album from late 1973). The song "Alone Too Long" reminds me of Daryl Hall & John Oates. Speaking of Hall & Oates, they did a song called "Alone Too Long" (from the self - titled RCA album in 1975). Blood, Sweat & Tears also covered "Roller Coaster" (featuring lead singer Jerry Fisher) (from 1973 "No Sweat") which was also done by singer songwriter Mark James also on Bell Records. Also Rod Stewart covered "Oh No, Not My Baby" also in late 1973. Finally, Barry Mann did the original "I Heard You Singing Your Song" (from 1972 "Lay It All Out" album). Problem is that "Bulletin Board" is available on itunes.
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    Received and am listening to Badfinger´s "Straight Up" (one of Lew´s top 5) and Partridge Family´s "Sound Magazine" (in Paul´s list). Both are strong but I need to listen more before opining in a thorough way. But what does come to mind listening to "Sound Magazine" is that these songs are not teeny bop, they are brilliant pop tunes, produced, played and sung at a very high level. It´s too bad this band got pigeonholed into a "joke and" / a "not cool band". People would do themselves a favor to get underneath the need to be "cool" and listen to this stuff. It´s incredibly strong. Will now go out and buy more from the Partridge Family.
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    Another great set list! Such dedication from Eric’s musical friends from Japan to honor him every year with a concert on his birthday! Bernie
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    Wishing you continuous good health and much happiness on your special day! "Happy Birthday", "Beautiful" !!! xx. Nancy.
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    Happy Happy Birthday, Eric!
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    HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY, Eric!!! Matt P.S. Also have written to Eric on Twitter too!!!
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    Happy Birthday Eric! Have a great one!!!
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    Happy birthday Eric! Thank you for all the beautiful music!
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    Big one, 70....you´re a very young 70. Thanks for the music and being a class act. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!
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    Happy 70th Birthday Eric 🎊🎁🎈🎂🎉
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    Looks like Andie May finally made it into your harem...
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    Music is one powerful medium. It has the power to transport the listener back in space and time to another world, a world gone by. Everyone has a song that reminds them of a certain someone. Today I heard J. D. Souther, and I instantly thought of my high school crush, Wayne. What song reminds you of someone who was close to your heart?
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    "You´re only lonely" by J.D Souther is a good one. Reminds me of sophmore year, college, University of South Florida, being drunk more often than sober. Ironically my friends from those days, most of whom I haven´t seen in 40 years, .....we´re right now planning a get together likely in October. Great guys. Can´t wait. I haven´t had a drink since 1996 so hopefully I´ll fit in!!! :-) Nice thread Susie. James
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    That was one of the GREATEST posts Eric made here at EC.com! Bernie
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    I am a big fan of Lindsey but am remiss in that I haven’t listened to any of his solo material, only the FM albums I own. I think he’s so great because everything he does is in service to making the song better. It’s not ostentatious or self-aggrandizing. ”You Make Loving Fun” is a good example. All those little fills are ingenious and really make the song better.
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    David Cassidy 1975 RCA album "The Higher They Climb....The Harder They Fall" as All Music website calls it his best album of his career. Danny Bonaduce also gave it big during the last days of David TV special on A&E but people did not heard it because it did NOT charted in the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts & a failure!! My opinion, "Rock Me Baby" is my favorite from David from 1972!! Yes, The Partridge Family "Sound Magazine" I think is the best album which I got & heard for the very first time on a sealed Ampex 8 track tape back in February of 1978 back then. The song "One Night Stand" was co written by Paul Anka!!
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    On a side note (or, actually, getting back to the point of Don's thread), I bought and received the LP. Awesome... as a collectible. I probably would have resisted if not for Don's thread. But I'm glad I have it.... Great item! Thanks, Donzi!
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    PaulMaul! Great list, and it's extremely cool to see you chime in. I totally buy in to Revolver... on a lot of days, it's my favorite Beatles album, hands-down. Yet... I didn't have it on my first five list OR my second-five list. I don't know the Bee Gees First record but now I need to check it out....
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    Hard to believe this announcement of the new bulletin board here was 17 years ago! Seventeen—really? Yep—that's when Bernie opened the doors of this fun and lively and info-packed board. Well, maybe "lively" is overstating it these days.... It's disappointing to see the traffic slipping to its current level. What would we do without the soldiers who keep on keepin' on? I still have the same avatar I adopted when I joined, which was around 2004. I think lurked for a few years before that, and the reunion drew me out of the woodwork. :-)
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    Not sure if this was ever posted here, but here goes... https://observer.com/2017/08/eric-carmen-raspberries-pop-art-live-interview/
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    I think I'd replace all my Raspberries and Eric Carmen albums because even though I'm a music fan those ones are probably more important to me than anything else in my music collection-Tammy Quick
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    1. A Question of Balance, Moody Blues 2. Raspberries 1st (with the scented sticker) 3. In-A-Gada-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly 4. Ram, Paul Mccartney 5. Tonight You're Mine, Eric
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    And where they would sit in class. Bernie
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    Gotta love a guy who has Blue Oyster Cult & Partridge Family on the list. Two thumbs up.