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    If it will help, please let her know we´ll give her a free monthly membership pass to the JH, if she sticks around. : )
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    Dear Bernie, Would you please consider the return of Play On to the forum? It truly was a fun way to interact with other members as well as being a fun way to exercise our aging Baby Boomer brains. Pretty please? With raspberries on top??? 😊
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    Wishing you great happiness, health and joy on your birthday, Hossy!!! Stay safe!!! ❤️🎉🎈🎂🎁🥳
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    Thank you so much and so sorry Everyone! I am so fine! And my family does Not have Coronavirus! All Safe!
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    I am the second doctor operating on a body... https://drive.google.com/file/d/17eOrdhzYhGMxVPTdT0zVGG5ZxWX_CLfh/view
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    I see a new member just came on board, Karen Hill...I hope she sticks around and introduces herself...
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    My condolences to the Carmen family on the passing of their sweet dog, Carson. 😢
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    I forget, what was the "Play On" section?
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    A friend of mine (Cindy) just found this while cleaning out a closet. She worked at an Ithaca radio station back in the '70's. This must have been from one of Eric's first solo concerts up there in Central NY. Lot of familiar names. Note the date at the top. Dave
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    Happy birthday, Hoss...Have you given up on trying to get into the harem?
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    I am sad, Hoss doesn´t love us anymore cuz he never shows up. : ( But still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOSS!!!!!!.....you´re one of my favorites here, even though you don´t love us anymore. ; ) James
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    I was there, but this is not my stub...Does anybody have any stubs from old shows? https://boats.shopoftheworld.com/product-display/401800714164 Lewisa and I went to this show on our first date...She yelled “James” all night...
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    James, I'll have to start posting right below your "intelligent" posts. By default, I'll get the credit.
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    James, Raspberries sounded better on the reunion tour. I don't think they were necessarily more skilled with age, but the addition of the Overdubs, as well as improved equipment made everything sound better that it did live 40 years earlier.
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    They say I´m at my most intelligent, when my mouth is closed.
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    Kirk is our very own “Funk and Wagnalls”...
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    Police- Don't stand so close to me
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    For all of the new members here, something I put together back in 2006. Every Raspberries song title sung in chronological order in three and a half minutes: RASPBERRIES - THE BERRY MASH Bernie
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    Vicious Rumor sounds like a cool song title. Anyhow....thanks for the birthday wishes.
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    For what its worth, Casey Kasem told the story during the American Top 40 Countdown.
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    This is a nice little gem I found on YouTube the other night. It's so incredibly 80's cheese, but I love it regardless. I wouldn't have ever imagined Eric singing the theme from Growing Pains, but I'm glad it happened! I had no idea who Louise Mandrell was, apparently she was quite the country star in the '80s and had hits doing Carmen's songs like "Maybe My Baby" and "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips."
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    I absolutely loathe this style of writing, and unfortunately it's all over the internet. They pretend to be impartial by throwing in a backhanded compliment here and there, but really they just want to hound on the artist. I've seen similar articles written about Billy Joel and the Bee Gees as well. It's sad that these writers have nothing better or more positive to put their energy towards.
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    No, but we´ll make it happen. Anything for ec.com. I think we have one member approaching 22 (mandatory retirement age), ....so we´ll hold off replacing her till we see if ec.com needs my services here. : )
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    Welcome to the EC.com family, Karen!
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    Of course! Love this site!! Sorry I’m not on as much! ❤️❤️
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    Thanks Susie - I knew that didn’t look like Susan - actually looked a bit older than him though may not have been. I knew this would be the right place to get the answer!
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    Maybe games? I never went in that section...
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    Indeed, a very sad day. Here's as pic I took of the bevloved pup. Bernie PS: Thanks, Susie, for initiating this thread.
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    Did It in a Minute From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search "Did It in a Minute" is a song performed by American musical duo Hall & Oates. Written by member Daryl Hall with Sara and Janna Allen, the song was released as the third of four singles from their tenth studio album Private Eyes in March 1982. Daryl Hall performs lead vocals, while John Oates provides backing harmony vocals. It peaked at number nine on the United States Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of three top ten singles from Private Eyes. The song was inspired by the 1977 Eric Carmen hit, "She Did It," because of the 'did-its' in the song. Carmen was touring with Hall & Oates at the time "Did It in a Minute" became a hit.[1][2] "She Did It" itself had been inspired by the 'did-its' in the Beach Boys' tune, "Do It Again". "Did It in a Minute" Side-A label of the US 7-inch vinyl single Single by Hall & Oates from the album Private Eyes B-side "Head Above Water" Released March 1982 Format 12-inch, 7-inch Recorded 1981 Genre Pop rock Label RCA Records Songwriter(s) Daryl Hall, Sara Allen and Janna Allen Producer(s) Daryl Hall, John Oates Hall & Oates singles chronology "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" (1981) "Did It in a Minute" (1982) "Your Imagination" (1982) Alternative cover Artwork for German vinyl single Music video "Did It in a Minute" on YouTube
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    Happy Birthday Hossy🎂Tammy Quick
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    I have a friend who owns a haunted house attraction...A movie producer friend of his films some scenes there and I got in for a few lines...Most of this stuff got cut out of the movie anyway...It was called Dead Survivors and the idea was some crazy doctors owned a mortuary and their “subjects come back to life... This was a last ditch effort to make Lewisa jealous, hoping she would be attracted to fame and wealth...didn’t work...(This James is tougher competition than I thought...) By the way, Kirk...I am Lewisaless and SAGless...
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    I loved the games we had on this forum they were great
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    I've read a few of Don's reviews over the years. Raspberries and Eric could not have had a more devoted fan than Don. Too bad he died young...
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    ...and session musician. I listened to a Jimmy Webb album today, ...Webb sings on piano a bunch of his best songs he penned. The music was good, but doesn´t compare to the original releases, at least those by Glen Campbell. What came to mind while listening was the underrated importance of production and arranging. I also compared Campbells work from the 60s (produced by Al De Lory) and his work from the 70s (not produced by Al De Lory). His 70s music is good, I have nothing against it....but it can´t hold a candle to the 60s sound. Of course part of that is because Jimmy Webb wrote his hits from the 60s and others wrote his 70s stuff. But it´s the sound, the sound from the 60s Campbell is something other worldly, to me. And this guy Al De Lory deserves a ton of the credit. But virtually nobody knows who he is. To remedy that, here´s his wiki page, and I hope he RIP, .....he produced some great stuff for us, and I thank him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_De_Lory
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    Yep....Great Stuff !! Hearing that again made me reminiscent of the time of my life when I was just discovering this band. Traveling around to used record stores, and buying their first three albums. Finding Eric's solo LP's in Cut-Out bins.....and then finally finding a brand new, still wrapped copy of Staring Over in a record store in Lancaster. Those were the days.
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    The writing profession overall has this same disease that Kyle points out. It wasn´t the case 20 or 30 years ago. Today if I want to read an objective book on some subject, I have to do a decent amount of work vetting the author beforehand, to make sure I´ll be reading the truth, or at least something very close to it. Back in the day I could pretty much trust any author, Left, Right, Center to do a professional job because the journalism profession had overall integrity. Today, especially on the Left, there is no tether to truth. Journalists can lie with impunity. This needs to change or we´re up you know what creek. James
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    Is there still room?
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    Our friend Fake News Vinnie strikes again? !! : )
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    Don’t remember seeing this one before... Former Raspberry Wally Bryson hopes to return to studio - Local Beat By John Benson Former Raspberries guitarist Wally Bryson, 63, is hoping to return to the studio sooner rather than later for a new album. "I've got a lot of songs I've written over the years that I want to do," said Lake County resident Bryson, who for over a quarter of a century has worked a day gig as a Cuyahoga County community employment specialist. "I'm not a rock star, but I'm a musician. So it depends on a new album. Maybe I can start seriously working on it in a couple years once I get retired and get squared away. It's kind of hard to do with the schedule I'm keeping. But I've got the songs, and got SUMA [Recording Studio in Painesville] right down the street from me." Up next is a Wally Bryson Group -- Bryson (vocals, guitar), Billy Sullivan (guitar), Bill March (bass), Ed Brown (drums) and Rich Spina (keyboards) -- show at 9 tonight at the Winchester Tavern & Music Hall, 12112 Madison Ave., Lakewood. Bryson promised, along with other material from his entire catalog, he'll be debuting new track "Set In Stone," which he recorded for a 2011 documentary short "Stone Works." Tickets are $20. Opening is Dan Miraldi. Call 216-226-5681. —Cleveland.com, October 10, 2012
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    I started to get arthritis in both thumb joints, about 4 years ago. Was concerned cuz I´m pretty young (physically) and could project it getting very bad through the years. So I started taking a natural product called Cats Claw that many say works for inflammation, including arthritis, ...and the arthritis is much better than it was at the start. Hopefully Wally is aware of this stuff. James
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    And here's an interview that answers questions about Eric's views on songwriting, touring, and, once again, a mention of his new-found falsetto: Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 8:00 am | Updated: 1:54 pm, Fri Mar 14, 2014. CARLO WOLFF CJN Staff Reporter | 0 comments The voice hypnotizes even by phone. It belongs to Eric Carmen, the child prodigy from Lyndhurst who became a sensation in the Raspberries, the band he and guitarist Wally Bryson led from 1970 to 1975. As identifiable as those of contemporaries Elton John and Billy Joel, it’s a voice built for lyrics of desire and vulnerability, a blend Carmen perfected in his power pop and soft rock of the 1970s and 1980s. Mellifluous and wet, it’s also just right for “Brand New Year,” Carmen’s first solo recording in 16 years. A ballad in unusual time, “Brand New Year” caps “The Essential Eric Carmen,” a two-CD, 30-track anthology set for release on Tuesday, March 25. The compilation opens with “Get the Message,” the B-side of a 45-rpm single he recorded in 1968 with Cyrus Erie, a band that also included Bryson, his chief Raspberries associate. It’s an energetic track Carmen dissects in candid, personal liner notes accompanying the anthology, noting the 2014 version is a great improvement on the original. This “Essential” features all of Carmen’s hits, from the Raspberries’ “Go All the Way” and “Overnight Sensation” to “Make Me Lose Control,” a 1988 smash that lays Meatloafian bombast over sultry Latin rhythms conjuring an old Ben E. King track. The anthology affirms Carmen’s talent for writing songs of broad appeal, including the 1974 solo hit “All by Myself” (which incorporates a melody by Sergei Rachmaninoff); the confessional, literate “Boats Against the Current” from 1977; the souped-up ’50s rock of “Hey Deanie” and “That’s Rock N’ Roll” (also late-’70s hits for teen throb Shaun Cassidy); and “Ecstasy,” a hormone-heavy Raspberries tune recorded live in 2005 during a reunion tour. Does the set signal a full-blown Carmen revival? It was hard to tell from a Feb. 27 interview with Carmen from his Gates Mills home. For now, he’s focused on spreading the word of the anthology and its stunning closing track. Though he’d love to tour with the band with which he recorded “Brand New Year” in Los Angeles in December, Carmen said that at 64, he might not have as much appetite for the road as he used to. At the same time, he said playing dates with these musicians – all close to the iconic Beach Boy Brian Wilson – would be fabulous. “I know the band would be great,” he said. “The question is, would it make enough money to afford it? It would be great fun, on a limited basis, because they’re kind of my dream band, these guys. On the other hand, I don’t see wanting to go on the road 150 days a year. It was fun in my 20s, but not so much now.” Working with three members of the Wondermints, a vocal group of remarkable versatility that animated Wilson’s “Smile” tours nine and 10 years ago, and Beach Boys musical director Jeff Foskett was great, Carmen said, noting Wilson, the head of the Beach Boys, is one of his idols. The “Brand New Year” project took seed last fall when Wilson and guitarist Jeff Beck co-headlined a date at E.J. Thomas Hall in Akron. Backstage last Oct. 27, when Carmen told Foskett he was working on the collection, Foskett said he would love to work with Carmen, who calls himself one of “Brian’s groupies.” And when Timothy J. Smith, who produced the anthology for Legacy Recordings, told Carmen he planned to launch it with the Cyrus Erie track and needed something new to bookend it, Carmen thought of the Wondermints and Foskett. But first, Carmen had to deliver his first song since the birth of his son, Clay, now 16. (He and his second wife, Susan, also have a daughter, Kathryn.) The new song seems to have dropped from the sky on the night of this winter’s first big snowstorm. To hear Carmen tell it, that chilly November night prompted the confluence of emotion and thought in “Brand New Year,” a hypnotic, ravishing tune that starts somberly and ends on a note of renewal. Not only does the song speak to Carmen’s empathy for two women he has come to know over the past several years, it also may help soften the aftershocks of a protracted divorce. “Between having babies upstairs and not being able to play at 2 o’clock in the morning and what had happened to the music business in general, there wasn't a lot of impetus for songwriting,” Carmen said. Nevertheless, he told Legacy’s Smith he’d give it a try. The night the weather knocked out the power and “I had no heat, no Internet, no anything,” so Carmen gravitated to the warmest place in the house, the living room, where he began to read by flashlight. Something about that “atmosphere, that complete vacuum” led him to put down the flashlight and “put my fingers on the piano for the first time in years,” he said. What issued astonished Carmen, a self-styled project writer, whether for an album or a soundtrack. “For the first time in at least 16 or 17 years, this song just kind of fell out,” he said of “Brand New Year.” “By the time I finished that night, I had the melody, the verse and the chorus.” Determined to craft something unmistakably different from “All by Myself” or “Go All the Way,” Carmen found himself writing in 12/8, a rhythm not common to pop music, with a major key and a minor feel, key changes, what he called “very sophisticated chords” – and, to his surprise, a falsetto this natural tenor has craved since “Day One, when all I wanted to do was sound like Brian Wilson in the Raspberries songs.” The backstory of “Brand New Year” involves a trauma nurse who served in Iraq and Afghanistan Carmen met through Facebook and a local woman who “has had an absolutely hellish year,” he said, refusing to identify either. The nurse is struggling with what he called an antibiotics-resistant illness that has sidelined her for two years. Reflecting on these women and the “four-and-a-half-year nightmare of divorce and what it inflicted on my children” informs “Brand New Year,” Carmen suggested. He thinks the tune strikes the universal note he always seeks, he said – and, in the first line, “drink a toast to all the ghosts we leave behind us,” leverages the notions of renewal and the holiday season. (The tune was released online on Dec. 31.) “It wasn’t cathartic so much as the song happened very quickly,” he said. “It was much easier than most of the things that I’ve ever written.” Part of that involved rediscovering his love for the piano, and part may have involved a “lot of stuff inside me that hadn’t expressed itself,” he said. The bottom line is that the tune conveys “the hope everyone has on New Year’s Eve.” cwolff@cjn.org
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    I guess he wont be talking Raspberries or His solo career! lol
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    If it goes well, my bet is Eric will be on Gutfeld´s Saturday night show. That would be a real treat!! The show is pretty good, it´s the only hour of the week I try to tune in to tv. James
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