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    I lost my mother Norma Clark Hall who died in Linwood, Michigan nursing home at 82 years old back in 2016.
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  4. Solo Projects

    Got The Choir "Artifact" CD today!!
  5. I have a similar 'alert' with some of the big concert promoters that only pertains to Eric Carmen...and they send me announcements for just about anything and everything!
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  7. I subscribe to this, and they always send an e-mail to me, to send a "demand" for a concert. Well, this is funny........recommendations "similar to the Raspberries"....... Dane Cook......never even heard of this guy....but had to look him up.....he is a comedian......(possible opening act, maybe?) KISS.......a certain percentage of the KISS fans are also Raspberries fans.....so that makes sense...... But how the heck did JUSTIN BIEBER be considered as "similar"??
  8. Love Is All That Matters cover

    Johnny Mathis is an acquired taste, also LOL!
  9. Happy Valentine's Day

    Thank you, Tammy. Wishing you and everyone in the EC.com family a warm and wonderful Valentine's Day!!! ...and Ash Wednesday.
  10. Love Is All That Matters cover

    Sorry... I just don't care for her rendition. I couldn't even make it through the whole song.
  11. Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day---Tammy Quick
  12. It's a LIATM fest this evening...
  13. From 1980...she reminds me of a female Johnny Mathis- a soft voice with a fast vibrato:
  14. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    Thank you, Anne! So nice to know you are still popping in !!!! I miss your posts.
  15. Solo Projects

    The hunt is half the fun. After I discovered Raspberries in the summer of '72, I started to look into what they had been doing before that. A local record store told me he could get a Cyrus Erie single for me. I was super excited. When I went to pick it up, he hands me a home-made cassette with the songs I wanted. When I asked him where the record was, he told me the person didn't want to part with it, so the home-made cassette was all he had. I bought it, but had mixed emotions. After all, it was the first "discovery" I made regarding pre-Raspberries stuff- pretty cool at the time!
  16. Helloooooo... Is Anybody Out There?

    Congrats to you Miss SusieB, I have always loved horses, and it is nice to know there are still people willing to rescue and commit to taking care of horses being neglected by stupid selfish humans or sent off to be knackered for not any really good reason. I really do miss the game section, but I also understand the focus is supposed to be on Mr. Carmen and more related content. The last few times I checked back in here, very little was going on. We must have rounded some corner because times they are a changin'. Life happens. I still try to check in once in a while. Hellooooooo back at ya from across the canyon! AnneNR
  17. Solo Projects

    Just bought The Choir "Artifact" CD as home delivery from Barnes & Noble which comes out on Friday. Forgot to mention Fotomaker 1978 CD "Vis-A-Vis" from Wounded Bird which is out of print which I do not have but I also planning on picking up that CD from Amazon (actually Records & Tapes Galore in Saginaw, Michigan) so that Bill (the owner) can get that for me. It also seems that Amazon & EBay & maybe Musicstack websites do NOT have Scott McCarl's "Play On" on CD & currently unavailable!! So I got 8 more to go all on CD & after that I got the collection. It could take till September or October to get it done. Matt
  18. The Rock Stops Here...

    I have that 45!
  19. Van Morrison "Georgia On My Mind"

    One of the WORST remakes that I heard of (from 2002 "Down The Road"):
  20. The Rock Stops Here...

    Great record. Eric doesn’t get the respect he deserves for helping bring the R&R Hall of Fame to Cleveland. Bernie
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