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  2. Happy Father's Day

    Me too. It's appreciated even if the responses don't show it!
  3. Happy Father's Day

    I love the way you put these graphic posts on holidays...
  4. Last week
  5. Lead singer is meh...
  6. At The Record Plant

    Oops! Did it again
  7. At The Record Plant

    I try not to comment on everything...it looks pretty silly when every topic has my as the latest post.
  8. Happy Father's Day

  9. Happy Father's Day

  10. Happy Father's Day

  11. Happy Father's Day

  12. Diane Warren & Eric got it from Eric's wife Amy's twitter June.14.2016 https://twitter.com/CarmenAmy1/status/1139342168873668608
  13. Demo pick 'em

    My favorite demos are 1. After You 2. Love At Last 3. Wild Wild Heart Anyway there are so many demos I've never heard......
  14. Eric last night

    At the Song Writers Hall Of Fame induction ceremony https://twitter.com/CarmenAmy1/status/1139342168873668608
  15. At The Record Plant

    That was good.
  16. Eric last night

  17. At The Record Plant

    Me thinks Bernie is being a wisenheimer...
  18. At The Record Plant

    Perhaps Bernie. I think a lot of them are connected as friends on Facebook. Perhaps they just got tired of waiting for Eric to return to the board. He's really missed here. Nancy.
  19. At The Record Plant

    They got tired of the Message Board after begging for the Message Board to stay open! Bernie
  20. LC- I don't know if the Choir will be playing anything other than the songs on the Artifact album. I would expect that they would though.. I will look into that. I believe that in the WB/CW concert that Bill March will also be in the band. I am not sure who else at this time. It has been a long time since I have posted (due to being crazy busy @ work) and now I am back at square one with one post due to email changes. Is anyone on this site planning on attending either concert?
  21. PS: Here's the Omnivore announcement of its release of the CD: https://omnivorerecordings.com/shop/the-choir-artifact-the-unreleased-album/ And if you don't know the record, sample each song at Amazon and you'll get a nice taste of that great late-'60s sound (and its palpable British Invasion influence): https://www.amazon.com/Artifact-Unreleased-Album-Choir/dp/B077ZK3XLV Who knows the story behind the song "For Eric"?
  22. Hey, good stuff! Great to see Wally wielding that axe again... and it's so cool that the Choir is playing an album they recorded 50 (!) years ago! Is the Choir playing anything beyond Artifact, or just the album proper? Thanks for checking in!
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