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  2. Went to the Beatles 50th White Album anniversary concert with TODD Rundgren, Mickey Dolenz, Joey Molland, Christopher Cross and Jason Scheff(vocalist for Chicago after Cetera)... Wonderfull show...Below is the setlist to the best I can remember...Each member did a couple of their hits and sang Beatles White album tunes... For Their own hits... Rundgren...Hello It’s Me and I Saw The Light Molland...Baby Blue(duet with Rundgren) and No Matter What Dolenz...Pleasant Valley Sunday and I’m A Believer Cross...Sailing and Ride Like The Wind Scheff...25 or 6 to 4 and After All(I may be wrong about this one) The entire band opened with Back In The USSR and after performing their individuals hits, they launched into most of the rest of the White Album...although not in this order...and all musicians did not always perform together... Dear Prudence(Rundgren) Bungalow Bill(Rundgren) While My Guitar Gently Weeps(Rundgren) Happiness Is A Warm Gun(Dolenz) Martha My Dear(Scheff) I’m So Tired(Dolenz) Piggies(Scheff) Blackbird(Cross) Rocky Racoon(Dolenz) I Will(Cross) Mother Nature’s Son(Cross) Everybody’s Got Something To Hide(Rundgren) Helter Skelter(Rundgren) Revolution(Molland) Savoy Truffle(Molland) Sexy Sadie(Scheff) The entire band came back and closed with Birthday and Ob La Di Ob La Da... Very good and entertaining show...
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  4. Todd Rundgren's funniest song

    From 1978 "Hermit Of Mink Hollow"!! Heard that song when my older brother Mark bought that album in 1979!!
  5. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I remember the first time I heard Hungry Eyes. The softball team was having a practice in preparation of an upcoming tournament. Someone had brought a radio and as I was on the field. I could barely hear this song playing that I swore sounded like Eric. This was at a time when I had no idea what had happened to him. He seemed to have disappeared. A few days later, the song came on my car radio and at the end, they confirmed it was a new single by Eric Carmen. I immediately went to the record store, excited by the prospects of finding a new album. But there was none. Every few days, I would return to the store, but still no album. Finally I found out it was from this new Dirty Dancing movie. I'll never forget how excited I was when I heard that song the first time.
  6. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I’ve never seen any song dissected like this... http://dirty-dancing-analysis.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-song-hungry-eyes-sung-by-eric-carmen.html
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  8. Ad Banners

    bern...does clicking on the ad banners help “the cause”?
  9. Lots of nice pics

    I’ve seen most of these pics before, but there’s a few I don’t think I have...Eric in the long brown trench coat, Eric and Ringo looking at a lap top and a few different shops of EC singing at the American Music awards...Unfortunately, you have to flip through the pages to find them and wade through other photos of people named “Eric” and “Carmen” ... Also, if you click on each picture, it gives you an option to “open in new window”...If you click that tab, it tells you when and where each photo was taken... https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/eric-carmen?family=editorial&sort=mostpopular&phrase=eric carmen
  10. O.k., found it with your good directions. I hope it's been resolved- tough situation for the family.
  11. Hey, Raspberries have a lot more fans in the closet than you may think!
  12. Looks Like They Found Some New Fans On This Forum

    Kirk, click on the link that you posted above(it’s attached to your second comment in this thread)...Scroll down to the video that says, “Eric talks about creating music”’ just underneath that video box, on the bottom left corner, you’ll see a “tab” that says “entertainment” and another that says, “Eric Carmen”...Click the tab that says “Eric Carmen” and you”ll see the news report...
  13. Lew, can you share the link here- I still didn't see it- thanks.
  14. Last week
  15. No, I missed that one- I'll have to go back and check it out.
  16. Looks Like They Found Some New Fans On This Forum

    Kirk, did you click on the link that leads to the phone interview with Fred, Eric’s brother?...Some cool stuff...Thanx for bringing attention to the video links because I didnt activate them the first time around...
  17. Bernie- did you check out the video link? Wondering if you'd seen this interview...
  18. Raspberries Tribute Live in Japan

    Pretty impressive. Would love to see it! Bernie
  19. Pretty good synopsis...

    Roundhill currently owns Eric's catalog. Nice pic. Taken at Clive's house. Bernie
  20. Everybody's A Star

    I thought he was gonna sing the "Type 2 Diabetes" commercial jingle. He actually did a good job with that. Bernie
  21. Music Box ABM

    Very soothing... Bernie
  22. Looks Like They Found Some New Fans On This Forum

    Maybe some of them will find this site.
  23. Not many U.K. Success’

    Probably didn't help that Go All The Way was banned because of the lyrics.
  24. The best part of this whole thread was this video, which I hadn't seen before- don't think Bernie ever posted this one on here, either: http://fox8.com/2015/11/19/taking-a-trip-down-the-gold-and-platinum-record-lane-with-eric-carmen/
  25. That was a fun read! Thanks, Lew!!
  26. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/i-totally-missed-the-raspberries.499862/
  27. Not many U.K. Success’

    Maybe if Eric had sung them in proper English...
  28. Music Box ABM

    Freakin’ cool...
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