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  1. Yesterday

    Thank you for the cupcakes and kind wishes, susie! Happy belated birthday TO YOU, as well, my fellow Virgo 🎁
  3. Straight Time lyric sheet

    The price for the lyric sheet is dropping like a bomb...started out at 2K, then it was $900; today when I looked it was $500- maybe if you wait long enough he'll pay you to take it off his hands
  4. Last week
  5. Two Words: Rollerskating Girls

    Simply the best version of this song I've ever seen.... uh.... meant to say ".....I've ever heard" Yeah, that's what I meant.... I guess.... I think......
  6. Eric: If You Had One Question To Ask US...

    It has been a few years since I read (re-read) this thread...still brings back all the emotion and laughs...oh, and Bernie- I may have to reminder you of this quote the next time you're thinking about shutting down the message board
  7. Two Words: Rollerskating Girls

    I wonder how (or if) this one is different from the roller skating video I posted years ago? Always fun to watch...
  8. Eric: If You Had One Question To Ask US...

    Found this more-than-10-year-old thread while I was cleaning up things and thought it deserved a bump. Long-time EC.com Members answer Eric's question: "Why do think the Berries have endured?" Great reading then, great reading now... Bernie

    Wishing you happiness and joy on your birthday, Redd!!!
  10. Two Words: Rollerskating Girls

    What a wildly impressive and technically difficult video to shoot, and that song is pretty good too❣️😎

    Hi Tammy 🌞 Thank you for my "birthday cake" and the other nice (emoji) wishes! You are so thoughtful, thank you! 💙 🎼 ❤

    My dear Mary Ellen, Thank you for your kind words and sincere thoughts 🤗 You are an amazing person, as well as a great friend! I'm thankful our paths in life have intersected ♫ 🎵 ♬ "Fireworks" for my birthday?! Love, love, love it!!!!
  13. Pardon The Dust...

    Susie, Some animated vintage emoticons back in action: Bernie
  14. Pardon The Dust...

    Mary Ellen, One of the features on the new Forum is high-res images for Profile Pics. I've been taking the liberty of upgrading people's pics as necessary. When the resolution is too low the picture looks smudgy and out-of-focus. I picked a cool Cyrus Eric portrait of Eric for you, so it's not random at all. I was thinking about what you might like. But feel free to change yours if you don't like the one I chose, but it needs to be big enough to look great with the better resolution. Bernie
  15. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Thanks ME!

    Happy Birthday Redd---Tammy Quick🎂🎉🎊🎁🎈

    Happy birthday to my true redd, white a blue EC.com friend. What a blast we had here and we are fortunate to continue our friendship off screen and offline. You're the sweetest lady and I wish you every good thing life has to offer. Big hugs, M.E.
  18. Happy Birthday Susie b

    Happy belated birthday, Susie! May you and Lou have many wonderful years together. 🌞🎁🎉🎂🎼🌹
  19. Pardon The Dust...

    Very nice, Bernie! I immediately noticed two things - I have Eric's pic with the straight haired wig and maybe this member's reputation isn't so bad after all. 😉
  20. Moderator Kirk!!!

    Congrats Kirk! You're truly a most loyal fan and long-time hand to Bernie, ec.com website king. The changes to the website by Bernie are superbly creative. 🌞
  21. Pardon The Dust...

    Bernie...kindly return the heart emoji, pretty please....
  22. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Tease! No wonder you've been stocking up on pictures
  23. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Let’s just say that a lot has happened since the first edition went to press. Bernie
  24. Straight Time lyric sheet

    When I emailed Andy Cahan twenty years ago about getting copies of these demos, he said he would be selling off the lyric sheets he had from that session. Here we are twenty years later, and he's still offering them!
  25. Eric Carmen: Marathon Man

    Oh Bernie...will this be a reprint or Volume 2?
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