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  2. Hello from a newbie

    Hi. Newbie here. Am from far away in NZ. Always been a power pop fan. Not sure which came first, Big Star or the Raspberries (or maybe backwards from Teenage Fanclub/The Posies). From the Raspberries it was onto EC solo albums, which I think I prefer more. Some people seem to like his 'rockers' more than his 'ballads' and therefore don't like his solo stuff as much, or certain albums within it that are more ballad heavy. What can I say am a suckker for a goood old 80s power ballad, as I grew up in that era and still know all the words to a bunch a terrible songs that I would never admit to. Always liked ECs way with a ballad even the sappy ones everyone thinks are lame and should have been left off the albums. Something about his voice and those swelling strings, the sophistiction of the melodies, the chords and key changes. I think he is unparalleled in that area which, other than Kyle Vincent, seems a bit of a lost art these days. Managed to pick up the Japanese issues of some of solo albums a while back with some unreleased tracks on them. Found my way here after finding this post of google: http://ericcarmen.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11210-eric-carmen-rare-and-unreleased-cd/ Not sure how this place works? Have found a couple of MP3s embedded into posts, but there doesnt seem to be a place for multimedia stuff (though I think there was at some point?) If anyone is up for passing on some tracks to a newbie I'd be forever in your debt. If you guys dont do that kind of thing no worries & cheers from down under.
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  4. Chris Berman

    Chris appeared in the Hootie And The Blowfish "Only Wanna Be With You" music video in 1995 at the end of the video!!
  5. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    Possibly on this website at one time, maybe even under Santa Bernie's Christmas tree
  6. Chris Berman

    He is a huge Huey Lewis and the News fan...Saw him get up and sing encores with them whenever they appeared in Ct(where both Berman and I live)...
  7. Chris Berman

    ESPN's Chris Berman says in NFL Football "& he could go all the way"!! Chris graduated from high school in 1973. Wonder if he took the phrase of The Raspberries song "Go All The Way"?? Chris is also a Buffalo Bills fan NOT a Cleveland Browns fan!!
  8. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    Wow...I’m like Leif Erickson...The gig was actually at the recording studio and broadcast over WPLR...Where did you hear those tapes?
  9. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    Lew, congratulations! You just filled in the blanks for a concert previously known only as the "Secret Gig". I have heard "Overnight Sensation" and the slow version of "Let's Pretend"/"Starting Over". For years we have speculated where this concert took place. We heard light applause in the recording (makes sense if only 50 people were allowed in the radio station. We heard Eric asking for more piano in his headset, so we knew it was some kind of studio. We could hear that this was more than just an audience recording, and a radio studio makes sense. It all makes sense, now. So, congrats to you for solving this puzzle, whether or not you knew one existed!!
  10. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    There is one of the oldest existing recording studios in America about 10 miles from my house...It is called Trod Nossel Studio and is located in Wallingford, Ct...Back in the 70’s, bands would perform live shows in front of 50 or so invited guests to be broadcast “live” on WPLR, the preeminent rock station(still in existence) in Southern New England...Of course, this was all before the internet and the information about these kinds of concert was not as free flowing as it is now...Many bands participated in this concert/studio setting: Fleetwood Mac, Orleans, Foghat, Brownsville Station(whose leader Cub Koda was a Wallingford resident) and of course, The Raspberries... YouTube has many of those concerts but I haven’t been able to find the Berries performance...I don’t have my Bernie Berries book in front of me, but if I remember correctly, Scott McCarl had documented that this show did exist...Off the top of my head, it may have even been on a New Years Eve...Anyway, I just ran across a “post” on the Trod Nossel website that confirms that The Raspberries did play there...Here is that post... “The engineer’s name was probably Danny, that ‘s the guy in the picture up above, with Doc Cavalier standing over his shoulder.They actually had an acetate 45 burner out back in the barn (which inherited the 4 track stuff after the 8 track purchases) Tom Duffy made a few recordings out back, he called his hand-me-down studio “Rack-a-Track”. Duffy left for the bright lights of NY shortly after I helped with some 10 or so not quite live broadcasts for the local FM station, WPLR, where we recorded the bands in front of 50 lucky listeners. Those bands included Foghat, The Rasbarries, Chick Corea and Return to Forever and Fleetwood Mac!Great little studio”... Anyway, I went there as a naive fella some 30 years ago and tried to get a copy of the tape...The owner, Doc Cavaliere, dismissed me with a simple, “I don’t live in the past, kid”... Zooming forward to 2019, I have decided that I am going to give it another shot...The original owner passed away and the studio is being run by his daughter... Anybody have any suggestions on the “story” I should use to try to wrangle the tape from these people, (if they still have it)?...
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  12. Happy Father's Day

    Yes, thanks!
  13. Happy Father's Day

  14. Happy Father's Day

    Me too. It's appreciated even if the responses don't show it!
  15. Happy Father's Day

    I love the way you put these graphic posts on holidays...
  16. Lead singer is meh...
  17. At The Record Plant

    Oops! Did it again
  18. At The Record Plant

    I try not to comment on everything...it looks pretty silly when every topic has my as the latest post.
  19. Happy Father's Day

  20. Happy Father's Day

  21. Happy Father's Day

  22. Happy Father's Day

  23. Diane Warren & Eric got it from Eric's wife Amy's twitter June.14.2016 https://twitter.com/CarmenAmy1/status/1139342168873668608
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