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  2. Sissel + Richard Rodgers..

    HA! Thankfully, there was no video in the 50's and 60's. However, there is a reel to reel tape somewhere with a few tunes on it...
  3. Sissel + Richard Rodgers..

    Yes, this and "If I loved you" are 2 of my favorites of alltime. P.S. Need to see some video of you rocking on the organ!
  4. Sissel + Richard Rodgers..

    James, I have always loved this song. In fact, when I was a taking organ lessons as a kid, I learned the entire musical 'Carousel'. Good stuff!!
  5. Eve Plumb was obviously a fan!

    How cool is that? Alison Martino has a FB page called 'Vintage L.A.' that has thousands of images of L.A. and the surrounding areas from the past. Valley Relics is a cool place- within a half hours drive or so. Great find!!
  6. Smile

    Thanks for that post, Matthew ! I RECOGNIZE that one! NICE AnneNR
  7. Last week
  8. Raspberries "Best" (1976)

    Sorry I don't have a link to it.
  9. Raspberries "Best" (1976)

    Matt, do you have a link to Alice Cooper doing IWBWY?
  10. Raspberries "Best" (1976)

    I bought The Raspberries "Best" album back in September of 1986 at Camelot Music in Saginaw, Michigan when I was 21 years old. There was a shrink wrap instead of the liner notes as well as the "dark green" Capitol label. There also wasn't an "RIAA" in the label when it was reissued. I only heard of "Go All The Way" when I was 7 years old in September of 1972 (as I mentioned in the very first post that I wrote back in late 1999) as well as the song "Let's Pretend" when I was 8 years old in the Summer of 1973 on AM radio back then. I haven't heard the rest of the songs until I bought the album in September of 1986 as I mentioned. I have sold the album last year because I got Raspberries CD's "Capitol Collectors Series" (1991), "Greatest" (2005) as well as the Japan reissues with the bonus tracks from 2016!! The song "I'm A Rocker" (from 1973) is a song that I haven't heard until I got "Side 3" at a used record store in Bay City, Michigan back in the Summer of 1988. I also bought the remaining 3 albums also in 1988. Still waiting if Alice Cooper is going to play "I'm A Rocker" (from the vaults) during his "Nights With Alice Cooper" show!!! Alice did play "I Wanna Be With You" a few times though. Matt
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  12. Smile

    Smooth jazz guitarist Larry Carlton "Smiles & Smiles To Go" (from 1986 "Alone/But Never Alone") (audio only):
  13. Smile

  14. Bay City Rollers member dies

    Sad news... Bernie
  15. Marathon Man book

    Ken and I talked about updating the book with up-to-date chapters and new photos, but wonder whether there is enough demand for it now. Bernie
  16. Raspberries "Refreshed"

    Matt, Too bad. Because it was independently released, there probably isn't a label supporting the release digitally. Bernie
  17. Let's Pretend cover

    OK. 😳 Bernie
  18. Only if you're desperate

    I´m generally sympathetic, and supportive, to those going for it and taking a shot at musicianship, even if they don´t sound great. But this guy is really bad, and should not be polluting the noise-o-sphere with his stuff. In fact maybe someone should notify the EPA?
  19. Only if you're desperate

    I haven't decided which was worse: - His wig - His studded wristbands - His "Nerd" glasses - His water buffalo bellowing voice - His water buffalo bellowing voice with that accent - His water buffalo bellowing voice with that accent cracking or..... - The 0:40 to 0:44 mark when he caresses his own chest Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue........
  20. Only if you're desperate

    Epic disaster. I’d need a 12 pack. 😝
  21. Let's Pretend cover

    This guy did it all by himself:
  22. Happy 4th of July

  23. Happy 4th of July

  24. Happy 4th of July

  25. Happy 4th of July

  26. Happy 4th of July

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