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  2. I hope Wally is feeling up to it. Lew, Kay did say as much as it was not terminal, although there was nothing specific about Wally's ailment. Sending good thoughts and prayers Wally's way...
  3. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    Oh no, it seems Lew is practicing for his walk thru the Yale campus, practicing how to fit in....by practicung DEMANDING how the rest of us must speak. It's a good strategy, Lew's really smart...... even if he cant get chicks. : )
  4. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

    God strikes in mysterious ways...Due to inclement whether in the Northeast, my visit to Yale and Dr. Clara Net will be postponed a day or two(although, with all the hot air coming out of the Yale students and brass, I don’t expect the snow to pile up on the ground...Yale is very adept at snow, for they have snowflakes all year round)... Therefore, James, God is granting you a do-over...He is sending you a message...This is your chance to dismiss your pomposity, understand that “grammatical correctness” may not begin and end with you,... FINAL WARNING...CHANGE THE CAPITAL “B”
  5. Do we know what’s wrong with Wally?
  6. There are two different lineups, depending on how Wally is feeling.
  7. The Razzz will be performing in January 2020. The band features Wally Bryson and Bill March (bass player of Beau Coup).
  8. Ten Questions for Wally Bryson

    New to me, Lew- thanks!
  9. Ten Questions for Wally Bryson

    Not sure if I posted this before(I’m too much of a hurry to look...Lewisa is here and I have to degrease her because of her past with James)... Its a pretty decent interview... Cleveland, Ohio native Wally Bryson was the lead guitarist and contributing songwriter for the Raspberries, one of the pioneering bands of the early 1970's "power-pop" era. JANUARY 29, 2010 Although the band would be short-lived, Raspberries had several Top 40 hits including their biggest single "Go All The Way," which peaked at # 5 on the U.S. singles chart in 1972. The Outlook recently caught up with Wally for this exclusive, Outlook interview. GMOutlook: When did you start playing music and who were your musical influences as a kid? Wally Bryson: I listened to early 1950's radio and after hearing Duane Eddy, asked my mother what that sound was, and she told me it was electric guitar. So, I got a four-string ukulele at age eight and got my first electric guitar at age 12. My first influences were James Burton in Rick Nelson's band, Buddy Merrill, and Scottie Moore with Elvis on The Ed Sullivan Show. GMO: Your first band, The Choir, formed in 1966, featuring future Raspberrie members Jim Bonfanti and Dave Smalley. How did you meet Eric Carmen and ultimately form The Raspberries? WB: Eric came to see The Choir at the Lorain, Hullabaloo. He wanted to audition for the band, but we had just hired Ken Margolis. Later I went to see Eric, Marty Murphy, Michael & Bob McBride in the band Cyrus Erie at the Mentor Hullabaloo. I joined the band the next day. After two years in Cyrus Erie, Eric, Jim Bonfanti, John Alecksic, and I started the Raspberries. GMO: Most music lovers do not realize the rich history of the Cleveland music scene during the 50's and 60's. Tell us something you remember or loved about the Cleveland music scene in the mid-60's? (I know The Choir had a #1 hit in Cleveland with "It's Cold Outside") WB: I loved the fact that The Choir got to open for The Who, Herman's Hermits and The Blues McGoos at the Cleveland Music Hall. I remember asking Pete Townshend how he played the intro to Substitute, which he showed me. GMO: The Raspberries were the pioneering band of what would become the "power-pop" sound of the 70's. However, isn't it true that you originally drew influence from the British Invasion bands? WB: The Beatles and The Who, Badfinger, Left Banke, Eagles, Bread and Small Faces were big influences on us. GMO: The Raspberries signed with Capitol Records in 1971 with Jimmy Lenner producing your four albums. Was Lenner a major influence in helping to develop those harmonies and melodies you became famous for? WB: Both The Choir and Cyrus Erie were indeed, fully developed harmony bands. Jimmy (Lenner) was also a vocalist from working with The Tokens and the Four Seasons. I also remember one time, John Lennon had stopped in the studio (Record Plant, in New York City) to help Jimmy mix one of our records. GMO: The Raspberries biggest hit, "Go All The Way," peaked at #5 on the U.S. Charts in 1972. Is it safe to say that this is the crowning achievement of your music career? WB: For me, headlining Carnegie Hall was just great. Jimmy Lenner told me Gene Cornish of The Rascals was there. After Raspberries, playing with Gene, Dino Danelli, Lex Marchesi, and Frankie Vinci in the band Fotomaker was another great achievement in my career. One other special aspect of my music career was recording a CD with my son Jesse. GMO: The Raspberries broke up in 1975. In hindsight, is there something you can share about the break up that will help your fans perhaps understand the situation a little better? WB: Disputes over song writing credits and money will always break up a band if allowed to fester and are not be resolved. GMO: In 2004 the Raspberries did a reunion gig at the Cleveland House of Blues. Can you share a fond memory or story about that night? WB: We got to play and sing a lot of my songs, including "When You Were With Me" which was a Choir single, and my family was there to enjoy it.
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  11. Roxette Singer Died

    "Must have been love" is one of the few 80s sound hits I really loved. RIP.
  12. Roxette Singer Died

    Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61 Roxette lead singer Marie Fredriksson, a musician who "painted songs in the most beautiful colours", has died 17 years after first being diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Swedish star, who formed the chart-topping band with Per Gessle in 1986, died on Monday morning aged 61, her management said. Roxette were best known for hits including Joyride, The Look and power ballad It Must Have Been Love, which featured in the soundtrack for Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Paying tribute, Gessle said things "would never be the same" without his bandmate. "Time goes by so quickly," he said. "It's not that long ago we spent days and nights in my tiny apartment in Halmstad, listening to music we loved, sharing impossible dreams. And what a dream we eventually got to share!
  13. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    The answer is: Thy both had the same manager, Gordon Mills who was quite controlling and unfair on his percentage of the profits. Gordon Mills was also a songwriter who wrote many of Toms early hits including "It's Not Unusual". he was also responsible for changing the names of Tommy Woodward to Tom Jones and Raymond OSullivan to Gilbert Osullivan. While Tom Jones continued to allow Mills to manage and control his career, Gilbert refused to work with him after several "falling outs leading to lawsuits and a long hiatus from music for O"Sullivan.. Mills died in the mid 80's leading Jones to hire his son Mark Woodward and freed Gilbert OSullivan to resume his career. THE GOOD REVEREND VINCNET B TRASK! VBT INC 2020
  14. Wally’s Illness?

    It was reported in this article about Wally’s illness...Do we know what it was and is he better?.. https://coolcleveland.com/2019/09/local-musicians-pay-tribute-to-the-raspberries-at-the-music-box/
  15. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Wow, Craig! That is hilarious! Loved Salt & Pepper Diner, and I can just picture the events unfolding. There were several locations. This one had a great facade.
  16. The voice

    Songwriters sometimes talk about writing for the human voice as an instrument- these guys must have had this on their minds when they co-wrote this tune- David Foster and Kenny Loggins...Forever:
  17. Interesting Rick and Roll HOF comments

    Detective Lew- good job sleuthing out those comments- I don't know that I could have followed the bread crumbs...
  18. Some fans rank Raspberries lps...

    I've been fudging lately- being a senior citizen has it's privileges: 1. Starting Over 2. The other 3...
  19. Does anybody know this band?

    I just listened to the whole thing again...I really like it...
  20. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Lew...I can't hear "What's New Pussy cat" anymore without thinking of this comedy routine.
  21. Crazy thoughts on Berries by Crawdaddy Simon

    Carly Simon>Simon Cowell>Simon Sez>Crawdaddy Simon
  22. Some fans rank Raspberries lps...

    1.Fresh 2.Side 3 3.Starting Over 4.Raspberries This would be my ranking, but I love them all! I have the first album ranked in fourth place yet it features three of my favorite songs.
  23. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Both of their real last names are O’Sullivan...or Delilah was Claire’s mother...or They both have sweaters with a letter on it...or O’Sullivan’s mom, when he came home from school would say “What’s New Pussycat”...or Both have been fired from day jobs for acting like a woodpecker in the lunch room...or Both ran outside, naked, on sub zero days, for 20 minutes, to remind themselves what marriage feels like, or...
  24. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    I'm stumped, but... welcome to the site, Vinnie. Anyone else know? (I'm not Googling it, because... I don't wanna cheat.) —LC
  25. Check out these comments from rock and Roll HOF fans... https://futurerocklegends.com/artist.php?artist_id=Eric_Carmen and after your done with this page, go to the left hand side of the page and click on “Important Songs”. From there, scroll down the list of songs until you get to 1972...Go All The Way...Click on “Raspberries” name to the left of the song title...A whole bunch of interesting fan comments pop up...
  26. Found a new book giving our boys a little accolade..Sorry about the crazy dimensions of the text, but I was trying to sneak a photo without getting caught by the Barnes and Noble hit squad...
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  28. Gilbert O’Sullivan

    So what do Tom Jones and Gilbert O"Sullivan have in common?
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