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  2. 3Day weekend

    Ours will probably be one day at a time. Today was riding at the stable, the dog park, pizza and a movie. Tomorrow might start off with pickleball...stay tuned.
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  4. 3Day weekend

    It is a lovely President's day weekend here the weather is perfect this time of year no mosquitos and clear skies. Both sons are out of town in Buffalo,NY so we have their doggies, it looks like a dalmatian circus We went to the Coconut Grove art show and resisted most of the impulse buys and took a card of the one I liked, I am trying to not impulse buy.......apparently, I'm not good at it. Then picked up dinner and had it out on the deck with a few martooni's. Do you have a three day weekend ? What are you up to ?
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  6. Eric also played it on his solo Rock Hall show. And a bunch of times on the Ringo All-Starr Tour. Bernie
  7. NGFILA- night club version...

    Not bad. Bernie
  8. All that's missing is a smoky dimly lit tavern:
  9. Last week
  10. LC, there's a piano only version from Japan that has a date of March 1982...
  11. I wonder how many live versions of "Boats" there are in existence? The TV lip-synchs don't count. But I think there's at least one from the Ringo tour. And one from the HOF solo gig. And certainly there must be more from Japan. And maybe even some versions from the 1977 tour.... I just heard many. It's not like, say, Eric Clapton's "Layla," where you can find countless live versions spanning several decades. Anybody got an inkling? Maybe Bernie can shed some light....?
  12. Nobody Knows live Germany

    Bernie, my copy was audio only- don't remember where I got it from. Your bonus video is awesome!
  13. Eric and Hiroyuki Izuta

    Great! And love the old photo, too. Bernie
  14. Nobody Knows live Germany

    Kirk, I used Jim’s original reel-to-reel master tape (along with his home movies and memorabilia) for the “Live on Sunset Strip” bonus video. Bernie
  15. Spot on LC. I think this is the song that impacts people the most when they hear Eric for the first time.
  16. The Fox Oldies

    No doubt. I have to confess to calling the radio station several times a day requesting whatever Raspberries song was on the charts at the time. The week "Let's Pretend" shot up the charts was probably due more to my calling than record sales- they used to have a formula that balanced requests and sales- a dubious way of determining chart position for sure!
  17. I personally can't thank Hossy enough for putting this beautiful treasure on YouTube for all the world to hear: "Boats Against the Current" live in Japan during Eric's 1979 tour. It's stunningly great, and a revelation, and it gave me a huge thrill. As I told Naeko, I have loved this song since the first time I played it on my turntable in my room in August 1977, just days before going away to college for the first time. "All by Myself" gets all the attention, and it deserves every bit of it, but "Boats" is something special. Thanks again, Hossy! I
  18. The Fox Oldies

    Chart movement back then was sometimes strange (and maybe a little suspicious?).
  19. For Valentine's Day

    Okay, interesting and unusual. Good find, Kirk. :-)
  20. The Fox Oldies

    Our local station 93 KHJ charted a meteoric rise of "Let's Pretend", moving the song from 24 to 13 in one week. Just as quickly, 2 weeks later it was gone without any further chart success. Never could figure that one out.
  21. The Fox Oldies

    An 11 Week stay in the Top 100 for a song that peaks in the Top 20 is a little short. Once songs start to decline, they usually do so pretty rapidly and it's not that unusual for them to disappear in 3 or 4 weeks, but a 1 week decline from the Top 20 to being totally out of the Top 100 is indeed rare.
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