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  2. Wicked weather

    The ice & sleet are now gone!!
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  4. Tastful cover DWTSG

    Love the guitar work- solid vocals- really nice interpretation:
  5. Last week
  6. Wicked weather

    Global Warming?? WHAT Global Warming??!!
  7. BB King's Closing.....

    Got this e-mail a couple of days ago...... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To Our Valued Patrons, It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share that after 18 wonderful years bringing you live performances by some of the most talented names in music and entertainment, we have announced our final run of shows in the current Times Square location. As a result of escalating rent, we are being forced to close our doors at the end of April. While we are in the process of selecting a new location in Manhattan to relocate the venue, we wanted to curate a special closing week celebration to thank you all for your support over the past two decades. None of this would have been possible without you and we are eternally grateful! The celebration will consist of performances by Rick Ross (4/23), Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh (4/25), El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (4/26), George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (4/28), and Buddy Guy (4/29), who will be headlining the final B.B. Blues Club show. See below for the current schedule and ticket links. All shows scheduled beyond the April 29th closing date will be moved to various venues throughout the city. The weekly Sunday Gospel Brunch featuring The Harlem Gospel Choir will give their two final performances on April 22nd & 29th, and we are currently working with the group to find a new home for their weekly residency which will be announced shortly. Lucille's Grill, located inside the venue, will remain open until April 29th and will feature sets by club favorites B.B. King Blues Club All-Stars, Jon Paris, A Decade of Soul, and more. We look forward to celebrating the past and looking toward the future with you all. Your patronage means the world to us and we cannot thank you enough. We will see you soon! Sincerely, The B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Family
  8. Eric autographed "Starting Over"

    Yep, this is always my "desert island" pick for music- there crowning achievement- should have been huge!
  9. Eric autographed "Starting Over"

    Such a great album -- and so sad it never had the commercial success that was deserved!
  10. This looks legit to me...Eric has some interesting autographed material out there!
  11. Wicked weather

    In my area, there is sleet, freezing rain & a few snow showers!! Cannot wait till it's all said and done with!!!
  12. More To Come

    That means I will have to get the other remaining 7 CD's of material that I am getting from the manager at Records & Tapes Galore in Saginaw, Michigan by then.
  13. Luis has enough Eric covers to put together an entire album! As usual, tastefully done:
  14. She Did It - Inspirational

    Craig, way cool! Wikipedia has it covered, also: The song was inspired by the 1977 Eric Carmen hit, "She Did It," because of the 'did-its' in the song. Carmen was touring with Hall & Oates at the time "Did It in a Minute" became a hit.[1][2] "She Did It" itself had been inspired by the 'did-its' in the Beach Boys' tune, "Do It Again I do remember Eric saying he was inspired by Brian Wilson when he wrote "She Did It".
  15. She Did It - Inspirational

    Was just listening to a program running at www.thefoxoldies.com called "1982 American Music Chronological" . Starts over again Saturday morning at 8 am. Was informed that while Eric was touring with Hall & Oates, they were inspired to write the song "Did It In A Minute." from hearing Eric perform "She Did It". I had never heard that before. Very cool.
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  17. More To Come

    So I got 8 more CD's to go!!!
  18. Fotomaker "Vis-A-Vis"

    I just finished up listening to Fotomaker second (album) CD "Vis-A-Vis" on Wounded Bird which came out in 2005. Still the songs "If I Can't Believe In You", "Snowblind" & "Miles Away" are my favorites. Here are the remaining 6 songs. The song "Does She Dance" (3:28 in length) is not bad of a song. The song "Just For You" also reminds me of Badfinger as well as The Hawks 1981 song "Right Away" (3:32 in length). The song "Come Back" is Wally Bryson singing on that song (3:18 in length). The song "Two Way Street" is not that bad (4:32 in length). The song "Sweet Lies" is another Bryson's hard rocker (3:40 in length). Finally, the song "Make It Look Like An Accident" reminds me of REO Speedwagon a little bit (4:30 in length) which closes the CD. The CD total length is 40:47 & also does NOT have a countdown of the next song. I do like this CD over the debut!!
  19. More To Come

    I won't be getting the Dave Smalley CD until I finished up the remaining CD's in Saginaw, MI. That could be around July or early August.
  20. History

    Raspberries - Rock History https://www.cltampa.com/music/music-news/article/21000146/today-in-rock-history-public-enemy-unleashes-fear-of-a-black-planet-a-debut-from-the-raspberries-and-more
  21. The Choir "Artifact"

    November 3, The Choir will reunite for one more time, tickets in my pockets already, who's gonna join ? Greetings from the Netherlands!
  22. Tattoo CD

    The Tattoo total CD length is 34:32.
  23. Happy Easter

  24. Happy Easter

  25. Happy Easter

  26. Happy Easter

  27. Happy Easter

  28. Happy Easter

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