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  2. Autographs 11/75

    A friend of mine (Cindy) just found this while cleaning out a closet. She worked at an Ithaca radio station back in the '70's. This must have been from one of Eric's first solo concerts up there in Central NY. Lot of familiar names. Note the date at the top. Dave
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  4. Bernie, Pleeeeze...

    C'mon Bernie! If, to visit this site, I have to be bombarded by stupid and distasteful ads which are full of sexual innuendo and make the false assumption that I am interested importing a foreign female national as a life partner, could you PLEASE return Play On? Or at least do SOMETHING about these distasteful ads. I do believe they are keeping a lot of the female EC.com family away. Let's make EC.com family friendly again, with Cartoon World being the exception, of course. I can live with advertisements, after all, it's your vocation, and they pay the bills, but please purge the creepy ones. And as a vintage advertising campaign once stated, "Thank you for your support!" 😊
  5. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!! 2020

    Thank you so much and so sorry Everyone! I am so fine! And my family does Not have Coronavirus! All Safe!
  6. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!! 2020

    Happy Birthday Hossy🎂Tammy Quick
  7. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!! 2020

    Happy birthday, Hoss...Have you given up on trying to get into the harem?
  8. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!! 2020

    I am sad, Hoss doesn´t love us anymore cuz he never shows up. : ( But still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOSS!!!!!!.....you´re one of my favorites here, even though you don´t love us anymore. ; ) James
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  10. Best cover of GATW ever!

    Awesome! 😎
  11. Bernie, Pleeeeze...

    Yes Susie b it would be hours of fun for anyone whether their healthy or sick
  12. Happy Birthday, Hossy!!!! 2020

    Wishing you great happiness, health and joy on your birthday, Hossy!!! Stay safe!!! ❤️🎉🎈🎂🎁🥳
  13. Bernie, Pleeeeze...

    Wouldn't it be a fun way to pass the time in quarantine??? 🎶🧩😊🧩🎶
  14. What a clever parody...

  15. Make Me Lose Control Write-up

    Haha- good one!
  16. Credit: Paco Conde / Roberto Fernandez Beatles practice social distancing...
  17. CHART ATTACK!: 7/30/88 Eric Carmen goes heavy on the Aqua Net, Jane Wiedlin makes googly-eyes at Jason Hare and Jeff Giles loses $20 — it’s all part of the latest edition of CHART ATTACK! 5. Make Me Lose Control — Eric Carmen (download) I’m not saying anything against “Make Me Lose Control” — I think it’s a good song and sounds even better in the summertime — but is there anybody out there who thinks Eric Carmen would’ve had a chance at a #5 hit without the previous success of “Hungry Eyes”? He hadn’t hit the Top 10 since 1975’s weepy “All By Myself.” Carmen was smart enough to capitalize on a good thing and pitched the song to producer Jimmy Ienner, who had recruited him for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. (“Make Me Lose Control” does appear in Dirty Dancing, but was omitted from the soundtrack and only appears on Carmen hit compilations.) This song also features some of the Beach Boys in the acapella chorus near the end (fuck Mike Love). Michael, my cohort from Acoustic ’80s, claims that this is one of those songs where everybody knows the chorus but nobody knows the verses. Is that true? Because I do actually know all the verses to this song. I don’t know all the lyrics, but I know they mention some girl named Jennifer and name-check “Uptown,” “Stand By Me” and a few other songs. Here’s the video for “Make Me Lose Control,” mildly notable for a few things. First, Carmen’s hair is just gigantic. Even for 1988, that’s some big hair. Second, you’ll notice that the video opens with a disc jockey introducing Carmen’s song. The DJ is Kid Leo, famous for his work on Cleveland’s WMMS. He wasn’t the first choice for the video, though; Carmen wanted NYC’s Scott Shannon who agreed but backed out at the last minute. That’s why you’ll see Kid Leo throwing darts at a headshot of Scott Shannon at 4:06. This seems like a remarkable amount of energy for what amounts to a very small inside joke. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/zajTU5h_YGM" width="600" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /] P.S.(from Lew)...I edited out the other songs on this list, but here’s the link http://popdose.com/chart-attack-73088/
  18. More info on Eric’s guitar

    I do remember the guy who commented Wally was hitting on his wife- that sounds familiar...
  19. If you are a baseball fan, this is one cool piece of video...Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig taking batting practice...
  20. More info on Eric’s guitar

    Not sure if ai posted this before, but... https://www.tdpri.com/threads/what-kind-of-guitar-does-eric-carmen-of-the-raspberries-play.125862/
  21. Pitchfork Berries Mention

    Not sure who the heck this guy is but he understands it http://poscathst.blogspot.com/2016/08/pitchforking-pitchforks-best-songs-of_22.html
  22. Song facts...Almost Paradise

    Great find Lew! I hadn't heard those stories before. I can sort of relate with Eric, as I've written a handful of songs and the music always seems to come more naturally than the lyrics.
  23. St Patrick's day

    I found all these great pictures on Facebook Lew Bundles
  24. St Patrick's day

    Where d you find all these cool.pics?...
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