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  2. Cuba Gooding Sr. Died

    The lead singer of the 70's band main ingredient Cuba Gooding Sr. died on Thursday of a possible overdose at the age of 72---Tammy Quick
  3. Erin Moran

    We are losing a lot of Musicians,Band members,Actors and Actresses and Wrestlers this is making me feel like all those celebrities have a black cloud hanging over them thank goodness we haven't lost Eric though---Tammy Quick
  4. Erin Moran

    What? She was only two years younger than me. I read all the news a few minutes ago and didn't see it. We're losing too many actors and musicians.
  5. Erin Moran

    Happy Days star Erin Moran found dead at the age of 56 earlier today by EMT's after someone reported an unresponsive female---Tammy Quick
  6. Salma Hayek is All By Herself, Too!

    That was great! I knew she could act...didn't know she could sing- did you see the look on Jimmy's face- he was surprised!
  7. Happy Earth Day

    Paradise don't come twice. Hopefully it's not too late.
  8. Yesterday
  9. That was a very, very old thread several years ago, Chele. I found it by typing my pseudonym, song title, and Community and relived an embarrassing day.
  10. Salma Hayek is All By Herself, Too!

    Amen! This does not mean EC needs to retire. He can be productive as long as he is of sound mind and body. My father worked until age 79.
  11. Happy Earth Day

    Since 1970, we've had Earth Day each April. So, reduce, reuse, and recycle. As for the people who walk their dogs and don't stoop and scoop, please buy recyclable bags and dispose of the remains of your pets' digestion on time in the proper place. This is our home and needs to be kept well. Thank you.
  12. @prettymom777 I have no idea what you mean by "BTW, I am NOT in the "Misheard Lyrics Hall Of Fame". It was years ago, over an unreleased song, "Cindy in the Wind". Nothing, apparently, disappears from the Internet." I never said you were nor do I know anything about that. Who are you speaking to?? -Michele
  13. When it rains Eric Carmen it pours! Nice to see Jimmy give Eric a shout out! Bernie
  14. Same title, different song

    "Had to Be You" - Burton Cummings "(It) Had to Be You" - Harry Connick Jr, (Cover of original).
  15. I have been looking for both videos, but all I found were album covers or pictures. At least the lyrics to both can be found. Sometimes Eric Carmen can be so overly critical about the most beautiful songs. BTW, I am NOT in the "Misheard Lyrics Hall Of Fame". It was years ago, over an unreleased song, "Cindy in the Wind". Nothing, apparently, disappears from the Internet.
  16. Does a video for The Raspberries songs "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" or "I Saw The Light" exist with Eric Carmen performing the song?? I LOVE those songs! Why do you think Eric Carmen didn't include those 2 songs on his "The Essential Eric Carmen" CD? Were those songs on the set list on the Raspberries reunion tour, anyone who was there know? Also, was there a story behind those 2 songs written about in the "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man" book? (I haven't read it yet.) Thanks, -Michele
  17. Same title, different song

    "Once in a Lifetime" - Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" - Keith Urban "Once in a Lifetime" - One Direction "Once in a Lifetime (Una Vez En La Vida)" - Cienfuegos with Chango Spasiuk
  18. Same title, different song

    "Let's Dance" - David Bowie "Let's Dance" - Chris Montez
  19. Last week
  20. Anne Hathaway is All By Herself

    Um, okay. At least one of EC's pieces was mentioned again. Now if they'd really wanted to make me, at least,happy, several of the Carmen songs in a medley would be fantastic!
  21. Solo Projects

    Nice find, Matt. Bernie
  22. 2:24—pretty funny bit! Bernie
  23. Same title, different song

    "Gone Gone Gone" - Bad Company (from 1979 "Desolation Angels") "Gone Gone Gone" - Styx (from 2017 "The Mission")
  24. Roger Waters "Smell The Roses"

    Former Pink Floyd's Roger Waters "Smell The Roses" (audio only) (from "Is This The Life We Really Want?") out June 2!!! Matt
  25. Styx "Gone Gone Gone"

    Styx "Gone Gone Gone" (music video) from "The Mission" out June 16!!! Matt
  26. Cuba Gooding Sr. (Main Ingredient) dies

    So I've gathered. Don't brother with the speculation in the news. Just play the music.
  27. Cuba Gooding Sr. (Main Ingredient) dies

    Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. (The Main Ingredient "Everybody Plays The Fool" (1972) & "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" (1974) & the father of movie actor Cuba Gooding Jr.) has died at 72 years old.
  28. Same title, different song

    "Guitar Man - David Gates & Bread "Guitar Man" - Jerry Reed & Glen Campbell
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